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ReunionI stand outside the door, nervous. So much time has passed, I wonder if our time together will be as good as expected. I adjust my dress just a bit, pull the strap of my bag higher on my shoulder, and lift my hand to knock. I barely get the second tap out when you pull the door open. I first see your face, and a big sloppy grin on your face. I bite my lower lip, chuckling, knowing tonight will be just what we both want.“Hi there” I am able to eek out. You just smile broader, reach for my hand and pull me in the room. I take in our unintentional matching outfits. Your white button down shirt molded nicely to your biceps, your black pants low, and form fitting around your hips. My black and white, flowered dress stretched across my chest, and flowing down around my thighs. My bag slips from my shoulder as you pull me into your arms. My arms wrapping around your waist as I stand on tippy toes to press my head up to meet your lips, still smiling. “Hi” you respond as my you press your warm mouth to mine. So long apart, but knowing one another’s bodies so well. We press firmly against one another. I feel your hands work down to my round ass, your favorite spot. Gripping, and tugging you pull me even closer. I turn in your arms, with my cheeks pressed against your thighs, almost grinding. Your hands osmaniye escort start to undo the zipper and my bra hooks, then your hands slide in to grasp my warm breasts. My head on your chest, face pointed up, I start panting on your neck. My nails digging in your thighs. As the straps of my dress slip down, your hands grip me harder, the pads of your fingers pulling at my flesh; I can already feel the bruising being; my skin to be marked by you many times. I reach back further and feel your bulge growing against my lower back. I rub over your pants, feeling that long stick I’ve missed so much. I can feel the growl in your chest against my back. Your left hand splays out against my sternum, pinning me to you. Your right hand pulls up at the fabric of my dress. Your hand caressing my stomach and making your way down to cover my exposed mound. I shiver in your hold for a moment before your lips connect to mine once more. Always more fun to be had when there’s no underwear involved.As your tongue parts my lips, two fingers run along my labia before slipping inside. My knees begin to buckle and your hold becomes tighter, keeping me upright. I start quivering as your two fingers curl inside me, pressing against my G-spot. I moan into your mouth, almost whimpering. My hands grip your forearm. escort osmaniye Your left hand slides up to my neck. “Yes please” I gasp. Both of us knowing, pleading for your use of me. Your hand pushed deeper, and moves faster. I rake at your arm as your fingers move faster and faster, pleasing, juices building. “Tighter” I beg, you oblige and grip my neck further. Fingers pressing into my jugular as I start to cum. The orgasm pouring through me, you hold me up, allowing me to completely let go into you. Your fingers open on my neck, and I gasp deeply. Your right hand still inside me, you start pushing us forward. Each step rubbing your hardening cock against my ass. Once at the dresser, I lean over, and place my hands flat on the top; the mirror in front of us. I look up to see the lust in your face. You’re just as hungry as I am. Tugging your hand out of my cunt, you pull open your shirt, and pop the buttons in your haste to open it. You struggle for a moment as you open your zipper, not even pushing your pants down. I begin to lift up the skirt of my dress. Again my round ass exposed. SMACK SMACK two hard hits, as your hand forgets about your pants and reddens my creamy cheeks. I lick my lips in anticipation.Finally your uncovered dick slides against my slit. Using the juices you osmaniye escort bayan forced from me to lube your monster shaft. Your tip flicking my clit and my whole body shivers. I flip my head up, and stare at you in the mirror. “Fuck me now” you oblige and jam your dick deep into my cunt. One long push into me, you push me onto the balls of my feet and tips of my figners. “FFFFUUUUCCCCCKKKKK” You just smirk at me in the mirror and shove your cock inside. “Yyyeeessss” you hiss. My pussy just as tight as you remember, but this time no barriers between us. You start to pull out slowly and hear me whine, wanting your cock buried inside. You yield to my non-verbal begging and start your next thrust inside me, warm and wanting. You bend over me, your chest on my bare back. Heart beats banging against one another. “Kiss me” you grunt. I turn my head to yours and your mouth is hard against mine in an instant. Your hips plunging your dick deeper and deeper. Both groaning and panting. Foreheads smashed together as your dick pummels my cunt. Pressing hard against my cervix with each upshot. “Cum cum cum cum cum” I grumble as my body begins another round of convulsions sweeps through my body. My cunt creaming on your dick as I orgasm hard once more. Pussy tightly gripping your dick to keep you sheathed inside me. A guttural growl is released as you jam inside me once again and unload your cum. I fall into the dresser, and you follow on top of me. Both panting. I look up in the mirror, and see you smiling. We both start snickering. “That was a fun reconvene.”

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