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Private PartyThis is how it worked.We were to book into a hotel and wait in our room. The house phone would be used to give us instructions. So when it did ring I answered and took the detail. My wife had to go to a prescribed room on a different floor, and then they moved her on to another to prevent me from knowing exactly where she was. She was to wear just black hold ups and black hi heels (we had been told the clothes selection that would be needed) and the towelling robe from the bathroom. She was to take her mobile; they would take pictures for me. She had ten minutes to get there or we would be chucked out the club, no second chances.They said, they may send a lady to entertain me, or they may not. I would have to wait and see. As it transpired I waited alone.She slipped out of her clothes and into the lingerie, a quick swipe of lipstick, she put on the bath robe and left me. I sat alone wondering what was going to happen to her. I knew she would have sex, but with one man or more, I felt certain it must be multiple partners. Would there be women? If so how would my wife react? I wanted her to be ‘popular’ I wanted her to perform well. I wanted her to be talked about as a great lover and I wanted them to envy me for having her all the time.I started to fantasise about what was or might be happening.Forty minutes or so went by, the house phone rang. I nearly jumped out of my skin.‘Hello’‘Your wife will talk to you in a moment. I want you to know she has already performed oral sex with four men.’ Hearing the voice, so matter of fact, so clinical, telling me my wife had taken four unknown penises in her mouth was such an unbelievable turn on. I instantly went rock hard and had to undo my trousers and start stroking. ‘Sorry we have no ladies for you tonight, they all want to see how the new’ he hesitated for the right word ‘woman performs.’Woman? Woman? I had expected any number of words to describe a female performing wanton acts but just woman? I was astonished by his term.‘As soon as she arrived she just got on her knees, took one gümüşhane escort in her mouth and one in her hand, she is insatiable. She is currently on her back, legs wide open with a tongue licking her clit, her head is rolling and her hips arching, I think she may well be about to come very soon, if she does I will put the phone closer to her so you can hear. Another gentleman is straddling her face, pushing himself into her mouth. He is leaning forward squeezing her lovely breasts. Your wife has incredibly pretty breasts you know; her nipples are so hard at the moment. I just finished sucking them myself. Yes her breasts are a total delight, I can hardly wait to see them swaying when she is being taken properly.’ I could hear her moaning in the background a bit and I could also hear people talking in the background, commenting on her body.‘We are also taking pictures and a bit of video on her mobile, you can enjoy the action later and bring yourself off. Would you like to speak to her’ I said I did want to.I heard the man who had been talking to me telling the one in her mouth to disengage. ‘You can speak to her now, I’ll hold the phone close.’‘Darling,’ I said, ‘how is it?’‘Oh my, I can’t tell you how good it is I think I may be…’ she stopped talking and gasped and moaned and the man came back on line ‘the tongue on her clit has worked its magic. She seems to be coming very hard, you’ll see it later on the video. I will leave the phone next to her because for the first time tonight she is about to get herself properly fucked. You’ll want to hear that of course’That startled me. He hadn’t used any bad language, he had called her a woman before, and he even said oral sex, not blow job or mouth fucked, he hadn’t called her slut or bitch, or tramp or even whore. But the use of the word fucked brought me to my senses and I suddenly understood the magnitude of what was happening. I had let my wife go unattended to a room full of virtual strangers to do whatever they wanted to her, however they wanted. And I just sat in my room escort gümüşhane waiting. Surely this wasn’t sensible behaviour, but I was allowing it, and so was she and more than that, I was stiffer than ever.But he kept up the commentary. ‘She’s just pulling her legs back as wide as she can and the man that made her come is now sliding up between her legs. He is taking his time, he is rubbing his stiff cock along her cunt lips, and I have to tell you it is quite a big one he has got, your wife confirmed it is much longer and broader than yours.’ I hadn’t expected this. It is one thing for my wife to let herself be used but to run me down, surely that isn’t right? And my equipment is a perfectly reasonable size, I know that for sure! So maybe this man is their star turn, he must be.‘He is massaging her clit with the head of his dick, her hips are bucking up and down she wants him inside her badly,’ the line went a bit quiet because I could hear him tell her, ‘aks him to push it in you, he won’t until you ask him and most women reckon he is a real treat so I would ask him nicely, he likes it when women beg.’ And I could tell the phone was moved closer to her, I could clearly make her out saying, ‘please fuck me, I’m ready now, don’t tease me, I have been waiting for ages to have a big dick like your stretch my pussy, pleeease…’Wow, what a slut she had become. She never spoke like that to me… ever! And I heard her gasp as he clearly slid into her and there was some background applause. I screamed down the phone ‘tell me what’s happening.’And I heard her voice ‘he’s in me, not all the way, still moving in me slowly, oh, oooh, ooooo so deep, and stretching me so wide, It’s wonderful, I love him. I love his bick stiff dick in me,’ and she started gasping and moaning. And I heard her uttering profanity and then she went quiet and the man came back on the line she will not speak to me anymore because there are men here that ‘want to use her mouth. We are going to turn her over and spit roast your little slut whore wife so that two gümüşhane escort bayan men at a time can enjoy her cunt, and also use her mouth as cunt.’ There he finally dropped the gentleman routine and started using the language of the gutter. He told me the women in the room wanted to see how long she could keep fucking without a break because there were plenty of men to occupy her until morning! They women, he told me in particular were always keen to see the new women’s cunts flooded with load after load of semen, so that when the slut finally stood up it was gush from inside and run down her legs. They would always stop her from cleaning up until he inside of her legs were awash with man juice. The phone went dead. I was stiff as a bean pole. I had to sit and wait. An hour or so went by before the phone rang again. I was told that her mobile was already outside my door. My wife would be back late the next morning when everyone had had their fill of her. I could watch the video and stills of her on her own phone camera, and I would have to content myself with relieving myself. She would remain as a receptacle for cock and come until there was no more juice left to squeeze out of the men and the women had seen her come covered.My wife told me that the first man was the big one there, the others were more normal but the big one felt different to anything she had ever had before. She said he was so long she could swear she felt him in her throat and so wide that she thought she would be able to get a football in there afterwards! She told me most of the men wanted to come between her legs but a couple insisted on doing it in her mouth and she had been obligated to swallow it, which she didn’t like much. And as she told me I was stiff again but she said she was so sore she didn’t want any more sex for a few days, but when she was recovered she would ‘make it up to me.’We have been invited to these private games a few times since. Occasionally my wife is the main event but often it is a different woman and I
have been invited to partake whilst my wife watches or ‘entertains’ a man or woman or both at the same time. It is all very exciting.Our sex life at home is rather more saucy and hot but we only deviate from monogamy with the club members. Well I do anyway, I am no longer so sure about her.

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