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Secret of my PastI am on my way home, back from work. It’s been a long day. A long week away from home. Early days and late nights without much other time than to sleep and eat. I miss being in our home. Eat the dinner while talking with you about things that occupies our minds. Talking about old days. Stories from our past. Reliving them with you. This week has been a bit different though. I discovered by accident that you had some extra activities online. I saw the pictures you exchanged. The way you told him how you wanted to be taken by him. How you would want him to fuck you every way you could think of. It was disturbing at first. My heart was racing. I was mad. I don’t know what I would do if you had been around, so it’s probably best you were not. I am trying to be positive about everything in my life, but this time I was struggling. A thought hit my mind. Maybe I had to go back to my old ways. Playing the games I used to play before. It went from a thought to creating a plan in no time. An idea you had never foreseen. Sitting her now makes me feel more and more exited for every mile I go. I know you are home waiting. Thinking it will be a nice soft evening together like we usually have. I have a slightly different idea though. Once you asked about the hatch in the hallway floor. The one I explained was just a hatch to the sewers system. Nothing to do down there in other words. It wasn’t, until now. It wasn’t the sewers system like I told you. It was the door to my past. The hatch has always been there for everyone to see, but nobody had seen what was really down there. Tonight was the night to reveal my secret. I can see the house in a distance. The lights shining in the windows and I can feel the excitement building up even more. I stop my car outside. Pull my suitcase out of the back of my car, and head towards the door. I can smell the fumes from the dinner you have prepared, but tonight I have another menu planned for us. I open the door and even more odors rush into my face. Together with the fumes are you, sailing towards me with your usual smile. The warm look in your eyes that always make me feel welcomed when I arrive at home. I love this feeling, but tonight I am full of so much more. I give you a big hug like I always do. Bring you a little bit closer. Drowning my face into your hair and suck in your smell. The smell that I love so much. I let my hand slide down your back. Feeling the perfect curvature between your lower back and your butt. My hand doesn’t stop. It continues down to grab your rounded ass. I just adore that feeling in my hand. I grab it a bit harder and pull you closer to me. Let you feel my erection that has been growing for the last two hours. I know you can feel it because of the sudden jolt that runs through your body. It’s like a small electric shock has hit you. I grab your hair with my left hand and pull your head backwards. Looking into your anticipating eyes. Your smile that lights up your face. I however, look at you with a serious look, and soon enough you realize that everything is not the way it usually is. I kiss you hard. Not soft and romantic, but with determination and craving. As if I am licking the last piece of food from the dinner plate, for never to have another meal again. My tongue is spinning around yours. Kind of commanding your tongue. Fighting for control. I pull your head back again and give you another look. By now your expression has changed. I see a worried wrinkle in your forehead. Your eyes look at me with questions, not saying anything. Just wondering what will happen next. “Come with me. I will show you something!”I grab your hand with my left hand and in my right is the bag I bought when I was at work. We don’t say anything, just walk into the hallway and stop by the hatch in the floor. I can see that you are looking at me from the corner of my eye, but I am quiet as I remove the carpet from the hatch. This time I look at you again. I am giving you the same serious look as I turn around and walk back to the door. I lock it and turn of the lights. I walk through the house and check all the other doors. All of them are locked. Then I dim the lights and grab the big candlelight that always sits on the bench right next to the hatch. I open the hatch slowly and give you the first look downstairs. I see the confusion in your face. Your eyes move from me to the dark opening in the floor. You are quiet, but your eyes are asking me even more questions. malatya escort You start to ask me, “What is this?” But I drown your question in another deep kiss, still as demanding as before. No real pleasure to it, just the hard physical motion. It’s like an a****l craving for the right to kiss because I want to. Not because you should enjoy it. I have that solid grip of your hair and pull you away from the kiss. Then turn you around and have you face the stairs down below. “Let’s go downstairs and have a look!” I push you in front of me and feel a light resistance in your first step. I grab you by your arm and lead you down the old stairs that are hundreds of years old. Then I stop and pull down the hatch after us. Just a dim light shines down by the end of the stairs and I give you the candle for you to hold. Light it up and place it on one of the stones making the wall. I kiss you yet another time. It is still deep and craving, but this time, with a little more passion. I am feeling your body against mine and can feel as your resisting tension is slowly leaving your body. I turn you around and pull your hips towards me, pushing my hard erection against your ass. With my left hand I hold your upper body close to mine. Turn your head around for yet another kiss. My hand continues up underneath your sweater, grabbing your breasts one by one; not only feeling them but squeezing them hard. Feeling the nipples in the bottom of my hand. Then twisting each of them until I hear you are making a light sound, like you are gasping