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Our First Time Dogging Pt. 02There were a few rules, no v******e or rough stuff. Everybody is a consenting adult, but this next rule is very important. This one is from the women, no means no. Breaking this one is a quick way to be thrown out of the club for good, the guys tend to get very protective about this one. As for new members there is a bit of a trial period, just to make sure that you will fit in. The whole point of the club was feel safe and have fun, you could either watch or take part it was up to you. But other than that, most anything goes.As we were finishing our meals Sandra started to tease me again, first taking her foot out of her shoe. Then pushing it between my legs, I groaned as the sole of her foot started rub against my hard cock. As I enjoyed what her foot was doing to me, I ran my hand over the stockings soft nylon. Working my hand over her calf then onto her knee, but before I could go any higher she moved her leg.Moving her foot from my crotch she slid it along my leg to rest on my knee, with her knee raised and legs open I could see right up her dress. I groaned as my cock throbbed in my pants. Stockings, white thigh and that little black thong.Not happy with just flashing her knickers at me, she started to run her hand down the inside of her thigh towards her pussy. I watched as her fingers rubbed across her knickers, then as she gasped. One of her fingers had moved her thong to one side and was probing her cunt.After playing with her pussy she removed her hand and dropped her foot back down onto the floor, leaned forward and placing her wet fingers under my nose. I closed my eyes and inhaled the aroma, I sighed as I breathed out.Taking her hand I stuck her fingers into my mouth, and licked them clean. Tasting her sweet pussy juices before letting her fingers slip from my mouth. She leaned forward and kissed me, being so close now I grabbed hold of her tits.”Take me back to the hotel Peter, I want you to fuck me.” She whispered in my ear, as she rubbed my cock with her hand.I quickly stood up, turned to Beth who was smiling as she shook her head. “Thanks Beth, got to go. I’ll ring you later about the location.” I quickly said to her.Sandra was rummaging about in one of the bags, then pulled out a long rain coat and started to put it on. “Don’t want to upset the locals, I wouldn’t want to give them the wrong idea.” She said to me. Then to Beth said. “Thanks for the help, see you later tonight.” Blew her a kiss then walked out of the pub.I picked up the bags, said thanks to Beth and followed Sandra like an eager schoolboy. I could hear her laughing as I left the pub. The car park luckily wasn’t that far away, and soon we were on our way back to the hotel.It was a frustrating drive back, Sandra was teasing me to distraction as she sat there. The hem of her dress was pulled up with her legs wide open, the horny cow was playing with her pussy as I drove. Every chance I got I would run my hand along her thigh edging towards her pussy, but she would slap my hand away telling me. “Concentrate on the driving, not my pussy.”Then I would groan as she placed her wet fingers under my nose, the only thing she would let me do was suck her fingers into my mouth. Thankfully we had no accidents and finally reached the hotel, we quickly headed for our room.Once inside I dropped the bags and reached for her, but she stopped me. “Watch.” Was all she said.Then proceeded to remove her coat, turned round and walked over to the bed. Kicking off her stilettoes, she knelt on the bed.I was quickly stripping my clothes off as I watched her sexy ass, she bent over and the hem of her dress lifted showing off her stocking tops. But best of all the dress was now tightly stretched across her ass, the black thong that had been driving me crazy could be seen. A thin strip of black material disappearing between the white cheeks of her ass, I was wanking my cock as I watched. Sandra was pulling the hem of dress up, exposing her naked ass to me. “Peter, would you like to take off my knickers?” She cheekily asked me.I quickly moved to stand behind her, then slowly ran my hands up her stockinged legs and across her smooth ass cheeks. Gripping either side of her thong I began to pull them down, once I had removed them I could feel how damp they were. As I inspected the thong Sandra rolled onto her back, her knees lifted up to her chest.When she opened her legs I got a nice surprise, gone was all her pubic hair. Kneeling down I wanted to get a closer look, now that it was bald I could see that Sandra’s pussy looked different to Beth’s. Where Beth’s was neat with just a prominent clit hood, Sandra’s pussy had long labia lips which I found very sexy.As I was inspecting Sandra’s pussy, she said. “Beth took me to where she gets her pussy waxed, do you like your surprise master?”Play along, I answered. “Yes slut, I’m very pleased with your pussy. I know George will be too, once he’s licked you out he’ll want to fuck you with his big cock.”Sandra let out a moan as I mentioned about George’s cock, my turn to tease. I licked along her pussy lips with the tip of my tongue, then told her. “Once George has filled your pussy, Jim and the other guys will want to fuck your sloppy cunt.”She screamed as I sucked her clit into my mouth, for the next 10 minutes I sucked and licked her leaking pussy. I even stuck my tongue into her anus, she shivered as I played with her little brown hole. I teased her again, telling her. “Maybe you’d like to be fucked by two guys at a time, one in the pussy and one fucking your mouth. Just think as one guy finishes another takes his place, being spit roasted all the time. You’d like that wouldn’t you, slut?”That was it, she started to beg me. “Yes, I want be fucked by lots of cock. Oh god I need your cock, please fuck your slut’s pussy.”Standing up I grabbed a pillow and pushed it under her ass, holding my cock in hand. Ran it between her pussy lips coating my cock with her juices, then without finesse plunged straight into her wet cunt. We both groaned as our stomachs made contact and my balls slapped against her ass, then holding still as I enjoyed the feeling of Sandra’s