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Sancta Sara #10: Alessandra-1Alessandra is the shyest and sexiest nice noviceAlessandra is a blonde beauty with boyish bottomAlessandra is up for confession at Professor PeterAlessandra is pleading in her prayer for a favourAlessandra is asking for a special audience at PeteAlessandra is loving to be watched, while watering!Alessandra is very fond of big BOOBs as Mother hasAlessandra is secretly in love with Mother SuperiorAlessandra is longing sexy Sasha will watch herAlessandra is longing for nice Natalia as well![/bAlessandra is sitting at Professor Peter Poet’s kneeAlessandra is whispering her warm wishes in his earAlessandra is longing for a special audience at himAlessandra is longing to show sexy Sasha her devotionAlessandra is to be my guest in my bathroom very soonAlessandra is to be completely nude, as Sasha and NatAlessandra illegal bahis siteleri is wanting to do a tribute to them bothAlessandra is wanting to ‘wash’ their big breasts!Alessandra is seductive to Priest Pete: so successfulAlessandra is seducing him by promising him her shareSancta Sara is a nice nunnery for free fornicationSancta Sara is way up in the hills of upper SexoniaNice naughty nuns and novices seek sexy satisfactionNice nuns from Sweden, the Americas, lots of novicesPriest Professor Peter Poet is the only male therePriest Peter provides consolation after ConfessionPeter Poet is a Professor of Sex and of Lusty LiturgyPeter Poet invented praying by oral sexy stimulationAwesome Alessandra prays as well as she can at her PriestAwesome Alessandra prefers to pray at nice nun’s pussiesPeter Poet ponders her proposition youwin güvenilir mi for a sexy situationPeter Poet proposes to present her the two sexy s!stersSexy Sasha has a soft spot for fresh sexy cute ceremoniesSexy Sasha has a command over her nice naughty Natalia Alessandra is terribly thirsty before her show startsAlessandra is teasing Professor with her tasty tittiesAlessandra is sipping at his glass of wine between blowsAlessandra is dripping from her sexy wet snatch by longingProfessor Peter Poet proposes them three a special prayerProfessor Peter reminds them it is full moon this night!Alessandra is ordered to help her Mother Superior undressAlessandra is ordered to get nice Natalia nude, not touchAlessandra is letting fall her frock down to our arousalAlessandra is leading the way to the shower perabet next my cellProfessor Peter is at his heels right opposite AlessandraProfessor Peter sees Nat kneel at his left, Sasha is rightAlessandra is hovering over them and she suddenly squirtsAlessandra is having a great time wetting her Superiors!Alessandra is aiming at the face of her holy Confessor Alessandra is aiming at those big BOOBs of the s!stersProfessor Peter applauds Alessandra’s pretty performance Professor Peter applauds Alessandra’s dirty dear devotionAwesome Alessandra’s mind is like see-through mirror for himAwesome Alessandra is a sexy submissive, seeking domination!On intuition blonde beauty Alessandra looks for her MistressOn intuition blonde baby Alessandra knows even a Master is fineAlessandra wins first prize by her tasty try and sexy challengeAlessandra wins a warm weekend with her three top sexy SuperiorsAlessandra prays at Priest Peter hoping he’ll continue his hot taleAlessandra prays all his readers get wet and hot and vote for him!Come up with your ‘thumb up’, my dear readerCopyright by Poet PETER, de dato May 29 2015

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