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Rinku – The PartyMohit’s (my husband) eyes almost popped out of their sockets as I stepped out from the bedroom.I was wearing a white bikini top blouse & a shimmering silvery transparent sari which I had worn as low as possible. I had tied up my silky brown hair in a loose top knot leaving my fair smooth back bare naked except for the thin white string which held in place the two small patches of white fabric on my boobs.He glared at me without a word.“What’s wrong darling?” I said as I rubbed my boobs on his chest.“Rinku, you slut! Is this how you are coming to the party? I am hoping to meet new investors there & you come dressed like a bloody whore!” he said as he grabbed my arm angrily.“Maybe they will invest in me!”I said giggling.He twisted my arm & turned me around.“Ouch!” I yelped in pain.Mohit removed the brooch holding my top knot & let my long silky brown hair cascade down my back.“Ummm!” I moaned as my hair caressed its way down my naked back.“At least cover some part of yourself; you shameless bitch!” he growled as we left the house.We reached the pool side venue & mingled with the other guests. As usual Mohit hit the bar & was soon drinking like a fish.My darling hubby had forced me to cover my back with my hair & he had also made me wrap my pallu around my shoulders.There was nothing to pin it on & the silken fabric kept slipping off my bare shoulder every now & then.Though some men were glancing at me not many were showing much of an interest as they themselves were with their wives or girlfriends.‘What a boring party’ I thought to myself. I had never imagined how quickly things would change.I had wandered off towards the pool when my cell phone shuddered & vibrated with an incoming message.I checked the screen & my heart leaped with joy & my inner thighs tingled in excitement, the screen read “CK”.It had been almost 4 months since I had been fucked by CK & DK. I had waited for their calls & had even called their numbers but so far they had not responded until now.Quivering with passion I read the message.‘Rinku-you are looking sexy with your long hair but your naked bak is much sexier to look at!”Immediately I dialed CK’s number only to be disconnected. I looked around but didn’t see CK or DK.But I received a message ‘Rinku- I kno u r dying 2 get fuckd but u will hv 2 follow my orders if u want 2 reach me!’‘I am ur slave’ I replied instantly & I glanced at Mohit who was busy chatting with his pals.I smiled nervously as I read the next message.I went into the women’s wash room & did as the message instructed.I was the centre of attraction as I walked out of the wash room. Every male eye was ogling at me in lust while almost all females were glaring at me in unbridled hate.My hair had been tied up in a top knot exposing my bare naked back. My pallu was bunched up on my left breast & was tethering on the edge of my shoulder showing off my gorgeous cleavage. My sari was pushed even further down than before & I had made sure that a bit of my sari was caught up in the crack of my bums.Mohit was guzzling another large one & barely noticed my changed look.Most of the men had cheap grins as I reached them. All of them were stripping me naked in their mind.“What are…?” was all Mohit could mutter as I stood next to him.I had been instructed about what to say & I said in a naughty voice “I was feeling a bit hot, hope you don’t mind?”“Oh no, no problem” someone said as most of the men shifted uneasily to adjust the growing bulges in their pants.I chatted animatedly & my boobs jangled as I laughed with the men. Every eye was latched onto every movement of my boobs.Then I got the next message & further instructions.I stared at the message for a long time & shiver ran up my spine. I glanced quickly at the men around me wondering whether they had noticed anything. They were only staring at my boobs.I fumbled as I was keeping my cell phone in my purse. My purse fell with a clatter onto the polished floor.Before anybody could react I bent down to pick up my stuff & my pallu slipped right off my shoulder.For a minute nobody moved. Mohit, by now almost zonked, weakly stammered “Rin..kku…!” Even in his drunken state he seemed shocked at my brazen shamelessness.The rest were all staring at my perfectly rounded boobs which were exposed almost completely as I bent down.I hoped a few could also see my dark brown nipples.Then suddenly they all scrambled to help me pick up my things. I kept a close watch on the hands which were seemingly helping me.I had still not picked up my pallu as I was busy replacing the items & the men were coming closer & closer to me as they handed me things from my purse.Then a hand touched my hand. I looked up & saw a middle aged man with a paunch grin at me. I smiled back.He handed me my vanity mirror & squeezed my fingers in his hand. I bit my lip & looked down coyly.He was the lucky one tonight. As per CK’s message I would give the first man (other than Mohit) who touched me a full scale blow job.As I adjusted my pallu back on the edge of my boobs, Mohit stalked off towards the bar for another large one.Immediately the other men pressed closer to my body. I felt a man caress my butt as others jostled for space around me.They only stepped away when Mohit staggered back with his drink.As soon as Mohit was on his way back I smiled at the paunchy who had touched me first, touched him on his arm & said “would you help me choose a drink?”