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Sara Part IIThat next day as I studied my own body in the mirror after a long hot bath I started to think about what I had done the night before. Hooking was never something I considered but I started to rationalize it now. What was so wrong with it? I mean I loved sex and I certainly needed to the money. As long as I wasn’t one of those dirty, strung out girls working the parking lot at the truck stop down the road it didn’t seem so bad. Did it? The mere thought of it, the taboo, was exciting me.My plan seemed perfect. It was flawless. At least it was until I realized that I was stuck at a shit-hole motel in the middle of nowhere and my list of possible clients was extremely thin….almost non-existent. Some of the construction workers staying at the motel were a possibility but I only really knew Greg and Dean. I wasn’t sure if I could trust any of the others.Two days after my night with Dean Mr. Piedmont stopped by to collect the “rent”. I was more aggressive and he blew his load in record time. He was about to leave when I stopped him.“Wait! Mr. Piedmont! Can I ask you something?”“What is it?” he looked rather bored.“Well…I….um….” I was having trouble getting the words out.“Out with it girl, I’m very busy today.” he was growing impatient.“OK, it’s like this. You know my situation and you know I have like no prospects….I’m not old enough to get an actual job….”“Is there a point to this Sara?”“Well I was thinking that maybe if you knew some older professional types that appreciated spending time with a younger girl you could maybe introduce me and….”“Stop. Stop right there. Let’s get something clear here. I am not going to be your pimp. Likewise I am not running a whore house.” he said this all matter of factly. I felt dejected. “Now that being said, if the situation arises then I will pass along your room number but I won’t be privy to anything that happens. Understood?”“Yes sir. Thank you again.” he turned and left me there with his cum in my hair and a wet pussy.A week went by and I had given Dean a couple of freebies but I was still bouncing off the walls to get fucked. It seemed like the more sex I got the more I wanted. Mr. Piedmont stopped by again for another rent payment.“I guess I should tell you that I mentioned you to an out of town associate of mine.” he said as he put his spent cock back in his pants.“Really?” I tried not to sound too enthused.“Yes. I guess he was looking for some fun and didn’t find our local strip joint appealing. Not that I can blame him.”“Thank you Mr. Piedmont.” he smiled at me this time as he left. He didn’t know if or when the man would contact me so I decide that I would try to always be ready. It would be the next afternoon when I would meet him. The man that would change my life.“Hello?” the voice on the other end of the phone sounded deep.“Yes. Hi!” I tried to sound upbeat which wasn’t difficult. The phone in my room never rang so I figured that it was Mr. Piedmont’s associate that was calling.“Is this Sara?”“Yes.”“Hi Sara I was given your name and number by a friend. Said you might be available for some company?” I gave him my room number and we agreed for him to come over at 3 that afternoon. At 2:45 he knocked at my door.My stomach was in a knot and at war with my salivating pussy. I wanted to get laid and I needed the money but at the same time I was extremely nervous. After all this man was a complete stranger. The only link between him and I was Mr. Piedmont and I was more than certain that if something went wrong Mr. Piedmont would side with him. Never the less I opened the door and greeted him with a smile. He was very handsome, older, probably in his 40’s, dressed really nice and smelled amazing.“Sara?” his eyes scanned me from head to toe and there was a certain excitement in the air. It was like I could sense not only his approval but also his lust.“Yes, hi….Come in. Have a seat. Can I get you something to drink?” I wasn’t skilled in the usual goings on of a whore so I decided to play it as if I this was just a regular visit. “I have scotch, vodka, beer?”“Oh, scotch would be nice. Thank you.” I could feel his eyes watch as I swayed to my dresser where I kept a few of those tiny bottles of liquor that I found in a room. I was still nervous but it was fading and in it’s place was an increased arousal. I knew that soon this man would be inside me, fucking me, paying me to get him off and that notion only fueled me. “Hope you don’t mind that I’m early. My meeting didn’t last as long as I expected.” I handed him his drink and sat down on his lap.