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Parking Lot CocksuckerI was at Menard’s this morning shopping for some items for a project I was working on. I saw a nice looking man about 60 years old looking for something in the bolt aisle. I went down the aisle and squatted down next to him as if I were looking at something on a lower shelf. I accidentally bumped him, “I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t disturb you” I said looking up at him. “ I was just looking for a nut” he said, (seriously that’s what he said) holding a bolt out for me to see. He had turned slightly toward me as he spoke, my face was at cock level and I was looking at the front of his pants, “maybe I could help you find it” I offered looking up at him. “I really hate it when I can’t find what I’m mersin escort looking for” he said. Staring at the out line in his pants I said “sometimes it’s right in front of you” then looked up and smiled coyly. I started to stand up, as I did I wobbled a little almost bumping face first into his groin area “whoa there” he said putting his hand against my shoulder. “I thought maybe I could help you with that nut” I said as I got to my feet. I saw the light go on, “I bet you did” he sarcastically replied. I picked up a package of 1/4″ nuts, handed them to him “here you go,I always say, if you need help with a nut I’m your man” I said and walked away.I saw him again as I checked out, he was at the next checkout, escort mersin we finished about the same time and I walked out right behind him. He went to a F-150 4wd and got in, as I walked past I heard the passenger side lock pop up, I looked at him and he made a subtle head motion for me to get in. I opened the door and climbed in, “why don’t you pull further out in the lot” I suggested. He started his truck and backed out of the parking space, I reached over and started fondling his cock through his pants as he drove further out in the lot,by the time he parked I had his pants unzipped “you want me to suck your cock?” I asked. “Yes” he said quietly. “Tell me” I said as I unfastened his belt opening his pants, mersin escort bayan “I want you to suck my cock” he said nervously as I pulled the front of his underwear down exposing his cock and balls, I took his soft cock into my mouth and went to work. It only took me a few seconds to get him hard, after I licked and sucked his balls for a couple of minutes, I started sucking his cock, swirling my tongue around the head of his cock as I worked his cock in and out of my mouth. I had been sucking his cock for maybe 5 minutes when I started feeling the telltale signs, I felt his hand on the back of my head, “aaaaaaaaah” he moaned as he filled my mouth with his cum load, after I had drained every drop I sat up, “mmmm thanks that was sooo good” I said wiping my mouth. He started his truck as he tucked his cock away and fastened his pants, he drove me back to my car and sped away without a word said like so many straight men do after I’ve sucked their cocks.

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