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Return to Puerto Banus continued.We have been so busy these last few months, moving home and settling into new jobs, so Dave just hasn’t got round to continuing our story and has asked me to make a start, so here goes. .As you will have hopefully read ‘Return to Puerto Banus’ you will know, both myself and my husband get very turned on when he sees other men admire me especially when, shall I say, I am more daring in my mode of dress. Being away from home and not known gives us more opportunity to indulge in our exhibitionist foreplay and it always results in some wild sex. This particular vacation coincided with my most fertile time of the month which always leaves me in an almost continual state of arousal. We woke the following morning we decided not to plan the day but just amble around the town and see where it goes.We both showered and dressed for the day. I tussled my hair and slipped on my g-string and a well-worn tee shirt I knew the absence of a bra made would make my prominent nipples more noticeable and loved the sensation of them against the thin material and a shabby pair of cut-off jeans which Dave loves me to wear because they display a good portion of my bum cheeks. Dave said I looked like a beach bum, a very sexy beach bum and joked about how much I loved men sneaking a look at my pokies. I teased that I didn’t know what he was talking about, but yes I love it. So I donned a pair of sunglasses picked up my purse and we were away to go. There were some nice shops along the back road so we decided to head there first. I looked with envy at the mannequins in the designer shops, the clothes were to die for but so expensive. Further along we came across a shop selling club wear at what seem more reasonable prices. My eye was drawn to a sexy zipped white leather mini dress with eye catching diamante stones on the shoulder straps and zips, on one of the mannequins in the window. The bodice was cut low to mid bust line where the zip started and the zipper had been adjusted down almost to her navel to show the slight swellings of the small breasted model and partially unzipped on the skirt. The mirrored wall in the window reflected the view from the back which showed the dress was scooped really low in the back as well. It looked stunning and Dave took no time in encouraging me to try it on. Entering the shop we were greeted by a young lady who soon found one to suit my size from the stock room. Immediately I felt the quality of the fine leather I loved it and couldn’t wait to try it on. The assistant escorted me to the changing cubicles where she untied the curtain and pulled it across the doorway. Standing in front of the long mirror I could see that all my workouts at the gym had paid off and kept my body in good shape. Even after having two c***dren my tummy had returned to its pre-pregnancy days. I unzipped the two way diamante zip to try it on. Wow, the feel of the unlined fine leather was incredibly sexy. It fitted like a glove. My B cup bust was larger than mannequins and with the zipper pulled up, quite a substantial amount of the swellings of my boobs were pushed up and on display. The softness of the leather made my sensitive nipples harden almost immediately and their impressions were easily detectable which I liked. I played around with the zipper and could see some amazing potential for showing my boobs and also it could be zipped both up and down until the zippers met. When zipped to the maximum expanse of my breasts, the zip would not always stay in position and would slip down to reveal more of my cleavage especially when I breathed in and expanded my chest. I knew Dave would be impressed and I hoped it would invite some voyeuristic interest. I knew straightaway Dave would love me to have it and excitedly adjusted the zippers as they had been arranged on the mannequin and asked the assistant if she had some stilettos I could try with it to compliment the outfit, then stepped out of the changing room to see his reaction. He loved it especially seeing how much of my boobs were showing and I turned slowly around so that Dave could see it properly. He said I looked absolutely fucking stunning and loved how the zippers could be adjusted. My emotions were bubbling when he told me he would absolutely thrilled to take me out wearing it. Feeling turned on and wanting to tease my husband I suggested we browse the racks to see if anything else would be of interest in this Aladdin’s Cave of sexy club-wear and wandered round the shop to get the feel of the dress and constantly kept checking myself out in the mirrors fixed to the pillars. Then typical of Dave, he handed me a sheer mesh top which he had found. The pale blue mesh was virtually see through but for a four inch strip of white satin across the bust line, and begged me to try it on. So back to the changing cubicle and I tried it on. The strip of satin didn’t even conceal the lower curves of my breasts at all. In fact my nipples were only just covered. The thought of promenading around in the evening with this top on and a short skirt really excited me and knew Dave would definitely want me to wear this to a bar or club as well. As I stepped out to show him, he was chatting to another guy whose wife was just browsing. Not knowing the guys reaction I brought my arm up to cover myself but soon relaxed when Dave asked the guy what he thought. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw how revealing it was. Dave even went on to tell him that he loved shopping with me especially when I tried on clothes that showed me off a little more and even told him I had one top where the sides of my boobs were exposed for whoever was sitting on either side of me which really made me blush but I loved it. I was spoilt for choice. Given the cost of 300 euros for the dress and 125 euros for the top it was a bit more than we had intended to spend so we decided just to go for the top and asked the assistant to put the dress aside as we wanted to think about it. The top was neatly package and we left the shop feeling very pleased with our purchase. But oh how I loved that dress.Browsing the gift shops along the street, Dave kept playfully cupping my bum cheeks and I could see my nipples were pressing prominently though my tee shirt in the reflections of the shop windows. I just loved watching people’s expressions through my dark glasses knowing they were ogling my jiggling tits as they walked towards us. We did a bit more window shopping and browsed some gift items and ambled towards the marina.Walking along the quay we passed some boats that must have cost a fortune and wondered what it must be like to be able to afford those sort of things. We came across a couple that were for sale and speculated how much they would be selling for. Admiring one of these, we started chatting to a guy who said he was the deckhand. Dave said he how lucky he was to have such an enviable job, but he said life aboard as a deckhand was not as glamourous as we might think. Keeping the conversation going whilst letting his eyes roam over me, he continued that this last two weeks he had just been hanging around doing odd bits of routine maintenance and just being on hand to show any potential buyers around and said he’d be happy to show us over it if we wanted a look. As we motioned to walk away Dave told him it was well out of our league and we had no intention of buying it but he invited us aboard to have a look anyway.Dave had obviously noticed him brazenly focusing his eyes on my chest and after we had wandered on a few yards, Dave said he felt sure his invitation was based on how prominent my nipples were poking out and said it could be fun and suggested we return and take him up on his offer. I’ve got to say the guy was hot. Probably in his early forties, he was in good shape and had a cheeky smile and a weathered tanned face which interested me somewhat. We introduced ourselves and he told us his name was Greg. He ushered us on board and down the steps to a very spacious saloon and really went for the sales pitch, pointing out all the expensive fittings telling us how much
the owner had spent on the refurbishments and pointed us towards the master cabin which he said was really worth a look. The cabin was awesome, fitted with gold fittings and a mirrored ceiling as well as a large TV screen. Then as he continued the tour he said he’d show us the crew quarters at the back of the boat, reiterating that crewing these boats was not as glamorous as it looked.We followed him down a narrow passageway and were surprised to see how small the crew quarters were at the rear of the boat. He then turned to walk back and needed to squeeze past us. I felt a shiver of excitement as he squeezed past me, his chest purposely grazing against my boobs making my nipples stiffen and strain against my tee shirt. Dave could see what he did and winked at me as if to say ‘I bet you enjoyed that.’ He then invited us to the top sundeck for a couple of beers which sounded very refreshing. We chatted about where we were from and were surprised to learn he was from Brecon which was not far from our new house and I felt very comfortable in his presence. The conversation eventually got around to talking about the resort and of course my second favourite thing, shopping and how expensive items in the shops were in the area. Dave joked that he had spent a fortune and mentioned that one shop we had been to, had some very sexy clothing for sale and that I had just bought a sexy top and about the dress I fancied and I joked that Dave was too tight to buy it for me. Describing the dress, the dialogue was getting quite flirty and Dave then justified himself by saying how sexy I looked in the top and how he couldn’t wait to see me in it again. Greg followed up asking if it was really that provocative. Sort of knowing where the conversation was going I pulled it out of the bag to show him. Dave quickly proposed I try it on to see what Greg thought about it and said he was sure he would want to see me in it. Greg was full of enthusiasm and suggested I could use the saloon below the deck to try it on if I wanted. The mere thought that it I might get some admiring comments and arouse this guy sent the butterflies off as I pretended to reluctantly agree to their request. Looking in the mirror in the saloon, I stripped off my tee shirt and gave my already hardening nipples a bit of a squeeze. The sensual feeling of the light mesh excited me as I pulled the top down over my breasts. I could tell that even with the slightest tug to the neckline at the back my protruding nipples would to pop into view. I adjusted the top so that the light mesh just showed my lower curves and hoped it would stay that way, if only to tease them both for a while. My adrenalin was pumping as I climbed back up the steps to the sundeck. Dave was smiling like the cat who just got the cream and Greg was all eyes. Dave whipped out his phone to take a shot. After several posy shots, Dave suggested I pose with my hands holding the canopy frame above and I knew Greg was angling for something more as well. Given this opportunity to show off more who was I to argue? Greg was fairly good looking with an athletic body so I did sort of fancy him and went ahead and posed in several positions with a sexy pout. Yes, as you can guess the top rose up to completely expose my nipples for their pleasure and go some way to satisfy my insatiable emotional needs. I felt so turned on watching their reactions. Memories of the previous night’s conversation were flitting in my mind as I posed and wondered at the time if Greg would be the one I would encourage some touching with in front of my loving husband. Greg then asked if he could possibly take some as well as it had really made his day and wanted something to remember it by. Following the ‘photo shoot’ I returned to sit opposite Greg and sat with one foot on the seat with my knee raised and at right angles to my other leg, offering unobstructed views of my inner thighs. Although I was sitting in such a vulgar way, Greg couldn’t see my actually pussy, but I could see his eyes openly drifting between my legs which stirred me immensely. We all knew how much pleasure my exposure was causing. The mood was totally erotic and I felt a lot more confident especially as Greg’s arousal was evident and he wasn’t taking any steps to conceal it.A couple more beers and not having eaten had left us a bit woozy so we decided to move on to get some lunch. Greg offered to knock something up for us but we declined. As we were leaving Dave suggested Greg take a picture