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Sal, Part two (& a bit of Maisy too)Okay, so my last blog was all about my friend Sal. Our friend Maisy had walked in to find my head buried between Sal’s thighs in the near darkness. Slightly shocked, she left the room, then announced from the doorway that she was sorry to interrupt us. Sal didn’t mind, replied “it’s okay, Jay’s busy, Maisy” then Mai just grabbed a glass of orange and left. When I had got Sally to grind, buck and have a shuddering orgasm, we retreated back to Sal’s room.Soon as we walked in, we had a shock of our own in return…..Maisy was lying under the bedclothes, presumably had a hand up her skirt, playing with herself.”Oh god, sorry Maisy, we didn’t mean to walk in!” I said, meant genuinely. Her reply was “Well, I thought you two would be busy & you had left me out” which of course we were, but Sal wanted a change from the chair. Little did either of us know she was horny, but clearly she was.”Hey Maisy” Sal said “why don’t you let us help out, or at least Johnny can help, couldn’t you?” Well naturally. Maisy was blonde, shortish slightly bobbed haired, had a biggish mouth (some might ordu escort call it a “three-dick mouth”), teeth sticking out a little, but still attractive. Sal & Maisy were never supermodel lookers but there’s more to someone than looks.Maisy was still horny so I got my hands on her, still clothed and began caressing her and her silky blouse. Her boobs were teeny ones (unlike Sal’s) more of a 32A to Sal’s 36Cs & Maisy wore no bra. I soon noticed her nipples began hardening, so I lightly flicked them with my finger. I have always had big enough hands that I can tease one nipple with a thumb and simultaneously run my little fingertip over the other, only using the one hand.Maisy was soon getting a hand down, popping my fly open to get a feel of my hardening cock.I says to Sal “You okay?” and she just said “Oh yes”. I glanced from the corner of my eye to see she was at the other end of the bed, gently stroking her lovely hairy cunt “Oh you carry on both of you”I’d never “put on a show” before, so this was going to be superb!Maisy got me harder, then peeled me in one big pull, before starting to stroke me escort ordu vigorously. “Frig me, will you?” she asked, so my hand pushed up her thighs to find no knickers, just lots of furry hair instead. I got a casual glance, to find her “collar and cuffs” didn’t match, Maisy being blessed with dark pubes, just like Sal, but with more. They were also quite sticky with pussy too from her little frigging session we’d interrupted.I could feel that she had a little pair of butterfly wings (a type I really love) so I traced my fingers over them before opening her up a little! Her gasp as she felt her twatlips being spliced open was good and she bit gently on my lip, while I worked her pussylips to get wetter.Maisy got my pants down enough, no hesitations or faffing around, sat across me. So while there she expertly guided my purple tip to open her butterfly wide then sank back! I felt the gush of her quim juices as it enveloped my cock and I was all the way in! I could feel that wetness oozing all over my bush from inside her, as she rocked gently back & forth. She arched as her body began shuddering, then ordu escort bayan she grabbed my left hand to clasp a little boob while she ground her cunt against me to stimulate her clit. Sal then moved across, so as soon as she had cum, Maisy moved up, turned around to sit her fantastic sopping muff over my face, while Sal took her turn to partake of some cock.Sal’s cunt was bigger and less tight, but just as gooey inside, it made it all the better to be slipping in and out of.Both girls were just riding me like a male toy, both gushing their vaginal juices over me. Eventually, after a couple of swap arounds, they must have known I was ready to pop out a second wad of spunk, so they stopped, then both pulling on my dick, while I had two warm sticky hairy pussies to wear like a pair of gloves as I fingered them deeply, my prick pumped out a few big spurts all over my little flat belly. Dirty little minxes that they were, they licked it all off and lapped it up like a pair of cats, licking up cream and purring too.We collapsed, cleaned up and dropped off to sleep for a while.As it happened, I drew the short straw for the duties of cooking later on, so the three of us had a pasta meal I managed to rustle up, involving some mushrooms, tinned hotdogs and something else. Quick & easy, which is probably how they liked to think I was……

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