“S..Sure!” he replied stunned.I heard somebody mutter “Rinku, I have a bigger cock!” I turned around, smiled & said “you next!” & walked away with my surprised date.We passed Mohit on the way & he was on the verge of being knocked out so I called out “Hope you are enjoying darling?”He nodded drunkenly & said “ enjoy yourself!”I smiled, blew him a kiss & pressed closer to paunchy.“What’s your name, darling?” I asked paunchy.“Call me Viky, babe” he said as he slipped his hand around my slim waist.“I kaçak iddaa am Rinku! Oooww!” I groaned as he squeezed my boob suddenly.He kept fondling my tits as we scanned the bar.“What’s your poison?” he asked.“Um, something fresh, thick, warm & white! Straight from the tap!” I giggled.His grip on my boob tightened & he looked at me in surprise. “You are serious?” he asked me. I nodded & leaned onto his shoulder pressing my other boob against his arm.His hand slipped onto my naked back & caressed it. He played with the knot of my stringy blouse.“Where? Here?” he asked. He was getting excited & was talking in monosyllables.I looked around & saw what was mentioned in the message from CK.‘FIRE ESCAPE – STAIRS’ was boldly printed on a door in a corner. I pointed towards it & he almost dragged me there.Just before entering the stairs I turned & saw Mohit being lowered into a chair completely zonked.We went up a few steps & Viky grabbed me from behind. Both of his palms were clasped over my boobs. He began nuzzling my neck & I felt his slimy spit on my neck & shoulder.I wondered why CK had sent me here & then saw the reason. There were two security cameras on either side. Somebody would get a ring side view of my adventure.I also knew the toughest part was about to begin.I had been ordered to strip naked but to make sure Viky stayed in his clothes. I wasn’t allowed to let him fuck either my pussy or anus. Only a blow job. I also had to make sure that I didn’t not let any of his jism go waste.Viky pushed me against the wall & his sweaty palms moved over my naked back. He pushed his crotch into my butt & began grinding his bulging cock on my bums.“Ummm!” I moaned as his hand slipped into my sari & rubbed my shaven pussy.Suddenly he turned me around & planted his lips firmly on mine. His tongue probed deep inside my mouth as his hands roamed freely all over me.I kissed him passionately for a long time but he seemed in a hurry to get to the main act.He almost slapped me as he forced me to stop kissing him.He grabbed my dangling pallu & tugged it off. I turned around a couple of times as he pulled away the s
wishy fabric off my slim sexy body.I was reminded of a few bollywood movies where the actress who is being ****d turns round & round as the r****t strips her sari.In my case I was turning willingly & was giggling at Viky as the layers of cloth came off me.In less than a minute I was standing only on my bikini top blouse & thong panties.Viky just couldn’t control himself & grabbed my bums & buried his face in my tits.He bit me on my boobs as his nails dug into my butt.“Aaaaaa…hhhhh!” I groaned but didn’t push him away.I love it when I am treated roughly & Viky was doing just that.Paunchy was turning me on.When he finally let go my cleavage was wet & shiny with his spit. Both the stringy straps of my blouse had slipped off my shoulder & the small patches covering my tits were askew.Viky was staring lustily at my erect nipples as he reached over & untied the knot of my panties.Meanwhile,I united my tiny blouse & let it fall at my feet along with my panties.I stood completely naked in front of this total stranger.I stretched my hands & pushed my fingers into my hair. I turned slowly & let him see all sides of my fair naked body.I plucked open the pin & let my hair tumble onto my shoulders. It fell on my boobs & immediately Viky yelled “No!” I looked at him in surprise & he continued “tie up your hair, bitch! I don’t want anything obstructing such a gorgeous view!”I nodded & as I tied up my hair Viky began to slip open his tie & seemed ready to drop his blazer.‘Shit!’ I thought as I remembered CK’s message.I moved sensuously towards him & said “VIky, darling, why are you taking so much effort. Let me undress you!” I paused & then added “With my mouth!” I rubbed his crotch with my hand as I said it.He shivered & I am sure he squirted a bit of pre cum when I said that.I ran my hands all over his shirt & slowly dropped my head onto his paunch.I knelt & my head pushed against his belly & then on his rock hard cock.I quickly opened his belt & also the button at the top of his trousers.I clicked my teeth on the zipper & tugged it down slowly.“RRinnkkkuuuu! Saali Randi!” he moaned through clenched teeth & placed his hand on my head & his fingers began playing with my silky hair.I kissed his erect cock through his briefs.“R..Rinkuu, tu to top ki rand hai re!” he said. I love it when my name is spoken while having sex & to be abused with words like ‘randi’ ‘rand’ makes me wet instantly.I was getting wet hearing him & quickly pulled his briefs down. Both his briefs & trousers slid to his ankles & I hoped CK wouldn’t count that as violation of his instructions. After all my main aim was to get laid by CK that night.Viky’s cock was patting against my cheeks & I glanced up & noticed that both the security cameras had swiveled towards the action.“Come on, you whore!” Viky growled & pressed my head towards his prick.I didn’t need to be told.I placed my hands on the back of his thighs & slid them upwards & caressed his bums. His dark cock quivered in front of my lips.I pursed my lips together & kissed the tip of his dickhead. It was wet with pre cum & I licked my lips nosily.“Rinku! Suck it you bloody bitch! Suck my balls! Randi!” he hollered & his voice echoed in the staircase.I opened my mouth just a wee bit & shoved his ramrod erect cock inside.My lips sc****d against his throbbing veins & he groaned uncontrollably.I gently massaged his balls as I wrapped my tongue on his cock. I kept pushing my mouth forward till my lips were pressing against the base of his cock.Then without opening my mouth I dragged his penis out completely.Even before he could gather his breath I pushed it again inside my mouth. I kept increasing the pressure of my lips on his cock slowly. Every thrust inside was into a smaller opening.He was gasping for air, not saying a word. Slowly he had maneuvered bets10 against the wall & was leaning on it. I was squatting a couple of steps lower so that my mouth lined up perfectly with his crotch.He had clasped my hair in a firm grip but I was the one who was bobbing my head back & forth.I was deep throating his cock & kept gagging on it but I had a lot of experience not to throw up.“Suck my balls, Rinku!” he said weakly & I slipped his spit smeared cock out & lapped his balls with my tongue.His sticky cock bobbed against my hair & cheeks leaving a trail of thick slimy spit which dribbled down my chin & onto my tits below.His cock was glistening as I began kissing it again.“Stop it you bitch! I want to fuck you!” he said.“Please lick my pussy, see if it is wet?” I said in a slutty voice.I moved up a few steps & he placed his lips on my twat.He placed my feet on his shoulders & kneaded my thighs.“UMMmmmmmm!” I moaned as his tongue pushed inside my already soaked pussy.He munched on my pussy lips & fingered them open.His tongue was sending waves of pleasure through my body.I leaned back & fingered my erect nipples. I lay back & closed my eyes enjoying the ripples coursing through me.I don’t know how long I lay moaning as he licked my pussy but suddenly I felt his weight on my boobs & felt his throbbing cock rub against my naked thigh almost about to probe into my pulsating twat.I was in an awkward position & couldn’t move an inch. I desperately wanted a cock banging my twat but I was even more desperate to be fucked again by the young studs (CK & DK) who had given me wonderful time in a taxi almost 4 months ago.I lay there spread eagled naked wanting to obey CK’s instructions but unable to control my hungry pussy.I had almost decided to let Viky fuck me when a commotion made both of us freeze.I could feel Viky’s prick shirnk as two men rushed down the stairs.“Kya ho raha hai yahan par?” a gruff voice said as the 2 men hovered above us.Then the second man said to Viky “Abe chutiye, iss randi ko jitna paisa diya ussi me thoda aur paisa dal ke kissi hotel ke room me chodta isko!“Main randi nahin hoon!” I retorted with anger as I tried to hide my nakedness.Both the newcomers laughed & one of them asked Viky “abe chutiye, teri biwi hai kya?”