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Sabrina diaries part 2N.B. Some characters are borrowed from a famous TV series, but don’t take it as an offence to them, I write this out of admiration, and if you think it through, a hot man as Harvey was must have urges like any other, he is no barbie’s ken.***Here I am again my dear readers, and right after that hot scene where Harvey was involved, I was at a crossroads. Should I tell Sabrina what I saw? Should I tell Harvey that I saw him doing and blackmail him? Not really… I know for a fact that Sabrina was rather frigid when it came to sex. She’s all romantic and sugary about kissing and holding hands, but somehow she feared sex. No matter how soul mates Harvey and she were, my fine sense of eavesdropping told me they haven’t had sex once, Sabrina always claimed a headache if Harvey suggested it, and later they were sleeping in separate bedrooms. Could it be she was afraid of Harvey’s endowment?Marriage in crisis after a year, that’s the way to put it. I had to speak to Harvey somehow anyway, Sabrina knowing about this was not a good thing, she had the power of pointing and Harvey and I didn’t, so the consequences could be dire.As soon as Harvey was home that evening, I confronted him. I wasn’t telling him right away that I saw him getting intimate with a couple of students, I had to take some detours to make him admit it and blurt out the whole story.“So Harv, how’s school going? Nice students in P.E.?” I asked to break the ice.“I can’t complain, I feel respected. Perhaps it’s because I don’t order them to do some exercise I can’t myself” said Harvey taking the TV remote and turning it on.“You have always been very sporty, that I can tell” I added.“Yes, but not all in my life is sport, I’ve found out Sabrina’s magic book has very interesting contents. Too bad I don’t have magical powers, I can just brew potions in Sabrina’s cauldron, and I’m taking a fancy in doing it”“Yet potions are limited in their effects, incantations and spells really do the trick” I said with the clear intention to tease him.“Yeah! Isn’t it frustrating sometimes not to have magic? I wish I was born a witch, life could be easier. Not that my life is so tough, I consider myself lucky, but who wouldn’t want to point and make things happen?” said Harvey with a sadly look in his face.It was difficult to crack the story, so I decided to take a risk and commented that I was so bored at home that sometimes I took the liberty of following him to high school and observe his classes.“I tell you, it’s for your own good. Despite the apparent limitations of being a cat, I can be of help sometimes. You know I can sneak off through narrow places no human can”“Way to go! Now I’m a little embarrassed you may have seen more than you ought to” said Harvey blushing.“Plato life lessons?, oh, please kill me! If only you had known the real Plato. You may be right about the approach to sex education in ancient Greece, but precisely Plato was the most straight master there was. He dreaded the moment he had to get naked with his pupils and touch their weenies, he felt revolted by other men penises”“Did he really? But you’re too young to have known him in person” replied Harvey trying to hide his embarrassment about me having found out his little secret.“I am my friend, but remember that I’m a witch, so I can switch to past times and meet some canlı kaçak iddaa of the most relevant historic personalities. I went to ancient greece, and Plato, I tell you, was the least gay friendly of all. Try Aristotle, he was much more gay friendly and boy was he nasty with his pupils”“Well, it’s not like mortals are aware of all the fine details, we just rely on books, we can’t meet the history starrs”“Harv, are you gay? It’s unlike you to be involved with boys”“I don’t know. I never looked at guys before I married Sabrina, but since she put that spell on me to keep girls off my back and be a repelent for them, and with no sex with her, I guess it’s a way out of my hormones. I’m young enough to be full of them, and they make me horny once in a while”“You may think it weird but I’m over 600 years old and I have never touched another man’s penis. Too bad I can’t try it now”“I liked the feeling with Orwell and James, although they are a bit too young, I’d rather try with someone more my age”“Can’t help you there buddy!” I said, and I dashed to the kitchen to relieve myself.“Salem wait up!” cried Harvey following me to the kitchen. He saw I had entered by box and excused himself, saying he was going back to the living room. I decided to take my time in the box and see what steps I could take next.Harvey needed someone to satisfy him sexually, that was clear, he was far too full of hormones even at 24, and magically removing sex from his life was dangerous. Most witches having meddled with sex hormones found out later that it diminished natural affections and love for others. Then I remembered that time that Hilda and Zelda had used man dough to prepare a perfect date for Sabrina. If there was still man dough, it could help making a man just perfect for Harvey.“Harv, I know just what you need, a man of your own to satisfy you sexually, and this is something you can brew up”“Can I? really? I don’t remember reading about it in the magic book”“Have you read it fully? Everything there is to know is there”“Not all, just read some chapters, according to my fancy”“Bring the magic book and look for man dough”Harvey brought the book and opened the chapter I had told him. He started reading and after a while he had his eyes wide open in awe.“We can do that? I can’t believe I’ve missed this for so long”“There is a catch anyway, the man will only last 6 hours”“Time enough to satisfy my urges, believe me”We went to the magical cabinet to look for the man dough and the coating ingredients. We found out that there was hardly enough man dough for half a man, so Harvey reread the chapter to understand how to prepare man dough from scratch.“Really!” cried Harvey a little disgusted “That’s a tricky one; to make 1 kg of man dough we need 1 kg wheat flour, 10 mg testosterone, two male pubic hairs, a stem of pumpkin flower, 1 square cm of socks dirty with man sweat and a 1 mg of man’s nail clipping”“Tricky? My friend just consider what’s really tricky. Wheat flour is a common ingredient, you won’t have any problem, perhaps you need to buy several big bags, but that you can find in any large supermarket. Male pubic hairs? You must have got plenty to pluck and add to the mix. Stem of pumpkin flower, I bet there are lots in the cabinet, it’s used in magical potions as much as saffron is used in a paella. Then canlı kaçak bahis there is the nail clipping, with your nail clipping you may have several grams between finger and toenails. Dirty socks, you name them in the laundry box. Hint: please do the laundry, it’s killing my fine sense of smell. And finally the testosterone part is perhaps the most tricky part, but there are labs manufacturing it as a d**g, you just go buy it. And remember, each kg of man dough multiplies by 4, so for an average 80 kg man you just need 20 kg of man dough. Now let’s check the coats available in the cabinet”Harvey opened it and took out a set of small bottles labelled man coats. He read aloud the labels on each bottle.