for air. I look into your eyes, and ask you as calmly as I can, “You’re dreaming of getting fucked real hard?? Fucked by someone else maybe? Maybe someone you are sharing pics with online?”It’s like all your confusion is gone in the blink of an eye, and reality suddenly struck. I see the remorse, almost begging feelings fly over your face. Like a shadow flickering in the dim light from the candle. Before you get to answer I turn you around facing away from me. Before you get to react your hands are cuffed behind your back and a blindfold put in front of your eyes. The blindfold is made of leather and covers the entire upper portion of your face. Only your nose is free. Nothing is said and when I lead you forward again down the last stairs, you follow without any resistance. As we reach the end of the tunnel it turns. I tell you to stop and wait while I prepare the room inside. It doesn’t take much time. The room has been prepared for years and only a few candles need to be lit before I bring you into my secret. I lift the blindfold just for a moment so you can take in the surroundings. I don’t know what your face is expressing. It’s not direct fear. Maybe excitement, some sort of thrilling feeling. I can’t say for sure. I have never seen your face like this before. I lead you inside with your eyes covered, to the center of the room. I carefully remove your handcuffs. Lift your arms one by one and strap them to the ceiling by the straps that have been waiting for you for so long.”You know you have been a bad girl, right??” “Yesss, please, I am soo sorry. I didn’t mean to. It was just for fun. It didn’t mean anything with it!”I don’t reply. I slowly pull out my knife and start cutting of your sweater. It comes of little by little until your just standing there in your bra and pants, the pants that I am now pulling down. Gently and slowly. Kissing your hips and thighs as I bring them down. You’re looking irresistible in your tiny panty. I don’t know if I am imagining but it seems like you are sticking out your butt towards me. Like you want me to touch you, and I do. I feel the perfect roundne
ss of your ass cheeks, the wonderful softness of your skin. I slide my hand inside your panty and feel you, squeezing you gently. I can see that you are enjoying it. Then I slap your butt. Hard. A bit harder than I had planned to and the reaction is instant. It’s like your feet are lifting you up on the tip of your toes in just one single, instant move.”Did it feel good?” “Yess, yess it felt soo good.” I slide the blade of my knife up your belly, touching your nipples with the ice cold steel. Then gently let the tip of my knife sting your nipples. I can hear your breathing getting heavier without exactly knowing why. So I continue. Giving you the little stings that make your nipples hard like little marbles. Then I take them into my mouth and let them circle around in a dance with my escort malatya tongue. Soft and warm with the wet saliva soothing your burning nipples. I move behind you and whisper into your ear. “Did you really want to fuck that guy?” “Noooo, no, I told you. It was just a stupid game”I slap your butt again. At least as hard as the first time. Your body twitches as the pain is racing through your body. I kiss your neck, licking it, sucking my way up to the tip of your ear. Let my tongue inside your ears a bit. Then bite the tip of your ear lightly, as I do I pull down your panties. Your skin is burning inside of my hands. It never felt as soft as this before. Never. Then I take my bag. You don’t know it, but you can hear the sound of the zipper as I open it. I pull out my little bamboo stick and a spinning duster I bought only for you. I turn on the duster that is spinning with a low humming sound. Gently making the feathers slap your butt ever so lightly. I move it all over your butt. Down your thighs on the outside. Then bring it back up again inside your legs. Your legs open up as if I commanded you to do it, but I didn’t ask. Like the most natural thing they open up for the feathers to reach your pussy. Slowly you start swinging in a slow rhythm that rests deep inside you. Your clearly enjoying it so I stop the duster. It’s all quiet and I whisper in your ear again.”Did you really want to fuck that guy??” “Nooo, I didn’t! I swear!”I whip you firmly with my bamboo stick. Not that hard but the stinging pain make your whole body tighten up. Like I can see all your muscles activates at the same time. I slowly slide my bamboo stick up and down your ass and kiss your neck again. Give the breasts a new warm kiss before I move back to your neck. I get very close and whisper in your ear.”Did you really want to fuck that guy??”You hesitate, taking some deep breaths. Try to get yourself together, and then you whisper quietly, “Yes.” “What do you mean yes?” “Yess, I wanted to fuck him!”I can see you shiver, almost shaking. Not knowing what will happen. “How would you fuck him?””I just wanted to feel him inside. I saw his cock. It was so strong. I felt I needed to have it. Wanted to feel how much he wanted me. Feel his desire like a rod inside. Filling me up like no one has done before. I felt like he could do that. I am sorry!” “You’re sorry?””Yess, yes. I am very sorry!”For the second time I use my bamboo. Not very hard, but hard enough to send shock waves through your body. The bamboo is still resting on your butt. I slap it very lightly a few times just to let you feel it’s there. I can feel the anticipation in your whole body as I whisper again.”You don’t really feel sorry for wanting him, do you?””No, I am sorry! No, I mean I am not sorry. I really wanted him. He seemed so real. Like he really, really wanted me. I wanted to feel that. It made me so wet. I wanted to feel when he was thrusting his hard cock inside. Pushing inside so my juices would flow down his cock. It was so………I mean, it felt almost like it was real. It made me feel good. You know what I mean?””I am not so sure about that. Maybe we can find out?””Yes, I