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Saturday Night at the truck stopLast evening I took a ride to one of my favorite truck stops. It was hot and muggy out so I decided to wear a yellow flowered sundress(so cute) Also a yellow lace push-up bra (32A falsies), Yellow sheer lace panties with shit lace trim, white fishnet stockings and a jet back 6 strap satin garter-belt with red lace trim, white heels. Had on my long blond wig and of course no Gurl would go out without makeup. As I entered the truck parking lot I heard a loud whistle followed by MICHELLE MICHELLE I stopped and a trucker I had serviced many time before ran to the car.”Was hopping you would show up you slutty skank) he said. I giggled as he continued (pull over to my rig) Of course I complied. He met me by the rig opening my car the door and helped me out (Wow you look wonderful so pretty and what a slut) he said (always want to manisa escort look my best for you honey) I replied. He took my hand and walked me up the dirt path in the woods to a secluded area where there was a picnic table He got behind me and his hand slid up over my stocking clad legs up under my dress snapping my garter straps then to my ass he rubbed it and moaned. once at the picnic table he turned me around looked around then kissed me fondling me all the time. Moaning what a slut what a whore so pretty. “You know what to do whore” he said and I got on my knees unzipping him. His hard average sized cock sprung out, I stoked it ran my tongue over the head and shaft before I took it in my mouth. bobbing my head back and forth the saliva building up and I let it drip from my mouth long strands hanging from my lips and chin as I sucked his escort manisa hard cock. He was moaning so loud talking to me calling me names telling me how good I was.The pre-cum started to leak out and he quickly pulled out of my mouth and pulled me to my feet. He bent me over the table pulling up my dress and then pulling sown my panties. Without saying a word I felt the head of his cock push to my waiting hole. He took hold of my hips and pushed it right in all the way he started fucking me as I pushed back his heavy balls slapping on my ass as he pounded me.Only took a few minutes till I he stopped and I felt his cock pulsated and gush his load deep inside me. a few more slower stokes and he pulled out. Still in that position I pushed so the cream-pie would run out and down my leg. I reached down pulling up my panties and turned around he manisa escort bayan was already walking back to his rig.I sat on the bench know another guy would be coming along shortly they always do. In a few minutes a guy walked into the clearing he was in his late 50’s i guess. as he approached me “Want a blow job” i said He took a few more steps and I unzipped him and as the other took his cock in my mouth sucking it loving it. I pulled off it my makeup running from all the spunk looking up at him “you can fuck me if you like sloppy seconds” I said. “maybe next time honey” he said and grabbed my head and rammed his cock in my mouth he humped my mouth till he unloaded and I started to swallow every drop. Licking him clean saying THANK YOU to him he walked away.Anyway for the next couple hours I sucked off 3 more guys and did get one guy to have sloppy seconds. Even had one guy to salp me a few times like I asked hoim to.Driving home totally satisfied with cum running out of me soaking my panties, the teats of fresh cum in my mouth my tiny limp clitlet started to leak and that made the night a success

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