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Ring in my nose”Come, Snothead”, Miss Luslayla commands me. I go on my hands and knees obediently, naked as usual. Reaching the black girl, who is relaxing comfortably in an armchair, i kiss her feet. She kicks me slightly in the face, and i kiss her kicking foot again. She is smoking thoughtfully. “Listen, Snothead.”The humiliating name Snothead used to be just mockery, but now it is my official name. One-word names are allowed since Wimbian legislation restored slavery in the country. After that i got registered as Mr Hagarch’s property. This legal state replaced the guardianship of my uncle, who never did anything in this quality, except drinking my support money and whipping me with his belt. Mr Hagarch signed a document of the wardship council, whipped my naked body severely in front of the council to prove that he was really my master, and now i am his slave for life. In spite of being a major by age, I was not asked. I can see that asking a slave about her state wouldn’t make any sense. It is not a slavegirl’s job to make decisions on her own. My human rights are exercised by my master. This is all right with me. I love Mr Hagarch and obey him willingly. I obey all members of Hagarch House, and enjoy being submitted to them. When i get punished, i always thank for it from my heart. It causes a lustful sensation in my body. I never make difference between just punishment and unjust punishment. I know i am a bad girl and every punishment is perfectly justified on me. Mr Hagarch and the ladies like this attitude of mine, punishing me frequently with great pleasure. Hagarch House is a sadist club and knows how to treat a submissive girl. “Listen, Snothead,” the pretty African girl says, putting down her cigarette and grinding my nipples between her fingers. I flinch with the pain but without moaning. I get a slap for the flinch, and kiss the black lady’s punishing hand, feeling the above mentioned lustful sensation in my lower body. Pain and lust get more intensive as she digs her nails deep in the flesh of my sensitive nipples. The broad grin on her black face shows how she enjoys torturing me. I love the girl for her ever smiling thick lips, and for her unscrupulous sadism as well. Her womanhood is radiant. Even Mr Hagarch uses her sexually now and then, making Glassrose, her girlfriend, watch. Later, of course, Glassrose always takes her revenge for the humiliation, finding some pretext to punish Luslayla. Yes, Luslayla may be punished. She used to live in Hagarch House to oversee my punishment term, imposed on me by Pauline College. But my punishment time run out and so did the African girl’s commission. To stay in Hagarch House the proud beauty became officially Mr Hagarch’s slave, just like me. I was present as witness when the master whipped her naked body in the city office to prove that she really was a slave. She endured the harsh whipping with a slight moaning. Whipped similarly, i had howled like a banshee. Watching her beautiful black body writhe under the heavy singletail i felt so passionate love for the girl, that i nearly called out loudly, offering myself to be whipped instead of the sweet African. But i kept my silence, and she kept her radiant smile. She left the office with blood-striped back as Mr Hagarch’s slave for life, but grinning as ever. Her dignity is still respected among the girls and she is punished rather rarely. Of course, i still obey her, she is “deeply respected Miss” for me. She orders me about just like he used kaçak bahis to do, and enjoys tormenting me with a c***dish glee. “Well, bitch”, she says, releasing my nipples and twisting my ears painfully instead. It is not so erotic torture as nipple twisting, but the humiliation of it just increases my arousal. I feel deep humility and big love for my dominating black lady. “Well, bitch,” she continues, “I think it is time to implant a nice ring in your nose. What do you think about it, little worm?””Please, deeply respected Miss, i will be happy to wear the ring in my nose, if my superiors put it graciously there,” i reply humbly.She slaps my face so that my teeth clash together. I kiss her hand, submitting myself to the chastisement. “What a cretin you are, little slut. I know you will obey. You always do. You are a maddeningly well behaving girl. What I want to know is that whether will you enjoy the ring, being proud of it and all that, or will you hate it. You see, I want you to suffer. I hugely delight in your suffering, miserable bitch.””And i love You for making me suffer, deeply respected Miss,” i confess, taking the courage to kiss her knee. I am crazy about her shapely knees. I get two enormous