of us standing yozgat escort on the fly bridge. Standing behind me, Dave wasted no time lifting my top exposing both my complete breasts to him for the shot. Then Dave suggested he take a picture of me with Greg standing behind me as well. Greg eagerly moved to stand behind me and holding me close, did nothing to disguise his erection. I must admit I was enjoying his embrace, especially the feeling of his hard-on pressed into my back. I desperately wanted his hands to cup and fondle my breasts and was not disappointed when I could feel his thumbs gently rub against the lower curves of my breasts leaving me breathless with the anticipation that he might. To reassure him that it would be OK, I placed my hands over his inviting them to touch me. I had had my tits felt up on many occasions but this felt completely different. Encouraging a virtual stranger to feel me up directly in front of my husband for his titillation was something else. As his hands began to softly knead my breasts, my knees almost buckled. I was really turned you know, but still unsure as to how far to take my provocative behaviour, so laughed and said that that was enough and moved away.We told Greg we really had to go and I picked up my tee shirt to change back, but Dave said I looked great and suggested I go as I was. Greg commented also that it would be fine, as many women wore skimpy clothes coming from the beach. It didn’t looking quite right with my shorts, but hey this was Banus and I was in an adventurous mood, so agreed. We said our goodbyes to Greg who I was certain had expected a little more and continued our stroll along the quayside. I began to be aware that as I walked, my jiggling breasts seemed to make the top rise and fall and I was totally conscious of how much I was showing. Occasionally I needed to pull the front down so as not to embarrass anyone who may have been offended but happily allowed it to ride back up for Dave’s pleasure. It was then that I noticed we had attracted a voyeur! The guy had been walking towards us and had obviously noticed my breasts jiggling under my top. After the guy walked past us, he then changed direction to walk some way in front of us before turning back and slowly walking towards us. I pretended not to notice and thought why not some fun have. Feeling quite mischievous I raised my arm and pointed up to a nearby building knowing it would exposed my total breast though the fine mesh for his appreciation. Quickly looking back at him, his eyes were lecherously glued to my chest which sent another quake through my already aroused body. When I caught his gaze, feeling very mischievous, I cupped the underside of my boobs for him. Bet he didn’t see that coming. He smiled embarrassedly and continued past us. Little did he realise, I was flashing him to please my husband and hoped it gave him something to remember and wank over.Passing a few cafes we were found a place with tables right on the edge of the marina wall and opted for one of these then ordered a jug of sangria and some baguettes. We chatted about the morning’s activities. The many ‘what ifs’ really kept the pot stirred. Dave asked as to whether I would have taken things further with Greg as he was clearly showing an interest. I replied that after he brushed his chest across my breasts I felt sure he would be up for a bit of teasing. We recalled some of our previous situations when I had eyed other men and shown them the goods. Yes there had been some mild touching and fondling and I admitted I often fantasised about other men while I masturbated, betting Dave would be getting hard as I spoke. We d
iscussed the way we felt when Greg cupped my breasts for a photo and the many fantasies we’d spoken of and the fact they had really sent me over the edge the previous night. Dave asked if I wanted them to be more than just fantasies and I admitted that I had given it quite a lot of thought as well. I laughed saying I was sure Greg would have been up for it given half the chance. I knew he was interested when I could see the impression of his cock harden when I posed holding the roof frame.Dave really wanted to know if I would have fucked him had he made more advances. I knew he was really excited at the thought of watching another man take me. In my mind the answer was a definite yes and so just blurted out. “Well you encouraged me to try on my new top and flashed my tits to him and yes Dave I would have fucked him. Why do you think I encouraged him to cup my boobs,” just to see his reaction. Adding “Can’t you see how hard my nipples are just thinking about it.” The conversation was really getting me going. The discussion returned to the dress and how hot Dave said I looked in it and he said he wanted me to have it and proposed we head back to the shop to buy it.The walk back was so arousing. Dave loved the way the lower curves of my tits could be seen through the light blue mesh for anyone who wanted to see and by resting his hand on the small of my back he could, with the slightest tug, could control how much I showing and I loved it. Many simply didn’t notice or were too shy to acknowledge but the ones that did appreciate my exposure were rewarded with a knowing nod.As we approached the shop in this advanced state of arousal Dave suggested that I try the dress on again to make sure he would like it. As if I needed to! This time the shop was fairly busy and I had to wait for a cubical to try it on, but the wait was excruciatingly arousing. The effects of our earlier sangrias were making me feel very daring and wanting to give both my husband and myself a bit of a thrill, I purposely didn’t close the curtain fully, knowing and that I would be almost naked and visible by mirror to him and anyone else in the busy shop who wanted to spy on me. I stripped and wiggled the dress around me and zipped it up. The dress fitted perfectly and the dip to my cleavage was actually lower than I remembered. I loved how revealing it was. The possibilities for accidental exposure were enormous. This was one very sexy dress and couldn’t wait to step out into the shop and give Dave a little twirl. I asked for his true opinion, posing one way then the other, then demonstrated how the zipper kept slipping down when I breathed in deeply and expanded my chest causing my boobs to instantly spill out. Really want