wet cunt gripping my cock. I’d never felt her cunt being so wet before, it was fucking great.I would moan each time her pussy pulsed as it squeezed my cock, my balls were being soaked as she continued to leak. But Sandra was desperate to be fucked, wrapping her legs around my back she began to fuck herself against me. So I leaned over her body and placed one of my arms under her head, resting my weight on my arm. I used my other hand to grip her ass cheeks and began to pound away.She was moaning and groaning as I fucked her, it was now that I pressed one of my fingers to the entrance of her ass. She clenched at first, but as I kept on fucking her she began to relax. With all the juices leaking from her pussy my finger was soon lubricated, I continued to work my wet finger as I pressed against her tight hole. Then her sphincter relaxed and my finger slipped in.God did she howl when I did that, it like riding a bucking bronco as she had her orgasm. It didn’t take long before she had another big orgasm as I finger fucked her whilst plowing into her pussy. I was panting now, as I could feel my finger in her ass. Rubbing it against the underside of my cock through the thin membrane, I was getting close to coming so quickened my pace.When I did come I just yelled at her. “Oh fuck, you fucking slut. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.” My own body violently jerking as I filled her pussy with my spunk, with my cock deep in Sandra’s pussy I just laid there enjoyed the bliss as my orgasm subsided.I would have liked to have stayed like that all day, as Sandra ran her hands over my back. But my arm was beginning to ache, so removing my finger from her ass I lifted myself up. As soon as I pulled out, I had to place my hand to catch what was dripping from my cock. It was then that Sandra asked me to and get one of the bags for her, whilst I went and fetched the bag she removed her dress.Still holding m
y leaking cock I handed the bag to her, what she then took out surprised me. It was a long square box, it showed a picture of a naked black man on it. Opening the box she pulled out this life like replica black cock, it was made from a soft rubber and about 10″ long. The replica cock looked quite real and included a set of balls, it even had a large sucker on its base.She then handed me the dildo and looked back into the bag again, holding onto it was very strange to say the least. If not intimidating, due to its size. Sandra found what she was looking for and took out a bottle of oil, opening it up she proceeded to squirt some on her hand. Then whilst I was still holding the dildo she began lube it up, it was almost like she was wanking it as she coated the black monster.When it was all slick with lube she turned round and knelt, with her face resting on the bed and her ass raised high. I watched as she started to use her wet fingers to rub along her pussy lips, then using two of them to part her lips and expose her gaping cunt.”Master, your slut needs more cock. Please fuck me again.” The randy little bitch wanted me to fuck her with the dildo, so I offered it up to her open cunt. The dildo was twice as thick as my cock, so I had to give it a bit of a push. I watched as her cunt stretched allowing it to slip into her, Sandra gasped as the thick cock entered her pussy.With the head of the cock just inside her pussy, I stopped pushing and held it still. She was using her fingers to play with her clit as she tried to accommodate the dildo, meanwhile I grabbed the oil and squirted it down the crack of her ass. She yelped as the cold liquid ran over her anus and carried on towards the dildo sticking out of her pussy.Pulling the dildo out I was amazed to see how wide her stretched cunt stayed open, the oil now started to trickle into her open pussy. I gave another squirt but this time straight into her cunt, again she complained as the cold liquid entered her. I was fascinated at how much of Sandra’s pussy I could see, this was the first time that I’d had a real good look at it. So it wasn’t until Sandra started to beg me. “Please fuck me, Peter.” That I pushed the monster back into her, she grunted as this time the dildo went deeper.Getting myself into a comfortable position, I began to slowly work the fat cock into Sandra’s pussy. Whilst I was fucking her with it I used my free hand to run across her ass cheeks, till my fingers started to circulate around her anus. Gently probing as I worked the oil into her ass. Sandra was moaning and groaning as I played with her cunt and ass.With the dildo now almost fully inserted into her cunt, I was having to hold it by the balls so I could grip it properly. Which I now pulled virtually all the way out, and decided to tease Sandra again. “Slut, just imagine you’re laid on top of George. His big fat cock stuffed in your pussy, and with Jim feeding his cock into your mouth.” She moaned as I told her this.”Now imagine me joining you and fucking your ass at the same time.” I shoved the dildo hard into her cunt whilst pushing my finger deep into her ass, god how she howled as both her holes were filled. She gripped my finger as she started to squirt from her pussy drenching my hand, gripping the dildo’s balls I began to fuck her with long hard strokes.”Oh yesss, that’s it…Oh god yes, fuck your slut’s ass.” Sandra screamed at me, before having another intense orgasm.So I began to move my finger in time with the dildo, she was grunting each time I plunged into her. I only wished that I could have fucked her ass, but my cock was worn out and wouldn’t rise to the occasion. That pleasure would have to come at another time, she’d just have to be satisfied with my finger.For the next 5 minutes I fucked her hard with both the dildo and my finger, but with my hand being all greased up. It was starting to get difficult to keep hold onto the dildo’s balls, also I couldn’t keep on fucking her like that. Not if we wanted to go to the meeting tonight, so when she came again I stopped.I waited a short time as she laid there panting, before removing my finger then dildo from her body. She just collapsed onto the bed exhausted, letting her relax I went to the bathroom to get myself cleaned up. Dropping the