“MMMM I don’t mind one bit.” he took a sip from his drink and let his eyes roam my young body. I chose to wear the only lingerie I owned, Daddy’s friend had bought it for me after the first night he fucked me. It was this powder blue baby doll nightie with matching thong, a pair of black fishnet thigh high stockings and a pair of heels.“Well Piedmont wasn’t exaggerating, you are one sexy girl.” he flashed me a wicked grin while his hand stroked the bit of bare thigh between the bottom of my nightie and the top of my fishnets.“MMMMM I’m glad that you like what you see.” I was stalling. Not because I didn’t want to do this but rather because I wasn’t really sure how to get started.“So am I your first client of the day?” his hand was working closer and closer to my moist slit.“You’re my only client for the day.” I smiled at him.“Good. This may take a while.” and he pulled me close, his lips mashed against mine. Instinct took over and I darted my tongue into his mouth. I felt his finger tracing my slit through my panties. I moved so that I was fully straddling him, his bulge grinding against my mound. I felt his large hands clamp onto my ass.“Fuck you have an amazing ass.” he moaned.“MMMM güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri wait until you see it from behind.” I teased. His lips moved to my neck and one hand pawed at my small tits. I moaned and ground my needy pussy down on him harder. “You should get those pants off before I make a mess on them.” I giggled.I watched as he unbuttoned his pants and slid them off, I could see the bulge in his boxers and knew that he may not have been as big as Dean but he was more than big enough to please my cock hungry little cunt. His shirt and tie followed his pants and he stood there in his boxers. I took the initiative and knelt before him, pull them down. I felt his thick meat pop free and thud against my forehead. The little pearl of pre-cum glistened in the light and I smeared it all along my lips. I looked up to see him watching me.I may have mentioned this before but it bares repeating, I love sucking cock and this man had a beautiful dick and I couldn’t wait any longer to get my lips around it. I felt him throbbing in my hand while I licked and kissed up and down the shaft. He moaned louder when I let my tongue lap at the head, doing little circles around it before finally taking it into my warm, wet mouth. I had been somewhat timid and unsure before but at this point I let my slutty side prevail and I was bobbing my head up and down this older man’s dick. The room was awash in the sounds of me sucking and slurping every hard inch, taking more and more until I managed to deep throat him. I held him in deep and looked up at him, keeping eye contact as I slowly slid him out of my mouth. I gasped for air, feeling saliva dripping from my mouth.“MMMM you like that Mister? You like the way this little whore sucks your fat fucking cock?” I had went from some what shy and timid to a brazen whore and I think it caught him off guard at first. But he soon recovered.“Suck it Sara, you fucking whore. Suck my dick!” his words were harsh but the way he shoved himself back into my mouth was ever harsher….and I fucking loved it!His hand roughly grabbed my hair, pumping his entire length down my throat. I would choke or gag and he seemed to feed off of that. In no time I felt my own spit dripping from my face and
no doubt soaking my nightie.“Oh fuck! I can’t wait any longer! I have to fuck you!” he growled at me and pulled himself out of my mouth. I didn’t have time to react before he pulled me up, lifted me in his arms and dropped me onto the bed. I hurried to strip off my nightie while he worked a condom onto his spit soaked cock. No one had ever used a condom with me before but then again no one had ever really thought that I was some rented piece of ass.“Look at those perfect fucking tits!” he was staring at me, my nipples hard as a rock. I bit my lip and pushed my panties down enough to show him my hairless cunt. I swear I could see his cock twitch. “And such a pretty little pussy!” his hand reached down and yanked my panties the rest of the way off.“MMMM you ready to fuck me Mister? Fuck my little hooker cunt?” his only response was to ram his entire length deep inside me. I moaned, gasped and screamed all at the same time when I felt his girth invade me.“Ohhhhhh so fucking tight! How does a fucking whore like you have such a tight little cunt?” he was holding my legs open and plowing into my young body with all of his weight.