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OHGIRL: Pimped OutI looked over to see my boyfriend Mikey watching me from the doorway. My legs were wrapped tightly around the back of my muscular boytoy, Shawn. I was biting my lower lip and my fingernails were digging into his tight butt cheeks, as I pulled him deeper into me with each of his driving thrusts. His long, hard ebony cock had been pounding me for the last hour and there was no end in sight and I wasn’t complaining. Shawn and I had met when he had fucked me about 8 months before, during a sexual outing, in which I had been fucked by 3 different guys. I had really been turned on my his hot body and his huge, black cock from the first time he had fucked me, so Mikey had allowed me to take him as a regular lover. The problem was that he was now fucking me and had me hooked on d**gs. I just couldn’t get enough of his long black cock and the d**gs he gave me made my already crazy sex drive, that much worse. He was not the perfect guy for me to choose as another boyfriend and Mikey let me know that every chance he could. When I hung out with Shawn, I reverted back to Brandy, my Porn Star and Stripper personality, and the life of extremes was not what I needed to get myself going in the right direction. But, a lot could be said about a man who was multi-orgasmic and had a nearly 12 inch black penis. Shawn could fuck for hours, since he could cum and still maintain an erection, then keep going. He would fuck me for three hours straight, cumming in me 2,3 or 4 times as his cum just poured from my gaping hole, while he continued to drill me with his ebony pole. The only reason for stopping was because we were tired, hungry, thirsty, had to use the restroom or were bored, and I made sure he didn’t get bored.Mikey had told me that Shawn was trouble and I knew it, but some girls just have a thing for bad boys and he was my Achille’s Heel. He was a bad boy and he brought out the bad girl in me. Mikey and I had practically been living together in my condo and had both dropped out of school for a quarter, but that was many months ago and Mikey was once again in school and Shawn was now at my condo nearly every day, unless he was out of town getting more d**gs to sell. Mikey wasn’t jealous about me having sex with Shawn, but he didn’t want me to get hurt or in trouble. Mikey had helped me on a couple of occasions while I was on a d**g binge, but it seemed that I always ended back in bed with Shawn. Not only were d**gs a current problem for me, but Shawn would borrow my car, come in at all hours of the day, borrow money and use me for sex, of which I was least concerned. When I was around him, my Brandy attitude was in charge and Mikey saw it. For the last few months I had been on a series of d**g binges and had found myself in dangerous situations, having sex with multiple partners that I would have never even thought about having sex with when I was sober. Mikey had helped to get me back to my old self for the last two weeks and Shawn had come by to lead me back down the road of trouble. Shawn had stopped fucking me, when he saw Mickey was watching, and went to get something in the living room. He pushed past my other lover on his way out of my bedroom, completely nude, his long cock still pointing straight up into the air, while I sat in bed, lighting up a cigarette. I never smoked in my condo before, but now I was smoking again when I was around Shawn and I was also doing lots of d**gs with him too. Shawn always had a stash of pot, cocaine or other d**gs. Mikey had my best interests in mind, but I just didn’t see it. Shawn shouldered his way back into the bedroom and handed me the bong he had packed and lit up while in the living room. I took a few hits and then started sucking Shawn’s black manhood back to hardness. I felt bad, but that didn’t stop me from putting out my cigarette, bending over and guiding Shawn’s cock back into my cum filled cunt,to hopefully fuck me for another hour. Shawn left much later, after we had finished, and Mikey sat down next to me on the bed while I smoked another cigarette and we discussed the situation once again.Mikey was spending less time at my condo, since he had returned to school, and spending fewer nights, as Shawn seemed to always come by around. During my free time, I was meeting a few of my customers and recently, fucking a lot of strangers and living the life of a d**g addict, street whore. I was getting high by myself when I was alone and had been engaging in sex that wasn’t my standard, with strangers and men that I had just met. I had also been putting myself in situations where I wasn’t in control and I was getting taken advantage of in my d**g induced state. Mikey was busy and I