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PeepingUntil I reached about 21 I used to go for runs or walks in the evenings, sometimes really late in the evenings when people would be going to bed. This particular evening I decided id go for a walk around the village i lived in. I left the house because I was a little horny but fed up of masterbating so I thought I’d go out and burn up the pent up testosterone.As I was walking around I noticed lights on in people’s bedrooms and in one particular house I seen a young couple having a kiss in their bath robes, they met in front of what I assumed was their bed and wrapped their arms around each other and kissed, the man picked his girlfriend up and pushed his face into her chest, he turned around with her wrapped around him and then threw her down, walked to the window and closed the blinds. The experience got me thinking, what else could I see if I was more observant whilst walking around. I walked around nearly every street in the village and I didn’t see a single bit of movement, sometimes the odd silhouette in a bathroom but nothing that would tickle my fancy.I decided I’d take a bit more risk and if a house had their lights on I would sneak around and look in their windows, I tried this on two houses. The first house I sat and watched a middle aged couple watching tv on their sofa. They sat their eyes glued to it, the man was quite rotund, had lost his hair, his wife on the other hand was well kept, slender with brunette hair. I couldn’t help but wonder how those situations come around, a wife still beautiful and active and a husband unkept and greedy.I quickly moved on, I was nervous but it was really exciting, I felt like a ninja, moving in and out of the shadows. I came to the second house and hopped over the garden gate and sneaked around the back. I check for any security lighting and moved towards the windows. I was totally concealed from neighbours prying eyes, I peered over the window ledge and a young woman was standing washing the dishes. I ducked immediately as I was in her eyeline but I’d already seen what I needed to see. She had an apron on, covering from her breasts and below her waist but in the split second that I seen her, I was sure she had nothing else on.I went further away from the window, when it’s dark and you have your lights on in your house all you can see when looking out of your window is a reflection of yourself. I settled in some bushes and peered over to the kitchen window, there she was and she was most certainly washing the dishes naked which I thought was strange but then again I’m wondering around people’s gardens peeping through their windows for fun.The lady was in her mid 20’s, there was a sparkle on her ring finger and I could just about make out that she was married and not just engaged. She was fair skinned, her hair was short, cut into a bob resting just above the shoulders. She was slim, skinny in fact, her apron didn’t have much curve around the breasts so I assumed she had small petite breasts. She finished washing the dishes and started to dry them, she walked away from the kitchen counter to put some plates away, as she did this, it was confirmed, she was definitely still naked, her ass was bare, it was a small petite butt, not shapeless though, she had some meat their but it was a fit strong ass, she was probably a runner or a regular gym user.The lady adana escort didn’t finish drying the dishes, she walked to the kitchen door, undid her apron and hung it up, opened the door and walked out, turning the light off as she left the room.I couldn’t see where she had gone, I circled the house some more and discovered where she was, she was standing at the entrance to the living room, leaning against the doorframe. I peered around the room, the first thing I noticed was the Tv, it was huge, way too big for the room, it was playing porn, maybe it was a porn channel or maybe it was a dvd of some sorts. I notice a figure sitting on the sofa, a naked man, also slim/skinny like the girl. They were talking briefly, then the woman walked away from the room. I watched the man, his cock was hard and he was slowly jacking off whilst watching this porno. I thought it was odd, his quite attractive wife was naked, completing chores whilst he’s sitting in the other room naked masterbating to porn.I continued to watch, the porn was quite hardcore, a woman was handcuffed to a massage table and had maybe 10 guys standing around her taking it in turns to fuck her and cum on her, they were slapping her, fisting her, making her gag. Her face and breasts were covered in jizz.I heard the naked man shout something, I thought i heard him shout ‘Lucy’. Moments later the naked woman entered the room again, she walked over to him and got on her knees, the man stood up and over her. He was skinny but his cock was of reasonable size, good length but not so thick. Within seconds of him standing up he started to ejaculate over this woman’s face, a huge squirty load, endless amounts of watery looking cum. The naked guy left the room, the woman just knelt there, covered in jizz, her eyes closed as she couldn’t open them without her being blinded.Moments later the man came back in the room and took a photo of his wife, he then used his thumbs to move the cum out of her eyes and she opened them, flash, another photo was taken. He passed her a towel and left the room, the lights in the house suggested he’d gone upstairs and before I knew it he was in his bedroom, the curtains closed and then the bedroom light went off.I looked back in the living room, his wife was turning off the tv and still cleaning herself up, she left the room and returned with a cloth and wipes the cum that had missed her and hit the carpet, she turned the lights off and made her way to bed.I sat down, my back against the house wall, I couldn’t believe what I had just seen, I was really horny from it all but I found it unusual, I walked back around the house, hopped the fence and run home. The next night was a Friday evening i decided I would pay my newly married pervert friends another visit to see if any more naughtiness happened, I made my way round earlier in the evening and set myself up behind a tree in their back garden. Again, they were both completely naked but this time they were alone, there was two more guys there, all of them sat around a dining table in the kitchen. The lady (Lucy), was naked serving them dinner, as she served one of the men the guy turned to face her and slapped her ass, his hand stopped on her right cheek and groped her. I could see her wince from the instant pain but she smiled at him and continued to serve.I watched on, I was adana escort bayan transfixed, the enjoyment of watching someone’s sex life right