dildo into the gümüşhane escort sink before washing it and then my own cock, after I dried myself I picked up the black monster. It was then that I used the sucker on the base to stick it onto one of the wall tiles, it looked quite funny hanging there. With it being rubber the weight of it made the cock hang downwards, semi-hard but not erect. Almost like a real cock after sex.Going back into the bedroom Sandra was still in the position I had left her in, slumped to one side with her knees up to her chest. Patting her ass I told her to get into bed, she mumbled something as I helped her get under the covers. Once under the duvet she fell asleep, leaving her to it I decided to see what else she’d bought.Rummaging through the bags was an eye opener, lots of sexy underwear and a few fancy costumes. So I chose a couple of items for her to wear to the meeting. A sheer white blouse and black lycra miniskirt, the stilettos and the stockings she had been wearing would finish the outfit off.Then I got into bed with Sandra, cuddling up to her. Before drifting off, I was wondering whether or not she should wear any underwear.Definitely no bra, but the knickers?I’d just waken up from our afternoon nap, and with Sandra still asleep. I thought I’d better give Beth a ring, to confirm the arrangements for tonight. As I waited for her to answer the phone, I pulled back the duvet cover and exposed Sandra’s naked body. She was lying face down but with her back to me, I was admiring her firm ass. Which was nicely framed by her suspender belt and stocking tops, when Beth answered the phone.”Hi Beth it’s Peter, just ringing to confirm the arrangements for tonight.” As I was talking to her, I began to run my hand across Sandra ass.”Oh good, I’m glad you’re still coming. I did think Sandra might have kept you bed bound for the rest of the night.” Beth replied, with a hint of humor.”Especially after seeing how she was getting you all hot and bothered at the pub.” She said as I started to squeeze one of Sandra’s fleshy mounds.”I do hope that Sandra hasn’t tired you out too much, Peter?” Beth continued. “Thanks for asking, but no she hasn’t tired me out totally.” I told her, it did seem a bit strange to be talking to Beth like this. Especially to somebody who I’d only just met last night, but then again it’s not every day I get to fuck another woman.”Well I hope you have some energy for me, I wouldn’t mind a repeat performance.” She said in a sexy voice.This was all new to me, but the thought of fucking her again got my cock stirring. It was now that Sandra began to move, she was responding to what my hand was doing to her ass.”So would I, but I still need to know where and when?” I asked her.Then Beth went into details, where the meeting was going to be and how many people would be there.As I was writing down the directions, Sandra was now fully awake and asked. “Who are you talking to Peter?””It’s Beth, I’m just getting directions for tonight.” I replied.”When you’re finished, I wouldn’t mind a quick word with her.” She said, as she sat up in bed. After saying my goodbyes to Beth, I handed the phone over to Sandra. Now with my hands free and Sandra sat up in bed, I bent down to suck on one of her nipples whilst my fingers pinched the other. She moaned as I played with them, and began to run her fingers through my hair.I was enjoying playing with her nipples, but at that moment my bladder decided to put a hold on my activities. I needed to go for a pee, so reluctantly got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. Standing there as I relieved myself, I contemplated the last 24 hours. It was when I was finishing and trying to drain the last drops, that Sandra walked in. She stood behind me still naked except for her stocking
s and suspenders.As she cuddled up to me I felt the warmth of her body against my back, then shivered as she kissed my neck. Turning towards her, I grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and pulled her tightly against me. Squeezing those firm buttocks, as her soft tits pressed into me. I kissed her, but Sandra soon pulled away as she felt my cock start to poke at her.”Later, anyway we both need a shower and I could do with going to the toilet myself.” She said to me.Reluctantly I let go of her, and turned on the shower. As I waited for it to warm up, I stared at Sandra’s freshly waxed pussy as she sat on the toilet. She noticed me looking and opened her legs further, my cock was starting to stir again as I stared at her smooth pussy.It was then that she noticed her black dildo, I’d stuck on the tiled wall earlier that afternoon after washing it. “What’s that doing there?” She asked me, “I’ve given it a wash, thought it could hang around whilst it dried.” Then gave the drooping head a slight slap, and watched with amusement as the black monster swayed from side to side.Sandra just shook her head at me, then stood up and removed her stockings. We both had our showers and got ready for our evening meal. As we dressed she put on one of her old dresses, telling me that she didn’t want me to get over excited.Once we’d had our meal and were back in our room, Sandra soon stripped and started to put back on her stockings and suspenders. As she was doing this, I got out the clothes I wanted her to wear. The see-through white blouse and a black lycra miniskirt that she’d bought earlier.As I handed them over to her. “No bra or knickers, if you’re going to be a slut tonight you may as well look like one.”She just smiled at me as I watched her get dressed, finally she finished off by slipping on a pair of black high heeled stilettoes. By now my cock was straining in my pants as I stared at Sandra.She certainly looked like a slut. With her large tits showing through the translucent white blouse, to the black miniskirt that barely covering her stocking tops. What made it worse was when she turned around and bent over to look at the mirror, her miniskirt rode up and I got a bird’s eye view of her pussy lips. I suddenly had to rearrange my stiff cock as it strained in my trousers.Sandra wiggled her ass at me as she applied a thick layer of red lipstick to her lips, then looking at me through the mirror. Pouted her lips and blew