knew Shawn was spending his time doing i*****l activity, but it wasn’t my concern, that is, until my car was impounded for the forth or fifth time. I would lend my car to Shawn on occasions and since I slept late into the afternoon after our long nightly romps or my late nights of street walking, he would usually have it back when I woke up. I got a call from the police for the last time and I had to pay to have it taken out of impound, when they found it parked i*****lly. Luckily they never found any d**gs in it or other incriminating evidence. I let Shawn know that from now on, since I had more free time, that I would be going with him when he used my car. He argued about it at first, but then gave in. Letting him slide his big cock into my ass always got my way. After a few more weeks had passed, and since Mikey was only stopping by on the weekends, I was spending more time with Shawn. He would get to my place at around 5 am every morning and we would fuck and then in the late afternoon we would leave for his rounds at about 4 pm. His rounds included visiting certain friends and hanging out to get high. In the evening I would drop him off and he would do his late night work, until he came home to fuck me again, in the morning. I was still doing a few of my clients in between my free time, but I had stopped making as many appointments, since I was always stoned, once again. I was soon hanging out with Shawn and his d**g dealing friends and he told me to try to dress sexy when we went, so that he could show me off as his hot girlfriend. I did and I have no idea why, since they all lived in the ghetto and their homes were ramshackle apartments. Shawn liked the attention it got him and apparently it made him seem more successful, by driving up in my BMW with a hot chick on his arm. My first visit with him to his friend’s place was pretty wild. There were 3 other guys there playing video games and he introduced me as his “bitch”. I didn’t say anything and just acted my part, playing the streetwise black girl who was hip to all of the things that went on in the neighborhood. His friends must have all sold d**gs for the same dealer, so the conversations were always the same. I had on a tight form fitting dress with high heels on my first visit and everyone gawked, as I sat around with them and smoked pot, drank their horrible drinks and had a cigarette on occasions. We were all pretty buzzed and Shawn had told the guys that I was a stripper, so they put some music on and I danced around. After some encouragement and them throwing some bills at me, I finally slid my dress off and was completely naked. They were all fidgeting with their cocks and staring as I sat on the couch between them and we all smoked another bowl of weed. Shawn acted pretty ambivalent to the whole situation and got caught up in a video game that they were playing. He was acting like a player who could get a girl like me at will and didn’t mind what I did with his friends. We were all pretty drunk when they started playing with my tits and rubbing my pussy, asking question about my stripper work. It turned them on to hear some of my stories, but I never told them that I was a hooker too. After we left, Shawn was really excited about how I had handled his friends. They got to feel me up for free and he got the rep from them. We were so horny that we pulled over into a vacant lot and I rode his cock as he sat
illegal bahis in the drivers seat. I’m not sure how long I bounced on his hard, black staff, but he came twice in me during that time.After a couple of weeks of hanging with the guys, they became really comfortable with me and I would strip for them and they’d cop a feel or two. A few of them even coughed up a little money for some lap dances. We were getting high and drunk every day and one day while we were all hanging out, their dealer came by. For some reason, Shawn and him had gotten into an argument in the other room, while I was dancing for the guys. We ran into the room and this guy had a gun drawn on Shawn and was talking about him owing some money. I was totally naked and jumped in front of Shawn, to try to calm things down. The dealer told Shawn that if he didn’t pay up that maybe his girlfriend could suck his cock for the difference. I told him that if it would chill things out, that I would do it. He looked at me and Shawn and then gave Shawn a “That’s right, I’m gonna do your bitch.” look. He grabbed my arm and led me back into the living room, pulled his pants down and sat on the couch. All of the guys watched as I got on my knees and began to suck off their boss. He got hard pretty quickly and Shawn stood there watching too, while I stroked his cock in my mouth and gave him a really good blow job. He