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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #4iCarly/Victorious: Learning Curves #4 – Chapter 4August 233:11amUCLA- Pierce HallRoom 321Much as he wanted it to, sl*ep was just not coming to Beck Oliver as he lay, staring up at the empty ceiling and wondering what the heck could have happened to his roommate.More worrisome for the handsome teen, was that he didn’t quite know exactly how to feel about this development. On the one hand, he was a jerk and an asshole, who may or may not have messed around with Tori, but he was also a human being. And as bad as he thought Hunter was, Beck knew deep down that he was no better than the recently deceased frat boy.Silently he pondered if that was why he was with Kelly; that he deserved the abusive blonde. He hated every moment he spent with her, but she was better than nothing, so he stuck by her. But he was beyond the point of letting her around his friends- she was rude and loud in every setting. It made him hate himself more every day which only fed his low self-esteem which kept him ‘deserving’ Kelly.Beck was not prepared for this level of mental anarchy at 3 in the morning, so he tried his best to sl*ep and not look over at the empty bed a few feet away.* * *August 2311:50amUCLAPhelps Dining HallTori Vega was at a loss for words. Her mind buzzed with all the information of the week. And now the bombshell of what happened to Hunter.In a way she was happy that he was gone, and that made her feel like an awful person. He was still a person, and she had been taught to love everyone, even the bad people. Hunter may have been a big jerk, but he certainly didn’t deserve… that.The details of Hunter’s death were being kept to a minimum, but for what Tori had gathered, he died at the fountain, and they think someone did it. She wanted to call her dad and ask him about it, but he rarely discussed work, and when he did, he kept details to a minimum. Added to that, she had no intention of discussing her connection to him.To her left, Freddie and Jade were eating, not really talking to each other, and, from the look of it, her best friend was more than happy with the Hunter development. In her words, “it couldn’t have happened to a better guy,” which Tori couldn’t really disagree with. From the look of the normally inseparable couple, Tori gathered that Freddie never showed up like he was supposed to. They might have mentioned a reason, but her head was so hot and rattled that she could barely think, let alone listen, about anything.On Tori’s right, Cat and Noelle were far more focused on eating and Noelle was showing the perky redhead some SplashFace video that was causing the two girls to crack up. Cat hadn’t really commented on the Hunter thing, and Tori wondered if Noelle would since she was there for some of the discussion about him, but so far, nothing. All they really mentioned was about the frailty of life and the need for happier feelings and people.Looking down at her tray, Tori realized she’d barely eaten anything, spending nearly the entire lunch trying to stop her head from pounding, and trying not to cry as all those memories of the party’s aftermath hit her like a train. She stood up and deposited her tray, quickly followed by Jade, and several feet behind her, Freddie, who looked like he’d been in a fight recently.* * *August 233:20pmLos Angeles Police DepartmentParking LotMercer Hayes had been pulled from his class this morning and taken into custody, which is where he spent the last 4 hours. The news of Hunter’s death was just as much of a surprise to him, as anyone else, or so he had claimed to protect the truth.After dealing with the angry cop dad from the night before, Mercer knew that he needed to distance himself, sever ties with Hunter, and destroy any and all evidence of his debauchery. The first task was proving the hardest, but at least he knew that all the evidence of Hunter’s ‘activities’ had been taken care of. Mercer had tasked pledges to burn any and all pictures and clothing all night at a place downtown. And if need be, he could just throw that one k** under the bus since he clearly had a beef with Hunter as well.Severing ties with Hunter didn’t go at all like he had planned; but he told the cops the truth, at least, on that. The call also happened to be the reason he was pulled out of class and sent to the station.The way Mercer described the previous night was the truth- he called Hunter up to meet around 11, and told him to bring along some liquor. The two guys talked about things and laughed, Mercer never really taking more than a sip, while Hunter finished the bottle. Once Hunter was properly intoxicated, Mercer left and called the cops on him, which is how the campus police ended up on the scene in the first place.When the detective asked why he would let a minor consume alcohol, it gave Mercer a chance to use his classic “I’m a Libertarian so I don’t make a habit of telling people what they can and can’t do” speech, which while garnering a few laughs, didn’t really help his case.But, and Mercer was very focused on this fact, Hunter was still alive when he took off. It took a long time of arguing, stonewalling, etc., but the LAPD finally took Mercer at his word once