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One Hell of a changeTwo years ago I was diagnosed with the big C. Treatment started, hair fell out, weight loss 6 stone plus numerous other ailments. Then things improved, remission and nice sensations began to return. The wife suggested we should try to make love and see what happens, so without being asked twice we started the foreplay. I was amazed everything began to spring into life. She massaged my growing shaft while I stroked her rising breasts. My hand slipped down onto her leg then slowly made its way under her dress and gently slid up her leg. I found the area between her legs and played with the smooth bulge, sliding my finger up and down the crack of her virgina. Her legs parted and I was soon caressing the moist lips of her pussy while she rose to every stroke of my finger.After undressing we lay together on the lounge carpet and she raised her knees and opened her legs allowing me to enter her karabük escort wet,warm pussy. As my shaft penetrated her cunt she cried out stop. I withdrew my shaft demanding to know what was up. Your prick was too long she replied. Curious at this we examined the offending shaft and finally saw that my prick had grown at least a thumb length (2.5″) longer than it was. My wife not wishing to be harpooned by this monster decided she would ride the shaft. I lay back as she lowered her now dripping cunt down unto this trunk. It slipped slowly into the hole and she moaned as it entered her ever receptive pussy. Slowly at first she tested the depths to which this monster of a shaft wold go to. Then her movement up and down the shaft increased as her pleasure increased. After minutes (another improvement) her movement up and down the shaft increased and she eventually climaxed with every throb of my exploding escort karabük prick. We finally parted with semen streaming from her well oiled cunt.A few days after she had invited a couple of friends around for an afternoon coffee Lena and Shirl and I made my escape to my upstairs office. After a while I went downstairs to get a drink and as I passed the slightly ajar lounge door heard my name mentioned. I tapped the door entered and asked who wanted coffee. The girls all gave me a guilty look with a sly smile. The wife was the first to speak saying “We have just been talking about you”. I asked why and without hesitation she added “We were discussing the size of your prick”I was a little embarassed and asked what about it.My wife said the girls would like to see it, and with one swift movement she had pulled down the zip of my pants and her hand was teasing my prick into view for he ladies.Its karabük escort bayan not surprizing but my prick began to swell into its new and improved length.There were gasps of surprize and wonder at its size with comments of envy at it not being theirs to fuck.Not being shy I moved across to the girls and presented to shaft which was quickly take into the hands of the girls and massaged.Lena soon took the prick into her mouth and sucked on the knob end .Shirl was removing her panties and looking permisibly to the wife, who gave her approval.Withing seconds my shaft was sliding against the lips of Shirls pussy which soon parted and allowed me to enter fully into wet,warm cunt. I moved in and out of the cunt but was soon faced with Lenas wet cunt which had been statigically place near to my face. My hands pulled the cunt onto the end of my wet tongue which began to tease the lips of the cunt.After minutes of fucking my shaft exploded send a full amount of sperm into shirls waiting cunt.Lenas trembling thighs signified that she was coming to an exotic climax and was well satisfied with our playing.The session ended well and future dates are planned.

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