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Prison TripRecently I took my class to the local prison. It was a scared straight type of presentation. The guards brought us around and walked us through the cell blocks. Walking through the men’s area I was hounded by a bunch of the inmates who told me how they would fuck me and how I looked like I loved dick. Toward the end of the walk through I made eye contact with a few of them and blew them a kiss. They went wild. Then I made the mistake of getting a bit too close to the bars and one grabbed my arm and pulled me to the bars. The others reached out and before I knew it there were at least 6 hands holding me against the bars and fondling my breast and pussy. Startled I dropped my bag and struggled to get free. The guards were there quickly and things broke up. I grabbed my bag and rushed off the block as the inmates went wild. What I didn’t know at the time was that my license had fallen out of my bag and one of the inmates scooped it up without being noticed. This began a series of event which led to a day I will never forget.It was about a month later. I was home by myself since my husband was out with my sons at various sporting events. I was in PJ bottoms and a tank top. My usual attire for a Saturday at home. I was cleaning up the kitchen when I heard the back door open. I assumed it was my husband and the boys, although it was early for them. Without turning around I yelled hello boys, and a strange voice replied right behind me, “Hi Teach”. Shocked I spun around and was met face to face with one of the inmates from the prison. He was a black man. 6’2 and muscular. He smiled and grabbed me by my shoulders. I began to scream but he showed me a knife and told me to shut the fuck up. I listened. Behind him 4 of his friends walked into the kitchen. They were all black men of various builds but each was at least 6’ tall. The one with the knife I later found out was named Noah. He told me to stand still while his friends checked the house to see if we were alone. I told him we were. “Good”, he said. “Then we can have some fun. Remember me from prison?” I nodded. “You were such a cock tease. Time to nut up and pay us back for the blue balls you gave us”. I just stood there not sure what to do. When his friends came back they said what I already knew, the house was empty except for a dog. “Take off that top”, said Noah, pointing at my tank top with the knife. I pulled it off over my head. “nice tits,” said one of the others whose name was Damion. “ I want to feel those”. Damion walked behind me and began to fondle my tits, rubbing and pinching my nipples. It felt good. Damion hands soon made their way to the waist band of my PJs and in one pull they were on the floor. I was naked in my kitchen with 5 large black men staring at me. I waited for their next move. Another of the men (Isaiah) came toward me with my dog’s choke collar and he put it on me. “Let’s go bitch”, he said and led me out of the kitchen by the collar. The other were close behind. Isaiah led me into the tv room and had me stand in front of the tv. He told the others to strip and sit on the couch. They all quickly complied. He grabbed a pillow from the couch dropped it on the floor and told me to get on my knees. As I did he took off his pants and shirt and pointed his huge cock in my face. “Let’s see how good a cock sucker you are bitch, open up.” He shoved his cock toward my face and I opened my mouth to take it in. He was quite large, at least 10 inches so I worked the shaft down my throat slowly. I played with his balls to distract him so he wouldn’t ram his cock straight down my throat. It seemed to work. “Oh fuck yeah”, was the response I got from Isaiah which was good. Quickly though the other 4 gathered around me and I had 5 big cocks in my face all vying for some attention. By now I had most of Isaiah down my throat so I let go of his balls and just used my mouth. With my hands I reached out and simply grabbed 2 of the cocks and just started jerking them off. I rotated around the group to keep them as happy as possible so dicks were in and out of my mouth and my hands were busy as well. As a dick slapped the side of my face I would shift focus and take it into my mouth. This went on for a while. Eventually one of them grabbed a chunk of my hair and lifted me up. I quickly rose to a standing position. The shortest one (Jerome) pulled me