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POST MADGEWifes been all go since her Aunt Madge visited, planning the start of her new job. Since then Steph has re-appeared and the girls caught up over drinks. Catching me in the hall way, Steph pecked me on the cheek and her hand cupped by balls through my trousers. Asked if I was ok with the arrangements and perhaps while the wife was out to work she could come over and help out, her hand squeezing the sack a little harder. Extracting myself and saying your always welcome (so the wife heard), the 3 of us settled into the lounge and emptied a couple of bottles before the girls started to get rude and horny, Steph listening to the events of the night Madge stayed with her boys. she expressed a desire to be informed if the opportunity arose again, the wife saying that it was likely now she was working for her. Asking how my arse was, I decided to show them and dropped my trousers and pants and spread my arse in front of illegal bahis siteleri their faces. Laughing the wife slapped a cheek while stephs finger ran down the crack. Turning round my semi cock in full view the wife reached out and grabbed the shaft while Steph grabbed the wifes tits and they kissed. leaning in they kissed my how very semi hard cock from both sides and Steph reached round and probed my arse hole. The wife extracted her tits from her top and Steph started to kiss and lick her nipples while the wife came back and clamped her lips around my purple bell end pushing back the foreskin as far as she could. Steph lifted her fat arse from the sofa and pulled her dress up to her waist, exposing her stocking tops opening her legs the wife reached over and started to finger her snatch. Steph lifted her head from the nipples and replaced the wifes mouth on my bell end. Her red lips clamped on the shaft risksiz bahis veren siteler leaving a lipstick mark. The wife moved off the sofa and undressed, knelling down she spread my arse cheeks and stuck her tongue out to lick my crack and ring. I could feel her tits against the back of my legs as she forced her mouth into my arse crack, licking and sucking at the anal entrance. Steph was working my cock with both mouth and hand and I could feel my ball sack tighten. I going to come you bitches I said and the girls increase the intensity of the wanking and anal probing as I blew 3-4 ropes of spunk into Stephs mouth. Leaving my arse the wife went and kissed Steph and got her share of the sticky white fluid. The girls kissed again as I sat down to recover. watching the girls pleasure each other, Steph removed her dress and the wife buried her head between the thighs to get to her cunt. casino siteleri The fat arse and belly being kneaded by the wife as steph forced her head between her legs to lap up the cunt juice. The wife arse stuck up and I could see her brown crack and her pink cunt glistening as she brought her friend to climax. Moving abck to sit on the sofa the wife instructed Steph to fuck her and Steph obliged by inserting first one finger then 2 -3 – 4, pushing the cunt lips apart, steph hand then disappeared into the cunt, the wife screamed at steph to fist her to close her hand inside her cunt to maximise the hand size by making a fist inside the cunt to stretch out the cunt walls. Steph obliged and the wife continued to scream and tell steph to force her hand further into her body. Almost punching my wifes cunt Steph moved her fore arm in and out, not leaving the cunt but working the inside. The wife climaxed, shuddering and swearing at the both us, with stephs hand removed from the cunt, it closed but the lips stayed apart stuck to the crotch. Steph licked her hand and sucked on 2 red nailed fingers and rested, Both asked for a drink and having seen that sight I could have carried a third glass on my cock it was so hard.

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