the time of death güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri became clear.As it turns out, Mercer was back in his frat house for a Skype chat with his girlfriend at Berkley at the time of Hunter’s death, the timestamp proving his innocence.Even better, was that thanks to their accusations, Mercer got to know some of the details of the crime that hadn’t really gotten out yet. Hunter had apparently been hit with something in the back of the head, causing him to turn, and he fell backwards and cracked his skull open on the edge of the fountain. Then, whoever it was, picked him up and dumped his body in the fountain face down. Apparently, that was where he drowned.As Mercer looked over the photos and info in his mind as he sat in his car outside the station, he realized that someone must have really hated Hunter to have gone to these great lengths to kill him.Mercer was well beyond blaming himself for any part in what happened, since he truly believed he was innocent of everything except trying to maintain an image. But as he stared out at the overcast clouds that looked like rain at any time, he got the notion, probably based in the ch*ldish fact that he always wanted to be a detective, and being incredibly arrogant, Mercer knew he was the best person to figure out what went down.* * *August 2803:11 pmUCLA- Elkins HallRoom 232Sam Puckett could not have felt more ashamed of herself as she sat in her desk and watched her older man crush congratulate the students around her for how good their work was on the first writing assignment. Sam however was staring at a D-.In high school, the grade would have never bothered her, but here, and especially in front of Adams, she felt her stomach tighten tightly. The worst part was that she put her heart and soul into the paper, staying up, studying, and all that crap, but she had this to show for it. Sam looked across the room and saw Tori sitting there looking disappointed as well, but when the tanned teen showed her ‘bad’ grade, it was a B. The blonde teen didn’t even raise her paper, and instead buried her head for the last couple minutes of class.She would have stayed like that forever if she had a choice, but when Adams’ booming voice dismissed the class, there was an additive:”Miss Puckett, would you please stick around for a few moments?”Fuck, she thought, as she watched her classmates give her glares and snickers as they passed by to exit the classroom, which she met with sneers and middle fingers. Once the room was empty, Adams approached her desk, where she had remained planted.”Miss Puckett, I think we need to have a quick chat.””Look, Mr Adams, I’m sorry… I really put my best effort into this paper and I don’t know what went wrong.”Adams laughed, “I know, and that’s what worries me.””Is this funny?” she said, locking eyes with him. “I will-“”Settle down…” he said calml
y, approaching the front of the room. “I read your paper and the work was beyond subpar, and it makes me question why you weren’t placed in a lower English class so you could hone your skills.””Look, if you’re just gonna call me a retard then I’m just gonna go now.””Hold tight, Samantha… I’m getting to my… point,” he said, realizing he was pointing towards her. “So, I began to wonder how in the world you could get into the school with such basic linguistic skills. It’s like Hemingway but without any of the machismo or tact.””I don’t know who that is…””My point exactly, Miss Puckett. What are you doing here?”Sam looked puzzled. “What do you mean?””Just that. Why are you here in my class? At this school? Why are you here on this planet?””I needed an English class. My ex was going here at UCLA. And fuck if I know my purpose.””Terse, but acceptable,” he said, taking steps back towards her, his golf club cycling between his fingers. “So you followed your ‘love’ here, eh? The old Felicity method, am I right?”Sam just stared at him blankly.”Never mind… before your time I suppose. Anyway, I’m sure you are aching for your release,” the words leaving his mouth left a strange impression on Sam, as if they were meant on every level, “let me get to the real issue here.”Adams grabbed a paper from a folder in his bag and took a seat on top of the desk in front of her, his feet planted in its seat.”This… is your application essay which is… I will just say radically different. Have you suffered in cranial injury, concussion, anything that would cause a change between your acceptance and now?””Umm… no.””Then I believe that you did not write one of these.””What?!””You heard me, Miss Puckett. Either you didn’t write the assignment that I gave, and I can only assume you had a first grader write it for you, or, and I do believe this is the far more likely, someone else wrote your letter of application. Probably that ex that you came here to be with. Am I right?”Sam stared at him for a moment, wondering if silence was the best option here.”Alright, Samantha… let’s do it this way. If someone else did your paper, then you will have an F for this assignment and if you turn in anything like this again, I will fail you for the class. On the other hand, if you wrote this but not the application, then your youwin güvenilir mi admission would be void and you would be kicked out of school. There’s no