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On Line hookupLast evening after I had my dinner I read my emails then surfed the net for a while. I kept my email open. as I was checking out a few of my sites I am a member at the BING sounded and I saw a new email had arrived. Opening it my heart started to race as I saw it was from an older man I met a few months ago at a truck stop. He wanted to know if I was free to meet up with him for his truck broke down and he was staying at a motel about an hour away.I responded that I would love to stop over and see him. A few messages later he asked if I would be dressed like a hooker wearing all black and of course I said yes.Just so happens that I picked up my dry cleaning that day and a couple of my black skirts and dresses were in with the others. I wanted to please him for the last time we were together his cock was so hard like a rock and he treated me like a street slut. I took a quick bubble bath, did my make up (black cats eyes) dressed in all back. short pleated skirt, sheer blouse, panties with ruffles on the back, jet black stockings, a retro style corset with 6 garter straps, wore my wig cut in a pageboy style. 3″ heels, I did wear a thick red belt.Knocked on his motel room door. He answered and his eyes popped out of his head “OMG you look fantastic just what I wanted” he moaned. He wanted a hooker so I said yalova escort “blow jobs $5.00, fuck me $10.00, do anything you want to me and abuse me FREE”.He took my hand pulled me to him with the door still open he kissed me. We locked in an em brass kissing our tongues flicking across each others as he kicked the door closed. His hand were all over me running up and down my body feeling my hard falsies, stocking my hair. then raising my skirt. He sighed as he looked. His hand ran across my panties lightly touching my tiny useless clitlet. At the same time i had my hand in his pants rubbing his rock hard cock.I sat on the bed dropped his pants as he stepped out of them. took his cock in both hands and stocked it as I looked up and smiled at him with my bright red painted lips. I took the head of his cock in my mouth and he moaned “you fucking dirty slut”, grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock deeper in my mouth. HE started fucking my mouth. I purposely let as much drool and saliva spill from my lips and run down my chin just to turn him on A nice sloppy mouth fuck. “I’m going to fuck you you dirty slut going to rip you apart: he yelled as he puled his cock out and a mouth full of saliva ran out. He rubbed his cock all over my face smearing my make up and soaking it. He pulled me to my feet looking in my escort yalova eyes called me a fucking dirty tramp as he pushed me to the bed.He pulled up my legs and ripped off my panties, reaching down and taking hold of my limp clitlet. he laughed “what a useless whore”His cock was rock hard as he raised my legs holding my ankles and rammed his cock all the way in me with one push. I moaned like a little girl giving him the satisfaction of taking me. I pushed back as he drove it in and out. his balls slapping on my ass with each stoke. All the while he was fucking me he was yelling things at me calling me names asking me questions and demanding an answer “how many time you suck a dirty cock today, you like fucking strangers don’t you slut” questions like that.He was like a pile driver slamming his cock in me as hard as he could. Then he stopped closed his eyes and gushed a load. As it flowed in me he pulled out grabbed my head pulling it up and jerked off the rest all over my already soaked face. “SUCK IT SLUT” he ordered and I took it in my mouth licking and sucking it till he pulled out.OMG Michelle your the best fuck I ever had so much better then my wife” I smiled and went to the clean up. I washed my face put on some new makeup. Walked to him bent down where he was laying on he bed and kissed him then moved yalova escort bayan down and took his limp cock in my mouth and sucked it a few times. I smiled “was I the hooker you wanted hon” “SO much more” he said. We made arrangements for him to let me know next time he was passing through. and I blew him a kiss as I left the room.I was so turned on I pulled up my skirt showing my stocking tops and garter straps as I hit the highway. Each truck I passed i turned on the interior light and slowed down driving next to the cabs giving them a little peak as I always do. Lots of horns honking and lights flashing.I then pulled into a rest area driving and stopping in he truckers sections around back. I parked and got out leaning on the car. My luck it started to rain so I got back in the car but now before a guys walked to me. “looking for something doll” he said. “yes, looking to service a lonely trucker know anyone” I answered. He giggled yea me. I told him to get in the car which he did. I reached over unzipped is pants and pulled out his cock. I bent over the console and took it in my mouth sucking him to a climax. As he gushed I swallowed. MMMM Just what i need a full load of cum in my belly. Without saying a word he pulled up his pants and got out. Now its around 2:00 AM when I got home. All in all a good night but did not get to flow and leak my sissy cum so this morning before getting out of bed I fucked myslef with a few of my monster toys till I at least relived myslef. Maybe tonight go right to the hook up sites for a few more strangers to service.

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