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Preacher’s DaughterI grew up in a small town about 45 miles from a very popular beach in SC, but spent most of the days after school and week-ends working on our farm. My high school friends and I would occasionally take off to the beach for a day/night and always had a great time. Shortly after graduating High school, my family sold our farm, bought a house and moved to the beach. After several miscellaneous jobs in restaurants and construction, I landed a job as a desk clerk at a motel near the boardwalk, amusements, etc. This motel was known for renting to the “party” crowd rather than several others that were more family oriented.I loved this job! Being single and in my early 20s, I was having a blast. I spent the days hanging out on the beach working on my tan; usually with some friends or girls I had met the night before or cruising the boulevard on my motorcycle. I grew up riding motorcycles of all types, sizes, etc… The motorcycle I had was very unique compared to all the newer motorcycles. It was one of the original crotch rocket type and it was simply “bad ass”. Nights were spent hanging out in front of the motel or cruising the boulevard on my motorcycle with a group of friends. It was so much fun to be able to choose who I wanted to ride on the back. Even though they just wanted to “show off” still a win-win as I would end up with the girl in the room connected to the office at the motel.During the peak of the summer, the motel was completely booked and most people had checked in and were partying. I would often know where the cool parties were and would lock the office and go join in. There were too many nights to mention where I would end up with a girl from somewhere else that wanted to have fun while out of karabük escort town. It started when they would check-in. I would start with a mild flirtatious conversation and by the end of the week, I would get together with them and their friends at different times.One particular instance was memorable enough to share.There were a couple of girls I checked in for a week and I was flirtatious as usual. One of them was a brunette, slightly heavier than the typical girls, but was very pretty and had really large breasts. She caught me staring at them. She smiled and then told me know that she was a preacher’s daughter. So, I thought there would be no chance and didn’t give it much thought, but then it became a challenge.I didn’t see them much through-out the week, which is not uncommon with so many people around. However, one night later that week I was hanging out in front of the motel as usual. It was getting late and nothing was really happening. Then, a couple of my friends stopped by to hang out. About that time, I recognized the preacher’s daughter (to the best of my recollection, her name was Rachel) and her friend headed back to the hotel. I asked if they wanted to get some beer and hang out with us in one of the empty rooms. They agreed, so I went to get a room key while a couple of guys went to get beer.We started playing quarters and were having a great time. Rachel’s friend had hit it off with one of my friends and they were making out. Rachel was getting a little wasted and wanted to lie down on the bed. We hit it off really well and I joined her on the bed. MTV music videos were playing, but were listening to the radio. Rachel and I were kissing; nothing too serious while the others were playing cards.Then, escort karabük the song “Casanova” came on the radio. Rachel jumped up, ran across the room and turned out the lights. Then ran back to the bed, unzipped my jeans and started sucking my semi-hard cock like a porn star!! OMG!! I was rack hard in seconds as she would take every inch of it slowly with suction on the head. It was really intense. Then, someone turned the lights back on, but she kept going. I looked over and the guys continued playing cards. One of my friends looked at me and all I could do was smile while she continued to slide her mouth up and down my hard cock.I was really getting into this and was getting close to exploding when the song ended and so did she!! I asked why she stopped and she said “that song make me do crazy things”. Wow!So, I immediately grabbed her hand and we went to the motel office, which had a connecting room behind the front desk. There were many more before her, but I was fascinated with her and was in total lust at this point. We began to kiss more passionately, undressing each other until we were completely nude. I decided to return the favor by pleasing her the same way she did for me. I kissed my way around her neck to her left shoulder, then down her chest to her left breast.. leaving a moisture trail with my tongue. Caressing and massaging her right breast and nipple I take her left nipple in my mouth and roll my warm wet tongue around it… feeling it become erect and hearing her moan softly was extremely erotic.. Then sliding my right hand down her back.. around her hip.. down her thigh.. feeling her tremble.. Then bringing my right hand up her inner thigh.. before brushing against her pussy lips.. she karabük escort bayan let out a whimper.. and moved her hips to meet my fingers, which caused them to part her lips and slide inside.I leaned her over.. laying her on the back on the bed. Kissing my way up the right side of her inner thigh.. again leaving a moisture trail until I reach her wet pussy.. parting the lips with my tongue and pressing inside.. My tongue finds her clit and pressing harder against it moving my head around keeping the pressure against it.. I hear her moans get louder.. Then feel her hands on the back of my head. She pulls me hard against her and begins rocking back and forth.. setting the rhythm. After several intense minutes, she increases the rhythm.. cumming hard on my face and tongue.We catch our breath while I am rubbing and caressing her legs, which are spread wide, looking at her breasts and her beautiful pussy with short trimmed hair. The only light is from the street coming through the window. Just enough to highlight her sexy body. While still rubbing her leg, I reach down with my right hand and begin to stroke my now hardening cock. Mmm.. Such an erotic scene..She was soaking wet and whimpering. She looked me in the eyes and said “Take me now.” I stood up and put one of her legs on each of my shoulders. I began teasing her wetness with the tip of my hard cock.. just barely sliding in. Her whimpers were getting louder. She then slid her legs down and pulled me into her. Sliding all the way in her hot wet pussy. We fucked and sucked each other in every position imaginable and multiple orgasm until the sun came up.I was at the motel a couple of days later when they checked out. She just smiled and winked at me as she left. Wow! I can only imagine how many others she had done that week and where did I rank. I didn’t care. I was blown away and will never forget it. Every now and then, I will hear that song on the radio and feel a little stir as I replay the feelings I experienced.

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