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Pops, I think she is pregnantHow does one start with, opps I think I got her pregnant……well it turns out that I might have got my mistress pregnant. It all starts with my drought and sex, plus the wife going thru her womanhood stuff. I got bored on night at work, and tapped on my phone for apps to keep me sane. Checking out, I came across one that caught my eye. Jenn Latino Asian and sexy as hell, and soon we met. The first time was just us talking, and that’s all I was expecting from this new friendship. The next two dates were led to me massaging her bare ass naked, and she massaging my back. Each time we met afterwards she was naked, and I slowly undressed each clothing intill I was naked with her. As this first day of us both naked, I stared at her sexy 5’1″ 110lb long black hair and eyes, her soft sexy tanned skinned body with a very nice shaved pussy. One of the things that turned me on with her, is her small sexy feet. She let me massage them and suck on her toes, which led to her fingering her pussy each time. On this specific meetup, my cock was hard and needing to fuck her pussy. See sex with her took time to build up, first it was massages, then food play into oral, and then oral sex. She blew me like a pro, and I licked canlı bahis şirketleri her world. So I met her, and we got dinner to go. Once inside her place, clothes offand dinner started. We eat and chilled, before long Jenn went to grab a shower. I followed in shortly, walking up to grab her ass, then my hands on her perky boobs. We kissed, we played and then in the full size shower we 69ed on the ground. The feel of her sucking water splashing around had me shooting my load in her mouth fast. As she was cumming soon, Jenn shift herself to face me as she rode my mouth. That sight had me hard as ever, her sexy body with water showering down her. After fucking around in the shower, we started to walk to her room. As we got close to her entrance, I grabbed her ass once again, then her hips, and kissed her neck while playing with her boobs. I turned her around, lifted her up, and lowered her on my waiting dick. leaning on the wall, her legs wrapped around me, I went into fucking drill her pussy. Her small body was perfect, as I held her and fucked her, I was in heaven. As we fucked, I was kissing her neck which turned her on more with words of fuck me harder baby, to oh yes baby that’s is so fucking good, and my personal fav…omg….fuck perabet giriş yes. Standing up position was a great spot for us, but after the hard fucking, my knees need a break, so I lowered us down to the floor. Jenn on top, fucked the shit out of my cock, she rode like a horse in a race… Her moaning got loud, and I see her face as she came, hard. After she was done, she climbed off and slowly went to the bed. She was leaning in it, ass out, and I walked up shifted her legs. Jenn looked back, saying oh yeah baby, fuck that ass. I eased into her asshole, and fucked her extreme tight ass. Her ass overwhelmed me, and soon I was jerking from my cock shooting my load into her ass. I pulled out and she dropped to her knees and suck me cleaned, I stood with a wow face. We soon climbed on the bed, me eating her pussy soon afterwards. Jenn yelled to fuck her good, now!. I shift her legs on to my chest, slide my cock in and sucked her toes. We fucked good, me sucking her and she played her pussy with her hands while I fucked her. She came several times, each time tell me to Give it to her baby”,. As we are fucking I’m wearing a condom, which she requested, I noticed the new one is slowing me down. I pull out and watch as my coak perabet güvenilir mi gets small, which she asking to fuck her more. The first ones were mine, this was her condom, whiched I pulled off. With her saying baby com on and finish fucking pussy, it wants to fuck your cock. I turn, look her sexy body, and feel the cock reborn. I ease back in, and she shivers from the natural feel of my dick. I start to fuck her, kissing her neck, and whisper that I’m all natural in her pussy. Jenn asks that I’m fucking her with no protection,, I say yes, and we stop. I lean up, and she looks at me, then she places her feet on my mouth. I suck her toes, she finally responds with, then fuck this pussy and go all in. Legs split, lean back in, cock inside, and pound her pussy, hard and with urged to unload. Jenn holds me tight, legs wrapped around, and “fuck me baby”, she says. I cum, but I hold as i fuck her, as long as I could, then my cum fills her tight small pussy. I take a minute, kissing her boobs and then her body, I don’t wait long to fuck her again, and again. Each time, I cum, she wan rots me to fuck her more. Before long I’m spent, and so was she, as I watched cum oozing out of her. We fell asleep and then couple hours later before I left, we fucked at the door. Couple days later we talked about what to do, which led to us fucking in the parking garage again. Last we spoke, her period was late, but her cycle is off from time to time…..I hope she is not but hey a Prego sex is an interesting fanstey hmmm…..

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