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One Night in the StormHe waits for a dark night, rain and thunder, when he knows she’ll be alone. Her husband is a good friend of his. Someone he trusts. Someone who trust him. He cares for the both of them. But he’s found himself staring at her more and more often in the last months. And he knows what he’s planning is wrong. But he doesn’t care. If he ever truly did.He’s away on business this weekend. He knows that. And she stayed home alone in that big, empty house, on the cliffs by the sea. He knocks, feeling the rain against his back, hearing the waves crash.The light goes on.She stands there in a nightgown. What she wears underneath is his to imagine, and he imagines nothing. He tells her he was driving nearby, the roads are so slick tonight, and he’d had a few drinks, he just needed a place to sober up for a few hours. She says of course, turns to lead him inside…He watches the nightgown hug the curves of her ass as she walks ahead of him.They sit on opposite sides of the counter as they talk in the kitchen. He slowly slides the conversation around to her absent husband. A question or 2 about what they’ve been up to lately. When she mentions the fact that they have no been seeing much of each other lately, he feels the pulse in his cock begin to race and he leans forward, not wanting her to see the head of his cock begin to bulge through his pants. Not yet anyway. He asks her, caringly, about the state of things between her and her husband. Why haven’t they been seeing each other? Have there been arguments? Drinking? When was the last time you 2 slept together? The question hangs in the silence between them. Her lips part, and in her loss for words the sigh that escapes her makes him wonder what she sounds giresun escort like when her clit is between someone’s lips.She says they haven’t slept together in several months.He asks her how she’s been feeling? Has she enjoyed sleeping alone? She says she did at first…but now…He has moved around to her side of the counter now. They sit at stools, next to each other, him just slightly facing her, her leaning forward against the counter. He trails one finger, barely touching, along her slightly exposed thigh and asks her when she last had an orgasm? He stops touching her now. Sits back. He says he understands and hopes she knows how much he cares for both her and her husband. And that every marriage has ups and downs. He looks her in the eye and tells her he would do anything to help the both of them. He’s a friend to them both. As they make there way to the couch in the living room, where he’ll be sleeping, of course, he can sense that she feels safe, that she needn’t be worried about her inner desire, the desire she feels right now, for any one, any man who can make her feel the fire inside ignite her whole body…She is so turned on she doesn’t even realise it. But he does.He’s telling her he’s her friend and she should trust in her love for the man she married because it’ll weather her through any storm. And in his mind he’s taking off her panties with his teeth.He moves the cushions on the couch, unfolding the bed from inside, which is surprisingly firm and comfortable for a fold out couch in a guest room. He is setting up the bed as she gets down on her knees to pull out a basket of blankets and pillows from under a table in the corner. He acts like he doesn’t see the side of her breast as giresun escort bayan her nightgown opens slightly. Does she know? Does she realize? Or is it intentional? He sits on the edge of the bed as she walks toward him, her hips swaying. He would swear he can smell her pussy getting wet. She hands him the blankets and pillows and he looks up at her, completely innocent. He asks how her back has been. He knows she’s had soreness and in the past and that massage has often helped her. She again tightens her nightgown around her as they talk. Self-consciously she feels her own nudity beneath the thin, silky fabric. She sits in a nearby loveseat as he makes the bed. She has been sore, and sleeping in the huge bed upstairs alone has left her with a few kinks in her back. Her usual massage ther****t is on vacation as well. She stretches slightly, subconsciously trying to undue the knots in her lower back, just above the swell of her hips. He briefly imagines tearing her nightgown open and throwing her face down on the bed.Instead he mentions that its best she sleep on her side to elongate the spine, alleviating the pressure in her lower abdomen. He looks away, emptying his pockets, placing everything on the table near the guest bed. He senses her watching him, not even knowing she’s doing it. He is facing just slightly away from her. Gently, he adjusts his penis through his pants. Its beginning to swell, not hard, but full all the same, and he adjusts it so quickly its almost imperceptible. But her eyes, for just that moment, alight on it. He turns and faces her, hands out stretched, smiling. He apologizes for still feeling a little drunk. He sits on the edge of the bed. She stands, as if they are both escort giresun preparing to sleep in their separate rooms.He is sitting in front of her on the edge of the bed. Her hair is loose, cascading down over her shoulders. One curl rests between her breasts, slightly exposed as the gown opens and she does not adjust it. He wants to grab her waist and pull her against him. Instead, he looks at his watch.Its very late, he says. She probably wants to get to bed.She is dazed, just a little, he can tell, and for a moment she looks around, as if unsure where to go. She shakes her head and as her breasts swing slightly back and forth, he hopes she doesn’t see that he’s now almost completely hard.He reminds her to try that side-lying position. To help her sciatic nerve.She smiles. Loving him in that moment for being her friend. She touches his face, feeling the stubble beginning to take over in the early morning hours. He pats her hand. She says she will try that position. Does he need anything else?He needs her ass in his hands as she ride him in reverse, pulling her down again and again onto his throbbing, hard cock. At least, that’s what he thinks. What he says is that he just needs a few hours sleep to clear his head, then he’ll head home in the daylight. All he really needs is for her to get some sleep.She smiles. Relieved. And so happy to have someone in this big dark empty house with her, a man especially. A man she trusts. As she leaves, the lightning strikes outside. He sees her, silhouetted against the window. In the flash of darkness, he sees only the shape of her, her curves. She appears as a naked shadow to him. He smiles, sweetly, in a practiced manner, waves gently and lays his head down, preparing to pretend to sleep.In his mind she undresses, slips naked between the cool sheets of her giant, lonely bed. He reaches between his legs, squeezing himself. The raging hardness of him subsides, slightly. He must be calm. This next part is a bit tricky.

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