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our first MFMIt’s close to half past 10 when we pull up to the house. Dina, my wife, is visibly nervous as she sits in the passenger seat wearing a pair of black heels, a pleated plaid, ridiculously short skirt, sheer white panties, and a very fitted tank top. Something I suggested and she thought was a good idea until we pulled up to the house.See, about a month prior, Dina finally agreed to a threeway and I posted on a local swing site the following:“Couple looking for our first MFM. She’s Filipina with curves, clean shaven, and can be very vocal when fucked and loves a big cockHe’s her husband, likes to share and watch.We’re looking for a hung male that is STD and d**g free”Of course, her being pinay meant that we were hit with a flood of responses from every guy on the site but the one that caught both of our attention was Stan, a really well built fellow who claimed to have a 10 inch cock with girth to match and the photos he shared look promising. He also live just far enough away and worked in an industry where the chances of him knowing someone we knew would be pretty slim. After putting on a show for him via webcam a few times while he stroke his massive tool and chatted with us we decided he was what we were looking for.This takes us back to sitting in our car in front of Stan’s house, Dina is confirming with me that if she doesn’t like how things are going if she can stop and leave, she must have asked me that same question 5 different ways and each time I confirmed that we could bail if she wasn’t feeling it. She finally asked “you’re really horny right now, aren’t you?!?”, well holy fuck Dina, how could I not be? Look at you? You look hot as fuck fethiye escort and I’m about to watch you take a huge cock!”I text Stan to let him know we’re outside and We finally get out of the car and start to approach the house, she’s looking fucking amazing, those heels really make her legs look great and her thick ass in those panties just ever so slightly peek out from under her skirt, especially when we get to the steps, plus that white tank top really shows her stiff nipples which I can’t tell is out of excitement or the chill in the air.No sooner than when we reach the front door does Stan greet us, he’s bigger than I expected, clearly a foot taller than me which makes him at least 16 inches taller than Dina even in her heels and built like a linebacker, he shakes my hand, then Dina’s and tells us how excited he is to meet us both finally and invites us to the living room. Dina and I take a seat on the couch as he offers us some wine. Typically Dina isn’t a wine girl but I could tell she wanted something to take the edge off. As were sitting and having a light chat about what lead to tonight I could tell Stan was looking over Dina the entire time, I’m sure we was getting an eyeful since no matter how she sat he got to see something, plus the wine must have been working because she stopped crossing her arms over her breasts and wasn’t worried about her skirt hiking up.Finally I looked at Dina and asked her point blank “shall we begin?”, she said “okay” and started kissing me passionately while undoing my pants and grabbing my cock. This wasn’t what I planned, I thought she was going to fuck Stan first but he didn’t seem to mind as he watched. escort fethiye She stood facing me with her back to Stan slid down her panties without bending her knees, just her hips so that her skirt lifted over her ass for Stan to see and mounted my cock. meanwhile Stan took off his pants and started to stroke his cock, I have to say it was more impressive in real life and Dina thought so to because after grinding on me for a minute she looked back at Stan and saw what he was holding while he was staring at her ass and then looked back at me and whispered “can I fuck him?”, I grinned and said “of course!”. She dismounted me, walked over to Stan and gave him the deepest k**s while he took two of his mammoth fingers and slipped it into her hairless little pussy. She’s moaning like that could be the biggest thing she’s ever had in her as I can see her creamy juices covering his fingers. She reaches down and pushes away his hand, then crawls up on the couch, and slides down on his cock, she’s in instant ecstasy. At first she works it slowly, trying to get use to the size and then she starts to build up speed, she’s bouncing up and down on his cock dripping juice all over his shaft while moaning “fuck me, fuck me, oh fuck that’s deep, come on wreck my pussy, make me your slut”. I’ve always known her to say nasty things while fucking but this was on a different level. Finally she came hard, first she buried his cock and grinded and then she hopped off as she couldn’t take coming while having his cock in her and laid next to him on the couch quivering. He didn’t give her much of a break, he quickly put her on her back then spread her legs and shoved his cock fethiye escort bayan into her uterus, he was on top of her and she was out of control. She couldn’t even do anything except keep saying things like “oh fuck it’s big!”, “it’s so deep!” all the while Stan just kept pumping his tool into her perfect pussy.Stan eventually finally put her on all four, having her hang over the back of the couch so he could pound her from behind, I walked upped to her and shoved my cock in her mouth, she actually had a hard time focusing on my cock so had to hold her in place so I could properly fuck her mouth. Stan suddenly let out a big moan followed by Dina doing the same as he buries his fuck stick as far as it would go in her and unloaded, as soon as he slid out I hopped in, it didn’t take long for me to come fucking such a work and wet pussy.Shortly afterward all 3 of us were on the same couch, Dina laid between us, her head on my lap next to my cum covered shaft and her ass being caressed by Stan as she took a nap.“That’s quite a wife you go there” Stan tells me, “Thanks, glad we could make this happen” I let him know, “maybe we can do this again” he asks, “certainly, from the looks of it she had a good time, and you never know, maybe she’ll be up for more.” I say, “what do you mean?” he asks, “I’m not sure but, if you like, maybe she could stay the night here with you in the future, or help host a party if needed” i suggested. “No shit? Really?” Stan asked, “I don’t see why not, let’s see how things go”.After her quick nap we said our goodbyes, Dina left her panties with Stan meaning she rode home with cum and pussy juice oozing out of her, down her thighs, and on the seat. I asked if she wanted to grab a drink before last call plus maybe tease some of the patrons in the bar but she said she wanted to go home and get cleaned up though she did like that idea and said we could do it another time.

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