“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yesssssss! Fuck me! Fuck me Mister! Fuck my slutty little whore cunt!” he was grunting in effort as he threw himself up inside me and the harder he fucked me the more I wanted. “Yes! Harder! Harder you fuck! Fuck me harder!” I knew that my pussy would pay the price for this but I didn’t care. I only wanted to be used by this man and his hard cock. I wanted to feel like the slutty little whore I was pretending to be….that I was quickly becoming. My small tits began to bounce as he pounded my young pussy harder than I had ever been up to that point.“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck take me Sara! You filthy fucking whore! Take this fucking cock!” his eyes were glazed over as he pumped into me relentlessly and I came.When I say I came I mean I CAME. This man was being rough and pumping my little cunt harder than I ever thought a man his age could and I loved it! I knew then and there that if I were to live a life of being a whore for men like this that I would be completely content.“Damn! Your cunt is like a fucking vice!” he held himself still while my pussy contracted around him. I felt my juices running down to my ass and I was cumming like never before but I just wanted him to keep pounding me.“Fu….fu……FUCK ME!” I managed to scream but instead he pulled out of me and, like a rag doll, put me on my hands and knees.“Such a perfect ass.” he muttered before driving back into my yearning snatch. His hands digging into the flesh of my ass, guiding me back onto him as he rammed forward. “This! Is what! You fucking! Wanted?” each word emphasized with a hard thrust into my drooling cunt.I can’t tell you how long he continued to fuck me like that. I know I came again and I know he only got rougher and rougher. His hand slapping down onto my ass or pushing my head down into my bed while he drilled my young little fuckhole.“I can’t take it! Fuck! So tight! I’m gonna cum! Sara I need to cum!” he announced.Cum for me Mister! Cum for me! Cum all over my face! Make me look like the little whore I am!” I was pleading for his load and he loved it.He pulled free of my tightness and I flipped over to my back just as he was pulling the condom off. Fuck, he looked even bigger and I wondered just how he fit inside me. His hand continued to pump his shaft as he took position, straddling me. I watched and waited. Begged and pleaded. I needed to youwin güvenilir mi see him explode. To know that I made this grown man cum hard….to feel his seed all over my skin. I didn’t have to wait long and I swear I came again as he shot stream after stream of hot cum all over my face, into my hair, into my mouth and some making a small trail down to between my tits. Finally he was drained and fell down onto the bed beside me. I moved down to clean my juices from his softening cock.“Oh fuck that was amazing. You are amazing!” he praised when I finally came up. I only smiled and laid back enjoying the taste of his cum and the feel of it on my skin. I was in a trance, so much that I didn’t realize it when he got up from the bed. I expected him to get dressed, pay me then leave but instead he grabbed his drink, downed the rest and laid back in my bed.“Can I ask you something?” his question caught me off guard, I mean this man just had his cock inside me and I didn’t expect a Q and A session afterwards.“Sure.”“How old are you? I mean really.” normally I would have argued that I was of age and how dare he question my honesty but the fact is that I wanted to tell him. I felt a need to be honest with him….so I told him. I told him everything. I told him my real age and how mom left, then dad and how I came to be in that run down motel with his load still fresh on my skin. When I was done telling my tale I was almost in tears. Not from the tragedy of the situation but from the way he was looking at me. There was a compassion in his eyes the likes of which I had never had in my life up to then.“I guess you’re probably mad at me now or something.” I had to look away then. Seeing the way he looked at me kind of made me feel bad, instead I looked at his cock. The very one that had just been deep inside me, that had shot a massive load all over me….the one that was starting to get hard again.“Why would I be mad at you?” his voice was low and gentle and so was his touch as he stroked my back.“I dunno, I guess I figured that most guys would be mad if they found out they just fucked a girl my age.” my head rested on his stomach and I couldn’t take my eyes off of that cock.“I’m OK with it if you are. I mean I am old enough to be your Daddy.” his hand slowly working up to the back of my head.