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School for hung young boys: part two”Don’t worry,” Mr. Vickers said softly to the newest enrollee at Private Prep School For Boys, “your parents can visit you anytime they wish, and remember, Christmas will be here before you know it and you’ll be going home for the holidays!!!” “Yeah, that’s true,” Brian replied, “what I gotta think about now is the present, right!?!” “That’s the ticket,” Jordan Vickers answered brightly, “say, it’s about time you met your new room mate, don’t you think!?!” Now forgetting about the fact that his parents had just dropped him off at school, he turned to Mr. Vickers and replied excitedly, “Will my roomie be someone with the same problem as me, I mean does he have a large penis just like me!?!” “Why don’t you see for yourself,” Mr. Vickers replied while punching a button on his desk to summon his secretary to send in Will Knight, the young man that Jordan had selected to be Brian’s new room mate!!! Brian waited anxiously as the door slowly opened and a thin young man about his size shuffled nervously into the room!!!”Come on in, Will,” Jordan Vickers offered, “I have someone here I want you to meet!!!” Both 18 year old boys locked eyes for a moment, seemingly trying to feel the other out, but it was of course their huge penises that caught each others eye, and as they stared at the huge piece of meat hanging between the others legs, both of them immediately began to stiffen!!! “Well, well,” Jordan crowed, “it seems as if you two have something in common!!!” Both boys turned bright shades of red, but as he usually did in these first meeting situations, Jordan came between the two lads, and very casually took each one by the cock and began gently masturbating them to calm them both down!!! Both of them sighed as the head master skillfully jerked their ten inch plus organs, and when he sensed they were about ready to shoot their hot loads, he quickly had stepped back out of the way and had them bahis şirketleri finish each other of by themselves!!! Brian grabbed Will by his huge pecker while Will was doing the same to him, and as they naturally leaned together and kissed each other passionately on the lips, their two erections spasmed hard in each others hand while each pecker convulsed and sent a torrent of hot goo all over the head master’s office floor!!!Both boys apologized profusely for making such a mess, but Mr. Vickers just laughed and said, “It’s just a job hazard, what I hope is that you two will become fast friends, now Will, you’ve been here for a while so I want you to take Brian around the campus and more or less show him the ropes, okay!?!” Will nodded in the affirmative and replied, “Yeah, that’s a good idea, let’s go, Brian!!!” The two boys slipped out the side door to Mr. Vickers office, but before they were a mere ten feet down the hall Brian took Will by the arm and whispered hoarsely, “I just love your big cock, do you mind if I suck it for you!?!” “Mind,” Will replied, “I thought you’d never ask,” so after looking around to see if the coast was clear, Brian settled down in front of the slim hipped eighteen year old, and as his own penis became fully erect, he slipped Will’s huge head into his mouth and gently sucked him to another cum shattering climax!!!Once back in their room, both boys just stood facing one and other with their huge peckers hanging down and the velvety heads softly bouncing of each other!!! “Do you like getting it in the ass,” Will asked quietly, “I just love getting reamed by a huge one!?!” “Doesn’t it hurt,” Brian asked doubtfully, “I mean look at the size of your pecker, it would rip me apart!!!” “Not if I’m careful it wouldn’t,” Will said softly while reaching down to caress his new friend’s tight nut sack, “I would never hurt you, Brian, all I would do is make you feel good!!!” Now shaking like a youwin leaf, Brian let Will lead him over to the bed where he had him lie down on his back with his legs spread wide apart!!! After taking a generous handful of petroleum jelly, Will slathered it into Brian’s ass crack, making sure to get a goodly amount into his tight little bung hole, and after making sure that his friend was ready, he slipped between his legs and pressed his huge head against Brian’s tight little twinky!!!”I-it’s gonna hurt me,” Brian whined softly, “I can tell it’s gonna be bad!!!” “Shhhhhh,” Will whispered, “try and relax your asshole, sooner of later you’re gonna have to get ass fucked and it might as well be by me!!!” Brian knew that Will was right, sooner or later somebody would pop his cherry, and having a loving friend like Will do the honors was better that having some over anxious maniac do it when he wasn’t really ready for it!!! “That’s my boy,” Will whispered gently, “it’s almost in, ohhhhhhh, there it goes, uhhhhhh, you’re so fucking tight!!!” In Brian’s mind tight wasn’t the word for it, his tender little ass was being stretched like nothing he had ever experienced in his entire life, and even though he was trying to relax his asshole it burned like a mother fucker just to have Will’s enormous head barely inside of his virgin butt!!! He was just about to beg him to take it out when Will slowly but surely began stroking his meat in and out of his tight little bung hole!!! The pain was almost excruciating, but little by little, a little bit of pain was replaced with even tinier pieces of pleasure, until almost like magic, getting his ass fucked seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do!!! “H-how does it feel,” Will moaned into Brian’s ear, “you have the sweetest little ass I’ve ever fucked!?!” Brian’s own pecker was now as hard as a piece of blue steel, and as he reached under his belly to jerk it, he gasped youwin giriş to his knew lover, “F-fuck me harder and make me your bitch, fuck me in my hot fucking asshole!!!”Even though he had promised to be gentle, Will had crossed the line of no return, and as if someone had turned on a switch in his brain, he began ramming his ten inches of hard cock in and out of Brian’s ass with an almost brutal ferocity!!! Brian couldn’t believe the onslaught that his poor little ass was taking, but even more incredible was the fact that ten minutes ago he was a relative virgin to ass fucking but now here he was on his back getting the fucking of his life and loving every second of it!!! The two boys were now on automatic pilot with Will butt fucking Brian into complete submission while he was wildly fisting his pecker in perfect time with each and every stroke of the gigantic young pecker that was violating his hot tight asshole!!! Each of them was in such a state of sexual hysteria that neither of them even noticed when Mr. Vickers stepped quietly into the room, and with very pleased look on his face, watched Brian take Will’s hot load deep inside of his asshole while shooting his own load high on his belly and chest!!!Will collapsed on top of Brian with his cock still planted deep in his ass, and as the two of them nuzzled together in their post orgasmic glow, the head master pulled out his own cock and jerked himself to a hard quick climax, happy in the fact the two boys seemed to be hitting it off so well so soon!!! By the time he had put his dick back into his pants, the two boys were fast asleep in each others arms while their huge penises lay pressed softly together in a manner that would be the norm for the rest of the term!!! Jordan Vickers let himself out of the room and headed back to his office satisfied that both boys were on the path to happiness!!! __________________________________________________________________________________________________And thats it folks, please comment so more series similar to this may be written, thank you for reading my sexual driven series, hope it made your pussies wet, your cock hard and caused you to even cum 🙂

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