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PANTYHOSE LEFT AT THE CINEMAAfter my experience with leaving a pair of pantyhose in the Men’s Room at the Mall I was anxious to have another experience leaving my worn pantyhose behind for men to discover. I would love to be able to secretly see their expressions and know their thoughts as they entered a space for men only to find an article of clothing presumptively considered for females only.I planned to go to the movies today. It was still cold but not nearly as brutal as Black Friday. I put on three pair of pantyhose for my adventure. Two pair of all nylon ultra sheers, one off-black and the other jet black with reinforced toes and panty. Over those, I wore a pair of suntan all nylon day sheers also with a reinforced panty and toes. I wore another pair of heavy denim jeans and a pair of leather slip-ons. I did not wear underwear as I usually don’t with pantyhose. Another reason for wearing three pair was because I wanted to get a little warm or even overheated. I had showered and was hoping my scent mixed with the fragrance of my bath soap would permeate my pantyhose, at least in the gusset of the panty.Once I entered the Cinema I headed for the Men’s Room to check it out. All of the stalls had hooks on their doors and the waste can was pretty much full of paper towels so if the hose were tossed inside they would barely be below the top of the can. I entered the theater for my show and chose a seat in back and near the aisle. I had seen the movie previously so missing portions of it were of no concern to me. Once the movie began I would wait 20 minutes and then make a retreat for the Men’s Room. I checked my watch. Twenty five minutes had passed. Off to the Men’s Room I went.Upon entering the Men’s Room I took notice of how many were there. One stall was occupied and a man was at a urinal. I entered an empty stall and proceeded to peel the suntan pantyhose off. I gently shook them and held them in front of me to inspect them. The cheap Pharmacy brand pantyhose had stretched considerably and looked as if I could jump back into them. “This is perfect” I thought. There would be no denying the pantyhose had just been worn. I hung them on the hook on the back of the door and headed back to the theater. My original seat was still free and I took it. I looked at my watch and decided I would wait until 45 minutes before my show was to end and then return to the Men’s Room.The restroom was empty when I entered. The pantyhose were still hanging on the back of the stall door. I quickly stripped my pants off and slipped off the jet black ultra sheer pantyhose I was wearing. I hung them on the hook as I quickly put my jeans on. I did a quick check. The coast was clear; no one else was in the room. I hung the black pantyhose over the bar at the top of the stall I was in. The hose hung there as if they had been placed there to dry. On my way out I looked over my shoulder. There was no way anyone would miss seeing them hanging there.I settled back into my seat imagining hot and hard cocks being stroked with my sheer pantyhose. I let myself fantasize that men were grunting and groaning softly as these words gently slipped between their lips “mmm, yeah… fucking these pantyhose with my cock, gonna cum on them.” It was all I could do not to head back to the restroom but I made myself stay put. The film ended and I waited a few minutes before getting up. Once in the lobby I headed for the restroom. I followed behind six men. Seconds after the door shut behind me I heard the voice of a young man exclaim “what the FUCK?!” and then a couple of men laughed out loud. Proceeding further into the restroom I could see a group of four good-looking young men in their late güvenilir bahis şirketleri teens pointing and laughing.Someone had moved the black pantyhose to a urinal and had d****d them down the front of it. “Stockings!” One of the young men said. A couple more men came in to the restroom but none went to the urinal where the pantyhose hung. One member of the group proceeded to take a leak but did not use the urinal where the pantyhose hung. His friend went to the urinal where the pantyhose were hanging. He said “Well, I guess I should move this and not piss on someone’s stocking” as he moved the stocking legs to the right side of the urinal and his friends laughed. He began pissing as he stood next to his friend doing the same thing at the other urinal.The group continued to laugh as one member questioned were they came from and another said “Do you think a guy was wearing them?” That got them laughing again. When the man at the pantyhose urinal finished pissing he took hold of the pantyhose. “Oh!, not stockings, its pantyhose!” he said. The group laughed again as he held them up in front of him. For a few minutes he held them up in front of his face. He was the better looking of the four and I immediately recognized that he was intrigued with them. My intuition told me he had