want to find out.””Do you think you have been a bad girl?””Yes, I was a bit bad. I couldn’t help it!”Again I use my bamboo. A little harder this time. I can see a light swelling on your butt. Intensely red. Shining almost. Like it’s boiling inside. I notice a light stream of tears running down your cheek, and I immediately kiss your tears away. Feel the salty taste of the warm tears. You lean your head towards me trying to be closer. Feel my face towards yours.”Do you still think you were a bad girl?”Again you hesitate, but not for too long.”No, I wasn’t really. I was just sooo horny. I really needed him right there and then. He could give me what I needed!””What exactly did you need?””I needed to have him. I wanted him to fuck me. Use me. I wanted to feel how he would enjoy fucking me. I wanted to feel him come inside me and watch his face when he came. I really wanted that!”Again I kiss your tears away. Then I grab a small container from my bag. As I do I watch your red, burning ass. How you twist your body slightly. Like if it was itching. I open the container and pick up an ice cube. Gently slides it over the swelling of your butt and notice how it melts almost instantly. Turning into cool water that runs down your thighs and legs. Then I notice something else. It’s not only malatya escort bayan water that runs down your legs. From the inside of your thighs I can see something unmistakably familiar. I slide my hand up inside your thighs. Slowly getting closer to your pussy. Stopping for a second. I sense your anticipation and continue until my fingers are hidden in your little bush. Hidden and getting soaked from your juices. You are totally wet and by my touch it seems like it is gushing out even more juices. I slide my finger inside and get an instant reaction. You immediately brush yourself against my hand. Like an automatic reaction. “Is this what you wanted him to do for you?””Yess, exactly like that!””What else did you want from him?””I wanted him to fuck me. Fuck me real good. Like from behind. Just like from where you are standing right now!””Really?””Yes, really. I want you to fuck me right now! I really really want you to!””Ok, I will. You are going to get it your way!”I grab your hair and turn your face towards me. Kissing you very light but you seem to be much more eager than before. Really trying to get deeper into my mouth. It’s like you are desperately craving me. I pull back and untie your hands. Then carefully move you over to my own little invention. It’s a slightly modified weight lifting bench. In the foot end of the bench I have added two separate pieces. Like leg rests. I lay you down on the bench and attach your arms with straps of to the side. There is a belt that I strap around your waistline and finally your thighs strapped to each of the leg rests. I have attached the leg rests with hinges so they can be moved out to the side. You look absolutely wonderful laying there on the bench. Arms of to the side and legs spread wide apart. I pick up a couple more of the ice cubes and start to slide them over your body. Your nipples are still very pointed and I give them plenty of attention with my ice cubes. Then covering them one by one with my lips. I sense no fear in you anymore, just a strong anticipation and excitement. My lips are covering every inch of you and finally I get to my favorite spot. Your hot spot. Your butterfly. I cover your pussy lips with my lips and take in the entire feeling. The sweet smell. The taste of your juices that tastes like nothing else I have tasted. My tongue starts exploring and I can feel your clit erected and hard. It’s like a small penis that is excited beyond its capacity. As I kiss it and play around with my tongue I notice how excited you really are. I crawl up to your head and kiss you again, kissing your whole face before I whisper into your ear again. “Would you like him to fuck you like this? Fuck you when lying on the bench?””Yes! Please! I want him to fuck me like this. I want him to fuck me right now. I need to have him!” I cover your mouth again with my kiss and a
s I do I release the blindfold. You look confused at first but then you see my hard cock in front of your face. You can’t take your eyes of it. I let you have what I know you want. Letting you kiss him. Lick him up and down the shaft and taking him inside your mouth. Sucking the precum of the tip of my cock as if it was the last thing you would be doing in your life. I could feel the unmistakably tingling sensation in my balls and pulled away quickly. I didn’t want it to end quite yet. I wanted to give you what you had been wanting the entire evening. You were spread out in all your glory. It was only one thing left to do. I slide my cock up and down your pussy lips a couple of time. Trying to make your pussy ready, but it wasn’t really needed. It was like a vibrant peace of gel that opened up for my cock just by the lightest touch. I let myself sink in all the way to your deepest corner with just one single thrust. Your reaction is immediate. It’s amazing to see how you can move even if you are tied to the bench. The bench gives me the perfect angle to get deep inside you with every thrust. Your excitement has reached levels I have never seen and it makes me more than aroused. I know this will not last very long. I can feel how it’s building up inside. It seems like you are having a continuous orgasm as your juices are flowing in a steady stream down between your legs. My orgasm is total. It’s deep and it stops me from moving. It’s feels like I am just shaking inside you, vibrating while my seeds are entering deep inside your pulsating body. After I catch my breath I continue to kiss you. Untie your hands and legs. You can finally hug me. And you do it harder and more passionate than you ever did. Quietly I whisper into your ear:”Did he fuck you the way you wanted?” “No, he didn’t! He fucked me better than I could have ever dreamed of!”

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