to impress him, I slid the lower zip up to reveal my G-sting to him and asked him if it would turn him on to see other men catch a glimpse of my crotch. He instantly decided to buy it for me. Secretly I always knew he would. I changed back to my new top and shorts and Dave paid the assistant who had also commented that she had already bought one and hoped we didn’t end up in the same place.My heart was thumping on our short walk back to the hotel. We were both in a heightened state of arousal. I didn’t bother to adjust my top either way just let it ride up or down as my tits bounced freely to exposed my nipples as it pleased and Dave told me he could feel his pants were wet as his cock was oozing so much precum he hoped it didn’t show. Arriving back at the room I led Dave to the balcony to sit on the loungers and sat opposite him with my legs in the same position that I had sat in front of Greg then pulled the ragged denim covering my crotch to one side showing him my wet pussy and asked him if ,he thought I should have posed like that for Greg. He replied that he wished I had and asked what else I would have done. I spread my legs wide. Then saying “perhaps this” as I moved my finger to slowly caress the folds of my exposed vagina and provocatively asked Dave if he would have liked to watch me do this in front of Greg.I asked Dave to take care of my pussy while I described a fantasy of Greg fucking me. What it would feel like to experience the sensation of his hard cock slip inside me while my husband kept teasing me with the tip of his tongue and licking me slowly until he brought me to the brink. Then wanting to taste the copious amounts of precum coating his hardness I returned the pleasure and knelt in front of him taking his throbbing cock between my lips and elaborated on how I would take Greg’s cock in my mouth. He came fairly quickly, shooting hot streams of tasty cum over my face and into my waiting mouth. I had hoped he would have lasted a bit longer but considering the build-up I had given him I wasn’t really surprised. I stripped off and moved back to the lounger and desperately wanted Dave to take his time and pleasure me longer. He lapped away at my pussy, then it was the same for me. It was like a thousand butterflies rushed through me at once to give me one of the longest climaxes ever.After I had my breath back and cleaned up, we decided to have a coffee and chilled naked on the balcony for a couple of hours to catch the last of the afternoon sun, with Dave promising to make it the best night ever for me. Maybe a another trip to the strip club or whatever took my fancy, as always, his provocative suggestions excited me and I looked forward to what I knew would be a truly erotically charged evening and knew that whatever we got up to would end up with a sensational night on sex when we got back to our room. Feeling the hot sun on my naked body I flicked through the photos and videos we had taken over the last two days and could not resist the urge to caress myself as I reflected on the stimulating experiences wondering if anyone had seen us earlier and were still watching. God, I had been on such a high all day and still was, and dozed off recalling the memory of Greg feeling my tits on the boat and imagining what it would be like to physically touch his cock. Feeling really excited about the prospects and getting ready to shower Dave remarked that I was showing some signs of stubble and that I might like a shave. Actually he just wanted to shave me. I laid across the towel he had placed on the bed. His fingers felt so soft as he lathered me up. Then carefully taking the razor he sc****d away all the foam around my pubis. Taking immense care around my slit to ensure my pussy as smoot as a baby’s bum. Fuck! That always feels so sexy. After showering, I really took time fixing my hair and makeup and slipped on my new dress. Bending down to put on my high stilettoes, Dave flattered me on how desirable I looked and said he was sure that every man who set eyes on me tonight would want to fuck me. Yes, I did feel so sexy in this dress and played with the zippers while I teased him and asked him if he really wanted me to show off my tits to strange men. He responded by lowering the zipper to my navel saying that that would be perfect, then raised the lower zip to show my g-string then suggested it would be super sexy if I went commando. To be honest the thought had crossed my mind earlier, so I didn’t need much encouragement to remove it for him. After removing the string I adjusted the zipper about three inches lower than my crotch which seemed to make him happy. I picked up my purse and we were ready to go, promising him that I would indulge his desire to expose my cleavage as much possible. Feeling the fresh air circulate around my recently shaved pussy on our walk to the restaurant was both stimulating and exciting and inspiring some really pleasurable tingles. I promised myself that I would make it a night to remember for both of us.We arrived at the restaurant that Dave had booked earlier. My zipper lowered enough just to show off nice cleavage. Feeling quite relaxed, I sat with my back to the most of the diners, apart from the two tables either side of us. As we were waiting for the menu I realised it wouldn’t take much for my pussy to be exposed. I felt spectacularly naughty and as the table cloth
was d****d quite low, I asked Dave if it would excite him if I sat through the meal with my pussy totally uncovered. He did not need to be asked twice for sure and immediately dared me to do it. Pulling the zipper up I even parted my dress to fully enjoy the experience. By this time I knew my juices were beginning to flow and felt so deliciously vulnerable, even though it was not publically obvious. The sensation of sitting there with my crotch fully exposed under the table with so many people around was tremendously horny and knew we would end up having hot wild sex later.An older gent sitting diagonally opposite, cautiously watched me throughout the evening as well, and tried to hide his interest from his wife who was completely oblivious to my actions. The wine flowed and dinner was perfect. We recalled the sexy shenanigans of the day so far escort yozgat and my previous night’s libertine behaviour, who had seen me and their reactions. Already