slaps for my temerity. My ears ring and I bite my tongue. “You get impudent, Snot. It is because since your after-lunch whipping you were not punished.”I get whipped after every meal, meaning by meal the programs when the other members of the community take nourishment. I never get any on these occasions. My daily meal consists of a rather disgusting portion of kitchen waste, following my after-supper whipping. Except when i am punished with starving, which happens rather often. No surprise that i am constantly hungry. I love my humiliating condition, my life depending on a few handfuls of trash, thrown to me scornfully. I am trash myself, i am a waste of a girl, i am slave, slave, slave, under everybody’s feet. “I punish you now, bitch. Go and get the thin switch.””Thank you for graciously punishing me with the thin one, deeply respected Miss.””It will be the thick one, even the thorny one, if you don’t go speedily.”I bring the thin switch in my mouth on all fours, handing it over to the pretty black lady on my knees. “Put your hands on the back of your head, disgusting whore,” she commands me, swishing the flexible switch. “Bend slightly backwards.”I obey, and the switch strikes my exposed breasts. One, two, three, four times. I moan with the pain, but at the same time i get very aroused again. I am not allowed to masturbate, so there is always a lot of erotic tension in my body. My tortured nipples are hardening, my clitoris swelling, my vagina getting wet. And i love Miss Luslayla madly. She beats me more. Five, six, seven, eight. Then she puts down the punishing implement with a satisfied grin. “Well, dirty little slut, did you deserve it?””Oh yes, deeply respected Miss, i did. I would have deserved much more.””You may get it yet. But what did you deserved it for, tell me, Snot?””For taking the temerity to kiss your knee, deeply respected Miss.””Oh, not at all, you stupid bitch. It was a nice gesture, I loved it. I slapped you just to express my joy over it. With the switch you were punished for not telling me whether you will like or hate the ring in your nose.””Oh, i see now, deeply respected Miss. Sorry for being such a moron. Well, i think the ring would be irritating. I would hate it, Miss.”Slap. Slap. Slap. I start feeling dizzy. “Deeply bets10 güvenilir mi respected Miss,” i correct myself, hastening to kiss the chastising hands. I feel passionate love for my punisher. A lustful delight goes up and down in my body when my humble lips touch her skin. “Your impudence is growing every minute, girl,” she says, taking the switch again. “Round your lips, impertinent one.”I obey, and the switch starts working on my mouth. Working good and long. I give hoarse sounds of agony. The flesh of my poor lips breaks open, red drops are falling to my breasts. The grin of my tormentor is maddening. “Kiss the salt, bitch,” she commands, offering me a salt cellar. “Press your lips here.” I obey moaning, the salt stinging my wounds like hell. “Well, filthy slut, will you be impertinent again?””Oh never, deeply respected Miss, my beloved Mistress. Thank you for the well deserved punishment, my beautiful lady.”The switch is hitting my cheeks, from left and right. It is rather approval than punishment. My sexual excitement increases, i am simply crazy about Miss Luslayla. “You see, honey, you can speak respectfully.
Now you may kiss my knees.”I do so, trembling with pleasure. “Now my feet, darling.”I obey in happy ecstasy. “You smeared me with your disgusting red juice, pig,” Luslayla exclaims. “Ungrateful bitch. Take this! And this!”The switch starts thrashing me across my boobs again. I yowl with pain and my body is jerking wildly. I am in a whirlwind. Now i can feel nothing but pleasure. The switch is hitting and hitting, and i shriek with crazy lust. “I love You! I love You!”, I scream. I feel such a maddening delight that i nearly lose consciousness. The switch is striking, and my body is dancing on my knees with storming ecstasy. Now… now… Oh, i am dying for You! Oh… oh… oh…I open my eyes, and the black lady is grinning at me, giving me her stick to kiss. My body relaxes. My thighs are wet with my pussy fluid. The pain returns into my breasts. I feel a big, big love for Luslayla. I hope i will have to wash her feet, stained by my wounded lips, and to drink of her footwash. I crave passionately for this sweet humiliation. But regaining slowly my consciousness i get attentive to the fact that we two are no more alone in the room. Beyond us there are three girls present. No doubt they watched my orgasm, and judging from their pleased grins, they enjoyed it. One of the three is Tigresspalm, the beauty queen of Pauline College, the second the little