the “nylon gene.” He asked his friend who had been at the urinal next to him if he wanted them. His friend answered “what, no! For what? What am I going to do with them?” The young man replied “you could wear them on your head to rob a bank” which had them laughing again. The man who had asked where they came from said “hey you two could play tug of war with them.” The man holding the pantyhose replied “what? What do you mean?” “You two each take a foot and with one hand only pull until they rip. The winner is the one who has the most pantyhose” he replied. The first guy to piss laughed and said “wishbone stockings!” as they began laughing. My heart sank a little after hearing this as I really wanted them to do something sexual with them verses just ripping them.The young man was still holding the pantyhose up in front of them when he said “Naw… these nylons…, pantyhose are kind of fucking sexy!” which got them all of them laughing again. I could see through the crack that the young man holding the pantyhose was now beginning to sprout a boner. He brought the pantyhose within a few inches of his face as he looked them up and down while holding them directly under a light. “I don’t see any runs in them” he said. They chuckled again as the young man who proposed the game of tug of war said in a high pitched voice “oh I hate when my pantyhose run!” The group laughed again.The young man with the pantyhose said “I’m going to put them on and wear them under my jeans.” The men were laughing hard this time. The man who had been at the opposite urinal said “come on, let’s get out of here, I want to get something to eat. Toss them fuckers.” The man with the pantyhose said “I need a minute to put my NY-LONS on (he enunciated each syllable of nylons)” he said. The group was giggling and the young man with the pantyhose was enjoying himself. He then said “I’m going to put these sexy PAN-T-HOSE on (again enunciating pantyhose). The first friend who wanted to get food said “oh shit bro!” as the group laughed. He and the group member who had not spoken exited the restroom.The young man was still holding the pantyhose when his remaining friend said “dude… do you want to keep them, are you going to wear them? Go ahead, I won’t tell them you kept them but we need to go. Make your mind up.” The man with the pantyhose was silent for a moment then answered “no, I’ll leave tipobet giriş them here for someone else.” He walked over to the urinal and d****d the pantyhose over the urinal with the stocking legs hanging down in front. The two walked out and I was left by myself in the restroom. Had that young man been alone I definitely would have exited the stall and offered him a blowjob and showed him I was wearing pantyhose. I’m convinced had he been alone he would have taken the pantyhose and put them on in the restroom or at home. I believe the only reason didn’t do so was because he feared his friends would give him a hard time about it if they discovered he had taken them and especially if he was wearing them.The suntan pantyhose I had left behind were still in
the stall only someone had moved them and d****d them over the toilet. There was a small stainless shelf above the toilet and the panty had been slipped over the shelf to hold them in place. The pantyhose hung securely with the legs hanging down and the feet d****d over the toilet handle and pipe. I examined them. There was no cum and nor had they been pissed upon. “Oh well,” I thought. “Better luck next time.” I balled up the pantyhose and stuffed them in my pocket.Just as I was about to exit the stall the restroom door opened. I decided to stay inside the stall for a moment. I could see that a young man, probably about 20-21 years old had come in. He headed directly for the urinal with the pantyhose. I noticed he did not move the legs out of the way. He began to piss. I could barely make out the nylons moving from side to side as he was pissing. My pulse quickened a little. I couldn’t be sure but I thought he was pissing on the pantyhose. Suddenly I was aware that I did not hear his urine entering the urinal. He was finished I thought yet he remained standing at the urinal. Continuing to look through the crack in the stall I could see he was touching the panty with his left hand. He slid his hand half-way down the stocking hanging to his left. He leaned forward slightly and sniffed the panty then stood erect again. I noticed he had spread his legs apart a little. He was beginning to masturbate. He proceeded slowly then began to stroke furiously while handling the pantyhose with his left hand. He let the nylon intertwine with his fingers and he softly moaned and stroked his cock.My heart was racing. It was all I could do not to bolt from the stall and fall to my knees in front of him. I was as quiet as could be. I’m sure he thought he was completely alone. I could tell he was close. “Pantyhose, sexy pantyhose, fucking sexy pantyhose!” he let softly slip from his lips. No sooner