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Passion for soiled undies…part 2.After finding my dad’s spunked up undies in the laundry hamper & getting all dirty with them AND squirting my 1st ever full-on boy-load because of them I couldn’t get the image of all that thick gooey adult spunk out of my mind.Drying off after my shower & then returning to my bedroom to get dressed my knob was stiffening again.Idly stroking it & feeling my balls flopping about I decided to bang one out again but I didn’t get chance…my sodding mother called up the stairs, “Are you gonna be all bloody day up there? Well your breakfast’s ready so get your arse down here…NOW”.Jeez,that woman had perfect timing,NOT.But to save myself from another tongue lashing I grudgingly quit stroking my boner & got dressed…Adidas trackies,blue with the double white stripe down bahis firmaları the legs & me favourite Fred Perry t-shirt,used to be dark blue but was a now a milky blue after so many washes.As I slipped me feet into my trainers I realized I hadn’t put any undies on…damnit,I couldn’t be arsed,what was it called?…going commando,yeah I’d go commando,lol.Just as I left me bedroom mam called up, “Bring the laundry hamper down will you?” Oh for christ’s sake,what was I,her sodding slave? Muttering to myself I detoured to the bedroom & there it was again,that smell! Well I couldn’t help meself could I? I lifted the lid & there they were,my dad’s soiled undies.Goes without saying that me knob stiffened up.I picked them out of the hamper & shoved me nose in the material &,boy,it was lush.They tipobet güvenilir mi were still sticky with the spunk & I stuck me tongue out & licked some of the ripe,tangy gloop.Hmmm,wasn’t bad,not bad at all.”Will you move your ruddy arse…for God’s sake”Jesus Christ,does that woman ever shut the f*ck up? Whinge,whinge,whinge,every bloody day!”YESSSSSSS,I’m coming”.Well fat chance of THAT…cumming I mean.Then,from nowhere this thought popped in me head…take ’em,use ’em later to wank over.WTF?! But know what…I did.I folded them up & quickly dashed to me bedroom.Where to hind them though? If mam found them…well it didn’t take a genius to work out what would happen.AHAAAAAA,thought I,I’ll put them on,simples.Well,wouldn’t you,lol.F*ck,it felt bloody fantastic bets10 slipping into me dad’s spunky kecks.And as I pulled on me trackies my worry that the smell would give me away didn’t materialise.Only thing was…my rigid boner,lol.Dipping me hand down the waistband I rearranged me knob so it was up against me & then snapped the waistband on the bell-end to keep it secure.Dragging the laundry hamper downstairs I went into the kitchen where dad was finishing his toast,”Well,you took your time…your cereal’s gone soggy”.And do you know,I just smiled at me mam & didn’t even answer back.All I knew was I’d got my knob inside me dad’s dirty sticky undies,& it felt GREAT.Now all I had to do was find a way,or somewhere quiet I could go so I could wank me stiffie in dad’s kecks & hopefully spunk a good load of boy-spunk in them.As if my dream was answered the phone rang & it was me mate, “Hey,you wanna meet up…got summat well filthy to show ya”…….And that was how we ended up having the best,spunky day,EVER.Or one of them at least. ;-)More to come…if you like.

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