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Sean And The GirlIt would usually happen like this:We begin by kissing really passionately, he’s a good kisser. He likes to nibble on my neck, he knows I LOVE that. He slowly undresses me, kissing me down my shoulder. I feel a hard bulge in his pants. He gets to my bra and removes it, then he licks my nipple in a circular motion. I moan. He takes his shirt off; he’s muscular, but not enormous: the perfect size. He has this magnificent happy trail that leads to his pubes; he likes when I lick it. He lowers his pants, I can see the bulge batman escort in his shorts. I kiss down his happy trail as I remove it from his shorts. He was a late bloomer in his teens, he was shorter than me until he was 17; but my god did he catch up. 8 inches if it’s one; with understated pubes, and a beautiful foreskin. I take it in my mouth and lick the moist and purple head. I can’t deepthroat, but he doesn’t care for that much. He likes me to suck the head. I finger myself as i’m doing this; wiping the wetness on my pants. he escort batman tells me “Stop. It’s your turn.” He unzips my jeans and pulls them down, along with my panties. He kisses my pubes. His tongue goes inside me, and laps at my clit. That makes my legs curl in delight; why can’t any other man do this like Sean? This goes on for a few more minutes, until I tell him to fuck me. He pulls out a condom, puts it over his cock, and lowers himself into me. I’ve fucked a lot of guys over the years, some of them bigger than Sean; but batman escort bayan that is the most perfect cock I’ve ever had in my life. Over and over, he pounds into me; i moan in delight every time. I love him so much; I want to have his c***dren. Why did god have to make us siblings? I’m starting to squirt, only he can make me do that. I tell him “HARDER!” he goes faster and faster until i SCREAM as i cum. He follows after with his massive cumshot. I feel the condom filling up with his warm semen. After he pulls out, he, as he always does, gives the condom to me. I eagerly slurp the cum as if it’s water. He strokes my hair, and kisses my forehead. In a few minutes, he has to go back to that whore he’s dating; but I don’t care right now. I’m just basking in his love.

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