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Paddy Baggin
by williacj

Happy st.Patrick’s day, this just popped in my head this morning enjoy!

I was at this restaurant on st Patrick’s day and Christina van zelst of fox six news comes into the kitchen wearing a green dress.

“st patty’s day is finally here” she says”we gotta celebrate” i looked over at her.”checkin’ me out aren’t you? she asked. “absolutely Christina look at you turn around once wow” I told her as she spun around. this blonde babe’s got an ass on her”betcha like what’s under this dress.” she says. “are you sure? we’re live on air” i told her. she shook her head”no this is fuck six wake up news!”she said sternly.

Before i can say something she grabs me and starts kissing me and i respond by wrapping my arms around her waist she takes the microphone and throws it aside.”we won’t be needing this either” she says taking a ring off her finger.i reached down and grabbed her ass,she turns and licks her lips.”hey you turn that off camera off technical difficulties” she says looking into the camera she turns back toward kaçak bahis me and starts kissing me.

“let’s go live to Christina van zelst at O’malley’s Irish pub and grill on the east side hey Christina!” the anchors at the desk sit there waiting her response. she’s moaning softly as i’m fucking her on the floor.”Christina are you there we’re live on air.” all they hear is the sound of flesh slapping against each other followed by her moaning”ooooohh.sssss oooh yes ooh fuck me!” camera cuts to a back shot of me on top of her her legs in the air she runs her fingernails across my back several times” ooooh god you omigod!” the cameraman is shocked, apparently she doesn’t care that people can see me fucking her and hear her moaning

The anchors at the news desk are stunned and go to a commercial break hoping they don’t get fined by the FCC for this.meanwhile Christina and i get up off the floor and she walks over behind the line in the kitchen”bent me over and give that paddy pole” she demanded i took my cock and pressed it kaçak iddaa against her pussy lips and slid it in i started bamming away on her from behind.”ooooh oooh ooooh fuck!” she gasped god you can fuck a girl’s brains out i’m getting dizzy” she grabs a hold of a plate in front of her.”ohhh yeah oooh oooh fuck me pull my hair,pull my fucking hair just like that ooh ooh oooh ooh wow here we go oh you’re gonna-”

I smacked her on the ass”fucking you good Christina? i asked “ummmm yeah I’ve got pussy juices dripping down my thighs fucking feels incredible!” i grabbed her waist and pulled her to me and started ramming myself into her from behind.”i’m gettin’ my pot of gold raided by a dick-precaun!” she says chuckling. i watched her plump butt cheeks ripple as i was doin her doggy”yes uhhhh umffff!” I grunted it felt tight i wanted to cum but something said don’t cum just keep fucking her then spurt off a thick white load all over her face or her boobs. that bum is slapping against my legs.

She closed her eyes and pushed that güvenilir bahis plump ass back against me”ooh ooh ooh ooh!” she exclaimed.”oh wow god i’m getting fucked on live TV yes yes give me that dick sweetie” that slapping sound of my legs against her ass sent me over the edge”i feel it comin’ !” i exclaimed”god this shit feels incredible”i humped on her a few more times then i felt my load about to spurt,i pulled out and she turned around to face me she grabbed my cock and started sucking on my dick”Christina urghhhhh don’t.. urghhhh” I urged. she flicked her tongue back and forth across my dickhead several times and i lurched forward and spurted my hot load into her mouth. I looked down at her as cum oozed out the side of her mouth “damn it sweetie you can sure suck a guy’s dick” i said. she licked my dickhead as cum dripped down her chin”st had dick day” she says as she worked my dick in between her soft pink lips. she rubbed my nut sacks and looked up at me”food fuck and fun” i gasped she smiled at me”maybe we can do this again a few hours from now” she suggests Christina and i would definitely continue the celebration after this,dance a little have a few glasses of Guinness listen to some bands then maybe I’ll fuck her in the bathroom at Mo’s Irish pub.

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