me a kiss. “This slutty enough for you?” She teased as she then turned around and walked slowly towards me.I didn’t get chance to reply, as I was moaning from her hand rubbing over my stiff cock. Kneeling down in front of me she began to unzip my trousers, pulling them and my underpants straight down to expose my raging hard on. I watched with excitement as she used her wet tongue to lick around those bright red lips, only to moan again as that wet tongue slowly licked around my balls. I just closed my eyes and tilted my head back enjoying that wonderful sensation as her wet tongue glided across my balls.I gasped as she then popped one of them into her mouth, gently swirled her wet tongue around my captured testicle. Coating it with her saliva, before releasing it and giving my other ball the same wet mouth treatment. My cock was throbbing as she soaked my balls.Emptying her mouth, she began to lick her way up my throbbing shaft. Finally using her tongue to smear my leaking precum over the head of my cock, but it was when she popped into her warm mouth. I just groaned out loudly, constantly moaning as she swirled that tongue around my bell end. God this was bliss, I just stood there and enjoyed the sensation.But soon I wanted more and my hips started to slowly fuck her mouth, I was really enjoying myself, when Sandra took me by surprise and plunged her mouth onto my cock, grunting out loud as I hit the back of her mouth. With me now held at the entrance of her throat, I just cried out in pleasure as she started to swallow me. Looking down as I watched my shaft disappear between those bright red lips, it was then from the corner of my eye I noticed the reflection in the mirror. A vision that really turned me on, my sexy slut wife bobbing her head as she tried to deepthroat me. I just watched the reflection, as my hips rocked back and forth fucking her mouth.When this would get too much for her she would pull away gasping for breath, before plunging my saliva coated cock back into her throat. I was fascinated with looking at the mirror, with my face hidden it was like watching her with a stranger. I was so fucking turned on, now I understood the thrill of being a wife watcher. It wasn’t until I felt her nose pressed hard into my stomach that I realized that she’d taken all of my cock down her throat. It was straining and swelling to bursting point, I knew then that I wouldn’t last long and at that point my body just took over and I started to fuck her throat.”Oh you fucking slut, oh god yes. Uh, uh, uh, uh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” My hips jerking as I screamed out loud, shooting my load straight down her throat.This was too much for Sandra and she coughed as soon as I started to erupt, pushing me back so that my spurting cock left her throat and back into her mouth. I tried to push back in but she wouldn’t let me, instead she wrapped her hand around my exposed shaft and began to pump.With her lips still tightly around my shaft, she continued to swallow as she milked me. Passed the initial climax I was enjoying the come down as I groaned in pleasure, my body would do an involuntary jerks each time her tongue flicked me. But all too soon my cock began to wilt, and Sandra let my cock slip from her lips.I was knackered, Sandra had sucked me dry. I just stood there not wanting to move as I enjoyed the anticlimax, it was then that she stood up. Wrapping her arms around my neck, pushing her spunk covered tongue into my mouth. As we kissed and our tongues mingled, and I got to taste my own spunk.Her skirt had ridden up, and my hands were now squeezing the bare flesh of her ass. As we continued to kiss my fingers delved deeper, then one of them made contact with her anus and pushed. But before I could go any further, Sandra stepped back.”Cheeky, maybe later. But we’d better get going if we don’t want to be late.” She said to me.I was a bit disappointed at not being able to play with her ass, but then I had the pleasure of watching her pull her skirt down. She half crouched, then wriggled her hips as she began to pull the hem down. As her stocking tops disappeared, I watched avidly as her large tits swayed from side to side.She was still half crouched when she looked up at me. “What you smiling at?” She asked.”Just admiring my sexy slut’s charms.” I answered.”Well master, don’t you think you’d better put your own charms away. Otherwise the guests might have a fit if you walk into the foyer with them hanging out like that.” She said to me with a smile on her face.As I pull up my pants she applied a fresh layer of lipstick, before putting on her long coat over her slut outfit. Then picked up a shopping bag, and noticed that I was looking at it. “Beth suggested this, she told me by the end of the night things tend to get a bit messy.”I looked in the bag, it contained a towel and some baby wipes. A pair of knickers and the lube we’d used earlier that afternoon. With that we were ready, so opening the door we headed out to our dogging session.As I was driving the car, we talked about what had happened over the weekend so far. I mentioned to Sandra at my surprise at how her attitude to sex had changed. She replied. “It was when I saw Jim’s cock, I was just stunned by how big it was. Then when he called me a slut, all I was thinking about was would it fit in my pussy.”As she was saying this, I watched as her legs opened and her hands disappear between them.”You do realize that there will be more men there tonight, and most of them will want to fuck you. How do you feel about that?” I asked her, as her hands started to play with her pussy.She let out a little moan before a