“MMMM I like older guys. Men even.” my hand had already started moving towards his hardening dick. I looked up at him again and the compassion was still there but now it was mixed with the same lust I had seen in them earlier. I watched his face as I took his meat in my hand, slowly stroking it and feeling it harden. “MMMM wanna fuck me again?” he smiled and pushed my head down towards his throbbing dick.“So young but so fucking sexy. You like sucking that cock Sara?” I looked up at him with my mouth full of his mature dick and smiled. He responded by moving my mouth up and down his pole. He wasn’t as rough as he was the first time and I found myself wanting it.“MMMM come on Mister, be rough with me. I’m still the slutty little whore you fucked earlier.” I moaned and smiled as I slapped his fat cock against my face.“Yes you are.” he grunted and forced himself back into my mouth. Pushing and pulling my head up and down his length. Making me take it deeper and deeper until I felt his balls smashed against my face. “Slutty little jailbait fuck-toy! Stick your tongue out, lick my balls while my cock is down your fucking throat!” I put all my effort into blowing his dick. I wanted him to know that the best head he ever got was from a horny little teen whore.I gasped for air as I pulled his girth from my mouth, my eyes focused intently as wetness streamed from the tip. A lot of girls wouldn’t admit it but there is a certain power trip involved when sucking dick. He may push my head down or full on fuck my throat but the real power was with me and I wielded it on this man without mercy. My tongue slowly slide up and down the underside and he squirmed at the feel of my mouth on his cum filled balls. My small hand holding onto his throbbing member, my eyes locked onto his as I licked further down until I was teasing the rim of his ass.I had never done that before but I saw it in one of the porn movies that showed on the motel’s cable TV channels. I wasn’t particularly interested in it but the man in the movie seemed to really enjoy it and to my surprise this man must have well because his cock was producing copious amounts of pre-cum and after only a minute or two he was pulling me up, probably in fear that if he didn’t he might cum be
fore getting back inside me.“MMMM you are a bad little girl, huh?” my 14 year old body laying atop him. His cock trapped between us and throbbing while his hands roamed down my back and finally cupping my ass. I moaned at the feel, then squealed when he spanked me.“OH! Yes Daddy!” I had no idea where that came from and when I looked at him I think he was as shocked as I was. Then he smiled and moaned.“You going to be a bad little girl for me….for your Daddy?” another spank on my bare ass.“MMMM yes Daddy.” his hand landed down harder this time. “Please Daddy! Harder! Punish me Daddy! Punish me with your cock!” I was squirming on top of him and could feel his wet dick sliding between our bodies. One of his hands pushed my mouth to his, our tongues slipping against each other, my small tits smashing against his masculine chest.“Oh god!” I screamed when I lifted myself up and guided his cock back inside my hungry little cunt. “Oh Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Fill me up!” his hands on hips as I started to work up and down his length.“Yes! Fuck yes Sara! Fuck me! Fuck Daddy’s cock!”“You like that Daddy? You like the way your little daughter’s cunt feels?” his perabet hands moved up to my young tits, roughly grabbing them as I continued to ride him deep and hard. “Oh fuck me with that big dick Daddy!” I was bouncing wildly. He grunted then rolled me onto my back. I screamed out loud as he drove himself into me with a renewed vigor. His balls slapping against my ass, his thick cock working deeper and deeper into my young gash. “Like that Daddy! Yes! Fuck me deep! Fuck me hard! Call me a whore Daddy!”“You are a whore! You’re Daddy’s whore! Daddy’s filthy little whore!” his hands dug into my legs, holding them open wide so he could thrust in deeper. My eyes flashed from his face to the union of our bodies, seeing his thick cock slamming into my 14 year old cunt.“Oh god yes! I’m your whore Daddy! Own me Daddy! Own meeeeeeee!” I was cumming. I was cumming and he just continued to hammer into me.“Oh fuck yes, that’s it baby girl! Cum for Daddy!” him calling me “baby girl” didn’t go unnoticed, even through the fog of orgasm, and it only made me cum that much harder. My back arched hard and he had to stop pounding me as my body thrust up and at him, taking him even deeper.