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PartyWhat a party it was. My girlfriend had talked her single mother into letting us have a party in their house and there must be 40 people at one point. We were all in college and home over the weekend, so my girlfriend talked her mother into letting us party there instead of going out and get drunk somewhere else. Lisa’s mother, Bella was a cool 40+ year old who thought it was better if we did not drink and drive. Or got in trouble for being drunk out on the streets. We were all over the drinking age, so that was not a problem. Bella spent a lot of the party hanging out drinking with all of us. There was a lot of alcohol, so please got pretty wild. When some of the girls started to run around topless, Bella retired to bedroom. Lisa and I were making out on the couch when the party started to slow down. Lisa was really drunk, so she told me she had to go to bed. I told her I would come to bed after the party settled and most people had left. We had a few people that was going to spend the night. She kissed me and headed of to bed.I had a few more beers and hang out with some of the friends that was still there. We sat in the living room listen to music and drinking. Two of my friends started to make out, they were totally wasted and it did not seem like they knew that there was people around. First they were kissing and touching each other, after awhile the guy lowered the chicks bra and started to suck on a nice pair of B cup tits. She liked the treatment and things got wilder. Pretty soon she was sucking him on the couch. There might have been three or four of us watching them. I started to get pretty horny watching them getting more and more undressed. The chick had her skirt pulled up around her waist and got up on top of the guy. She grabbed his cock and started to ride him. They were really drunk so I was not sure if they would complete their lovemaking or just pass out. But it was great to sit close to her ass and see how his cock enter deep into her pussy. She rode him in a steady pace. I could see that he was getting close, then watching his shaft, he started to pump his cum into her. She was so drunk that she was not aware of that he was filling her pussy with cum. It started to cum out on the side and güvenilir bahis şirketleri then he relaxed.That did it for me. I went up and closed and locked the front door. I went to the bathroom and somehow managed to get my cock to soften enough to take a leak. I turned off the lights in most of the house. I encountered another couple fucking in the kitchen. I guess all these people had come home from their schools and meet their partners, they had a chance to fuck without any parental concerns so they went wild.It was totally dark when I got in the bedroom. I stumbled up to the bed, the room was totally without any light. I undressed and crawled under the cover.I knew from experience that if I came on too strong to my girlfriend too quickly like this, she would push me away and I would not get any action. So I crawled carefully into bed and found my girlfriend sleeping on her side. It was easy to slide behind her and spoon her. She did not wake up when I put my arm around her, but she pressed back towards me. Especially her butt pressed into my groin. My cock started to get fully erected again. I slowly caressed her arm and found her nightgown open by her cleavage. What I liked about my girl friend was that she was not a skinny little girl with tiny tits, no she had meat on her bones and a big bosom. I let my hand inside her top and very gently caressed her breast. Her nipple was rock hard and felt great between my finger tips. I pulled my hand out of her top and caressed her hips. Her ass moved even closer and I could feel my cock in between her butt cheeks. With the hand on top of her hip, I pulled up her nightgown. I did not feel any panties, but often she slept naked as me, or with only the nightgown and no underwear. When the material disappeared between her ass and my cock, I came to rest right at her butt hole. That’s not were I intended to go, so when she moved her butt again it got into a better position. My cock now rested at the butt cheeks and all I had to do was to separate her butt cheek and I would be very close to her pussy. I slowly started to move my hips back and forth. The friction between her cheeks felt great. I grew a little bit more. I have a fairly large dick, so if bets10 my girl wasn’t wet enough it would hurt her. I caressed her ass, she moved her upper leg up and naturally opened her pussy to me. I kept thrusting forward with tiny small thrusts. She moved to meet my thrusts, I thought that she was either waking up or already awake. Without a word between us we moved our hips closer and closer. I could feel my cock head finding the right spot. I moved my hand down to feel how wet she was, when she felt my hand go down there she lifted her leg a little bit more. I found her pussy extremely wet. I grabbed her hip again and pushed her onto my cock. I could feel her pussy resist letting my head enter her, but as soon as it went in she grunted. I knew she loved being fucked from behind so I kept thrusting deeper into her. I lifted her upper leg up in the air, so that I could reach her clit. I got my fingers wet from my cock which was lubricated by her juices. With my fingers so wet it was easy to rub her clit. I could feel how she was getting closer to an orgasm. I was also getting closer, but I did not want to cum yet. She did not hold back and I heard her moan and grunt into her pillow. After her orgasm I reached up and played with her nipples, her breast felt bigger and fuller than normal. It drove me crazy with desire, I could feel my cum getting ready to be released. Lisa was on the pill so I had no concern cuming in her. I let loose and started to pump my cum deep in her pussy, she moaned and thrust herself back on my cock. I moved my hand down her belly as my last cum erupted in her. When I got to her belly button, something was not right. She had a pierced belly button and it was not there. Lisa kept working herself on my cock even as I felt some panic. I did not think it was Lisa that I was fucking. It was too late now and this woman was good. It made me strangely excited to be fucking someone that I did not knew how it was. Without taking out my cock of her pussy, I lifted her leg so I could get between her legs instead. I got in missionary position which lead to being face to face with this woman. I found her large breast and started to suck her nipple, she was really turned on and worked her hips bets10 giriş into my groin. My cock pumped in to her wet pussy. I moved my face to hers and started to kiss her. That was all it took for her. She hugged me and came in a strong orgasm. I started to pump my cum into her again. When we came down and was not breathing so heavy, she whispered in my ear that it was an amazing thing to fuck her daughter’s boyfriend! I had just fucked my girl’s mother!I stayed in her arms and told her I felt the same. She had provided me with my best sexual experience of my life. We laid in the dark touching each other with out saying anything. I had to find out how I ended up in her bed and not in my girlfriend, so I asked why she was in this bed. She told me since her daughter had left for college, this room was more convenient that her old room, so she moved in here and let her daughter take the other room. Lisa had no problem with that, but she had forgotten to tell me that little fact.I told Bella that it was a surprise to find out that it wasn’t Lisa I was making love to, but I was worried what she would say if she found out. Bella told me that I had to return to her bed before she woke up, but she wanted to feel me one more time. I grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy. I loved the wetness between her legs and carefully massaged her clit. Bella was grinding her crutch into my hand, I decided that I wanted to taste her. So I lifted the cover and got between her legs. Her clit was nice hard when I started to lick and suck it. She was easy to satisfy. It did not take long for her to climax again. I was
hard and ready for another round. I turned her over and got her up on her knees. She spread her legs apart and pushed her butt towards me. I let my cock enter into her heavenly pussy. I loved the feeling of caressing her ass and holding on to her hips as I pounded her hard. She whimpered that this felt so good and that she hoped I could cum and visit her when Lisa was away at school. As I felt her joining me in my climax, I grunted that I was only a phone call away from cuming to her whenever she wanted. After we had calmed down, I kissed her goodnight and left. I found Lisa sleeping away and not even moving when I climbed in bed with her. Before I fell asleep I thought about this amazing experience and how crazy lucky I was that she did not turn mad and started screaming when I got in bed with her. I hoped that she would call me as soon as Lisa left for school….

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