nswering. “Excited and a bit apprehensive, but as long as your there I’ll be alright. Anyway what about you, how do you feel about seeing me with other men?” She replied, I could see that her eyes had closed and she had started to breathe faster.I decided to get her going. “If watching you get fucked by Jim last night was anything to go by, I can’t wait to see you act the slut.”That did it, she was rubbing faster now. “I just hope that after Jim’s fucked you, and George has stretched your escort gümüşhane slut pussy that you’ll still want my cock, I mean I can’t compete with the size of their cocks.” As I said this, Sandra started to scream.Her body was lifting off the seat as she yelled herself through the orgasm, her fingers were franticly rubbing at her pussy. I was having difficulty driving from watching what she was doing, so I quickly found a spot and parked up. Only to hear her scream her way to another orgasm, it wasn’t only the sound I was experiencing but the sweet smell wafting from her pussy as well. After a few more spasms she started to calm down and was now slowly rubbing at her pussy. Finally closing her legs together with her fingers still lodged between her thighs, she let out a long sigh and relaxed back into the seat.She then looked over to me. “That was all your fault, you shouldn’t have mentioned about Jim and George’s cocks.” I just grinned at her.”God my pussy is still throbbing.” She said before resting her head back against the seat.As she relaxed I leaned across and started to caress her tits, squeezing and rolling her nipples with my fingers. I was amazed at how hard and erect they’d gotten.But it wasn’t long before Sandra spoke to me again. “Peter, you’d better hand me a tissue. I’m leaking and I don’t want to make a mess on the seat.”Letting go of her breast I handed over a tissue, and watched as she dabbed away between her legs.Whilst she was doing this she said something that didn’t surprised me. “By the way Peter, did you know Beth has taken a real shine to you?”I had gotten that impression from when she had spoken to me, it was whilst I was thinking about Beth. That Sandra placed her wet fingers under my nose, smelling that sweet aroma. I got this vivid image of Beth when she had her orgasm, filling my mouth with juices as I shoved my tongue up her sloppy cunt.Remembering this I began to lick Sandra’s wet fingers, enjoying the sweet tang of her pussy juices. Before she pushed them into my mouth and I sucked them dry, she didn’t leave them there long before she removed them.”Peter, we need to get going. All that talk about Jim and George’s cocks has got me turned on, I can’t stop thinking about them.” She said as she fidgeted in her seat.If Sandra sounded eager, it wasn’t as much as I wanted to see her get fucked. The thought of watching Sandra being gangbanged was turning me on, especially if I was fucking Beth at the same time. So I didn’t waste any more time and continued on our journey.We soon found the site, it was in a quiet wooded area. As we entered the car park we could see two groups of people milling around, one of the groups were crowded around a picnic table. I could just about see a woman laid on her back, later we got to find out that she was called Jane. Two of the men were holding her stockinged legs wide open whilst a third guy was pounding away between them. It was then that I saw Jim, he was stood by her head obviously getting his cock sucked, there were a couple other men who were stood around the table just watching and wanking their cocks.As we got out of the car, I could now hear Jane’s muffled cries as she was being fucked. It was then that I noticed Beth in the middle of the second group, she was knelt down surrounded by half a dozen men including George. She was sucking their cocks, swapping from one to another. George then saw us and headed over to us, his semi erect cock was hanging out of his trousers. As he came closer it bounced in front of him, although it wasn’t fully erect. It was still an impressive size, and I watched Sandra’s face as her eyes followed it.”Sandra, Peter I’m glad you made it. This being your first time it does look a bit daunting, but just enjoy yourselves. You’re under no pressure.” George said to us.I had to smile as I watched Sandra, she was nodding her head whilst still looking at his cock. But I could also see that George was impressed with Sandra’s tits.”I must say I do like your outfit, mmmm very nice.” He said as he eyed up Sandra. “Beth was telling me that you’ve got your pussy waxed, do you mind if I have a look?” George asked.Not taking her eyes of his cock, Sandra bent down and lifted the hem of her skirt. With her pussy exposed, opened her legs for his inspection.George had a big grin on his face as he stared down at her bald pussy, then asked. “May I?”Sandra just nodded, then George ran a fingers along her wet pussy. She moaned as his finger parted her lips, working it along her slit it was soon coated in her pussy juices. I think that if he’d carried on, Sandra would have had an orgasm by the sounds she was making. But he stopped to the disappointment of Sandra, and took his finger and sucked it into his mouth.”Sweet.” Was all he said, then taking hold of one of Sandra’s hands. Led her to an empty picnic table, before lifting her up to sit on the edge. Sandra just stared down at his cock, as he opened her legs before kneeling down between them.Sandra moaned out loud as his long tongue started to slide between the folds of her wet pussy, her hands held onto his head as she suddenly gasped. His tongue had found her clit, and was teasing it. I suddenly realized that I was not the only one watching what was going on, a couple of the guys who had been stood around Beth. Had wandered across to us, they now stood next to us. With their cocks in hand, as they watched George and Sandra.Sandra was also looking at them, then down to their hard cocks. It was whilst she was looking at them, that she started to unbutton her blouse. With her tits now fully exposed, she laid back on the table. Gasping and moaning as George continued to lap at her pussy. Seeing that Sandra had removed her blouse, the two guys soon started to maul her tits. Pinching and squeezing them as they continued to wank their cocks.With George lapping away between her legs and the attention her tits were getting, it wasn’t long before she had her first orgasm. It was whilst she was coming that she grasped for the nearest cock, and was soon wanking it off.Not to be out done the other guy moved around to her head, offering his cock to her mouth. He was soon rewarded, and I watched as Sandra opened those bright red lips for him. Watching as my slut wife eagerly took another man’s cock into her mouth, my own cock was