on a sexual high, the conversation soon got round to the fantasies that had sent us over the edge, elaborating on these possible outcomes was so stimulating. As the wine took its effect I began to feel more adventurous and I deftly lowered my zip, then peeled the bodice away to provocatively reveal my complete tit for a few seconds to keep my husband in his ecstatic state, and Dave looked around to see if anyone else had taken advantage of this impulsive exposure. And yes, I had frequent admiring glances especially from the waiter who paid special attention to us during our meal and I loved it when he always stood where could get the best glimpse of my cleavage. All this attention was having a sensational effect on me. Dave felt we should encourage his attention and suggested I slip my zipper lower a little more each time he saw him approaching and so by the time he arrived to clear away after our second course, my zipper was already well below my nipple level. I was also attracting more attention from the much older gent which I returned with a deliberate smile.When Dave told me the waiter was approaching with the coffees, I was really ready to give Dave what I had promised and mischievously lowered the zipper to my navel and hunched my back causing the leather to peel away and show them both how excited my left nipple was. Catching his eye, I deliberately looked down to see how much was showing and smiled at him to confirm I was more than happy for him to take in my exposure. I was delighted when he smiled approvingly and enquired as to whether we would like a complimentary liquor with our coffees. Little he know when he returned with the drinks, my zippers were now only a couple of inches apart which stirred me enormously. The time came when we had to pay the bill and move on and so I needed to adjust my zippers as there were some family groups present. With my belly swilling with arousal I waited for the waiter to attend and as Dave settled the bill I dared to push the d****d table cloth away to offer our waiter a momentary glimpse of the way I had been sitting. From the angle he was standing and looking down he couldn’t actually see my pussy but he could see I was making it obvious to him that I had been sitting with my pussy exposed. You cannot believe the thrill I got as his eyes dropped to my lap. Especially when he commented something like “I’m sure you are going to have a great evening.” With my zippers now modestly adjusted we were ready to leave. As we got up I received a smile and a knowing wink from the old gent and we could see the waiter chatting to his colleagues and looking in our direction. I’ll never know what he said but had a good idea what it was about. We decided on a stroll along the back street passing the many vibrant bars and private clubs catering for the tourists with certain lifestyles. One of the bar touts standing outside a bar with a large neon outside depicting a Jessica Rabbit type character approached, and offered us a voucher for a ‘first drink free for the lady’ at the bar, just to get us in.It was Dave’s idea that I go in first and order my drink then he would follow a few minutes later and pretend we didn’t know each other and chat me up. Now that idea really excited me. Then he planted a loving deep kiss on my lips and calculatingly pulled my zipper down well below the curves of my boobs knowing it would attract some attention. It took my eyes a bit of time to adjust to the dim lighting inside and could see that behind the fairly small circular bar was a raised roped off VIP area. The saloon was quite intimate with low level seating and some intimate looking booths along one of the walls. The bar was quite busy considering how early it was and I was surprised how many of the ladies were also dressed in skimpy clothes. The thought crossed my mind that they were possibly escorts and, thinking about the way I was dressed, they probably thought the same about me. Sitting bravely at the bar it didn’t take long to get the bar tender’s attention and as he was serving me I was approached by a confident twentyish guy who offered to buy me a drink. He was about ten years younger than me which really boosted my confidence. I told him I was waiting for my boyfriend who would be here any second. Dave then entered the club and seeing me in conversation with the guy walked to the opposite side of the bar and took his phone out. A few moments later I heard the familiar alert on my phone and took it out of my purse to read ‘Sorry darling I’m running late and won’t b with u 4 15 mins xxx’ I pretended to be concerned and looked at my watch and the guy asked if everything was ok, so I showed him the text and with a grin from ear to ear he said it would be his pleasure to keep me company until my boyfriend arrived if I wanted. I was obviously very flattered that I had attracted the attention of this guy and gratefully accepted his offer of company. He had unknowingly involved himself in our little game. So right, I was now at the bar facing a guy who cannot see my husband but my husband could see me. Within a couple of minutes he was flattering me with nice comments on how lovely I looked and how sexy my dress was. I lied that I had bought it as present for my boyfriend’s birthday, which we were celebrating tonight, and hoped he would like it as he hadn’t seen it yet. Out of the corner of my eye I watched Dave reaction. He was watching me intently, then with a grin on his face he picked up his phone and started to text again. My phone pinged and on checking the text it simply reads ‘I dare you!!!! xxx’ Quickly shutting it down, I glanced over to Dave who was now chatting to the barman but looking in my direction and obviously waiting to see how far I’d go.I was having such a good time, and hadn’t really need Dave’s encouragement but his reassurance excited me somewhat. Remembering my earlier promise that I would indulge his desire to expose my cleavage as much possible to complete strangers, I thought to myself ‘OK Dave, you wanted it….‘ then rested my elbow on the bar hopefully to encourage more of my fleshy mound to accidentally escape for the guy’s appreciation.As we chatted the guy kept glancing down and looking at my chest trying not to make it too obvious, but obvious enough to let me know he was enjoying what he could see. God, I felt myself trembling with arousal from the thought that I wanted to deliberately reveal myself to this guy now in this intimate one to one situation. As our conversation continued, I became more animated exposing more cleavage until half my tit was showing and knew it wouldn’t be long before my aroused nipple would slip into view as well.Resting my left arm on the bar during our ever increasing flirty conversation, my zip was slipping unaided to reveal even more flesh and luring my new friend’s eyes to blatantly absorb what I desperately wanted to show. The ever increasing fluttering inside me was undeniably wonderful. By now I really wanted him to be able to see my complete tit so stretched across the bar to pick up a cocktail menu hoping for the inevitable and then pretended not
