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Party Tiime 4 Krystal WatsonI knocked furiously on the paneled wooden door of My next door neighbor until finally someone answered. It was a tall girl clad in a short skirt & a top that displayed most of her cleavage & she was holding a tumbler in one slim fingered hand. I pushed past her abruptly, sloshing part of her drink over the top of the glass & she muttered at Me drunkenly as I made My way down the short passageway & into the vast living room. It was there that I found Krystal, My God-daughter.You were sprawled on the cream leather sofa, clutching a bottle of vodka in one hand while the other was entwined in some blond hair, pulling him down close to you so that you could give him a kiss. “Krystal!” I bellowed & you started, pushing the boy away & staring up at Me with those soft variable eyes that I’d fallen for at your christening s*******n years before! They weren’t going to soften My temper this time though, I swore to Myself, as I angrily snatched the bottle away from you & set it carefully down on a nearby table. “Your mother left Me in charge of you & she specifically banned you from having any parties, didn’t she?” I shouted over the banging noise of the music. I ignored the smirking looks from the dozen or so teenagers in the room, as I strode over to the music center & switched it off bringing blessed silence into the room, as you made a little moue of discontent with your lips, sulking at being told off.You’d been heading down the disobedient path for some time now & your mother, Laura, for some reason just couldn’t manage to control you. Perhaps the early death of your father, My best friend from college, had started it, a road accident on his way home from work one icy evening, but I knew that something had to be done soon or you were really going to go off the rails. “It’s not a party, Mr. Mike. It’s just a little get together,” you giggled & My temper exploded at your obvious drunkenness & bad attitude. “All of you, out now!” I roared & I started with the nearest boy & pushed him towards the door. None of them felt like resisting & soon after grabbing coats & bags, they were gone & I shut the door after the last one & surveyed the scene of devastation. “Your mother is due back on Monday, Krystal & she’s going to go through the roof. I suggest that you spend tomorrow tidying up & sobering up as well, “I added disdainfully as your clouded eyes peered up at Me before you hiccuped & then a stream of vomit spewed out of your mouth & splashed on to the sofa & your mini dress.I raised My eyes to the ceiling at the sight & smell & then went into the kitchen for a cloth & some water. I returned to find you half asleep & so I lifted you carefully & took you into the downstairs shower room & laid you out on the floor on your side while I went back in to clean up. It took a few minutes to erase all traces of the sick from the leather & then I returned to the shower room & found you still in exactly the same place with the rise & fall of your 38DD breasts beneath the dress showing that you were still breathing. I hesitated for a few moments conscious that I was about to cross a threshold & then I thought what the heck, turned the shower on & bent down by your side & begin to slip ısparta escort the straps of your dress from your shoulders. I swallowed hard as your perfect white skin of your upper breasts loomed into view & then came the delicate pink perfection of your pink nipples with the large aureole spreading out in a circle around them. I unzipped you at the back, feeling you warm skin against My hand as I pulled the zipper down until it reached the soft swelling of your phat buttocks & then I slipped your dress down over your hips & thighs to reveal a scarlet thong that left little to any imagination. Little runnels of vomit stained your dress & so I tossed it into the sink before I reached out & eased My fingers under your lace thong & tugged it down. Your dark patch of curls sprang into view & I felt My huge black cock bulge suddenly before I moved your thongs down further & pulled them off completely to leave your pouting pussy lips peeping from the triangle of pubic hair. I licked My lips almost u*********sly as I observed the delicate whorled petals & then I reluctantly tore My gaze away from My God-daughter’s sexy beautiful body.I opened the shower cubicle door, then lifted you up & placed you inside, soaking the sleeve of My jumper as you slumped to the floor for a moment before the freezing cold water made you open your eyes in shock. Your surprise mounted even more when you saw My eyes watching you through the glass & you covered yourself up instantly, a hand over your pert breasts & the other shading your mons, as I turned away & left the room. You emerged sheepishly, wrapped up in a towel, about ten minutes later & eyes downcast, walked into the living room & picked your way through the debris to look at the couch. You were obviously relieved to see that it had survived the vomit you’d deposited on it & so you demurely, knees tight together, sat down on it, waiting for Me to say something.I gave you the usual lecture about being immature & selfish, but I could sense that it just wasn’t getting through to you & I found Myself growing increasingly annoyed with your attitude to the mess you’d created & the lies you’d told. “And I’m not too old to work out, Krystal, that you left your party until you knew I would be out for the night. Unfortunately for you, My date canceled our night at the theater as she become ill & so I came home to hear the infernal row of that so called music & realized what you were up to in flagrant disregard of your mother’s instructions!” You smiled as if to say who cares about that & I snapped completely & grabbed you by your arm as I sat down beside you on the leather sofa. I pulled you roughly towards Me & you overbalanced & fell across My lap & I twisted your wrist up behind your back, swished the towel out of the way & started to belabor your phat rounded ass cheeks hard. I took My frustration out in the first few slaps as you screamed & kicked & wriggled like mad, exciting My huge black cock in My trousers as your nubile white flesh writhed against it. The softness of your ass under My hard hand was pure bliss & I reviled in the sharp sound of each slap as the noise echoed around the room. You continued to struggle against Me, so I hooked My leg around escort ısparta yours & pinned you down further, then spanked you even harder, reddening your