held onto my head as he came and made sure that I swallowed his entire load before he got up to leave, telling Shawn that the next time he might just fuck me. The guys packed another bowl of weed and we all sat there smoking after he left, but this time they were all looking at me differently. We drank and smoked the entire afternoon and I was smashed and feeling numb while I laid there between Shawn’s friends. I was still naked, from dancing, and Shawn was still playing a video, when one of the guys began feeling me up as I sat there in a daze. They always tried a little more each time I teased them, but this time his fingers sunk into my pussy as he rubbed it. I couldn’t believe I was so high, but I didn’t mind what he was doing. One of the other guys saw him and leaned over to join in, squeezing and sucking my breasts as his friend finger fucked me. I spread my legs wider while I sat there, still trying to come out of my stupor. 3 fingers were currently fucking me and then a fourth was added. The guy yelled over to Shawn “Damn, your bitch got a big ass cootchie!” he said and Shawn responded by grabbing his huge tool through his pants and telling him that it was because I was always on his big cock. He looked over to see his friends playing with me and asked them what we were smoking and his friend told him something special. It must have been special indeed, because I didn’t care at all what they did to me. My pussy was wet as he nearly had his whole hand in me, then he pulled me by my legs onto my back. His cock was out quickly and he was between my legs before he even got hard. His other friend watched while I laid there getting fucked. “Damn Shawn, my cock didn’t even need to get hard to get into this shit.” he said, as he pumped me and I felt his member swell. His dick grew pretty big and he grinded it into me for some time before his two stoned friends were standing nearby protesting for a turn. Each of them got their turn and even Shawn came over to join them as they all four fucked my pussy well into the evening. Round and round they went, fucking me and then playing videos until their turn came up again. Occasionally one of them would rub their cock on my face as they tried to get me to suck it, but I just couldn’t concentrate enough to do so. Shawn flipped me onto my stomach a couple of hours into their gangbang and showed his friends how I took it in the ass. They each took a turn and one of them came in me. I was on my back again as Shawn put on a show and pumped my gaping pussy for quite some time while his friends smoked some more pot and mixed up some drinks. “This is how I met her.” he said. “She was at the bar and her boyfriend pimped her out to me and a couple of dudes for $25. Now she can’t get enough of my shit.” I felt Shawn cum deep in me and then his other two friends eventually filled me with their explosions. I finally came out of it after about 5 hours and Shawn helped me to get dressed. My pussy was still covered in dried jizz when we got back to my condo. I was functional by then and was able to shower before we went to bed. I had been pretty drunk in the past and had been fucked by a group of guys once, when I had been slipped something at the bar, but that was the first time I was still mentally alert while it all happened. Shawn’s friends now treated me much differently when we visited and I often found myself sucking their cocks or fucking them during each visit. His dealer started coming by more often and the guy that owned the apartment seemed to always have someone new visiting each day that would join in. I tried to fit in and they had me smoking all kinds of stuff and trying a variation and mixture of d**gs, as they got me high and spent each day fucking me. They all gave me the nickname of BP, which stood for Big Pussy. One of the guys said that I was also like the BP Gas Station, since everyone could stick their big nozzles in me and fill me up for a ride. I took it all in stride and I even got a few tattoos in order to fit in. Most of the guys had a bevy of cheap tats lining their arms and on their chests and neck, so they took me out one day to get a tramp stamp. Shawn told me that all of the whores had them and that I needed one too. I got a tribal tat above my butt with small roses at the ends. That evening they all fucked me from behind so that they could smack my ass and stare at my new ink, while they pumped my big pussy. My days became a blur over the next few weeks, as I experimented with more d**gs and sex with Shawn and his friends. I got a tribal dragon tat on my shoulder, a tribal barbed wire around my bicep and a skull on my left breast as the weeks passed and I began to fit in more with the crowd. I started spending much