to notice when my hardened left nipple had popped into view. You all know how much I love the attention so I let it stay exposed while I focused my attention on the menu giving him ample opportunity to enjoy a good view of my provocatively exposed tit. After perusing the menu I made a show of looking down and feigning embarrassment at my exposure and motioned to cover myself up but he suggested that I didn’t as he was really enjoying the view. When he said that, umm, that was hot! Fuck, I felt so wicked brazenly exposing myself like that and asked him if he thought my dress would make a good birthday present. He replied if my boyfriend was anything like him he would definitely love it and that my boyfriend was a really lucky to have found someone so uninhibited and asked if I always went clubbing with him in such sexy dresses. Then continued flattering me saying that I was amazingly hot and that my boyfriend was such a lucky bastard, he just hoped he would be longer than he said. Now feeling really daring I elevated myself to sit on a bar stool and casually lifted my right foot to rest on the footrest allowing my skirt to fall away exposing a lot of thigh causing his eyes to flash to my legs. The butterflies were tumbling again as I looked down at them and quipped “You don’t think it’s too short do you?” With that, I saw my husband rise from his seat and walk towards us. Not adjusting my exposure, I told the guy my boyfriend just walked in and was coming over and deliberately arched my back so more of my boobs were visible and knew how much it would excite my husband to see me engaging with a stranger in this way.As he approached I rose and embraced him then sat back on the stool. By this time, my zipper had slipped almost as far as my navel. Before Dave had a chance to say anything and keep to my charade, I asked Dave if he liked the dress I had bought to celebrate his birthday. He immediately cottoned on and said he loved it, especially the way I wore it and asked the guy what he thought. The poor guy was totally lost for words for a moment before agreeing with him and offering to buy us drinks.So now I was sitting in a bar with my zipper down to my navel and left tit having already slipped out of the soft leather bodice, teasing a stranger with my husband standing next to me. The atmosphere was electric. Fuck, I realised now that the inhibitions I had earlier were virtually gone. I was up for almost anything Dave wanted me to do. We accepted his offer of another drink and Dave came clean telling the guy that we were playing out a little game where Mandy would sit provocatively in a bar and wait for him to follow a couple of minutes later and chat me up. But when he came in, he could see he had approached Mandy first and was engaged in conversation, he wanted to give me space to see what would happen. He hoped he hadn’t minded us taking advantage of the situation and involving him, and yes, he had been standing along the bar when he sent the text. The guy laughed and said it was a pity you didn’t say you would been half an hour late as he was really enjoying my company so much. It was then that Dave pushed the boundaries and said to the guy, if past experience was anything to go by, he would bet that I was not even wearing any underwear either, then excused himself to go to the toilet. When he hinted that I was completely naked under the dress that had given me quite a sexy rumble. I laughed and said it was my secret and not telling.Being given the opportunity to continue speaking to me on my own, the conversation got more intense. The guy hinted as to whether if I played around. I told him I was sorry, but as much as I had thought about it, it hadn’t happened yet. But hearing this guy virtually hit on me sent another bolt though my already aroused state.Encouraged by his flattery and wanting to continue his interest, I divulged that I often go out on my own me wearing revealing clothes and let strangers ogle me in supermarkets and fuel stations and places like that. Then added that my boyfriend gets really turned on when I recall the actual details of how I encourage strangers to notice my boobs, especially when they manage to see my prominent nipples, and how stimulated it gets me. I continued to tell him that my boyfriend always loves to sneak a look at other woman’s tits as well, but loves it even more when he sees men ogling me in revealing clothes. The flirting continued until Dave returned and the conversation returned to my dress. Dave boasted that when I wear clothes that attract the attention of others it always leads to a long night of hot sex. He remarked to Dave on how lucky he was and Dave kept the conversation hot by relating my antics on the previous night. The conversation flow had excited me more than ever and had given us the opportunity to play out another fantasy. We eventually decided it was time to move on to find somewhere else as the drinks here were mega expensive. The guy had played along brilliantly and had not been too pushy and we had enjoyed his company. I was sure Dave wanted me to show more which I knew would really keep him aroused, so with an impish smile I allowed my dress from to ride up as I slid off the stool, allowing the guy’s inquisitive eyes to momentarily take in my fully exposed pussy. I could see Dave was enjoying yozgat escort bayan and wanted me to show more, but as yet I wasn’t ready for that. I would need a few more drinks first.We walked along the street and Dave drew me to a dark little alcove where we could indulge