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Red DesiresWe finally make it home after a night of dinner and dancing and as you lay on the bed exhausted, I sit on the edge next to you, the pointed toe of those red heels gliding slowly up your inner thigh. My knee reaches your chest as the top of my foot brushes lightly against your hard bulge. I lean in, kissing down your neck and chest, my fingers skillfully undoing your belt and pants until my lips find the very tip of you. Slowly they envelope the head of your throbbing cock and my tongue swirls around the rim of your head. My foot gently rocking back and forth as the top of my toes cradle and rub against your balls and you squirm beneath me begging me to take you all in as I toy with you… just barely lightly teasing the head of your pulsating canlı kaçak iddaa cock. Your hands find their way to my shoulders as you try to force me down over you, but, grabbing your wrists briskly I throw your hands up over your head and straddle you instead. My legs sprawled out in front of me flanking your body… the soft suede of my shoes brushing against your cheek as you nuzzle up against them. You kiss frantically over them as you remove my shoes and toss them to the side. Repositioning until I sitting between your legs I bring one foot down over your raging cock and one up over your chest just out of reach of your lips. I begin to massage you slow and hard as you grab hold of my other foot rubbing your hands up and down the sole as I canlı poker oyna feel you start to ooze out tiny dribbles underneath my toes. Noticing this I stop and force it up to your face telling you to lick them clean. As you lick your cum from between my toes I continue to tug and pull on your hard dick until you can barely hold back another minute. You try to tell me you are close but my toes are deep in your mouth and all that comes out are mumbles and moans. Suddenly I pull it out and bend down over you taking you deep in my throat until you are fully enveloped by my hot, wet mouth. Sucking hard and deep my tongue swirls around you. Your hands grip my hips and ass hard as I feel your fingers pressing deep into my skin just before you explode. internet casino Hot sweet cum fills my mouth as I swallow, but don’t release you. You convulse beneath me as I continue to suck and tease your dick long after you cum. I let up for just a second to tell you that I won’t be giving you a moment to rest until you get me to cum just as hard and I turn so that my wet hot pussy lips are over your face and I continue sucking and groping you squeezing and tugging on your balls lightly as I do. I feel you throbbing inside of my mouth as you frantically eat me. Biting at my clit and digging into my ass harder and harder with your fingertips as you try to stay focused. Your tongue finds its way down my slit till you are rimming my tight ass ….pulling my cheeks apart you force your fingers deep inside forcing them in and out as hard and fast as you can as you suck and bite and pull on my clit till finally I can’t take another minute and collapse on top of you dripping, panting and out of breath.

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