of my time in the spare bedroom at the apartment as multiple men came in to fuck me every day. Shawn was charging many of them and to me it didn’t seem to be any different from what I used to do as a high priced hooker and escort. Fucking men for money was easy for me and I was fucking 5 or 6 guys every day, not including Shawn and his friends, but I was enjoying myself and the d**gs made me feel much better. Four months went by very quickly and I had only seen Mikey one or two weekends during that time. He was still in school and I had put off classes for another quarter. I was originally spending the afternoon with Shawn and his friend’s, then leaving in the evening to be away from their i*****l d**g sales. That was when I could spend time with my real boyfriend, Mikey. Once I began having sex with Shawn’s friends though, I began staying around to party all night and witnessed the onrush of nightly activity at their apartment. It was fairly quiet during the afternoon, while we all sat around getting high and drinking. Eventually the guys got horny and I would spend some time taking care of them however they wanted. Shawn didn’t care and rarely fucked me at their apartment anymore. As the night came on, the place became a busy d**g house. Anywhere from 25 to 50 people a night came to buy their d**gs and most lived nearby in the neighborhood. The age range averaged between 17 or 18 years old up to 50 or 60 years old. Some were women, but the majority were men. Many of the guys coming by noticed me there at first and Shawn started spreading word that I was his whore. I was usually really high late in the evening, so I was typically dancing and stripping to entertain some of the men that stayed to do their d**gs. One of Shawn’s friends had put up a stripper pole in the living room, so I showed off and I got quite a bit of attention. Most of the men had just enough money to buy their d**gs and leave, but there were a few that stayed around to watch youwin güvenilir mi me and tip me too. Usually a
buck or two, but they seemed to feel that it was enough to grab a feel. Shawn eventually began asking some of the men if they wanted to fuck me or if they wanted a blow job and once word got around, I spent most of the evenings in one of the spare bedrooms fucking and sucking off the guys who had the money to pay Shawn. I really was Shawn’s whore and it didn’t bother me for some reason. He was only charging most of the guys $5 for blow jobs and $20 to fuck me and he kept the money, often making $200 or more a night. Each morning we would go back to my condo to clean up and sleep, but then the next afternoon I was stoned and partying with all the guys. Every night was different, one night 20 guys could pass through my room, but on other nights maybe only 5 or 6. Shawn’s friends were still fucking me early in the day, but I really missed Shawn’s big cock and had to beg him to fuck me on some days. Shawn got the idea to move the party to my condo for a week and that led to some problems. I had originally tried to keep my business out of my private life, but that week got crazy. Shawn’s friends were fucking me at my place now and they told many of their customers about the location. Each night 15 or 20 strangers came through my condo to party and buy d**gs. The music was blaring and I got a lot of complaints. Somebody let one of my neighbors into the party one night and he wondered into my bedroom to see me being fucked by some strange, young black guy. I didn’t know who he was at first and kept going at it while he waited. When the guy fucking me finally came, I wiped my pussy with a tissue, walked up to the new person and took him by the hand, leading him to my bed. I was so high that night that it didn’t even dawn on me that he was the only white guy in my condo. I asked him if he wanted to fuck or if he wanted a blow job and his eyes about popped out. “I don’t want anything.” he said, as another guy entered the room and told him to leave if he didn’t want any pussy. I just stared at him when the other customer walked up to the bed and pulled out his cock for me to suck. I began to blow him and he was still watching me, but I didn’t really care, since he wasn’t the first man to watch me give head. And then it dawned on me who he was, as I watched his expression when he saw me swallow the load of cum shot in my mouth. My neighbor had seen the whole thing and I knew I was in trouble now.I couldn’t believe I hadn’t even recognized him. It had been probably 4 or 5 months since I had last slept with him and I was so stoned that I didn’t even realize it was him I got a letter from the home owner’s association to discontinue the parties and the i*****l activities that were going on in my condo or risk