than the words escaped him he began to buck and groan softly. “Oh yeah, yeah, awe fuck, sexy pantyhose, sexy pantyhose!” he whispered as he let loose with his cum. The young man let out a deep sigh, then cleared his throat. He quickly zipped up and left the restroom. I bolted to the urinal, grabbed the pantyhose and headed back to the stall. I hooked them on the door and examined them. He had pissed on the pantyhose at the feet. The reinforced toe sections and approximately two inches above them were soaked with his urine. In fact, his urine was still dripping from the reinforcements. The young man had shot six thick ropes of cum up the legs of the pantyhose. I was turned on by how long and white each rope of cum was. “Damn! He MUST have a fetish for pantyhose!” I thought. I pulled the plastic sandwich bag from my pants pocket and dropped the black pantyhose into it and then zipped it closed.I could not wait to get home with the pissed and cummed pantyhose. As soon as I walked through the door tipobet güvenilir mi I began taking my clothes off. Once I was in the bathroom I peeled my off-black pantyhose off and sat on the edge of the bathtub. I removed the pissed pantyhose from the bag and held them up in front of me. Happily the toes were still wet and the rest of the hose only slightly damp. Some of the creamy cum had pressed into the nylon but not all of it. I was glad I could still make out some of the white strands. I gathered the pantyhose legs and began putting them on. The feeling of the pissed soaked toes was so erotic. I was turned on by the fact that I knew who it was who had pissed and came on my pantyhose and now I was going to wear them. I worked the pantyhose up my legs and then the panty into place. I looked down at my black nyloned legs. I could clearly see white cum on the black ultra sheer nylon and the feet of the pantyhose were soaked from toes to mid arch.I climbed into the bathtub and lay on my back as I began slowly stroking my cock. I was reliving today’s events in my mind and looking at my hose. I did not want to cum too soon as I wanted to hold off for a long as possible and relive the scene in the restroom for as long as possible. After 10 minutes or so I could no longer hold off and let loose with a thick and creamy blast of cum inside my hose. I was spent and did not want to take the pantyhose off just yet. I closed my eyes and dozed off for nearly 20 minutes. When I awoke I hooked my finger inside the waistband and slipped the pantyhose off. I tossed them in the bathroom wastebasket while I thought about what to do with them. I turned on the shower and began to clean-up. I could not help myself and began to stroke my cock after soaping it up. I came a second time on the wall in the shower. Not nearly as big as the first time but it felt just as good.As I write this I’m thinking about what my next adventure is going to be. I’m sure I’ll be heading back to the Cinema at some point but will also want to try other places as well.As I dressed from my shower I pulled the suntan pantyhose from my jeans and decided to wear them for the remainder of the day. I gathered each stocking up and slipped it over each foot. As I began alternating pulling each stocking up my legs they began to run. Not a single run but several runs in each leg front and back. I was taken by surprise and continued to pull them all the way on. Once I was finished I could see several very small holes from dotting the legs of the hose. There were no snags but holes. Someone in the restroom had used some type of small and very sharp object to pop several holes in the suntan pantyhose and they were not visible until the nylon had been stretch over my legs.I was turned on by the fact that whoever had discovered my pantyhose had man-handled them. I imagined him thinking “this will teach you to leave your pantyhose in the Men’s Room” as he punctured them. I was hard again so I began stroking myself in my hose which were adorned with numerous runs. Runs were up and down the soft hose and nearing the reinforced toe sections. Additionally, runs had zipped through the sheer nylon, up my thighs and through the “run guard” where the panty and legs met and into the panty fabric.I continued to rub and stroke my hosed cock as I looked over my ruined pantyhose. I imagined the man who had punctured them was watching me and berating me for being a pantyhose slut. He was commanding me to cum in my ruined pantyhose like a good little pantyhose slut. I could hold off no more and came hard in my hose. I looked down at my soaked and runny hose. “What a pantyhose slut!” I thought. I slid my hands over my nylon covered thighs then grabbed fistfuls of nylon and proceeded to tear the hose from my legs all the while imagining that it was the man who had punctured them doing it. Once I had them off I jumped in the shower to clean-up. My third shower of the day. I hope I don’t become waterlogged!

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