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Realizing what I really wantedI made my way towards the bathrooms. I had to fix my hair. I had to make sure my makeup was alright. I just had to. He was here and I had to look perfect. Yeah he never noticed me but that was alright. He would someday. And that someday would be today.I open the bathroom door, walk a few steps still thinking about him, when I freeze in my steps. That’s when I was brought back to reality. There, leaned against the wall, was Melissa making out with Ashley. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’ve heard that they were lesbians but I never actually believed completely because they never seemed to even hold hands in public. Now watching them in that position, I just had to. A new feeling sparked inside of me. It gave me tingles at the bottom of my waist. I liked it. I wanted more. I need lips. Lips with lipstick. I wanted more. I wanted girl lips. Slowly they break away from each other, Melissa still leaning against the wall. Their eyes played with their inner desires, desires of lust. I felt jealousy I wanted that! I wanted them looking at me like that not at each other. I don’t know where all these feelings were coming from. I no longer wanted Mike. I wanted Ashley. I wanted Melissa.Slowly, they turn to look at me, as if suddenly aware of me being there. Their eyes still lustful, a smile at their lips, had my heart aching. Their smiles grew into slight giggles, it was as if they could sense what I was feeling. I could feel myself blush. They make their way towards me, and I could feel my pulse quicken. Each of them takes one of my hands in them. I freeze, the tingly feeling getting stronger, now running through my spine. They pull me towards the door, into the corridor and towards the lift. I knew where they were going to take me but I couldn’t let go perabet giriş and turn back. I didn’t want to. I liked it, didn’t want it to stop.We make way into one of the hotel’s rooms. It was all peaceful and neat in here, with few items about. It looked grand. Sweet. Ashley made way towards the recorder and had some soft music playing. It was on low volume as if it was never there but we could hear it perfectly well. Making way towards the inner room, they removed their shoes as they walked. I did too, but unlike them, I placed mine neatly together in a corner. The room seemed to be even quieter, the music reached my ears on a perfect level. I stood against the door frame leaning as they made their way towards the middle of the room. The room held a king sized bed in one corner and a cupboard in the other, which other than that, kept it quite bear with one free wall. It was rearranged by its occupants, I should think.They stood there in the middle of the room staring at each other. The lust in them seemed to grow. Ashley put her arms around M and pulled her closer. She was smiling. I could feel my desire deepen. That should be me. Slowly A takes M’s lower lip in between hers. I couldn’t bear to see them in that position, kissing each other, I wanted to be a part of that too. I look away but I couldn’t, not for long.This time, to keep my eyes away from their lips. I was looking at their bodies. Melissa was the busty one however she wasn’t the one with much of an ass. Ashley too, was curvy and the tight short black frock she was wearing just made her body seem so much sexier. But Melissa was no second to her. Her frock was slightly loose and was of cotton. The cloth fell perfectly around all her curves, almost as if she was wearing nothing. As I watched Melissa canlı kaçak iddaa I saw her move further towards Ashley. That was when I noticed Ashley’s grip around her had tightened pulling her closer to Ashley. I felt myself tense. The movement of their lips have turned rhythmic now. The movement quickened and I clenched my fists. It slowed down but that was only because they were playing with their tongues. Melissa’s hands worked down to Ashleys’s frock. I could feel myself tense. As in response Ashley’s hands slid down towards Melissa’s ass. She clenched her hand, full of flesh and in response Melissa left out a slight moan, before Ashley pulled her mouth back into hers. Melissa too tightened her grip on Ashley’s ass. Ashley didn’t seem to mind. Melissa’s hand worked down to the lower hem of Ashley’s frock. I almost didn’t want to see, but my curiosity had my eyes glued. Melissa slowly lifted it up, but the tightness didn’t seem to affect the ease of removing it. I was almost surprised to see bare skin underneath. It looked so pink and soft. I wanted a feel of that. At that moment Ashley breaks away from Melissa and looks at me slyly. That was kind of confusing but I didn’t think much about it. She pulls down her frock and turns around so that her back side is now facing Melissa. This time they start dancing in a slow rhythm. I wouldn’t know how to describe their movement. Eyes closed, just feeling the other; – the other’s skin, the other’s movement. I just stood their envying every moment they made.Suddenly both of them stop and looks at me. I was glued. I mean why suddenly. Ashley smiles at me while they move away from each other.Ashley : Come overMe : What?I mean seriously, what? Was she asking me to join them?Melissa : C’mon you know what we mean.Me : I’m fine, I’ll canlı kaçak bahis just be here.Ashley : oh c’mon Aiyana. You know you want it too.Me : Uh no no. I’m fine with just watching.I know just watching wasn’t what I was content with. I know I wanted a bit more. A bit of what they were doing. I looked at them with curiousity and they were smiling, giving me the knowing look. I seriously hope my eyes weren’t giving away the fact that I wanted them, because my eyes always would. They look at each other and although they exchanged no glances, I could tell both knew what the other was thinking. Ashley comes towards me and gets a grip on my wrist. Her fingers lightly tightened around my wrist. I knew there was no necessity for her to have done that since the slightest jerk would have had me gone trailing towards them with the slightest effort.She walks with me towards where Melissa was and suddenly pushes me with much force than I would’ve expected her to do so at that moment. I was caught off guard thrown forward, I was going to fall! I stretch my hand to hold the nearest upright thing close to me – Melissa. It was already too late, I had already begun falling and I gripped nowhere where her shoulders were. My fingers tightened around her breasts and she held me by my biceps to stop me from falling. I could only look at her face for the expression of pain, for I could only imagine how loud I’ll be yelling if someone were to grip my breasts the way I was holding them now. She winced but not the slightest sound escaped her lips. I have to admit I was surprised.I loosened my grip but didn’t move my hands from where they were, I didn’t want to. It felt so nice to keep my hands there, they felt so soft under my palm, so squeezy, so bouncy. Looking into her eyes I knew she didn’t want me to move my hands either. Her hands moved down from my biceps to where my waist was. Then her hands moved towards my now tickling crotch. I couldn’t wait anymore. I just slipped off my dress and launch myself to her. soon I lost in a paradise.the end.

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