in some intimate kissing and stroked my pubis mound with the back of his fingers asking me if I would have let the guy do this to me. I went weak at the knees just thinking about it.In his quest to keep us both aroused for the entire evening, he bent down in front of me and adjusted my lower zip to almost uncover my crotch. Then taking both my hands drew me away from the alcove denying my ability to adjust my zip. With my top zipper already undone to my navel, my adrenalin was well up, and as I wasn’t really actually showing anything, I was more than happy to comply.We moved on and found ourselves instinctively drawn towards to the jetty where Greg’s boat was moored. Guessing I knew where this was leading, I prompted Dave to tell me if he had intended to end up there. I was still quite excited and a little apprehensive and wondered how far we would take these shenanigans and said he may not even be there. Dave said with a twinkle in his eye, let’s just play it by ear and have a bit of fun and we can make tonight a bit special if you like. As our erotic conversation continued, I was mega turned on and keen to know how far Dave was willing to pursue this fantasy. Ramping up his enthusiasm I teased “So what do you mean by that, you obviously want me to show him the goods, would you like to see me to touch myself in front of him as well?” Pushing the limits I continued talking dirty. “If he’s there, do you want to see him touch me again and me to touch him for you Dave? Do you want me to try and seduce him? And how far would you want me to go? Come on Dave I want to hear you say everything you said when we were fucking last night. Did you really want me to let him fuck me? You know I would let him don’t you.” He confessed that he had been thinking about it all day and that it would be my decision and the conversation continued in the same vein as we sauntered along the quayside, the conversation sending quivers of anxious excitement in my belly.Anyway, as we were approaching the jetty fate played its hand and we heard Greg’s voice calling out from another boat as we walked by. Dave squeezed my hand and asked if I was nervous. The a****l lust was overcoming me but I really needed serious confirmation that Dave would be happy and asked him how he would feel, seeing me touched and maybe fucked by Greg and asked him if he was sure he wouldn’t get jealous. Placing his hand in his pocket, Dave subtlety handed me a condom which he said he had picked up earlier, just in case. My heart took an almighty leap, I was so excited I was shaking
.Greg’s eyes widened as he immediately took in the way I was wearing this sexy dress and said he was just having a drink with a colleague when he saw us approach and wondered if we like to join him on his boat for another drink. Given my state of arousal it was obviously what we had hoped for and happily agreed. Arriving at his boat, he immediately made us comfortable and took no time in leading us to the sun deck which was sympathetically bathed in some sort of blue light and asked us what we would like to drink. Adding that the boat had a well-stocked bar with plenty of bubbly if we fancied a bottle of that. It seemed the right drink for the occasion so we settled for that and I sat next to my husband on the wide lounger and opposite Greg knowing full well that if I parted my legs he could easily see my bare vagina. As we sat there sipping the champagne the conversation was obviously quite flirty and the bubbly began to flow freely. Greg gushed compliments on how lovely I looked and how hot I looked in the dress. As the flirtatious dialogue was getting hotter, Dave slipped his arm around my shoulder then tentatively slipped the strap of my dress off my shoulders then proceeded to slowly edge the strap of the bodice away from my chest and asked Greg if he thought my breasts were nice. I could see the outline of Greg’s cock swelling in his shorts as he replied that he was imagining them when he first spoke to us and had really enjoyed the opportunity to see and fondle them earlier. By now Greg had obviously sussed that sex was on offer and that we wanted him to have his way with me in my husband’s presence. This was it. With bated breath and my eyes fixed firmly on Greg’s, I provocatively eased my knees apart and told him he was pretty hot as well, and hoped he didn’t mind Dave watching the action as it was something we had both fantasised about. Greg replied that he sort of guessed that and was completely up for it.In no time my dress was down around my waist as Greg moved towards me to encompass my boobs with his strong hands to again feel how soft and natural they were. He then moved to kiss one then the other which made me gasp with pleasure. Then kneeling in front of me, he deftly proceeded to totally unzip me as his mouth sucked hungrily on my nipples as he peeled the dress off my anxious body. I was now totally naked apart from my stilettoes in front of our new friend on the sundeck of the boat and totally loving it. Then, he kissed my neck making me moan with pleasure. My hand went straight to feel his erection and I could not resist to take hold of it and massage it through his shorts Greg suggested we better move to the main saloon before we get arrested. By now I was very excited and my mind was racing as I knew where this was going. Yes I was nervous, but also very very aroused. But needed to know Dave was still happy, and asked him if he was sure. The smirk on his face was enough.I needed it so badly by now and seeing Dave’s encouraging look of lust, I started talking dirty as I undid the buttons on Greg’s shorts allowing me the enjoyment of actually feeling it. It felt hot in my hand and I needed it inside me. Turning my attention back to Dave who was grinning from ear to ear and was already sporting a serious hard on and asked “What do you want me to do Dave” “Suck another man’s cock for you to see?” Fuck, I really wanted to take his cock in my mouth it but wanted to follow my loving husband’s wants as this was as much for him as for me.Without hesitation he replied “Yes, let me see you suck his cock.”Releasing Greg’s cock it looked beautiful, the tip was already dripping and shimmering with precum then reached for the condom which I apologetically passed to him and opened my legs wide and pleasured myself for him