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Sensual TeaseIt had been another typical morning, running late for work. I was picking out a shirt to wear from the airing cupboard, when I noticed some white silk underwear d****d over the clothes rack. It was just a pair of white full briefs with a lace trimmed edge, though the shimmer to the material was to much to resist. I found myself reaching in and feeling the warm silk, mesmerised as the smooth material flowed loosely between my finger and thumb.“Found a shirt yet”, my wife asked. I span around quickly, unaware she had walked up behind me. “Y..yes” I stammered, clutching my shirt as evidence and trying to act unflustered. “Good” she smiled back, her eyes catching mine as a curious smile crept across her face. I went to work not quite knowing if she had seen or not. Later that day, the text I received answered my question.‘SO then….. did you like the feel of my warm silk knickers this morning? Hmmm? xx’I stared at my phone, not knowing quite how to reply. It buzzed again.“Well if you like the feel of them, then I think we should see if you like wearing them, don’t you?”I read the text again and again, not believing what she had said. The immediate sense of panic dispersing as my state of arousal became evident. I was again lost for words as my phone buzzed a third time. ‘Gone a bit shy have we? Then I’ll assume that’s a yes. We can see how you cope with spending the evening wearing my white silk knickers. Don’t be late xx’ She had also attached a picture of them, laid out on my side of the bed.The rest of the day amasya escort I spent sitting uncomfortably at my desk, my mind racing and cock already aching at the thought of her suggestion. I suspect she knew that. Evening soon came and I headed home. “Hello sweetie, you’re very early you must be keen!” she teased. “Go take a quick shower and leave all of your clothes behind in the bathroom. You’ll find everything laid out for you on the bed for you when you are done. OK?” I showered quickly, before drying myself off thoroughly and walked through naked into the bedroom, my skin still tingling from the hot shower. The sight that greeted me was amazing, dimmed lights, a warm flickering glow from several candles, and an array of her underwear laid neatly out on the bed, including the white silky knickers I had found this morning. I also noticed there were two velcro cuffs attached to the bed posts. I reached down to the bed nervously, picking out a pair of white suspenders before clasping them snugly around my waist. The excitement was already mind blowing. This was followed by a pair of tan coloured silk stockings, a long silk robe, and lastly the pair of white silky knickers, putting them all on as instructed. The whole ensemble felt amazing, though the looseness of the large soft knickers and slip could not conceal my excited state. I lay down onto the bed, sinking deep into the thick duvet, cocooned in warm silk. “Well, it looks like someone is enjoying this,” Anne commented as she walked back into the room. amasya escort bayan She lay next to me on the bed, her hands reaching across and gently smoothing my silk robe out across my legs and stomach, making my state of arousal even more apparent. Then, with just a single fingertip, she delicately eased the silk robe apart and traced a line slowly up and down the length of my cock, tickling gently through the soft silk. Her featherlight touch felt heavenly and I let out a gasp as my cock began to twitch.“Mmmm, that is sensitive and we haven’t even started yet” she teased. “Lets see just how much you can cope with shall we?”With that, she reached down to the side of the bed, placing my wrists into the pair of velcro cuffs, fastening each one tightly. She then placed a blindfold over my eyes. I felt helpless in the complete darkness as her warm body cuddled up very closely to my side.“Just relax” she whispered into my ear. “We’re going to be here for some time”.Then it began. I thought I could just feel the head of my cock begin to slowly move, just the tiniest of amounts, very gently from side to side. I could barely feel her fingertips at all, just the sensitive tip of my cock as it brushed slowly from side to side cocooned inside the delicate silk underwear. I shuddered and gasped out loud at the intense feeling, already feeling an urge to cum. She sensed this and paused. I was stunned at the intensity of the sensations and understood why she had taken the steps to secure my arms to the bed. I had barely escort amasya managed to catch my breath when again I felt my cock slowly and gently begin to move. The tiny movements of my cock were so incredibly soft and gentle, though the pleasure was agonizing as the tip of my cock just slowly rubbed back and too slowly and rhythmically against the silk layers. I was powerless to stop it. Each time she sensed it was becoming too much, she would pause, occasionally teasing her fingernails gently up and down my stocking clad legs, gradually allowing my pressure to subside, before resuming again, the slow gentle side to side motion. I became lost in all kinds of sensations, moaning softly as the tip of my cock brushed continually inside the silk materials. I wanted her to bring an end to the teasing, though the bindings were too tight. She never changed her pace, always keeping the movements incredibly subtle and soft, which only added to the agonizing pleasure. After what seemed like hours, I heard her whisper in my ear, “I know you like the feel of my soft knickers, I want you to cum for me”. She continued with the same gentle motion, though this time I realized there was no pausing. The intensity of the delicate fabric brushing continually around the head of my cock soon became too much to bear and I felt my orgasm grip my body as I began to cum into the silk knickers. The bindings held my arms tightly as she continued her gentle rubbing throughout the orgasm, each subtle movement renewing the vigour of my orgasm and causing me to moan out loudly with the intensity of the sensations. Finally she slowed and gently caressed my cock as my orgasm subsided. “Don’t think I’m going to let you go just yet, that’s just a start. We have a few more games to play…” She smiled

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