in front of me was exciting.Once dinner was finished the group of guys went into the living room and the skinny husband popped a dvd on, obviously it was another porn one, all three men sat there next to each other with their cocks in hand warming themselves up. I kept my eyes on the tv but I was also looking out for Lucy, she was more attractive tonight, she’d done her hair, it looked tidier and her face was lightly covered in make up, she had really pretty eyes. The porn started, this time it was an old vintage movie, some woman travelling around fucking her way to pay for it, the final scene was coming to an end. The woman was being fucked by a pilot, it was fairly tame to be honest compared to the night before. I looked at all three men, firstly the husband with his long slim penis, then the guy to his right, a chubby guy, quite hairy, he had a short thick cock, a girl would enjoy it, they seem to like thick cocks rather than long ones in my experience. Then the guy to the husbands left, an Asian fella, quite muscly firstly I noticed his balls, they were big, like two potatoes next to each other, then I seen he had both his hands around his dick, one at the base and one on top of that one, there was still maybe two inches on show, I tried to make some Assumptions, let’s assume the width of his hand is 4 inches, he had both of them clasps around his cock, makin
g his cock 8 inches but then there was at least another 2 inches on show, surely this guys dick wasn’t around the 10 inch mark. The size of the thing excited me, I wanted him to remove his hands completely to see what he was packing properly. The next thing ‘Lucy’ was shouted, she walked into the room, her husband pointed at his cock. She turned around and back onto his lap, her face showed a lot of discomfort, her husbands cock was pushed inside of her but she clearly wasn’t horny. She moved on his cock gently, he pushed her away after 2 minutes and she kneeled down and he again cum on her face, this time the cumshot was a lot smaller, a few beads of cum dropped out onto her face. The guy to her husbands right stood up and cum on her face as well, a couple of good shots on her face, he seemed to wipe his hand on her face, rubbing the cum around it. The two guys sat back down, the next guy stood up and walked over to Lucy, it revealed his cock, it wasn’t 10 inches, my maths were off, I’d say an 8 inch cock but it was probably thicker than the other guys dick, could’ve been over 6 inches in thickness. He walked over to Lucy, the two guys watched him with interested, they had a kind of smirk on their faces like they were excited to see the finale. The man picked Lucy up, he threw her in the air, catching her and moving her legs so that they wrapped around him, she put her arms around him, he let go of her legs with one hand and pushed his big cock inside her, again I seen her face wince with pain. He was in full control, he bounced her up and down his cock, I could see she had some tears rolling down her face, after 5 minutes of it I could see that although she wasn’t enjoying it, her pussy had moulded to this guys big dick and the sex was bearable. The big man bent Lucy over and fucked her, every escort adana thrust nearly sent her over, her hands gripped the carpet. The big man then put lucy back into a kneeling position and stood in front of her, he jacked his cock of with both of his hands, clearly he did this every time he masterbated, eventually he cum over her face, a standard cum shot, three squirts but the power that they came out meant that his thick white load bounce off of Lucy’s face and sprayed over her hair and down her body. Lucy stayed in that kneeling position whilst the men got changed, when they all left the room she started to clean herself up.I was so confused, she clearly didn’t like it so why was she doing it, her husband leant in through the doorway and seemed to say goodnight. Lucy sat on the couch in silence for a moment, then I noticed her hands groping her boobs, then her pussy. She started furiously masterbating, two fingers pressed hard on her clit and moving round in vigorous circles. She stopped, she clenched her hand bringing four of her fingers tightly together and inserted them inside her, no warming up, just deep inside her, she didn’t take it slow, she carried on with this rapid rate of arm movement. Eventually I could see her body shaking to orgasm, I had watched for 15 minutes and I hadn’t even played with my self once. Lucy went to bed and I went back home. She clearly enjoyed this kind of role play a lot, which settled me.I got home, horny and in need of ejaculating, I walked into my bedroom and Chloe was lying there naked on her front, her ass looked amazing, I took my clothes off and started to play with myself, I stood over her body stroking my cock, partly thinking of Lucy fucking her self with her hand and partly of what beauty lied in front of me. I grabbed some lube and applied it to my cock, I straddled chloe and pushed my cock into her pussy, and made 4 thrusts before she started to stir, I pulled my cock out and finished myself off and cum all over her back. She mumbled ‘what the fuck are you doing’‘I just needed a release, I’ll clean you up don’t worry’‘You better clean me up you dirty bastard, as if you just put your dick inside me whilst I’m sleeping’.I walked away and got some tissues to clean chloe up. As i was cleaning her up I kind of realised that what I’d just done was nearly the same as the weird but curiously wonderful house I’d just been perving on.I went back to that house many times after that, I never seen anything happen again, eventually I seen that Lucy was no longer there but instead some younger version was there. I assumed there was a break up and some young desperate teen was happy to fulfill this guys dirty needs.I thought about this the other day, in fact this morning so I told Chloe I was going to put my dick in her pussy and video me finishing myself off so that I could give you all a sense of what I did that evening. I sat masterbating next to her whilst watching porn, she half sleeping, I was real close to cumming so I got up, grabbed some lube and lubed my dick up. I lifted the bed covere off of chloe and placed my hand between her thighs, they were tight together but I managed to get some lube on her closed lips. I straddled her, placed my dick between her butt cheeks and started to thrust, rubbing her ass hole with my wet cock. Her legs opened slightly, I was so close to cumming already, I slid my cock inside of her closed flower, I couple of pushes and I was all the way inside her, I thrusted once and then pulled out and wanked, cumming over her back. She has no idea I filmed the ending

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