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Playing in the woodsMy father died when I was very young, so I never met him. Mom said he was a good man, and a good provider. Mom had to work long hours to pay for the home and car, as well as all the bills, so I was alone most of the time after school. As I grew older I went father from the house to explore. One day after school and doing my homework, I hopped on my bike and rode to the other side of the neighborhood where a wooded area was. Walking around it looked like no one had been there for a while. I seen what looked like a huge mud puddle, with what looked to be a large tree limb laying across it. I started to walk across the limb,doing the best balancing act I could do. Halfway across I heard a snap,and before I could run back the limb snapped and I fell in. It wasn’t deep but the mud stunk bad. I ran back to my bike and rode home. Halfway home a car stopped and the man asked if I was okay and what happened. I told him what I did and wanted to get home and have a bath. Turns out he knows my mother and me,but I didn’t remember him.Mr. Robertson was his name, and was a widower with grown k**s.He told me to put my bike in the trunk and get in the car. Doing as I was told, I put the bike in the trunk and climbed in the car. He said he’d bring me to his house tekirdağ escort to get washed up and clean my clothes before I went home. When we pulled in the driveway Mr. Robertson said to go in the backyard so he could hose me down before going inside the house. He spraid me down, then said to take everything off, and go upstairs to the bathroom. I took everything off and handed them to him, and went inside. Mr. Robertson came upstairs and ran the bath water for me. I got in and started washing myself. Mr. Robertson said to let him wash my hair,so I did. After he rinced the soap off he started washing my back. He laughed and said since I’m here and already wet I may as well do the rest, then told me to stand up. He washed my arms and legs, then my butt.He said to turn around so he could do my front. I turned, held out my arms and spread my legs. He washed my face,chest,and the front of my legs. When he started washing my groin, the roughness of the cloth and his hand made my little dick stand up. I tried to cover it up, but he slapped my hands away and laughed. He said ” ether it wants to say hi, or wants so attention “. Embarrassed, I said I was sorry. Lately it has a mind of its own. He said don’t worry about it, it’s natural. I stepped out of the tekirdağ escort bayan tub and dried off, Mr. Robertson went down stairs. I wrapped a towel around me and followed him. He put my clothes in the washer, then asked me if I was hungry, I said yes. He made me a sandwich and poured a glass of milk. He sat on the couch and turned on the tv. After eating I asked if I could watch tv with him. He said yes, but said I had to sit on his lap since the towel was wet and didn’t want the couch wet. I hopped up on his lap and leaned back. After a few minutes he put his arm around me and gave me a hug. I rested my head against his shoulder, and started watching tv. The buzzer on the washer went off,so he told me to hop up so he could put my clothes in the dryer. When he came back he said to give him the towel to dry, I handed to him and covered my dick, he laughed and said don’t worry about it, we’re the only ones here. When he came back he said to hop up on his lap, so I did,and leaned back against him again. He put his arm around my waist and rested his hand on my stomach, just above my dick. After a few minutes his hand moved down till it was touching my soft dick. For some reason his hand being so close to it, my dick started to grow. Mr. Robertson escort tekirdağ looked down and said ” what do we have here.” Embarrassed, I went to cover myself, he said don’t worry about it,so I relaxed and watched the show that was on. I felt his hand move till his fingers were over my little stiff dick. Slowly he let his fingers close around it. The feeling of his cool fingers was exciting, my breathing quickened and my heart started beating faster. He moved his hand up and down slowly for a few minutes, then he whispered if I liked that. I mumbled out yes, good boy he said. Why don’t you laughed down he said, and spun me sideways till my head was on the arm of the couch and my legs were stretched out across the couch. Laying down my dick stood straight up. Mr. Robertson licked his fingers, cupped my dick, with started stroking up and down. I never felt anything like this before, and it was great. I started getting a odd feeling inside me,and I started to shake. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. Mr. Robertson asked if I liked that, very much I said. My dick started to throb, and I felt like I had to pee. I said I had to go to the bathroom, he put his other arm across my chest and said just relax. My head was swimming and my body shook, then liquid started spurting out of my dick. How did you like that he asked. I couldn’t speak, I just smiled. He said to hop up and let him clean me up. After my clothes were done I got dressed. He said to come back tomorrow and we can do it again. I said I will.

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