right or wrong answer here, I’m afraid. You’re pretty much screwed with whatever choice you make.”Sam was mortified and was paralyzed in her seat as Adams seemed to be getting bigger as she felt herself shrinking into the desk.”There is, however, another way that we could handle this…” he said, looking her up and down.”What is it?””Pretty simple. I don’t tell anyone about the discrepancy and pass you for my class when the time comes.””So what’s the catch?””Oh,” he chuckled, “I think I have some extra credit throughout the semester that I feel you would be… perfect for. So, what do you say, Miss Puckett?” Adams reached down and unzipped his khaki pants. “Can I put you… down for this assignment?”Sam was so shocked, she had no idea what to do, and her survival instinct kicked in, and she realized she would do anything to stay in school.”Yes sir…” she said meekly, reaching towards him from her desk, “I’d be happy to go down for you.”* * *August 2803:15 pmUCLAOutside Scott HallHaving a guy around for all of her interactions with Jade was really awkward for Tori Vega. Freddie and Jade had been pretty inseparable since school began, but for the last week, since Hunter was found at least, they had sat on opposite sides of benches, he rarely slept over with her, and she seemed more hostile than normal with him. But they were still together. As soon as the chance arose, Tori planned to ask what happened be-tween them to cause this rift.The addition of Freddie made it hard for the girls to discuss ‘girl stuff’ which included a lot of subjects, 90% of which, brought back memories of Beck, Nate, or Hunter. Tori still felt sad for the frat guy even though he was awful to her. Jade claimed it was due to some masochistic need to constantly be friends with anyone, but then again, that drive was also what kept Tori working on Jade until the two became best friends.Lately, Tori had felt like a lot of her close friends, and even f*mily had drifted away from her. Trina was always busy with one thing after another, her mom never had time to talk, and when she’d talk to her dad it would be very short gruff answers. She’d asked him a few times if something was wrong, but he always responded that everything was fine.Andre’s schedule was the opposite of hers now so when they could talk it would be pretty short conversations. But at least he called. Other than him, her only other calls were from Jade. But of course, those conversations tended to be focused on Jade and her issues, plus Freddie was never far from being brought up or being around. Cat would text at times, but most of the time it was a mass text about meeting to eat or something like that.It wasn’t that she didn’t like Freddie or anything like that, and while Tori knew it was silly, there was still a bit of possessiveness within the Latina teen. The truth was, she was extremely attracted to Freddie and, at least before their shift, though that he and Jade made the absolute perfect couple. Not a day went by that she didn’t want to be with one of them.Today found the three teens sitting outside the girls’ dorm sipping smoothies from the local café. It was a beautiful day and Tori glanced over at the cute couple next to her and wondered what had happened.The three teens discussed their classes, specifically the upcoming first test for the infamous Dr Drago who had a bad reputation, but they had discovered that he was actually a pretty good teacher. He just expected so much out of them.If Tori hadn’t looked over at her watch at just that moment, she would have never seen Sam leave the class building 35 minutes after class dis-missed, and never gotten suspicious, which would have changed her coming semester radically.* * *August 2803:52 pmUCLA- Elkins HallRoom 232Sam had done some seriously gross things over the course of iCarly but as she slowly put her shirt back on in the classroom in front of a man she had major crush on until this moment, she had never felt more disgusting. While she was never one to admit to feeling love, there was a sense of some sort of love when she thought of sex. Sex for sex’s sake never ended well for anyone involved, and she knew that what she had just done with Adams was 100 times worse.Sex for grades. It was like a bad porno plot in Sam’s mind, but unlike what she had seen in the movies, this wasn’t pleasant in the least and left her feeling even less satisfied than when she had started into class.”That was pretty decent Miss Puckett. I’d say I need to re-grade your work…” his words came out so slimy that Sam honestly wondered what she ever saw in him as he stood dressing himself. “I’m feeling like a B would be appropriate.””A B? Dude, I blew you and let you fuck and cum on my tits.””You’re right, I’m being too generous…””Wait… I will take the B.””That’s a good girl,” he said, petting her head like she was a pet. “We probably should set up an appointment each week for this… exchange.”If it were possible, Sam’s stomach would have tightened even further. The idea of him putting his old cock anywhere near perabet her was absolutely de-pressing. “Yes, sir… whatever you say.””Miss Puckett, I suggest you learn to enjoy this. Or you can find your way to the Dean of Students. I’m sure he would love to hear about my discovery.””You’re an asshole.””As the great John Cleese once said, ‘Sometimes being a nice guy is a lot about knowing when to be an asshole.’ Now run along. I will let you know when we can do this again.”Sam wanted to attack him, but s