as he prepared to penetrate me with his hardness. He ran his fingers through my hair and pulled me closer to take more of his erection and totally envelope it with my mouth. The pleasure I was getting from sucking another man’s cock in front of my loving husband was amazing. Then with withdrawing from it but continuing to wank him with my hand, I looked at Dave and asked him “does this turn you on my love.” “Is this what you want me to do Dave?”I was intensely aroused by his responses to my provocative performance. After all, that’s what we both wanted. Then continued to suck on Greg’s hard cock and took it all in my mouth as deep as I could then again withdrew whispering suggestively “Or do you want to see him fuck me? Do you want to see him fuck me hard?”Greg rose me to stand next to him so he could feel the sticky wetness between my legs until he eventually moved me to sit on the luxurious sheepskin throw lying over the seats.Then kneeling in front of me he lapped at my sopping vagina. All the time my eyes were firmly fixed on my husband who I knew was getting as much pleasure out of this encounter as I was and when the tip of Greg’s tongue finally teased my little bud I was totally electrified. I hadn’t realised how much I’d love playing a slutty hot wife. Panting with pleasure I gasped “Tell me Dave what do you want me to do. I want to hear you say it. Come on Dave say you want to see me being fucked. Fucked by Greg. Watch his hard cock pleasure me.”He replied with so much lust in his eyes “Yes Mandy. I want to see Greg fuck you. I want to see his shaft pleasure you, I want to watch the look of ecstasy on your face as you get the mind blowing orgasm you need. You know you want him inside you…”The excitement and lust in my husband’s words were almost enough to bring me off at that point and by now Greg had obviously realised from my interactions with my husband, that he was only participating to satisfy one of our ever broadening fantasies, which he was more than happy with. I had to push Greg away to stop my impending orgasm and could see his face was glistening with my juices. He rubbed the head of his cock against my pussy then gently slipped it just inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist encouraging him to finally bury his hard cock deep inside me. The feeling of the pronounced hard rim of his helmet as he slowly and rhythmically withdrew and pushed it back just in the mouth of my vagina was ecstatic. He withdrew and kissed me for a bit then moved to smother my breasts with his palm, warm against my needy nipple and I groaned with each of his deep strokes. He took pleasure in teasing me with just the head of his cock pushing in and out slightly. His substantial rim sending shivers of unending pleasure though my already aroused body. My eyes again making contact with my husband who was clearly enjoying the action as he caressed his erection through his trousers.My a****listic appetite was growing more intense I yelled “Fuck me Greg.” “I need you to fuck me hard now. I going to cum!” I was getting more horny by the minute. Sensing my impending orgasm, with one long thrust, he buried his hardness deep into me and driving me wild. He then began pumping into my desperate pussy as I orgasmed. I looked at Dave with lust and excitement as rushes of orgasmic pleasure raced through my loins and said nothing. There was no need for words When Greg sensed my orgasm, he continued to pump me, but faster than before to continue and prolonging this almighty orgasm. I tore my eyes away from Dave to look at Greg whose face was now starting to contort as he grunted with pleasure and began to spurt. I loved watching him cum in me and feeling his cock pulsating deep in my wet pussy. After our orgasms had subsided and we had our breath back, we got dressed. Greg told us that as soon as he met me that afternoon he guessed I’d be a hot fuck and fancied fucking me and was disappointed when we left. He thanked us for an amazing night and invited us to come back anytime. I felt as though I need to freshen up for our walk back to the hotel but Dave asked me not to. He wanted me walk to back with that just been fucked look and unzipped my skirt to reveal my freshly fucked vagina, suggesting I could use my purse if I need to hide myself. God, I was s
till on such a high I would have walked naked if he asked. We said our goodbyes thanked each other for the intimacy and started the walk back towards the hotel. On the way back we indulged in some long deep appreciative kisses and Dave told me how awesome the experience had been and that he couldn’t wait to have me. Our evening so far had been truly amazing but we didn’t want it to end there and I knew it wouldn’t be too long before I would feel his eager cock thrust inside me, but this time it would be a long slow love making session rather than just satisfying our carnal cravings.Our stroll back to the hotel was quite memorable. The thought of allowing my shaved mound to be inadvertently seen kept my pot stirred. Feeling the cool evening air chilling the juices still seeping from my pussy was amazingly erotic and I thought to myself that I’ll have to do this more often. And yes, from a distance, several people noticed how much I was revealing, each time triggering another little pulse of pleasure inside me. As we arrived at the foyer I readjusted my lower zipper appropriately until we got inside the lift. Once inside Dave stood back from me and raised my lower zipper so he could fully appreciate for himself the way I had been walking at his side and said I looked so fuckable. Then devilishly totally stripped me for our walk along the corridor to our room.Once in the room we were so hot from our earlier antics we were over each other like a rash, kissing, fondling and grinding into each other. Dave led me to the front of our balcony facing the apartments opposite and stood behind me kissing my neck and cupping my aching breasts for anyone who wanted to watch us, then pushed his ravenous cock into me with one slick movement my slippery pussy. It only took a few thrusts before he pumped his first hot stream inside me then bringing us to lay on the loungers we continued to make love under the stars for most of the night reaffirming our committed relationship.

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