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Second time with a guyThe Park chapter 2At school I heard another boy talking about being sucked. He said there were older men who liked this and that you could meet them in the toilets at the park. That afternoon I went to the school toilets after class. I undid my shoes and then my trousers and took them off. I pulled my boxer shorts down and removed those too. I touched my cock which was already getting hard. I hesitated for a moment but then bent down and gave myself a couple more rubs before I stepped back into my trousers and pulled them up and carefully did up the fly over my erection. The feeling of not wearing any underwear was lovely, and I adjusted the position of my penis so that it was standing up to my belt.Sneaking out of school without being noticed I walked down towards the park. I put my hand in my trouser pocket and stroked my cock as I continued walking. When I got to the Park there was nobody in the first toilet block so I continued. After a couple of minutes I entered the second bahis firmaları and went and stood at the urinal. It was quiet. Slowly I unzipped my trousers and took my cock out, pretending to pee. There was nobody there but at least it felt good. In the silence I started to wank myself, still looking over my shoulder in case anyone came in. I decided to try and pee and let out a short stream. I heard footsteps. Someone walked towards the urinal and stood only two yards away. My eyes were frozen on the white enamel and my cock which I was trying to hide behind my undone trousers and my hand.I stayed like that for minutes, eventually I glanced over and saw that he was rubbing himself too. When I looked again his cock was in his hand and he looked back at me. I don’t know why but I turned to face him showing my erection directly. He smiled and stepped towards me. He looked me in the eye and then down at my cock. I felt his hand wrap around it. It felt good and I began to let my trousers slide down. perabet He shook his head and whispered “not safe here – we have to be careful”. As I pulled my trousers back up. He nodded over to the cubicles and quietly told me that he would follow, but that we mustn’t be seen. I walked over to an open door and went inside closing it behind me. Sitting on the seat I slid my trouser back down and began to touch my cock again. I was still very scared but also incredibly excited as I played with myself and started to get back to full erection.There was a knock on the door and I stood up pulling my trouser back up to my hips but leaving them undone. As I opened the door just a crack I saw the guy standing there. Mid 40s, tweed jacket, bearded. I opened the door a little more to let him in. Once inside he turned and bolted it immediately. In the confined space we were very close and he pulled me towards him. His hand went straight back down to my groin and found my cock. I was still in my school perabet giriş uniform – shirt, tie Blazer, even though my trousers were undone and I had no underwear on. As he held me and felt my now erect prick he manoeuvred us to the back of the cubicle. Now he was sitting on the closed seat and I was stood before him as he began to play with me properly. When I felt his hand close around my shaft and start to rub me I closed my eyes – it was so good to be touched. I could feel my trousers slipping down and let them fall to the floor – I wanted to be exposed and touched. As he continued rubbing me I removed my Blazer and threw it onto my schoolbag in the corner. Next I undid my tie. He was still holding my cock firmly and I moved closer and asked him to suck me. My girlfriend had done this a few times but having an older man engulf me in his mouth was completely different. My cock was so swollen – standing out like a ridge pole, veiny, the purple head engorged. As I felt the warmth I began to undo my shirt – overcome with a desire to be totally naked with this stranger. I still love to be totally naked and aroused with people who like to share and enjoy.I was 15 then and only enjoyed being with other men when I was much older.

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