alabaster white flesh of your ass & glorying in the delicious wobbling of your young ass cheeks.After a couple of minutes, I felt your resistance lessen & your cries & screams turned more to sobs & so I lessened the force of My blows & began to spank you more carefully from the outside of your cheeks to the in-roll where they disappeared into your tight cleft. My huge erection was as hard as a steel bar & I could feel the tip poking into your stomach as you kept moving against Me with every sharp slap on your beautiful behind while your long, dark tresses tickled My other hand, as I pinned your wrist up behind your back. I gave your white tender thighs several hard slaps for good measure, eliciting little moans from your mouth as they stung your flesh & then I halted & released you from My grasp, expecting you to spring up & run off.However to My surprise, you stayed across My lap, then turned a tear-stained face & asked for more. “Please, Mr. Mike, Daddy, be severe with me. I need someone to control me & discipline me properly,” you muttered softly & I looked down into your eyes & considered My options. I knew what I should do, but I couldn’t tear Myself away from you & the openness of your appeal to be taught right from wrong was immense. I decided to test you to see just how determined you were & so I barked out a few orders for you. “Stand up then & let Daddy see what He’s going to have to deal with!” You got up, wincing slightly from the soreness in your ass, which swayed gracefully as you turned around & faced Me. I watched you for a few moments, taking in your yo
ung flesh, perfect in every way, with your full 38DD *Y* breasts & thick thighs which were shaking slightly as you waited there patiently. I reached out My hand & ran it up your thigh, watching your eyes widen with surprise & shock as I reached the softness of your pink pussy lips. “Oh yes,” I stated calmly though My heart was bounding with the possibilities, “Daddy might just punish you there too if you’re a very naughty little girl, Krystal.”I removed My fingers & sniffed them, sensing your feminine scent drifting into My nostrils as I stood up & walked round to see the redness of your phat ass cheeks. It was such a gorgeous ass, so full & yet taut & resilient & I knew that I would be treating it to regular spankings & canings from now on. I un-threaded My belt from the loops in My trousers, as I watched it twitch & quiver & you turned round & blenched as you saw the long strip of leather come free. “Twelve strokes today, I think, Krystal & if you can take them all, this nonsense about a party will be forgotten. Now lean forward & place your hands on the sofa, then spread your legs wider for Daddy.”Obediently, you carried out My instructions as I swished the thick belt through the air a couple of times to gauge the heft. I wanted to make you sting & smart for a few days, but had no desire to seriously marked you on this, your very first time under discipline. I could sense your nervousness as I laid the cool leather against your white skin & rested it there ısparta escort bayan while I stepped round to the side & then I swished it across your glorious rump & watched it jump & flex as the strap bit into it. Your knuckles whitened on the couch & your mouth uttered a moaning little gasp of agony as the pain coursed through your body & then the second stroke struck your buttocks & drove your breath out of you again. Two vivid red stripes were soon joined by two more, each parallel & about an inch apart & then I added another pair thus making you from the top to the bottom of your cheeks. I paused for a while & fondled your burning flesh, feeling the raised welts I’d caused before I delved down deep into your cleft & found your softness oozing with sweet honey juices. I smiled to Myself at the thought that you were turned on by the beating & then I took the belt & lashed it across your thighs four times, hard, fast strokes that made you cry out each time. The final two criss-crossed your weals thus instilling more pain into your brain, as the already bruised flesh was struck & you shuddered each time & gave great sobs of agony that brought delight to My soul.I cinched your wrists together then with the belt, bending them up behind your back & making you kneel on the floor with your forehead touching the ground as if you were a penitent in church. Minutes ticked by slowly as I watched you there, ass beaten & bruised, body shuddering with sobs as you struggled to master the pain & the anguish that flowed through you in great waves. Then I took you, roughly & brutally, sliding My huge thickness into your young pussy in one fluid motion that drove your breath from your body. I held the belt around your wrists tightly as I pounded into you, teaching your that I was now your Master & Owner with each long, deep thrust that elicited a moan of distress or despair from your sweet mouth. Your young pussy clenched tightly around Me, coating My huge black shaft with liquid essence as I thrust in time & time again, minutes flying by in a welter of dark desire, until I felt My huge black cock stiffen even more & knew that I was about to cum. I pulled swiftly out & showered your ass cheeks with My thick gobbets of sperm, spraying your red flesh with soothing white cream that dribbled slowly down your skin while you knelt there waiting patiently until I smoothed the liquid in slowly, massaging it into your creamy white skin.I felt the raised welts slide under My fingers & felt you twitch & wince as I fondled them before I slipped My sperm-soaked fingers down into your tightness & found your clit swollen & engorged with need & aching to be teased by Me. I touched it lightly & heard you moan softly then I stroked all around it, caressing your tender flesh as your sighs deepened & quickened until I knew that you were on the brink of cumming. I halted & waited for the feeling to recede, then did the same thing again before I instructed you to ask, to plead with Me for what you wanted. I could sense your reluctance to submit to Me what you needed, so I tantalized you again & again until you broke & screamed out, “Make me cum, Daddy, make me cum!”I allowed you, then sliding My fingers over your throbbing, pulsing clit until you wailed out your delight into the room, body bucking forwards against the couch until you slipped sideways down onto the carpet & lay there with your juices trickling slowly from between your soft thighs.****** TO BE CONTINUED ******

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