he kept her composure until she was out of the classroom, and then she fought back tears until she could get back to her dorm. What she needed more than anything in this situation was a shower.* * *August 284:09 pmUCLA- Scott Hall3rd Floor BathroomCat Valentine was pressed tightly against the wall of the shower, barely wet. At least, as far as the water goes. As Noelle, Cat’s aggressive shower-mate, was quickly finding out, the petite redhead was practically sopping down below.The two girls kissed softly, hands exploring each other’s body. Cat was instantly envious of Noelle’s slightly larger chest, and could barely keep her hands from the pale girl’s C cups. Cat playfully ran her thumbs over Noelle’s hardened peaks, making the normally shy teen moan into the red-head’s mouth.Their make out session intensified exponentially as each girl began to get bolder in their bodily ministrations. While Cat’s hands were playfully preoccupied with her soft chest, Noelle’s hands were heading south, to grip the petite girl’s generous ass and sides. Cat squealed into Noelle’s smiling lips before Cat pulled away and sank down so she could give the raven haired teen’s heaving chest some oral attention.Cat’s mouth latched onto the supple mounds as Noelle released low moans, gripping Cat’s red hair and pushing her face as far as she could into her soft pillows. Cat’s nimble tongue circled the hardened nipple before suckling on it, biting every so often, just to keep the dark haired teen on her toes. She swapped between her sweet flesh until finally Noelle lifted her head up for a deep kiss.They kissed so deeply that for a moment Cat wondered if she might run out of air. The redhead gasped for even more air as Noelle’s mouth descended down her thin form. The dark haired teen pressed Cat’s up against the tiled shower wall further, using her thigh to spread the redhead’s legs, feeling her secretions practically drip onto her leg. Noelle licked and suckled on Cat’s small tits, nibbling softly on her extremely sensitive nubs.Cat nearly shook from the spreading goose bumps that plagued her entire body, begging for some release from the magic that the clearly more experienced girl was performing on her. Noelle grabbed Cat’s hands and placed them above their heads and situated them on the metal rod that held the shower curtain.The petite redhead looked up at Noelle with fearful eyes, but only received a seductive glance back as Noelle dropped to her knees and quickly threw Cat’s legs over her shoulders, pressing her face tightly against the hot and inviting snatch that lay before her.Noelle pressed her thumb tightly to Cat’s nub, pushing it up so her tongue could have easy access to Cat’s waiting sex. Noelle was surprised be-cause the girl tasted like bubble gum or some kind of sweet treat that she wasn’t expecting at all. It only made her want to devour the redhead’s delicious pussy. Her soft but firm tongue snaked past Cat’s lips and reached her core which made Cat jump and then her legs tightened against Noelle’s face, bucking against the raven haired teen’s hungry mouth.It didn’t take long for Cat’s release to come, and she practically squirted all over Noelle’s face, which she was happy to lick up before joining Cat face to face where the two made out while Cat continued mewling as they stepped back into the hot pouring water. The girls washed each other’s bodies, soaking themselves until Cat had to make a move.Cat became like a whole new person, from the shy sensitive girl to a wild sex kitten in a second, pushing Noelle to the wall and spinning her around. Cat moved back and pulled Noelle’s body down the wall until she was bent over.Pulling the pale girl’s ass apart, Cat began to hungrily eat out her new friend, and she tasted even better than Carly. She was tangy but there was also a cool minty-ness that made Cat all the more willing to service Noelle.Noelle quickly realized that Cat was not nearly as innocent as she seemed to be and this certainly wasn’t her first time with a girl. Her suspicions were confirmed even more when Cat’s fingers nimbly moved around her thigh and like a woman possessed, rubbed Noelle’s sex, and finally pushed her middle and ring finger up inside Noelle’s steaming snatch.Noelle elicited a long moan that only increased in vibration as Cat rapidly thrust in and out as her tongue slid up to and against Noelle’s asshole, not trying for entry but certainly flirting with it.A loud guttural moan came from Noelle’s lips as she came, her orgasm shaking her body like a seizure before Cat finally stood up and held her as the two girls rode out their sexual desires with each other.”You taste really good,” Cat said, licking her lips.”And you taste like candy, Cat. My own little sweet factory…” Noelle said slyly kissing her new friend ever so softly.Cat giggled and attempted to say something back when the curtain to their secret session was pulled back revealing Cat’s very surprised room-mate.”Holy fuck… I guess I know how Carly felt now…”

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