“There is shyness, determination, cockyness, light hair, dark hair, hairiness, baldness, tenderness, essence of kisser, horniness and sexiness”“My God! So many coats! I can only assume that this house being inhabited by women so long no woman dough and woman coats were ever available. I stand corrected, women are far to complicated to be created out of dough, we’d better get a plastic doll”“Well, we have coats enough, we have to concentrate on getting the ingredients to make the man dough”“About that, since this may take some time, tell me dude, what’ the next lesson you have planned for Plato life lessons?”“Well, I think it’s time they learn how
to jerk off another man’s cock and provoke him an orgasm, isn’t it an interesting lesson?”“Wicked!”The making of man dough would take still some days, but Harvey was willing to meet again with his special students for the second life lesson. This time I advised him to place a hidden magic video camera to capture the moment while I stayed home to be sure that if Sabrina was back she wouldn’t go to high school and caught him by surprise. It was a long shot, I knew Sabrina wasn’t particularly fond of the place and would never get there, but just in case. Shortly after Harvey returned that day from school after the second lesson, he brought the magic camera and we watched the scene.As usual, the boys lingered in the lockers a little more with towels around their waists and then Harvey emerged from his office and met them.“Good afternoon Master Harvey” said both getting on their feet.“You know what to do first, undress and hit the showers, and wait for me before you do anything”Harvey undressed fast after they had gone to the showers and followed. He looked particularly toned that day, perhaps it was the magical camera settings to make the best out of people. He was really hot naked with the towel on his shoulders. All three reunited in the showers and Harvey started the lesson.“Today, you will be exploring each other’s cocks and it is your goal to make each other cum without touching yourselves”“And you Master Harvey? What will you do meanwhile?” asked Orwell.“I’ll supervise and provide my cock as an example if you want to practice on mine before touching each other’s cocks the wrong way. There is a simple rule today, your hands off your own body, they only touch your buddie’s body and cock, or mine if you wish to try something before experimenting with your buddy. Is it clear?”“Yes, Master Harvey” answered both boys at the same time.Orwell and James hadn’t hardly experienced sex with another man, let alone be responsible for making him cum. They bahis siteleri canlı were handsome young men, that was undeniable. Harvey had some taste choosing pupils.Orwell was a tall (around 1.85 m) thin boy of long red hair usually tied in a ponytail. His skin was very pale with some freckles now and then, you could almost see his veins beneath. He had this redhead misterious allure that made him very attractive in a fetish way. He had a long thin cock of about 16 cm when hard very pale with a red glans in contrast. It was like a rosebud sticking out of his body. He has very light public hair and not too much. That explains why it thought him hairless.James was shorter (around 1.70 m) and a little stocky, and he liked to cut his chestnut hair very short like a soldier. His skin was not much darker than Orwell’s, but he could get a tan easily. He had a fatter cock than Orwell of about 15 cm, and he shaved it bald because he said that made him more sensitive to the touch of a hand. None of these cocks were to be compared with Harvey’s of course.Harvey was as tall as Orwell, but much more built, and his cock was way bigger than theirs. As I mentioned, it was 22 cm of hard fat cock. You could say he has a massive fucking tool. Of course the boys were intimidated by the master’s penis, as it should be for a successful lesson, and Harvey being conscious of his own endowment, had no intention of forcing his way into any of the boys’ asses. He was sure they were virgin and their cherries were pure, but he felt like they should stay untouched for at least some months. He had to look for some potion to keep them from being fucked in the ass.Meanwhile, the boys being intimidated by the master’s cock, were focusing all their efforts in jerking off each other and stealing some glances at Harvey’s cock. Harvey had a full erection and jerked off very slowly watching the two pupils concentrating on giving mutual pleasure.After five minutes of jacking off each other, Orwell felt his cock about to burst in orgasm and accelerated on James’s cock, while James felt his orgasm also coming. Orwell started moaning higher and his cock spitted a small gob of semen in James’s hand. Few seconds after, James moaned a little louder and his cock came with a thin strong jet that landed on Harvey’s tummy. This triggered Harvey’s orgasm that came with several jets that landed on both boys’ bodies.“That was very good indeed boys, good job! Now let’s wash ourselves and get dressed. When we’re done, we’ll go to my office for today’s prize”That concluded the day’s lesson and we turned off the video.“Boy Harv, was that a wicked scene! Did you enjoy it?”“Pretty much, yet I miss having sex with Sabrina, I’m not exactly gay, this I do it as an escape to my urges, but it is very wicked of Sabrina not to give in to my sex demands” replied Harvey with a tinge of disappointment in his voice.“I don’t know what’s got into her, I know she can be a little uptight, but wouldn’t she have urges as any other woman? Definitely this isn’t normal. You know what Harv? We have to ask her cousin Amanda, as a witch woman she could enlighten the affair. I may be a witch, but I’m a man, I don’t know every detail of what makes them tick”Harvey agreed and called Amanda to see if she could drop by for a snack and discuss some witchy affairs, all the while thinking about his Plato life lessons and what he would do next week with the boys.Will Harvey proceed and prepare man dough from scratch? Stay tuned to Sabrina diaries and see what Amanda tells Harvey and how Harvey and the boys explore further man to man sexuality.

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