“Daddy! Please Daddy! Please let me taste my cum from your cock?” this too was something I had seen in a porn movie and I had thought that it was more for the man’s benefit but as I took his cum soaked dick into my mouth I found that I liked it as well. So much in fact that he had to pull me by my hair from his delicious cock.He flipped me face down onto the bed, my body flat against the mattress, legs pushed together as he fed his dick back inside me. The sensation of his cock stretching me open again and the feel of his rough hands on my ass as he pumped in and out me had me screaming in pleasure.“UNGH! So fucking tight! You’re going to make Daddy cum!” his pace was faltering as he got closer and closer.“Please Daddy, please! Cum for me! Cum in me Daddy! Cum in your little girl’s cunt!” this request made him grunt and groan. His hands holding on tighter, his dick slamming in deeper.“Fuck yes! Take it Sara! Fucking take Daddy’s cum!” he growled as he began to explode, pumping stream after stream of spunk deep inside me. My pussy acted seemingly on it’s own, milking him for every last drop of delicious cream until there was no more and I felt him getting soft inside me until he finally pulled free of my slit.As soon as he was out of me I rolled onto my back and watched his seed dripping from my puffy little used cunt and a sudden fear shot through me. I was barely able to take care of myself so what would I do if I were pregnant? He must have read the look on my face because he just smiled and kissed my lips.“Don’t worry, I’ve had a vasectomy so there is no way I can get you pregnant.” his words put me at ease and I simply lay there and enjoyed the sensation of his cum inside me. I was barely even aware of the fact that I was slipping off to sleep.I awoke an hour later, startled at first, but then relaxed at the feel of this man, Daddy as I had taken to calling him, was still there. He too had drifted off with his arm laid over my naked body and despite the fact that he was paying to fuck me I felt a certain calm wash over me. I snuggled closer to him and went back to sleep.When we both finally woke up later that night he took me to dinner then back to my room where he fucked me the rest of the night, all the while I called him Daddy. The next day I fully expected him to leave but to my surprise he stayed. He took me shopping, then to a movie where I couldn’t resist blowing him in the theater. It wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that he finally left to catch a flight back home to California. I had spent the entire weekend with him and he left me with more food then I really knew what to do with, some sexy new clothes, a thousand dollars and a promise of returning next week.After a couple of days my cynical side returned and I didn’t expect Daddy to come back (he had told me his real name but we both agreed that we liked me calling him Daddy). Friday morning the phone in my room rang for the first time in a week and when I heard his voice on the other end my heart soared….and my pussy moistened. This time he picked me up and took me to his hotel, a much nicer place then my room at Piedmont’s Motor Inn. He took me to the construction site where his company was building the new shopping center and even introduced me as his daughter. In fact he treated me like a real daughter when were in public and I loved it. I would be his sweet, innocent little girl when out in public and his naughty, slutty little girl when we were alone and I loved that as well.This would continue on for the next year. Daddy would stay for a week then go back home for a week. Eventually though construction on the shopping center was completed and I knew that he would no longer have a reason to return. We didn’t talk much about it and I tried not to think about it. I wasn’t ready to go back to that unwanted little girl I was and I didn’t want that to affect my time with Daddy. Even when our last weekend together came around I was the same happy, horny little teenager I had always been around him.“I been thinking.” he said as he laid next to me, his fresh cum firmly deposited inside my cunt. “There really is no reason for you to stay here is there?”“You mean here in your hotel? You….you want me to leave?”“What? No. I meant here in this town. I been thinking you should come back to California with me.”“Really?!?! Like for real?” I could feel myself smiling so big my cheeks hurt. “Where would I stay?” I slid onto him, straddling him.“I own a couple apartment buildings. I could put you up in one, I have a real nice one in mind. Right on the beach.”“Yes! Yes! Daddy!” he smiled and hugged me tight….then fucked my brains out.Two weeks later I was moved into my new apartment. It was just down the road from Daddy’s office and he would come by daily. We fucked a lot, and I do mean a lot. We also spent quality time doing other things.

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