toward the couch. tuzla escort I have a sectional couch with an attached love seat. Jerome lied down on that part with his legs hanging off the end at his knees. He pulled me down onto his cock in a reverse cowgirl position. Since I was very wet by this point I easily slid his 8 inches in with a bit of moaning thrown in. “You see niggas, I told you she would be down to fuck,” Noah yelled to the others. As I began to move up and down on Jerome’s cock, the others gathered around again and I start the circle BJ all over. After a few minutes I bent forward a bit just to change position. This must have given Jerome access to my asshole because very quickly his fingers were all around my ass, sliding in and out. First one then 2 then 3. “Shit, this bitch likes it in the ass”. Sounds of approval from the crowd. “Nah man, I need to feel that pussy first. Give her here dog.” And like that I was pulled off Jerome’s cock spun around and backed onto the coffee table. Daryl lowered me onto the table as two of the others each grabbed a leg and raised them up. “See if you can handle this bitch,” Daryl jeered as he held his massive cock in his hand, stroking it and making it bigger. It was well over 12 inches and it was thick. So thick his own hand didn’t fully encircle it. I knew he was huge from trying to take him into my mouth but thankfully I was dripping by this point so this was his best chance, not that he cared. He put that massive purple head onto my pussy lips and pressed. I just tried to breathe, almost like a reverse delivery. Instead of pushing out I was pulling in. Thankfully Daryl took it slow and increased his depth and a series of pumps. By the time he was fully in I was moaning incessantly, writhing on the table and dripping, having cum at least twice. As Daryl picked up the pace of his fucking Noah stood over my face and lowered his dick into my mouth. He pulled me slowly to the edge of the table and allowed my head to hang over the side and then reinserted his cock into my mouth. He quickly began to fuck my mouth, making me gag a number of times. He gave me breaks at times pulling out and smacking his cock all over my face rubbing my spit and his pre-cum all over. Each time he pulled out I gasped for breath and let out a loud, long moan. That only encouraged the gang. “Drop her legs,” I heard Daryl say. My legs dropped to the table and Daryl pulled his cock out of my pussy. He straddled by body, standing over me and told Noah to lift my head up and he moved toward my moth with his cock in his hand, furiously jacking it off. As he got to my tits, he unloaded his cum onto my tits and chin. He kept moving forward though and quickly pushed his cock head into my mouth. I took his last two spurts into my mouth. I swallowed his jizz and licked his cock head clean. Daryl unstraddled me and landed on the couch. I took advantage of the small lull in the action to catch my breath but it did not last long.Jerome grabbed me by the throat, and smacked my tits twice. He stood me up and spun me around, pushing me toward the couch, smacking my ass. I lied belly first onto the couch and Jerome smacked my ass hard. “On your knees bitch! You think this is rest time? There are 4 niggas here who haven’t nutted yet. And that’s just the first round. Bitch you in for a long night.” Jerome grabbed my hips from behind and pulled onto my knees, my ass facing him. As he entered my pussy from behind, Noah slid onto the couch, pulling my head back toward his cock. “You didn’t finish Teacher. Make Noah cum in your mouth.” I took Noah’s cock into my mouth and worked it into and out of my mouth as Jerome furiously fucked me from behind. The other 3 just sa
t on the couch and jerked off slowly as they watched and took pics and vids. After a few minutes, Jerome exploded into my pussy, in gushes, shooting deep into my cervix but also dribbling out my pussy. His yell was so loud he startled me as he smacked my ass until it was beat red. Noah was not far behind. I felt his balls tighten and his hand pushing his cock deeper into my throat. He exploded in my mouth but thankfully because he was so deep all his cum slid down my throat. He held my head on his cock and his dick spasmed the last few drops into my mouth. As Jerome pulled out of my pussy and Noah pulled me by the hair off his cock, Isaiah pulled me off the couch escort tuzla by the choke collar and led me to the dog’s bed in the corner of the room