straining so I released it and began to slowly wanked myself.But I was soon distracted by the man who was fucking Jane as he started to yell at her. “Oh you fucking slut, here it comes. Ahhhhhhhh.” He was slamming into her as he filled her pussy with his spunk.But as I turned back to watch Sandra, the guy in her mouth was groaning out loud. He suddenly pulled his cock out of her mouth, gasping as a jet of spunk launched across Sandra’s face.He let out more groans as he wanked his cock, squeezing more spunk into Sandra’s open mouth. I watched as she swallowed then lick the end of his cock, before taking it back into her mouth. You could see him stood there eyes closed, as he enjoyed what Sandra’s mouth was doing to his cock.Then there was a bit of a jostle from some of the other men, which had moved across to join in the action. Who was going to be next one, to get the use of her mouth. It seemed that Sandra was fast becoming the center of attention, even Jim had moved across and was stood next to me, watching and wanking as Sandra took another cock into her open mouth.Whilst she started to blow the next guy Jim tapped George on the shoulder, seeing it was Jim. He stood up and got out of the way, George’s mouth was coated with Sandra’s pussy j
uices. He was licking his lips, as we watched Jim now stand between Sandra’s open legs.Sandra had stopped sucking the guy in her mouth and had lifted herself up, she was staring down as he began to lube up his 11″ of black meat. Before letting out a long groan, as Jim started to move the head of his cock along the folds of her pussy. Her wet lips soon parting as he found the entrance to her cunt.Then a slight push and he was in, Sandra grunted as he entered her. Then laid back down as Jim lifted her legs on to his shoulders. This time his 11″ cock easily slid into her pussy, he didn’t stop till his balls were resting against her ass. Sandra didn’t get the chance to moan as the bloke who’d she had been sucking pushed his cock back into her mouth.George had also moved himself to the side of the table, now placing his 12″ cock into her hand. As soon as she realized it was George’s monster cock she was holding, there was this muffled scream as her body shook on the table. She was having one hell of an orgasm. As I stood there watching Sandra, there were now six men stood around her. Filling her cunt to fucking her mouth, they were all touching her body in some way. Her large nipples were like organ stops, as various hands pinched and squeezed her tits.My eye wandered to what Jane was doing, she was now laid face down on the table being vigorously fucked from behind. She was grunting out loud each time she was thrust into, I could even see a trail of spunk and pussy juices leaking down her legs and onto her stockings tops. I wondered at how many times she’d been fucked so far, seeing the amount of spunk leaking from her pussy. It looked as though she wasn’t finished either, there were still a couple of men watching and waiting their turns to fuck her.It was then that I noticed Beth, she was on her own now and resting against a car. She waved at me to come over, I did a quick check at what was happening to Sandra before heading across to her. Jim had started to fuck Sandra with long slow strokes, as the guy whom she’d been sucking was now coming over her face. I don’t think she noticed as she was having another big orgasm.Walking across to Beth I was conscious that I was like all the other men now, cock hanging out awaiting my turn to be serviced by one of these women. Beth smiled at me as I approached her, she was in the process of cleaning herself up. Using a baby wipe to remove the spunk that had been sprayed across her face, neck and down between her naked breasts. She looked at me then said. “If you think this is messy, wait till they’ve finish with Sandra. It’s a bit of an initiation ceremony for new women members, all the men will spunk over her face or tits. Don’t worry I’ve already warned Sandra about it.”My cock twitched as I got an image of Sandra laid on the table, face and tits covered in spunk. Beth had seen my cock jerk, then said. “Would you like a hand with that? Or would you prefer something else? Mouth, pussy or my ass?” Jesus, I don’t know about Sandra but I was definitely going to enjoy myself tonight. “All.” Was my reply.”You greedy man, well in that case I’d better not waste any time then.” Beth said as she knelt at my feet. Gripping hold of my cock she pulled it down, level with her mouth. I groaned as her tongue worked its way around my helmet, lapping up my leaking precum.”Mmmm, I do love the taste of cock.” She said, before going back to licking around my helmet. At one point it was as though she was trying to force her tongue down my Jap’s eye, but it was when she deepthroated me that I grunted out loud. She held me down her throat for a few seconds, then slowly pulled back till just the tip was held between her soft lips. A quick flick with her tongue and I was plunging back into her throat. I grunted each time she did this to me, all the time I was hearing the moans and groans coming from Sandra and Jane. Looking at Sandra, her tits and face had been splattered by more spunk. There didn’t seem to be any shortage of men who stood by her face. Eagerly wanking their cocks, as they waited their turn to use her mouth.There was also a constant slapping sound now, as Jim body slammed against Sandra’s ass. She was being well pounded by his 11″ cock. But it was George that peeked my interest, he was now stood next to Jim getting his cock ready to fuck Sandra. Pouring a generous amount of lube onto his erect black truncheon, then smearing it along its length.Whist I’d been distracted, Beth had stopped sucking my cock and stood up. She had turned around, and was now bend over the cars bonnet with her legs splayed wide open. Reaching behind, she grasped my cock and pulled me towards her pussy. Guiding my erect cock along the folds of her pussy lips, I soon found the entrance gümüşhane escort bayan to her wet cunt. With a slight push I was in, and we both groaned as my cock slid into her sloppy cunt. Letting go of my cock, I pushed all of my 6″ home.But after a couple of thrusts I