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Second Granny of the NightAs I said earlier I work as a government inspector and stopped for a boring night in Oklahoma City, later I found it was to be one of the most exciting nights of my life. A busload of older looking grannies pulled up as I was checking in and several of them were incredibly hot. A few of them were the hottest older women I’d ever seen in my life. As it turned out I struck up a conversation with Alice, a cute petite blonde from Phoenix who invited me to have dinner with her friends. Now I remember that hot looking women usually hang out with other good-looking women and in this case it was no exception. That night, Alice introduced me to six of the hottest grannies I’d ever seen in my life. You could tell they all had money, by the way they dressed and the jewelry they wore they just spelled out “I have money.” Well, I danced with all six of them that night and as I was going to my room, I felt a jingle in my pocket and discovered there were three hotel room keys in my pocket. I checked at the front desk and learned that Alice the petite little blond minx that I had met when I first got there was in room 435. As I related in my previous story. Alice and I screwed our brains out that night. But I knew I still had two other grannies to service. Little did I know that soon I would be getting the best blow job of my life from one of the most skilled cock suckers on this planet. I looked at the second key that I took out my pocket and it read “Room 456” bahis siteleri I took the elevator went to the fourth floor and knocked on the door to Room 456. There to greet me was Jean Hancock, she looked about 60 to 65 and was one of the women who I had danced with earlier. She answered the door and said Ron. I was hoping you would come as she invited me in and made me my favorite drink from the mini-bar. Jean looked a lot younger than her age; she was dressed in a white knee length short skirt that highlighted her long statuesque legs. She wore a very expensive low-cut blue tank top which revealed her plentiful cleavage, over this she wore a vest jacket accented with very expensive intricate embroidery. I asked “why are you still dressed?” She said I stayed dressed because I knew you would probably be coming over but I wasn’t sure, so I planned on finding out what room you were in and stop in, if you didn’t come here.We finished our drinks and relaxed on the couch then Jean said “Ron you’re about to get the best blow job your life” as she went down on her knees in front of me unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down to my ankles, taking them off and throwing them into a pile on the floor. She said “my husband and I were assigned to Thailand back in the 1960’s and my neighbor was a famous Madam and ran an upscale whorehouse next door. She introduced me to some of her ladies who taught me the art of Asian cock sucking, my skills used to drive my late husband crazy. bets10 giriş By blowing a few of my bosses over the years I got several promotions at work because of my cock sucking skills”.With that Jean undressed revealing her luscious firm body. She immediately began vigorously sucking the head of my cock concentrating on just the head. Then she worked her way down the shaft sucking harder and harder, taking me just to the edge of pain versus pleasure. Then Jean slid all of my 7 inches down her throat. She held it there and began using the technique of humming at a certain tone, which caused a vibration in her throat. That stimulated my penis like you wouldn’t believe. Then Jean just sucked my cock as hard as she could, hold it firmly in place in her mouth. She didn’t even have to use her hands to hold my cock in her mouth she sucked it so hard she just held it there. I thought it was amazing how she could hold a penis in her mouth by just sucking it. Jean finally came up for air, and began rapidly fluttering her tongue back and forth around my penis until she reached the spot where the shaft met the head. She sucked it is hard as she could and held my cock firmly in place in her throat. To my surprise, she then flicked her tongue back and forth all around my cock as I moaned in pleasure. I couldn’t take this kind of cock sucking for more than a few minutes and soon I yelled “Jean, I’m coming right now!!!! And with that she deep throated my cock and held it there while I shot a large, deep load down her throat. She was not only a skilled cock sucker but she was also a swallower and as she sucked my cock load after load went down her throat. I gave her so much some of it dribbled out of her mouth. Then she performed which she called her “specialty”, after swallowing my load. She just kept sucking my cock slowly. She knew the sensations and how highly sensitized the head of man’s cock gets after he comes. The sensations around my cock were incredible. I arched my back upwards to meet her mouth as she worked even harder on me by sucking and swirling her tongue around the area where my head met the shaft. She had later told me that those Bangkok whores had told her that this was the male G Spot, so she concentrated on sucking and licking a man’s head in a post blow job high. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and I yelled “stop, stop, you’re killing my cock”. Then Jean just looked up at me and grinned as my excess sperm dripped down the corner of her mouth. She then scooped the cum off of her face and licked it off with her fingers. Then she laughed and said “my husband used to call me the best cocksucker on the planet”. I responded, “he sure was right.” As I sat up on the couch and finished my drink she went to the kitchen and got another drink and came back and said, “I need some alcohol to wash down all that cum in my mouth.” Needless to say I was exhausted. But I still had another hotel room key in my pocket. I excused myself saying, I absolutely have to get some work done for the next day. I got my clothes on and left and thought to myself. I just had the best blow job of my life.

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