where he ordered me to lie down and keep quiet. “If you need to talk”, he told me, “you call me big daddy.” I lied down quietly, feeling the dog’s fur sticking to my sweat and cum covered body. The men talked about what to do with me next. Damion got off the couch during the conversation and grabbed the leash. He pulled hard, choking me and told me to crawl over to him, as he sat back down on the couch and spread his legs. He pulled me to his balls and told me to suck on them. I took his nut sack into my mouth and bean to work them around. He petted my head as he would with a dog as he talked to the others. “Big daddy,” I said timidly. “What you want bitch?” I took Damion’s balls out of my mouth again and said, “My family is coming home soon. My husband and my boys, I can get them to go somewhere else if I can call them”. I returned Damion’s balls to my mouth. The conversation shifted to how to handle the family. “Yo, I’m down for all this but I ain’t killing no one, especially k**s. Let’s go”, said Jerome. “Shut the fuck up,” said Noah, “No one is killing no one and this fun ain’t ending.” Noah grabbed my cell phone and told me to call my husband and make sure he and my boys do not come home. I nodded and took the phone. I sat on the floor between Damion’s legs, slowly jerking his cock as I made the call. First I called my mom. I asked her if she could take my k**s and feed them dinner. I told her that I was swamped with work and needed a few hours. No problem is her reply as she loves to see the k**s. She ended the call by telling me the boys could sleep over if I wanted. “Maybe”, I replied. I then called my husband and asked him to take the boys to my mom’s for dinner. I told him also that I was swamped with work and added that I was not feeling great, so he didn’t offer for us all to go out to eat. Okay is his reply. I hang up the phone and return to Damion’s balls, moving them in and around my mouth. “That’s a good bitch”, says Damion as he continues to pet my head. “Okay. So we got time now. Time for Damion to have some fun”. Damion grabbed the Leash and pulled the choker. His balls came out of my mouth as he stood up. “Let me feel how tight that asshole of your is, bitch”, said Damion. He began to turn me around, using the choker and I pleaded, “Please use lube. I have some upstairs. I can get it.” I turned and looked behind me with the sweetest smile I could muster. “Okay, bitch. Show me your bed“. Naked and cover in sweat cum and dog hair I lead Damion upstairs. As I turned at the stairs landing I could see the other 4 were following close behind. We all entered my bedroom and I went to me drawer where the lube was kept. I tried to open and close it quickly by Damion stopped me. “Wait, wait. Hold up. What is this shit”? Damion began to toss my toys and assorted sex items onto my bed. Hoots and hollers rang up from the crowd. Lying on my bed was my big black dildo, my vibrator, nipple clamps, handcuffs, bondage rope, butt plugs and lube. “Fuck I knew this chick was a freak,” yelled Noah, “I fucking knew it. Yo you niggas owe me, son. For real”. High fives were shared all around as I stood next to Damion and waited. “On the bed, bitch”, ordered Damion. “Ass in the air”. I did as I was told. Damion got behind me and I felt the lube hit my asshole. I also knew by the motion that he was also lubing up his cock. “Here we go. Let’s see if you can handle big D”, breathed Damion, as his cock head pressed against my sphincter. A little more pressure and my asshole began to open and Damion’s cock began to slide slowly in. Each stroke he went a little deeper. I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit. He stopped once for more lube but was quickly back at it. A few more strokes and he hit bottom. “Fuuuuck!!”, he yelled as he grabbed my hips and pulled himself in a bit more. “This white bitch’s ass is tight”. Then he began his pounding slow at first but rapidly picking up speed until he was hitting my ass like a pile driver. I groaned a low deep groan and came again. His cock felt unreal in my ass and I secretly longed for another black cock in my pussy. I rubbed my clit with wild abandon. “Shit this chick is down to fuck. Look at her go at her pussy. She’s loves black cock.”, said Isaiah tuzla escort bayan as he jerked himself off. “Go get that pussy, man before I do”, said Daryl. “Yeah man”, panted Damion, as he kept pounding my ass. “Here climb under”. Damion