“Yeh?!?!” Viky uttered just one word but it was enough to show me my aukat.Ashamed I quickly wore by stringy blouse, panties & wrapped my sari around myself.I glanced towards the men but could manage to see only one of them, the other having moved behind me.The man I saw was wearing a white shirt & black trousers. He had a thick beard & wore a baseball type cap which cast a dark shadow over his face making it unable to make out his features.Then the man standing behind said “Chalo in dono ko police ke havale karte hai! Phir apna kaam khatam!”The word police got Viky gasping & choking. I too was scared but Viky was panic stricken & said “Sir, please police ko beech me kyun late ho? Settlement karte hai na?”The bearded man looked at his partner & nodded as he said “Theek hai! Dono ka mila ke 20000!”Nobody spoke for a few moments then Viky said “Iss chinal ka daam mai nahin doonga!” & he withdrew his wallet & handed over 10 crisp notes of 1000.“Bastard! How can you leave…..ouwwwww!” I yelped in pain as the man standing behind me grabbed my hand & twisted it.“Shut up! Bitch!” he growled in my ear & rubbed his face in my silky hair.“Let me g……!” ‘SLllaaaaaaaap!’ a hard slap made me stop in mid sentence.A hand clamped around my mouth & the man standing behind me pushed me up the stairs.As I stumbled upstairs, the bearded man groped my bum viciously.We climbed up a few floors & then they pushed me through a door. We were in front of 4 lifts of which one was open. They pushed me in & the bearded man punched the button for the 10th floor.As the lift lurched upwards, my heart thudded with fear & a cold sweat drenched my body.‘Ding!’The lift stopped at the 10th floor & I was hustled through even as the doors opened with a swish.It was completely dark & the glowing red light of the lift bell was the only light around. But the men seemed to know their way around as they guided me around a pitch black winding path. I kept stumbling & tripping but the man kept iron grip on my arm
& mouth.Finally we stopped & I was pushed hard. I banged against a wall & for a second waited for the men to follow.But nothing happened. I turned & fearfully walked in the opposite direction to the wall only to hit against what felt like a heavy door.“Baccchhhaaaoooo!”…..”Help meeee! Somebody, HEELPPPPPP!” I screamed.Almost immediately a door opened on my left & a bright light blinded me. I covered my eyes & felt 2 or 3 bodies rush past me.Before I could open my eyes a dark strap was tied on my eyes & I was dragged by my hair.I was flung forward & landed face down on cold slab of stone. As soon as I fell my wrists were held & tied with a plasticky cord.As I was made to stand I screamed again; “Bacchhaaoo.o..uufff!” Once again my scream was throttled in my throat. Only this time I felt the sharp point of a knife poking into my chin.The knife point kept moving upwards & forced me to raise myself on to my toes. I was perched right on the tips of my toes like a ballet dancer.“Pl..plea..please,…mujhe!” I stammered.In reply, a hand moved under my blouse & pinched my nipple; then a raspy voice whispered in to my ear “Kuttiya, agar iske aage tere muh se ek aur word nikla, toh tere ye nipple kaat doonga. Samjhi kya?”I shuddered in terror but managed to nod.“Good! Samajhdaar kuttiya hai!” the voice rasped.Then he pulled me by my hair & pushed me into the arms of another man who immediately planted his lips onto mine. He pushed me to another who groped my bums as he kissed me hard. Two more kissed me & groped my boobs & bums.Blindfolded & with my wrists tied together I only stumbled from one man to another.Then somebody grabbed my pallu bets10 güvenilir mi & pulled. I pirouetted like a top as my sari was stripped away. It took barely a minute more to strip me off my bikini top blouse & thong panties.Now completely naked I was again pushed towards the stone slab.I was sobbing as I was pushed up on to the slab & made to kneel on it.I felt my wrists being raised & then the cord was hooked into something.I was trembling not knowing what was going to happen to me.Suddenly I was grabbed by my waist & pulled backwards. My knees slipped of the slab & I hung from the wrists. My feet were hardly touching the floor as I swayed stark naked & blindfolded in front of 4 unknown men.Then the first man approached.He gently gathered my loosened hair & tossed it forward. I felt my silken tresses fall over my shoulder & brush against my nipple.The man ran his palms over my naked back. Gently he kissed my back as his hands moved over my thighs. I could feel his hard cock bump against my bums.His hands moved upwards over my naked boobs. He kneaded my breasts & I felt a growing wetness in between my thighs.I was ashamed of myself but unable to control the growing lust within.The two hands kneading my boobs slowly pinched my erect nipples & I heard a round of sickening cheap laughter from the others who were watching.Soon the hands on my boobs were replaced by his lips. He sucked & nibbled & then bit my nipples as I moaned & groaned with the growing pain.Then his lisp moved to my already wet twat & gave my pussy a vigorous workout. He probed with his fingers, poked deep inside with his tongue & bit my quivering pussy lips till I was screaming in ecstasy.I could feel the wetness trickle down my thighs when without warning somebody grabbed my thighs & pushed a erect cock deep inside my asshole.Pain raked though my body but the pangs of pleasure pulsating through my pussy overrode every other thing.Dangling by my tied wrists with toes barely touching the floor I was hit by orgasm after orgasm. The man eating my pussy stood up & rammed his cock inside my desperately hungry vagina.As I was double fucked the men bit on my shoulders & lips.They were grunting as I moaned.Gradually they slowed their thrusting & the other two replaced them.This time my breasts were bitten & squeezed.I lost count of how many times they ravaged my butt & pussy.Finally each of the men took me singly.Each fucked my pussy hard & drained every drop of their cum inside my pussy.I felt them wipe their cocks on my thighs as they made me kneel on the stone slab again.Suddenly I felt one of my wrists freed from the vice like grip it was held in so far.I dangled by one arm as the rag was removed from my eyes.Once again I was blinded by the bright light.I heard a door close & realized my r****ts had left.I lay trembling for a few minutes & then tried to untie my other wrist.But my hands were completely numb from being tied for such a long time.I looked around as I hung from one arm.I was in a half finished conference room. The stone slab was the main table while the hook I was hanging from was fixed to the ceiling & looked like part of the false ceiling. The cord around my wrist was actually a electric wire.Somehow I managed to free my hand & stood up.I looked for my clothes & found only my sari lying in a corner.With painful hands I tried to tie the sari but was unable to do so.Also as my panties were missing it was almost impossible to wrap my chiffon sari around my naked waist.Finally I tied the same wire with I had been tied earlier around my waist. I tucked my sari into this wire & wrapped the pallu around my shoulders.Painfully I stumbled out looking for the lifts.The bright red lift button could be seen from afar. I reached it & took the lift down.In the lift itself I tied my hair as neatly as I could & on reaching the ground floor I entered into the party hall. I wasn’t able to make up my mind whether to tell Mohit I had been ****d. If I told him about the **** then I would have to tell him about what I was doing in the stairs with Viky.Undecided I walked into the party again.Many of the people had left but a few stragglers remained.I looked around & saw Mohit at the bar.He seemed close to being knocked out but flew into a rage as soon as he saw me.“Rinku, you bitch, where have you been? Why the fuck didn’t you answer your phone?” he yelled.“Mohit, stop screaming, I lost my purse & the phone with it!” I lied “I was searching for it!”“bloody bitch!” he mumbled almost fell as he tried to get up.A man had appeared & helped Mohit walk towards the car.As he put Mohit in our car a voice called out “Hi! Rinku! Leaving so early?”I turned in surprise as CK & DK walked up to me.‘Bastards, now they turn up! After I have been ****d!’ I thought to myself.Mohit too had turned & was staring at them.“Who are they?” he asked.Before I could answer CK said “We are old friends of Rinku! In fact we were just having a small reunion with two more of our friends & Rinku!”“Re..uni..on! I stammered & broke out in a wide smile as CK pointed out a bearded man & the man who had helped Mohit into the car. So CK & DK had laid me along with their friends.As Mohit slid into the back seat, I moved closer to CK & whispered “At least introduce me to them!” I winked & smiled naughtily.CK smiled & said “Rinku, do you remember what CK & DK stand for?”“Of course! CK means cock & DK means dick!” I smiled as I replied.“Good! Then meet PK & LD!” DK said moving closer from the other side.“What does that stand for?” I asked“PK means prick & LD means lauda!” DK laughed as he caressed my bums.“Bastards!” I said laughingly & slipped behind the steering when the bearded man walked up & said “Rinku, thanks for a wonderful time & here’s a token of appreciation!”He placed my bikini blouse & thong panty in my hands.Thankfully Mohit had by then dozed off in a drunken stupor.As I was about to drive off CK leaned in & said “RInku, just one person is going to be disappointed with tonight?”“Who?” I asked surprised.“Viky!” CK answered & they all burst out laughing.“Don’t worry, tell me where to meet him & I will cheer him up!” I said with a wink as I drove off.

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