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Rainy Day Transformation IIWe woke up early. l was in my panties & short nighty. M. was naked in the sheets. I gazed at his joystick .I was hooked. I love cock now. I am a girl. He is a boy. It’s almost heterosexual. We showered together. I rubbed his cock but not too much. {Other students might need the bathroom}. We hurried out and got dressed.I put on black lacey panties , black half slip & black bra . Dried my hair & tied it in back in pony tail with side barrette of red. I have thin hair not much facial hair. I went back into the bathroom & I shaved my face and underarms {I wood shave my legs in P Town}. I opened the door to exit. Suddenly I was face to face with A. another female student. “Oh don’t you look cute in girl stuff. Does K. Know? I heard you guys last night. Lots of fun. Huh? “ I said nothing. I looked at her in her white bra & cute lacey white panties. {Her cell phone in her hand}. “Let’s go in your GFs room and see what up .OK?” I knocked on the door and thankfully M. was dressed. “Well hi …are you guys. I mean…folks having fun” . A. was short and a bit chubby. Mike smiled at her. I felt jealousy & could not talk.She said that K.{My GF} had told her last yr that I was gay or getting there. I denied being gay as I stood there wearing ladies lingerie. M. told her he was sorry to upset her in any way and shook her hand.She said her brother was gay and she was bi. She was soon helping me with my make up and even picked out a few skirts for me from K’s closet. I stepped into a mid thigh white pleated skirt then some white Pantyhose{PH}. The white skirt looked cute with my black bra. I lost track of time. Suddenly M. went to her and they began kissing. I was upset butt she gently uşak escort pushed M. on the bed and went for his cock. She undid his belt pulled down his jeans. She then took off her bra freeing her plump tits. She grabbed his cock then released him from his undies. M. was big purple red hard. Such a handsome cock. With a huge mushroom crown. One large vein down the side with a great curve. She dropped his undies and knelt down. Soon she was sucking his cock She was nice and slow .M. moaned and I boned in my panties. She looked up at M. and smiled. She then licked his lovely crown . She lifted off him then smiled at me. She stood up and said ,“take off my panties girlfriend” . She had a well trimmed pussy with brown hair. I removed her panties. She gently rubbed my lil cock in my panties. “ You look much better as a girl Danielle .” I blushed as Mike rolled over into the bed and she got up next to him holding that lovely hard on.” This is so big. Hope my puddy takes it all”. She mounted him & moaned. She shifted then struggled . She wiggled then squirmed as she took him. She bend over kissing him rubbing her tits on his chest. I rubbed her shoulders as that wet cunt took his cock. I then kissed her them M. “You guys look so cute kissing. I will cum. Keep kissing”. She moaned softly then came off. Mike had hold of that chubby butt and fucked her deep. He groaned loudly and came in her as she moaned and came again. I came in my panties without touching myself. She smiled and kissed me. Soon she un-mounted him holding her cunt. She asked me to clean her up. We all re-positioned ourselves then she sat on my face. I eagerly lapped her cunt eating his sperm and her cream. “Eat it up .Atta girl uşak escort bayan EAT IT UP. I knew you were a faggot. K. told me your so tiny. That’s why she cheated on you.. Suck my clit. I am leaking some more cum. {I was boning again. Leaking pre-cum} I am cumming suck my cunt out.You suck cunt better than your GF”. I almost came as I heard her words then reached for Mike. He was nearly hard. She moaned then came off so did I. “You lil sissy you came off again.” She got off my face as I slip over to M. and rubbed his prick. This was fun butt I needed his cock up my butt again. I licked his prick and drooled sperm & cream on him.. I fast removed my sticky panties & lifted my skirt & slip. My butt hole was warm and wet. I drooled on his prick again and got up on him holding his wet cock. “Look at you. Mikes new GF. I gotta watch this {she took out her cell phone}. I will show all the girls in this dorm”. I did not care. I rubbed my own sperm on my ass and aimed M. at my hot hole. I held his hard cock and tried to guide him in me. It took a few minutes but no entry. I kept pushing out my anal lips. “Let me “.She gently pushed me back and got on M. again. Her pussy was sloppy wet. Sloshing sounds from her cunt as she moaned & came off in minutes then smiled. She got off then I got on. His cock was so wet and it slowly moved in me. I pushed out my lips and his spongy crown slipped in my tight hole. I knew I had him then. I slid down his stick inch by inch. Feeling the hardness on my inner canal. I was down all the way. Deep 7 inches. It felt so natural taking his handsome cock inside me while wearing a bra ,skirt & PH. M. throbbed in me. I was a cunt now. His cunt to be filled. He escort uşak was moving about in me into sweet places. I felt so full complete & satisfied. I felt like a woman. A sissy. A faggot. I was liberated. I wanted to be a sissy cocksucker all my life. I have arrived. We fucked so much in unison. His cock up my ass. My hands on his chest. , He squeezed my ass. A. said, ”You look so sweet together. Nice cock huh Danielle..” We all smiled. Mike was close. My lil cock was soft and limp. I felt him twitch shake and fire a sperm load. It hit me that I was his GF now . Lipstick bras panties & short skirts. {BLUSHING. A wedding gown}. His cock fit so perfect inside me. M. moaned then jumped & twitched. Eternity marched on. I bend down to kiss him as he slipped out. My ass leaked his sperm down to my balls. I felt empty again .Thinking of our next time. I cozied up to him. “Your so tight and wet. I love your ass. Best fuck ever”. I replied, ”Mike I love you. I give you all my self. I want to move in and be your GF.” M. said yes. A. said ,”I think you too should get engaged. You really look like lovebirds. Gay marriage is legal in MA “. I held out my ring finer to Mike and wiggled it. M. smiled then kissed me whispering in my ear”. I wood love to be your fiancee”. Meanwhile A. helped me get my make up back on. I had to change my panties .My slip had a cum stain that I licked but my skirt was clean.A. went to her room and returned with a nice pink girly blouse with the round collar & lace. She gave me some of her panties and 2 dresses. One fit perfect. I was now wearing a white skirt , pink blouse , white PH with a pink bow in my hair. I slipped into some blue flats with a bow. She loaned me a big handbag that was blue. {We later drove to a store and I bought a large white bag , purse & flats. } She hugged us both then said she wont show our photos to anyone. I said OK but later phoned her and said show all the girls that I am a girl too.

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