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Public Bathroom EncounterThis happened to me when I was 22 years old. I was on my friend Sonia’s birthday, I had drunk too much, when the birthday cake came, which also carried alcohol, I ate a portion and felt that the world was spinning at my feet, I was very dizzy. I decided to retire from the party and return to my house. I walked to Dalkey station, it was raining, so I walked through the middle of the street to get wet and clear a little. It was too late and there was no one out there. I took the train, but the movement made me feel nauseous, I tried to endure not to vomit, but in a moment I did not resist anymore and I got off at Pearse station, I ran to the bathroom, there was a lot of movement there, men entering and leaving, I perceived that there were sneaky encounters, a lot of smell of sex.I got into a toilet, vomited, cleared myself and stood inside for a moment to recover and leave. It was at that moment when a middle-aged mann opened the door of the toilet to enter, was surprised to see me standing there, he asked me for forgiveness, but he stayed there, looking at me, with a perverse gesture. I don’t know what I’ll have done, maybe I suppose, but the guy got inside the toilet and closed the door. Immediately my fucking body dilated, my body understood, before my brain, what was happening and what was going to happen. He peeled me against the wall, opened his fly and pulled out his cock, looking into my eyes he said: “Suck it.” I still couldn’t react, I was still drunk, although my stomach was clear already. The male, seeing that I did not react, grabbed my shoulders and brought me down to squat and with my face at the height of his cock; It didn’t take more than two seconds, I added it and put it in my mouth. Everything was so perverse and morbid that I got very hot. I squat, in the darkness of the bathroom of the station, with a stranger’s cock in my mouth. I suckled it greedily, my tongue was restless, I licked the head of that cock everywhere. In a moment he lifted me, unbuttoned my pants, turned me over, smeared saliva in the ring of my asshole, and I felt a burning enter my gut in a single movement. He nailed my my arse balls deep, I groaned in pain, (which aroused the attention of the other participants in the bathroom)I could not open my legs because my pants were around my ankles, but all at once tokat escort my trained ass could be dilated and I began to enjoy the onslaught of the enormous member, each deep thrusrbeing followed by the next, faster and faster, until the moment the strange man gave his last lunge, crushing me against the wall, to unload a waterfall of creamy seed deep nside my guts. Then, without saying a word, he cleaned his cock and left, leaving the door open. I imagined what it would look like from outside, so I wanted to quickly get my pants up, but before I could do it, another male appeared, I remember it perfectly, he got into the toilet, closed the door and said:”I heard you moan and I want you to do the same to me as the other one, fucking! “From that moment on, I don’t know how many times he said “fucking”, I saw that he was warming, telling him, and I wasn’t going to contradict him. Then, accessing his “gentle” request, I bent down to suck his cock but the guy didn’t want to, he turned me right away, pulled down his pants, started to put in what I felt was a wide cock. My pants were still down, my legs could not open, so I felt the whole path of that strong cock, opening my buttocks first and the hole of my ass later, his cock was so wide that it changed my breath, I became agitated, I gave a sigh and a groan, which served for the male to say to my ear: “As you like it, you fucking slut!” The guy moved slow, deep, nothing gross, he turned his cock inside me wisely, undulating his hip, to drive me the cock deeper and deeper. He took me slowly, but intensely. I felt his wet breath on the back of my neck and his words: “It’s good that you let yourself be caught”, “you see that you are very fucking”, “you warm me up, little bitch”, “I’m going to fill your ass with milk”. So we were having a good time, I still with my head full of alcohol, I understood that the guy was slow to finish, did not end, did not run, did not come. Then it occurred to me to speak, which I had not done so far, to warm it up more, to make myself more fucking, as he wanted. I said: “Come on, give me more, take me strong, son of a bitch!” And as I thought, it served, both for him as he began to push deeper and stronger, as for me, that when he heard me speak, I got much hotter and fucking, of course. There I realized that I still had the spilled tokat escort bayan seed from my first bull inside, so the new stud’s cock slipped a lot from