Bluebird, as sweet a sadist as ever wielded the spiked whip, and the third is the blonde Barebo, who came in Hagarch House to get punished for a book-keeping mistake, and remained here as Mr Hagarch’s slave. Officially we are all slaves, except Mr Hagarch, our master, and his sibling Miss Noenoe, the mistress of the house. Our slave state makes it possible that Hagarch House pays tax as a family and not as a firm. But there is an inner hierarchy. Miss Tigresspalm is practically never punished, while the blonde Barebo yowls frequently under the cat-o’-nine-tails. As for me, i am punished by everybody and all the time. I go about naked on all fours, getting kicks and mockery. I love all the girls for this. My state of constant humiliation is a state of constant delight. I lick the floor happily in front of them, and every whip stroke i get, whatever painful, makes me feel loved. “I punished this pig, but only a bit”, Luslayla says, kicking me in the crotch and showing off mobilbahis her shining white teeth with her characteristic radiant smile. “Her impertinence is intolerable. Is it so, bitch?”, she twists my ears very painfully. My hands are still on the back of my head.”Oh yes, deeply respected Miss”, i agree readily. “My behavior was very naughty indeed. And the punishment i received was practically nothing.”The girls, staring at my bruised breasts and wounded lips, laugh delightedly. “We will assist you, Lus, in punishing this b**st properly”, Tigresspalm says, fingering a multitail flogger.”I will use my spiked whip on her full body”, the little Bluebird promises. “On her bottom, on her thighs, on her belly, on her pussy, and so on.””I will cane her soles and palms ruthlessly”, smiles Barebo with delight. “She will bellow like a hippopotamus.”Kneeling with my hands on the back of my head, i am prepared to endure all this. Luslayla is listening to the sadistic plans with a pleased smile on her thick African lips. “Very good indeed,” she speaks up at last. “We will do to her all this, and much more. But what if we, first of all, put a nice ring in her nose? Then we can lead her around by a string, whipping her in every turn. Naked, of course, so that the passers-by may be entertained.”A noise of ecstatic pleasure answers her question. Her suggestion gets through without a protesting voice. I am, of course, not asked. I will hate it, so they do it.My knees are placed on sharp gravel, making me suffer more. My nipples get clamps with strong springs, So do my labia major and my clit. My arms are tied to the legs of the armchair, so are my ankles and knees. My head is fixed with ropes, Barebo and Bluebird keeping it stricly unmoved. Then Tigresspalm comes with small-sized sterilized punching pliers. She introduces them into my nostrils. Luslayla is ready with the ring of the proper size. Deadly silence in the room.The black girl counts. Three… two… one… Now!Tigress presses with all her strength. I scream and scream and scream like a madwoman. Big red drops come out of my nose, falling on my chin, neck and chest. My nosehedge is penetrated. Tigresspalm removes the pliers and Luslayla’s effective fingers turn the ring around in the wound. Pressing the ends together, she releases it, and there i am, with a polished metal ring hanging out of my nose. It hurts like hell. My arms and legs are released from the armchair. I am still kneeling on the sharp gravel, with clamps on my delicate parts, my hands kept on the back of my head. “Now we can put a string on the ring, and we can lead Snot on a leash, not by her neck, but by her nose”, the African lady says in a satisfied manner. “She is bleeding”, Barebo remarks.”What of it? It makes the thing just more spectacular. Now, Bluebird, take your spiked whip and hit the bitch from behind. You are allowed to wail, whore, to entertain the passers-by. Barebo, tie her wrists together behind her back. and spit at her as much as you can. I will kick and punch her. You, Tigresspalm, lead her on the leash. She is coming in the nude, walking on her knees, wearing the clamps on her nipples and pussy. We go around in the park and on the busiest streets. Now and then we change roles. Let us start.””Does it hurt very much, Snot?”, Barebo asks me, tying my hands behind my back with barbed wire. I have no time to reply.”Let us start”, Luslayla repeats, kicking my stomach hard. I double up. Bluebird’s spiked whip cuts my back with maddening pain. I yowl. Luslayla kicks my bottom brutally. Tigresspalm gives my nosering a twitch, forcing me to keep my head high. The spiked whip strikes again. My tears are coming. My nose is pulled painfully. I start stepping forward on my knees.

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