couldn’t feel any resistance, so pulling back I pushed her legs together. This time her pussy was a lot tighter, even Beth could feel me now. She was soon moaning as I slowly fucked her pussy, in this position I could see everything that was going on.By now Jim had pulled himself out of Sandra, to make way for George. He had maneuvered himself between Sandra’s legs, and we both watched as George slowly work his monster into Sandra’s pussy. “Oh my god, it’s too much.” She screamed as her pussy was being stretched, George just stood still his fingers circling around her prominent clit. Her body shuddered as he pinched her clit between his fingers, she was now moaning and her hips started to move as she accepted his girth. George seeing this pushed his cock further then stopped, by now Jim was feeding his cock into her screaming mouth.Whilst we watched I was holding onto Beth’s hips as she suddenly squeezed her pussy around my cock, I just moaned as she massaged my cock with her cunt muscles. Then Beth spoke. “See the guy wanking his cock next to Sandra’s face.””Yes.” I said as I looked at the man who was wanking his cock furiously over Sandra’s face.”That’s my husband Tim, watch he’s about to come.” Beth said, just then he groaned and started to spray his spunk across her face. This must have turned Beth on, because she started to come at the same time. I groaned as her cunt squeezed around my cock.As Beth had her orgasm my hands moved down and pulling her ass cheeks apart, with her little brown star now available. My thumb began to massage her anus, she moaned as I worked my thumb over it. But with no lube it was tightly shut, so I pulled my wet cock out of her pussy and slid it between the cheeks of her ass. Transferring her pussy juices to her ass before plunging back into her sloppy cunt, I did this a couple more times each time her anus would get more lube.With my cock slotted back in her pussy, I worked my thumb again this time using her pussy juices to probe her ass. With my thumb all lubed up, Beth’s sphincter opened and I was soon knuckle deep. I could feel my thumb, as it rubbed against my cock through the thin membrane that divided Beth’s cunt and ass.Beth was moaning again, her cunt was squeezing around my cock as I began to finger fuck her ass. Looking around, Jane was getting another fucking whilst Sandra was having a series of orgasms. Amazingly George had finally worked all of his cock into Sandra’s tight pussy, and all he was doing was standing still whilst using his fingers to play with her clit.Beth’s husband now came over to us, offering his spent cock to her. She eagerly stuffed into her mouth, as I was fucking her cunt and ass at the same time. This sent her off again and her cunt flooded from yet another orgasm, this was making her too sloppy for me. So I pulled my cock and thumb out, she moaned in disappointment as she wriggled her ass at me.Then squealed as I started to push my wet cock into her ass, there was a slight resistance from her sphincter then I was in. Not stopping till my balls slapped against her puss
y, I held myself still just moaning as her ass squeezed around my cock.Tim must have liked what he was watching, because his cock was stiff again. Grabbing hold of Beth’s head he began to fuck her mouth like there was no tomorrow, soon saliva was dribbling from her mouth as she started to make a glugging sound. I joined the action by fucking her ass, Beth was constantly moaning as we spit roast her. I was pulling her ass cheeks apart for better access, when I saw that Tim was watching my cock plunge in and out of Beth’s ass. This must have turned him on because he started to yell at her. “You fucking slut, ahhhhhhhhhh.” As his cock erupted down her throat.My own orgasm was quickly approaching, and began to yell out. “Oh yes, oh yes.”Then to my surprise she spat out Tim’s cock and stood up, forcing my cock out of her ass. Whilst I stood there with my cock twitching in anticipation, Beth took hold of it. Then led me to where Sandra’s head was resting, looking down she was grunting from the pounded George was giving her pussy. But it was the amount of spunk that covered her body that amazed me, and now with Beth’s help I was going to add to it. She had started to wank my cock, aiming it towards Sandra cock filled mouth. As she was doing this to me I pushed one of my fingers into her sloppy ass, then a second. Beth moaned as she started to wank my cock faster.But I wasn’t the only one ready to shoot their load, Jim had taken his cock out of her mouth and was wanking his cock over her face. More groans as two of the other guys suddenly shot their sperm across her Sandra’s wobbling tits.Then Jim joined in by shooting his load across her face and tits, groaning as he came. This was all too much for me and I followed suit, Beth’s hand wanking me off straight into Sandra’s mouth. Yelling out loud as my hips jerked through my intense orgasm. “Ahhhhhhhhhh.”I don’t think Sandra even was aware of me as she was having one orgasm after another, it was then that George pulled out and started to mount the table. Astride Sandra’s body, his dripping cock waving in front of him. With his large balls resting on Sandra’s stomach he started to wank his cock, it was certainly an impressive sight, seeing his hand slide along that 12” monster.As his hand went faster so did his breathing, sweat started to pour from his face as he concentrated on wanking himself. He started to gasp, then telling everybody. “Her it comes baby, welcome to the club. Oh yes, oh fuck yessss. Ahhhhhhhhh.” A thick stream of spunk erupted from his cock, landing on her face to between her breasts. Long gasps escaping his lips as he continued to shoot his spunk, until eventually he stopped wanking his cock and just squeezed out the last drops onto Sandra’s tits. Beth was doing the same to me as she milked me dry. I just stood there gasping for breath, as Beth’s sphincter pulsing around my fingers.It was Beth who finally ended the proceeding, letting go of my limp cock. “Ok guys, I think Sandra had enough for the time being.”As I pulled my fingers from Beth’s ass, I surveyed Sandra’s body. Beth hadn’t been wrong when she’d told me earlier that Sandra