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pregnant a life changing night pt 3My Mom was in the living room looking angry when I got home. She told me to sit down and then held her hand out, showing me something. At first I was puzzled then I realised what I was looking at.It was a pregnancy test!She snarled that she was pregnant and what did I know about it. Of course I denied knowing anything about it. She referred back to that fateful night and said that something must have happened as she’d found herself naked in bed with her clothes neatly folded on a chair when she’d woken up and she had a vague recollection of being helped. I tried to convince her that I had only helped her to the bed. She screamed at me that I was insinuating that she’d been screwed by someone when she was out but she remembered everything that had happened before she was driven back to the house by her girlfriend and, at no time, had she even talked to a man. My mother is a forceful lady and soon had me confessing. Stumbling over the words I gave her an edited version of the events leaving out that I’d screwed her twice more after the initial event.She looked hard at me and, by some miracle of self-control, I managed to stare back at her as if I was telling her the whole truth. She then asked me why I had not pushed her off me when I’d discovered her identity. I tried to convince her that she could hardly blame a young man in the grip of teenage hormones to have the presence of mind to do such a thing when he was enjoying the best sex ever.She was no longer angry and she started sobbing and begging my pardon for having forced me to commit i****t. Hoping that I’d escaped my deserved fate I took her in my arms and told her how much I loved her and that I did not blame her at all and that it had been the best moment in my entire life. She took some time to calm down and then voiced her real worry. What she was going to do about being pregnant?Remembering the reason for my parent’s break-up I suggested that she have the baby she’d been wanting so ardently. She was quiet for a long time and then said that it would come out who the father was. I told her that everyone would assume it was my father’s and that he wouldn’t say anything because he wouldn’t want any scandal to affect his new relationship güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and he would assume that she’d been with another man. She said that she would think about it but she was too emotionally exhausted to make a decision right then.I made her a strong drink and a sandwich, which she didn’t eat, and was as solicitous as I could be. She went to bed early leaving me thinking about what a shit I was.The next day she was bright and breezy and said that she had given it a lot of thoughts and had decided that she would have the baby and she thanked me for being so supportive. That evening we went out to a fancy restaurant and she couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful it was going to be to have a baby in the house. By the time we got back we were both very merry. She poured herself a drink then put some music on and insisted that I dance with her. Having that lush body moulded itself against mine, with her large warm breasts squashed against my chest and her lower belly against my crotch, led to the inevitable result. I desperately wanted to pull away before she felt my erection rubbing against her sex. It just wouldn’t be right then (or any other time, for that matter) for her to feel my arousal after the trauma of the past few days. She didn’t seem to mind so we continued dancing but it was more like dry humping. Her head was resting on my shoulder and her eyes were closed and she was humming to the music.My cock throbbed constantly against her lower tummy and eventually she pulled her head back and her eyes locked onto mine. She said that she’d not thanked me properly for having given her the best present ever and making her the happiest woman in the world. Suddenly our lips met. It began as a chaste kiss but, within seconds, became a full blown French-kiss fuelling uncontrollable passion. Clothing began flying in all directions as we undressed each other and, in almost no time, we were both naked. Somehow we made our way to the couch and she slumped down on her back with her legs spread wide open.Her entire sex was exposed; a confection of coral hued lips and a deeper pink sheath and I saw the outer lips fold inward under the force of my cock’s entry. At the same time tipobet güvenilir mi it seemed to free the nub of her clitoris which poked out as if curious to know what was going on. I knelt on the floor and shuttled forward. She shrieked with pleasure as my cock slithered like a well-oiled piston into the hot maw of her sex and rubbed against her love button as it did so. It felt even better than that fateful night. It was awesome. The power of that first thrust forced her buttocks to roll under and her legs to fly up in the air while her large breasts bounced from side to side like buoys in a stormy sea.I was so excited that my fucking was wild and un-rhythmic. It was as if I’d forgotten everything that Myra Tinkwell had taught me. I pounded my nine-inch cock all the way inside my mother’s sex until the knob banged against her cervix, again and again. My hands were digging into the firm white flesh of her buttocks. My flame-haired mother’s mouth was wide open gasping for air as I massaged her quivering breasts. Her muscular buttocks were undulating lasciviously in rhythm with in and out shuttle of my cock into her fiery sex. A sensation of absolute power gripped me as I fucked my mother with all the power of my young body. I gripped her hips and levered my body forward, using my weight to plunge the last inch of my cock into her body. I felt the fleshy sheath grasp it like a velvet fist. My mother spread her quivering thighs even wider as her body writhed and undulated uncontrollably. She groaned loudly in abandoned lust. The moist folds of her vagina gripped me so tightly that, at time, I had trouble stroking my cock in and out. Her beautiful face was distorted with passion and little cries of ecstasy escaped from between her clenched-teeth. Her long legs gripped my hips as tightly as a wrestling hold as I thrust my rampant cock into her repeatedly.I was smoking-hot that evening seeming able to fuck her as hard as I could without having to control any urge to ejaculate. Nothing else existed in the world, at that moment: no sin, no father, no baby, no difference in age, no mother and son, nothing but a need to make that woman mine forever by fucking her better than she’d ever been fucked. She tipobet giriş seemed gripped by the same madness as me. She writhed, twisted and contorted her body as she pulled her legs back to her shoulders, bending them at the knees, offering herself completely and spurring me to greater efforts with the heels of her feet beating a tattoo on my buttocks.I could hardly believe that my mother was by far the best fuck I’d ever experienced. My own mother!Who would have believed that my mother was the ultimate fuck!Her sex was gripping my cock like a hungry mouth seeming to suck on my knob as if to pull it back inside her at the beginning of each stroke. It felt as if it was urging me to shoot a massive load of sperm deep in inside it. I was driven to pound her even faster and harder. Knowing that she was going to give birth to my baby was a powerful aphrodisiac. I loved her more than life itself.The intensity of the coupling could not last. I drew back, one last time, and then slammed my cock back inside her wonderful pussy as hard as I could and I believe that I screamed as my searing sperm blasted out into the furthest reach of her cunt. The gut-wrenching ejaculation caused my body to jerk forward and lift her bottom off the couch so that she was suspended with only her shoulders resting on the seat of the couch. I ejaculated long and hard; longer and harder than I’d ever come in my life and if my mother had not already been pregnant she surely would have been impregnated then. She must have come, at the same time as I did, because her screams of ecstasy joined wi
th my groans of pleasure.Slowly we wound down from the most intense coupling possible. We were hugging each other tightly, clinging as though never wanting the moment to end. As our breathing normalised we kissed, the first real kiss between two people who really loved each other more than anybody else in the world. Eventually we made it upstairs and it seemed the most natural thing in the world that we shared her bed.That night was the turning point. I changed college, enrolling at our local one, so that I could be with her. My mother got her divorce and my father married his girlfriend. My mother gave birth to a girl and we’ve named her Elizabetha and she is adorable. Of course, as far as outsiders know, she is my sister and we will bring her up as such until the time we move. Cathleen (I can’t keep calling her Mom can I?) is so over the moon with Elizabetha that she wants more c***dren and the only way that can happen is if we move somewhere where nobody knows us.

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