pulled up on the choke collar which got me on my hands and then up off my hands onto just my knees, while still impaled on Damion dick. Isaiah slid under my body and got his dick in position. Damion pulled out of my ass and let Isaiah slide into my pussy. The change in sensation was wonderful and I smiled and instinctively kissed Isaiah, which shocked him but he kissed me right back. Kissing Isaiah I bounced up and down on his cock. Cumming again. I felt Damion’s hands return to my hips and steady them and then he reinserted his cock into my ass. The first few strokes were awkward but the two of them soon found a rhythm and began to assault my pussy and ass together. I collapsed on top of Isaiah and began to orgasm in continual waves. “Yo”, said Isaiah, “You feel this chicks pussy its going nuts”. “Yep”, said Damion, “That’s how you know you own her ass. This bitch is ours now. She will do whatever the fuck you want, without question. We own that pussy. Ain’t that right bitch”. Damion pulled up on the choke collar and pulled my head up off of Damion, as he pounded my ass. “Tell all these niggas that we all own your pussy”. My mouth dropped open and for a second nothing came out. Isaiah lifted his head and started to suck my tits and it blew my mind. I screamed, “You own my pussy. You own my pussy. Oh god fuck me please”. I was transformed. “Tell us how much you love nigga cock”, yelled Damion, pumping even faster. “I love nigga cock. I love it so much. Ohhh fuck please give me more”, I screamed for anyone to hear. I no longer cared. Damion dropped the leash and I collapsed onto Isaiah, who began to cum deep into my pussy. It felt so warm. Damion dug hard into the side of my ass with his fingers and he came in large spurts into my ass. I was spent. My orgasms still came but much less powerful, like aftershocks in an earthquake. “Yo, hand me that butt plug”, said Damion. Noah gave it to him and as he pulled his cock out of my ass he replaced it with the plug. Then he climbed off. I gave Isaiah one more kiss then I climbed off his slowly shrinking cock and rolled onto the bed. As I got onto my back Daryl grabbed my leg and spread me open. He took my black dildo and place it into my pussy, then he took the nipple clamps and put them on me. I had nothing left in me and didn’t care anymore so I complied. Noah then grabbed the handcuffs and rope and tied my hands over my head, securing the rope to the bed. “Let that nigga sperm percolate in you some, bitch”, said Damion. Jerome, who had been jerking off during the DP suddenly rushed toward me. He grabbed my head and unleashed a huge cumshot all over my face and head. After the last spurt he stuck His cock in my mouth and told me to clean it. I happily obliged as he scrapped the jizz puddles away from my eyes
and put them in my mouth. The others followed suit and made me clean each cock with my mouth. After the last one was done I laid there naked and plugged up. I writhed around beginning to feel the urges returning. I think Noah noticed because he grabbed my vibrator, turned it on, laid it onto my clit and then used some of the rope to tie it into place. I lay there, feeling the cum in both my ass and pussy begin to again mix with my own juices. The boys were still recovering, talking about getting some beer and food before the next round when we all heard the front door open. “Hi honey. I just came to grab some stuff for the boys”. My husband entered the house. “They are going to sleep at your moms. So you better get ready because we are going to fuck tonight”. My husband walked into the kitchen. “Where are you”? Noah covered my mouth. He told the other to hide, sending 2 into the bathroom and the other 2 into the bedroom next to ours. “Tell hubby you have a surprise for him upstairs. Nothing else. Understand”? I looked up at Noah and nodded. He uncovered my mouth and moved toward the door. “I’m upstairs sweetie. Come up I have a surprise for you.”, I lay on the bed not sure what to do. “Don’t hurt him, please. He will be into this I promise.” “We’ll see”, whispered Noah as my husband came up the steps. “You in the bedroom?” He asked. “I love bedroom surprises”. He swung the door open with Noah hiding behind it. My husband walked into the room and looked at me. “Wow how’d you tie yourself up like that”? He asked just as he felt Noah’s hand on the back of his shoulder.

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