would look a mess, from her hair down to even filling her belly button she was covered. George had now moved, and was now stood next to the table looking down at Sandra. She was just laying there, eyes closed as she recovered from the pounding that she’d just received.”I hope you both enjoyed the initiation ceremony, I know I did.” Said George.His fingers gently rubbed Sandra’s clit, she moaned as he teased her. “I hope that you’ll be staying on, I know some of the other club members wouldn’t mind fucking Sandra’s pussy now that the ceremony is over.” She moaned as he said this.He smiled then headed across with Jim to where Jane was giving blowjobs, some of the other guys said their thanks before they left for the night. It was then that Beth asked me. “Did Sandra pack a bag like I told her?””Yes, it’s in the car. I’ll go and get it.” I replied, not before putting away my own cock and heading towards the car.It was when I was coming back with the shopping bag, that I got the chance to see the state of Sandra’s battered pussy. It was all red and puffy, her pussy lips extended after what George’s cock had done.As I stared at Sandra’s swollen pussy Beth took the bag from my hand. “Don’t worry Peter, it isn’t permanent. It does shrink back, eventually.” She said, then patted me on the bum.For the next 10 minutes we cleaned Sandra up, to the sound of Jane being fucked again. It was then that one of the men came across and spoke to Beth. “Any chance of a fuck Beth?”Her reply surprised me. “Not at the moment Charlie, but Sandra is free.”Sandra smiled at him as she looked at his stiff cock, he was slowly stroking it as he looked back at her. She was still sat on the table as he spoke to her. “Hi Sandra, can you turn around and bend over.”Sandra lifted herself off the table, then turning around. Laid herself facedown onto the table, her skirt rucked up as she waited to fucked by Charlie. I open my trousers and took hold my limp cock, squeezing and pulling it as it began to stiffen. He moved behind her, running his hand across her firm ass. Before sliding his cock along her pussy lips, soon finding the entrance to her cunt. Sandra moaned as he pushed his cock all the way home, then holding on to her hips he began to slowly fuck her.Beth had seen me wanking my cock, and moved herself to the other end of the table. Bending herself forward she was now facing Sandra. “Peter, you never finished fucking me.” Beth said to me.Quickly I moved to stand behind Beth, then dropping my trousers. I reached into the shopping bag for the lube, squirting some it on my finger. I began to lube up her ass, teasing around her sphincter before easing it in. Beth laid there gasping as I worked one then two fingers into her, all the time I was doing this I watched Sandra as she was being fucked.She was resting herself on her elbows, looking at what I was doing. But it was a double pleasure for me, seeing the deep valley that lay between her tits as they hung down. With a added bonus that every time Charlie slammed his cock into her, they shuddered.My cock was ready now, so pulling my fingers out I replaced them with my cock. Not as tight as before but just as pleasurable, I started to fuck Beth’s ass. Pulling all the way out before plunging back again, she grunted each time I slammed into her. Then Charlie and me started to synchronize our fucking, watching Sandra screwed up face in pleasure as she moaned from the pounding she was getting.Beth had moved one of her hands to between her legs, and I could feel it as she started to rub her clit. She was gasping and crying out, when I was suddenly surprised when my balls started to get warm. As Beth was having her orgasm she was squirting warm pussy juices over my balls, it’s a sensation I’ll never forget as I came.”Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” I groaned out loud, shooting my load into her ass. I stood there, in a state of bliss. Beth’s ass pulsing around my cock, to the warmth my balls were experiencing. Then another long groan escaping my lips, as hips jerked in time to Beth’s contracting sphincter.It was a few seconds later that I realized that Charlie was also coming, I’d been so occupied with my own orgasm that I hadn’t noticed. Looking down at Sandra, she was looking back at me as she laid there panting. Beth’s ass was squeezing me dry and I soon slipped out, standing back I soon realized that we had attracted a few of the guys. It was Jim who took my place, whilst Beth’s husband Tim took over from Charlie.For the next hour or so, I got to watch Beth and Sandra both get fucked numerous times. Even watching as George fucked Sandra again, when he had finished. One of the men turned Sandra over, so she was laid on her back. Then proceeded to lick out her sodden pussy, it was certainly full by the amount that was leaking out of her.She even sucked on a few cocks whilst her pussy was cleaned out, but at the
end she told us that she’d had enough. There wasn’t as many people left now, so that was how our dogging session ended.After Sandra cleaned herself up and put on a fresh pair of knickers, we said our goodbyes and headed back to the hotel. We both had a long shower and went to bed, it was a good job it was Sunday morning. We missed breakfast and didn’t get up till noon, we were woken up by my mobile phone ringing.It was Beth. “Hi Peter, did you enjoy last night?””Yes I did.” I replied.”Well, I’m ringing to see if you wanted to come to our next meeting in two weeks time?” Beth asked.Sandra could hear what was being said, and her answer was to slide down under the duvet. The next thing I knew was my cock was being taken into her mouth.I moaned. “Oh yes, ohhhhh.”I was still on the phone, when Beth asked me. “Are you alright Peter?””Ahhhh… Yes Beth, Sandra’s just giving me a blow job right now. Ohhh god yessss.” I couldn’t say anymore as I concentrated on what was happening to my cock.Beth was laughing. “I take that as a yes, and see you in two weeks time. Don’t let Sandra tire yourself out too much.” The phone went dead to sound of Beth’s laugh. That was how we got into the dogging scene, as I was being deepthroated by my slut wife.The End.

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