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Our parents away part 3I soon fell asleep in my bed but woke up after dreaming about what just happened a few hours earlier. My cock was hard and throbbing and all I could think about and picture in my head was my cock being deep inside my stepsister tight cunt. I decided to get up and go get myself something to drink and to try get my mind clear, but while walking to the kitchen and passing Amy’s bedroom door I noticed that she was still awake and watching tv. On my way back I walked into her room and she asked what’s wrong.I told her I’m battling to fall asleep and she asked why.I told her that all I have running through my mind is the picture of my cock in her pretty puss. Amy laughed and then lifted the sheet she was laying under for me to get into bed next to her. I climbed in and laid on my back and almost immediately Amy gripped my hard cock with her left hand. She then said “you really are fully hard.” And I replied saying yip.To my suprise Amy then moved down under the sheet and to my hard cock. She took my cock into her mouth and started sucking on it. She deepthroated me and made herself gag on my cock a few times before stopping and returning back up.She told me that it’s now my turn and I rolled to face my sexy stepsister. I started by placing kisses on her neck and slowly kissing her down her body till reaching her boobs. I then sucked hard on her hard erect nipples making her moan. I then moved lower making my way to between her legs and I then started to eat her sweet cunt. I licked çorum escort up and down her lips as I listen to her moan. I then licked her clit in a circular motion and her moans soon became louder and she soon started to cum while I muffed her. After she finished cumming, I moved up and once looking her in the face i shoved my cock into her cunt while being ontop of her. She gasped as cock entered her fullyand I started thrusting in and out of her cunt as I remembered her one fetish. I placed my right hand around her throat and started to gently choke her while pounding back and forth into her tight cunt. She soon started cumming again and I felt her body tense up and her cunt clinching around my cock as I choked her harder while she orgasmed. After she finished cumming I released my grip on her throat and she then told me to get a condom. I asked can’t I just cum in you but she said rather not. I pulled my cock out of her cunt and quickly went to my room to get a condom. I put it on as I entered Amy’s room and she then stood up and sat me down on the edge of the bed. She sat down on top of me in reverse cowgirl, my cock sliding deep into her cunt and she then started bouncing up and down. I placed my hands on her tits and started to squeeze them and pinch her hard nipples while she moan from the pleasure of bouncing up and down on my hard cock. I soon reached the vurge of cumming and I told her. She then got off me and as she moved to kneel like a dog on the bed she told me to fuck her hard and escort çorum rough while I cum. I moved behind her and shoved my cock back into her puss. I grabbed her hips and I then started to thrust my cock deep, hard and rough, back and forth, in and out of my stepsisters puss. She moaned loudly from the pleasure of the rough fuck I was giving her. My cock then exploded shooting my cum into the condom as I hit the back walls of her sexy puss. I fucked her hard and deep until all my cum had shot into the condom. After I finished cumming I pulled my cock out of her cunt and we both laid down on the bed. She said thanks and I said thank you as well.Amy laid on her side facing away from me as I removed the condom. I then laid behind her back holding her boobs and after a few minutes I guess I was fast asleep while cuddling my stepsister.The next morning when I woke up, I was laying on my back and my stepsister as well.She was watching tv as she said morning sleepy head.It was already 9 30am and most of a fun filled weekend was over. I was about to ask Amy if she enjoyed last night then I remembered that I agreed to never speak of the nights occurring again. I laid watching the series with her as I placed my hand high up on her inner thigh. She glanced over at me and said not today. I replied that’s ok leaving my hand just below her puss. My cock became hard as I laid holding her upper thigh while allowing all my thoughts from last night run through my head. Once Amy’s episode she was watching finished çorum escort bayan she removed my hand from her leg and she stood up and walked to the bathroom. I stared at he sexy ass as she walked. I could hear her pee and I suddenly wondered how it looked when a woman peed. But before I could get out the bed to attempt to go look she was done. On her return from the bathroom naked. I looked at the sexy body that I fucked last night as she asked what’s my plans for the day. As she put on clothes I told I’m gonna have breakfast and then do some homework and chill till our parents get home. I then got up as she replied ok cool I’m going to the shops, going shop around a little and will be back in the afternoon sometime. I was all cool with that and a little after 11am I found myself alone in the house.I was still rather horny from the night before and all visions of my sexy stepsister still fresh in my head. I went to her room and through her cupboards until I found her lingerie shelf. I took a pair of her black silky g string and made my way onto her bed. I pulled my pants down and closed my eyes. I wrapped her G string around my cock and as I thought about how great it was fucking my sexy stepsister, I started stoking my cock. It wasn’t long till I neared cumming and I wanked myself harder with the g string covering my cock. I soon started cumming shooting my cum onto the g string as well as some shooting onto my body and my stepsister’s bed. After I finished cumming I went to her bathroom and half washed my cum off her G string before throwing it into her dirty laundry basket under some of her other clothing. I then wiped the cum off my body and her bed ending a hot and wonderful weekend while our parents were away.

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