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Rainy Sunday after noonRainy Sunday after noon. So we are in the bed room watching this porno movie when there is a knock at the door and I say to you “will you go down and answer it , you do and I say who is it? ….And it turns out to be your friend Dan the producerSo I invite him upstairs and he walks in and sees that you have your nightie up and your hand still rubbing your pussyhe sees how excited and wet you are and I tell him to feel see how wet you have got so I lay down at your side and kiss you and fondle your breasts stroking your nipples while he plays with your pussy……… his head goes down and it feels electric, he is licking me and kissing me but I can hardly catch my breath because of the sweet sensuous kisses you are giving me OOOooo it is so nice..his tongue and fingers teasing your clit and pussy making you moan and tingle as my fingers stroke and fondle your nipples as my tongue meets with yours kissing you teasing youI slowly run my kisses down over your body till both of us are teasing your pussy two tongues touching your clit make it feel electric and two different fingers inside your pussy you can feel the difference between each of us and the magic of two different fingers moving in different directions., he stops and asks you to take over.he then moves up and begins kissing and licking your nipples teasing them with his teeth gently tugging on them as he fondles you i move my tongue lower and push your legs back and begin teasing your sweet bum with my tongue tracing over it making it pucker and quiver at the feel of my tongue while my fingers tease your pussy both of them tingling together. Then I slide my finger slowly in your bum teasing it making you pucker and arch your back in pleasure the feeling of a warm finger inside you as you grip but you can’t move as he is kissing you now and you enjoy the feel of his kisses your sense like electric at the feel of two different menMMmmm, Dan stops kissing. He güvenilir bahis stands up watching; I think he is happy to watch, Dan gets some sweet scented oil, and starts rubbing it on your back while you are making love to me; I put some oil on my hands and rub your bum with it while Dan is rubbing your back and neck. You are enjoying having a massage while you are penetrating me? You turn me on so much, I am having an orgasm, OOoo it is so beautiful you hold me in your arms and I relax and we calm down together. Dan went down to the kitchen to get some wineHe pores some of it on your chest and down onto your cock. He is laughing and saying that will “cool you down” I laugh and start licking it off you. Dan says the movie has finished would we like to watch the new one he has just made, He puts it on. It is a porno movie, he made with his transsexual assistant. It’s his latest, gay porno movie.Dan put on the DVD and climbed into bed next to me, he started playing with my pussy, I was already twisting your luscious long fore skin around my fingers the way you know I love to do. Then the movie started. The music was menacing. It was black, there was a bright light getting bigger as a silhouetted figure rode into a deserted factory on his Harley, with leather strips hanging from the high handle bars. He took of his crash helmet and shook out his long hair. He was in black boots and leather trousers, his chest bare except for a sleeveless black leather waist coat sporting the Hells Angels insignia. There was a black whip in the pannier, on the back of the bike. No ordinary biker. Sometimes known as “Snake whip,” he was The Master. He got off his bike and walked into the factory with the proud arrogance of a prize bull,Suddenly there is a noise from within the factory, someone’s shadow moving around in the dark, the biker calls to him, the guy comes forward, He is magnificent, I hold my breath, he has superb muscles, His top türkçe bahis is bare, his trousers show an ample bulge. he grabs the guy from hell by the arm, showing biceps twice the size of the older man, both of them become locked in combat, but you can see they are enjoying the feel of each other’s bodies, as they hold each other, they are in anguished confusion they hate each other with passion. The younger one grabs hold of the older guy’s hair and pulls his head back.Snake retaliates and pulls out a knife to his neck, forcing him back onto a stone slab; swiftly he undoes his trousers with his other hand. He pressed his stiff cock against his soft stomach. He leaned over him kissing him fiercely on the mouth. Then I see the young man’s face and scream with delight, Oh Chris it’s you, Wow you are fantastic. So what’s that guy going to do to you next I said to you ……………..He pushes me back as i try to struggle moving my arms but he holds me down my cock hard and throbbing standing up as he runs his fingers over it stroking it hard, the head glistening and throbbing. I can feel his stubble against my face and his hot breath as he kisses me our tongues intertwining like serpents, his bare chest on mine the sweat from our chests making them glide together. He snarls in his voice as he speaks “Your my bitch now and I’m going to make you pay, I’m going to have you every way I want”.I’m struggling my arms flaying and my body heaving half-heartedly enjoying what he is doing at the same time enjoying the struggle , my hands move and go around his back and pull him close to me feeling his large belly push against mine .His lips move down to my nipples and begin kissing them, his lips clamp tightly around them sucking them, teasing them with his teeth tugging at them and pulling them. My body stiffens and arches in pleasure at the sensations, his hand moves from my cock and pushes my legs apart, i raise my legs to expose myself to güvenilir bahis siteleri his hand. Feeling his heavy fingers running over my scrotum, pulling it cupping as he tugs on my balls.His fingers move further from my balls as they root round looking my tight hole , his finger tip running over it making me pucker with anticipation, as i feel his finger pushing into it exposing me, i gasp and stiffen as it enters me his finger lubed with his sweat eases in me my bum gripping tightly on it. The sensation as it pushes in me moving in and back as we kiss, him gruffly telling me “I’m going to enjoy fucking that Tight arse of yours, I’ll have you moaning like my bitch”.Snake releases me and stands back to undo his trousers and reveal his hard cock stood upright, before I have time to register anything else he grabs me and holds me tight to him my hand drops straight to his cock and feels it the veins in it throbbing and pulsing, as I wank it slowly his hand is on mine feeling the same. His other hand then runs and pulls against my back holding us close as he kisses me again almost forcing his tongue on me, I move my hand down to take both our cocks in my hand and begin to wank them together feeling the heads touching our pre cum mingling as they do with the swollen gorged heads rubbing as though they were kissing…………..He kneels down swiftly, licking your pre-cum and starts sucking your cock, so I go down the bed covers and start sucking your cock. So you are getting the sensation of watching yourself being sucked on the movie, and feeling the sensation having it done to you at the same time. So you are watching yourself being sucked and being sucked at the same time. So you are feeling, both male and female real and un-real. Dan pulls off the bed covers and watches me, while he plays with himself. It is turning me on watching him. SO I climb on to him and ride him………. Just then the bedroom door is flung open and the guy who played the part of Snake-whip stood in the door way, He’s smiling at you and says, in a deep but soft voice “Come to daddy my little bare bear”. He drops his trousers and reveals his already engorged member all ready to give you the time of your life.

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