the lubrication. Then I could get one foot out of my pants, to open more, which the stud took advantage of to drive the cock deeper inside me and began to accelerate the movements holding me tightly on the hip, until he crushed his body against mine and my body against the wall , in that classic movement of men, which is a tremendous push that stops at the exact moment that the semen leaves the cock, to push again and send the milk deeper. He stood a moment leaning against me, panting, saying to me in a low voice:”It’s good that you did it, I loved to take you, fucking. Now give me your phone because I want to pick you up again.” We were in that position, when I feel that someone was opening the doors of all the toilets. When our door opens I see the figure of a policeman, which left me frozen. The matter that the policeman saw this bull, with the cock still inside a boy’s ass, pressed against the wall. The cop asked the stud to leave, a funny thing, because the guy had to take his cock out of me, put it inside his pants and get out, as if he were passing by. I was left with my pants on my ankles, my face against the wall, drunk and with the overwhelming proof of what had happened: a huge string of cream dripping from my ass and through my legs.The policeman told me: “Put on your pants and go with me!” So I did, we left the bathroom and went to a cabin in the same station that was the place where the agent was on duty. Once inside he told me: “You know that what I was doing is prohibited by law. Prostitution and exhibitionism in a public place.” I told him that I was not a prostitute, that I did not charge, that it was only a moment of weakness. He said that while I dripped the milk from my ass, which made my words unbelievable. Then the policeman told me: “Either I have to take you prisoner for investigation or we are looking for another solution,” and he laughed. There I immediately understood, from the fear of terror that I had, I went to the dilation of my fucking body, I loved it, because of the morbidity and perversion. I said: “Where are we going?”, He said: “Nowhere, right here,” He stood, pulled me a chair, sat me down, opened his fly and in moments escort tokat he had his cock in my mouth. I sucked it with all my fever, taking out my nerves, loosening up to enjoy, licking his cock, which was normal sized, but with a big head, he licked it, clenched my lips, I put everything fucking of me. At one point I felt that his cock was hardening more, that magnificent moment that precedes orgasm, so I stood ready to take off my pants to take me and the policeman stopped me, he said: “I’m not going to put my cock in an ass full of another’s milk,slut boy! It makes me sick! ” “There you have to go only my lie” (at that time I did not understand what he meant, which I later learned). So I sat down again, he grabbed my hair, put his big cock in my mouth, I suckled a couple of seconds and again the cock hardened a lot, trembled, widened and long a huge amount of milk, while he moaned with pleasure and I choked on liters of milk, which I swallowed accordingly. After the matter, the policeman told me: “You can leave, but to investigate you have to come here every 48 hours, if you don’t want the law to apply.” So it was, every 48 hours, for a month I went to the police station, a
t the time of his guard, always late at night: “With a clean ass so that only my milk enters there.” I swear that, despite the situation, I enjoyed the catches that the policeman gave me. It was all very bizarre, but fun. He arrived, sometimes he gave me something to drink, we exchanged few words, I sucked his cock, he sat me at the table, lay on my back, stuck a finger in my ass to see if I really had no milk and stuck his violently, I loved it, especially when the huge head of his cock passed through my hole, came in and out of my ass quickly, when he rubbed his cock inside my flesh, felt good fucking, I felt it as if paying something, that warmed me a lot, so I writhed in pleasure, I dared to say:”Take me stronger!” Something that the guy did until he emptied inside me, every single time, I think, they were like 10. I got horny every time I went to my “date”, fucking, with a clean ass. Only once there was a “detail” that changed the situation. In one of my visits to his cabin, as always late at night, I enter and find the first stud and there I find out that the guy was also a policeman. That time they both caught me, I left the station with my ass dripping with milk, like the first time. I never saw the agent again. The stud invited me only once to his house, where he took me in the garage, on the trunk of his car, because his family, his wife and three daughters, were in the house.

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