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Romance Comic Cover Stories – Chapter XXIXChapter XXIX – Hunkaroo (based on Girl Confessions No. 20 cover, Marvel)I had this friend of mine, Dennis. And he had this amazing girl with him, Veronica. She was a nice young blonde he met in the church, and right away they seemed perfect for each other. But what they didn’t knew is that Veronica would have another man, which of course it’s me.It started a year ago, when Dennis was away in a business trip and I went to a party where she was. After some drinks and talking, for a reason only God knew, we just kissed each other and had sex. We tried to avoid each other the next days, but the hot we felt for each other couldn’t be tamed and so, we started that affair.However, there was this little hurdle: she still loves Dennis. And what it can happen when you are in love with two people at the same time? For Veronica, it meant that she would keep her relationship with Dennis and seeing me behind his back. Of course it wasn’t what I was expecting to deal with.“Why you fool yourself, Veronica? Why keeping seeing Dennis and me at the same time? You should pick one!”“Randy, I just don’t know. I love you very much, but my heart also beats for Dennis. I cannot let him go like that!”“It’s still insanity, Veronica…”“Just leave me alone. I can handle this, I promise you!”The worse part of all this wasn’t having to expect her to decide between choosing me or turning her back at me. What I couldn’t deal was keeping my friendship with Dennis, specially when he showed me hints that he knew something was wrong.“Randy, I think my girlfriend is cheating on me”“Veronica? How, How Veronica would cheat you, Dennis? She loves you…“I don’t know, but it’s been a few months that she is acting weird. One day, she seems to love me and care about me. The next, she stands away from me. It’s strange”“And how that can make you think that she is cheating you?”“I don’t know, but it’s something that I want to know”If it was difficult for him to have the feeling Veronica was seeing other, what could happen if he discovers that that ‘other’ was his good friend Randy? I didn’t knew what to do, and Veronica güvenilir bahis siteleri seemed as clueless as me about that.But the fate would play with us three in a very mean way. And also a very nasty one.I came by Veronica’s place and she was alone that day. And of course I tried to put some sense inside her mind.“Dennis is getting more suspicious about you. We’re going to be caught!”“I know, but I can’t say anything! I can’t do anything!”“It would be easier if you came clean to him earlier and said that you like somebody else”“But I can’t! I love him, Dennis is the man of my life and I can’t stand losing him”“Yet you see other guy behind his back. And one of his friends”“Randy, stop acting like that! You know so well that I don’t feel good with the idea of being without Dennis”“But if you keep going that way, you will not only lose him but also me”“Randy, please, don’t act like this!”“Why? Should I stand like that and wait for you to clear your mind and make a decision? Why should I do it?”“Just give me some time, please? I like the way things are between us, but…”“But Dennis can eventually find about us one day!”“Give me some time, Randy, so I can sort out what do to”“It’s been time that you should sort of what to do, Veronica!”I will not extend myself on the argument deal, but after a while, our desire to be together won and we kissed again and we were making out on the couch, almost a step to go to the next level.But, then…“Veronica? Randy?”“ My God, Dennis!”“What are you doing?!”“Dennis, fella, this is not what it looks!”“Sure it does! It seems I wasn’t going crazy… my girlfriends is really cheating me with my friend”“Dennis, honey… please, I am so sorry… I love you, it’s, it’s…” “Please, Veronica, don’t even bother to give me lame excuses. I kmow you’ve been making me the fool for all these months. You said you loved me but you didn’t hesitated to get into the arms of another man”“Dennis, she only did that because it was just something that happened. She still loves you, I swear!”“And why she is with you, Randy?”“Because I love you both! That’s why!”“How come you love youwin giriş me but you stay with Randy, huh?”“I don’t know, it’s just… I can’t stop loving you Dennis, but what Randy and I feel is totally different. It’s like physical attraction you know. I do like him but I like you too Dennis, that is the truth”“And how do you expect to convice me, Veronica?”“Look, Dennis… she is telling you the truth. She does love you, but she doesn’t know if she wants me or you. It happens, we and her are getting so along, but you are first at his heart. It’s confusing her, she doesn’t know where to go. Believe me, I am trying also to make her decide what she wants, but it’s hard for her”It was very troublesome for us to keep discussing about that,and it seemed that Dennis wasn’t keen to believe on her or my reasons. Suddenly, something really strange happened.“So, Veronica, I got your point but now you need to make a decision… it’s me or Randy…”“Dennis, please… I-I-I just can’t…”“I’ll make easier for you then…”I couldn’t believe that he ‘made it easier’ by taking off his clothes! And what it was worse, Dennis told me to do the same! I didn’t knew what to do or say, I stood there like a petrified tree until Dennis urged me to get naked.“Veronica, since you can’t make your choice, we can help you out on this. If you love us both, you have to have sex with us both”“Are you sure is that you really want, Dennis? Are you crazy?”“In fact, doing you both it’s kinda… well… excuse me, but I find that very exciting”“What? What did you just said?”“Well, Randy… I don’t know, is just that I had these thoughts for long and never told any of you and now that it came down to this… if I have to choose that way…”It was a shock when she came out naked to us, with a face like she wanted to have something. And then all made sense for me. She loved us both because she wanted us both and she didn’t minded to have us together in order to show that.And how she showed! First she dropped herself to her knees and got to suck me and Dennis’ cocks, switching between me and him and then swallowing us both youwin güvenilir mi at the same time. I have to confess the thoughts of sharing her with Dennis never came into my mind, but since we had to come to this, why not enjoy it.“Come on, Veronica, suck our cocks. Show us how much you do love us!”I am still doubting to believe that all the stuff I am telling you really happened, but the one thing that I am sure is that Veronica is really a hot piece of fuck. And she proved us in so many ways, and now only sucking our cocks at the same time. There were lot of stuff we did and now I am going to tell youThere was that one where Dennis was getting blown with Veronica laid on the couch as I went to eat her pussy. I have to say, if that was exciting her, it must be something she held off for years, because she was wet as hell! And soon, I had my dick inside it, fucking my friend’s girl, in front of him! Dear Lord…“So, Veronica, never thought two could be better than one?”“Mmmppphhh!”That scene excited me more when she put herself on doggie style and asked me to fuck that way while she sucked Dennis. It was like in the movies! It was incredibly hot a three way like that, and I guess Veronica was expecting more…“I want you to do me, right now!”Next, I was at her ass and Dennis got his place inside her cunt. I have to admit I wasn’t much a fan of double penetration, but since that day, I kinda got hooked to see Veronica moaning and moaning everytime we pushed our rods inside her loveholes. Holy Cow! And how she moaned! It looked like she never had sex in years…“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh eYeah!!!! Fuck me! Ahhhhh!”We fucked. We fucked her
how she wanted, where she wanted. Veronica humped Dennis going up and down with her ass in his dick while she sucked my cock. I never thought prospects of seeing that to turn me on, but they did. And I can’t forget of me doing her pussy while Dennis was putting his all effort inside her butthole, in other DP thing it would make those mag girls envy of us.And, so, we came to the final part, and us three came together! Well, not ‘came’, but we had a triple orgasm, if I can speak, and I can’t tell you how much good we felt (or I think they felt) with that. Only thing I knew is that we had lot of cum to spray around Veronica’s face to finish the spetacle.“So, Veronica, who do you pick?”“Can you give me time to think? Or, well, can we try a three way again?”

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