eviction. I was so embarrassed as everyone who lived on the property found out that I was a hooker. Some already knew and word had been getting around fast. I wasn’t ashamed, since I had been doing it for nearly 7 years, but I was trying to keep all of my neighbors from finding out. We moved Shawn and his friend’s operation back to their apartment, but the damage had been done. My reputation was shot and my condo had been abused for the week that we were there and laid in ruins. I found out that many of my belongings had been stolen by some of the people who came to buy d**gs and since I had spent much of my time stoned or fucking Shawn’s d**g buyers, I didn’t even realize it. Beer cans, trash, cigarette butts and ashes, dirty dishes and pans and d**g paraphernalia littered my condo. It reeked of alcohol and smoke and I didn’t even try to clean it up. I was lying naked in the cum stained bed at the apartment and smoking something from a pipe with a man who had entered the room 15 minutes before. He looked to be about 18 or 19 and he had just finished fucking me. I wasn’t sure what time it was or how many men I had fucked that day, but I got an unbelievable buzz as I inhaled deeply for my third hit on the pipe and my energy came back for a short while, as I made my way back into the living room with Shawn and his friends. It was 5 am according to the clock on the wall and Shawn grabbed my arm and led me back into the room as another guy followed us. “Listen baby, just one more and we can go.” he said. I smiled at him and leaned in for a kiss, but he pushed me away and the other guy put his arms around my waist and began kissing my neck. It felt so good and soon his hands were squeezing my breasts from behind. He pushed me onto the bed and I held myself up on my hands and knees as I felt his cock slide into me and begin to pump. I leaned forward onto my elbows and laid there while he held onto my hips and continued to fuck me from behind. About 10 minutes later I felt his blast deep in my pussy. He pulled out and I heard him leave as I stayed there resting on my elbows. I was so tired at that moment and I just wanted to sleep. My eyes began to close when I felt another pair of hands grab my hips and another hard cock slide into my cum dumpster. I began thinking of Mikey and how much I missed him. The thought caused me to grind my hips back into my anonymous sex partner’s stiff cock and I felt him drive deeper into me with each thrust, as I pushed back to meet him. Over and over his pelvis slammed into my ass and I began moaning as the cum from my previous partners ran down my thighs and stained the mattress further. Finally, I felt another huge load fill my pussy and it brought back more memories of Mikey.Shawn dropped me off at my condo that morning. It was much later than normal and he drove away in my car while I smoked a cigarette and walked to my place. A few of the residents saw me, looking a mess with my hair in disarray, my makeup smudged and my once tight and sexy dress all wrinkled and splotched with cum as it clung tightly to my pregnant belly. I had stopped taking my birth control pills once again, sometime in the last 4 or 5 months, since my doctor had told me that I might not be able to get pregnant again, after I had lost my first pregnancy. The odds of fucking multiple unknown men every day had caught up to me. I knew I looked like a pregnant crack whore and I felt like one too. I had stopped smoking the d**gs a few hours earlier and had nearly sobered up as I turned my key and walked into my condo. The place was immaculate and looked like brand new again. It had been nearly a week since I had been home, losing track of time while I binged on d**gs and Shawn sold me or gave me away to nearly every man that had stopped by the apartment to buy d**gs. It seemed like I had a cock in me every moment of the day, as one male after another entered the room and got high with me, then fucked me. I had rarely slept, so the room that I used was constantly filled with the aroma of d**gs, sex and cum. Shawn would only fuck me occasionally and it was probably because I had been having some sort of sex with such a large number of guys each day,as he sold me to make his extra money. I began crying when I found the note on my kitchen table from Mikey. It was dated and I was surprised to see that over a year had passed since Shawn had become my boytoy. The d**gs had really messed me up and I sat on the chair as I read his letter. He had stopped by to see me a few days before and had seen my condo in really bad shape, so he took the time to clean up and repair nearly all of the damage. It truly looked amazing and I was so happy. I had only seen him 5 or 6 times in the last 5 months and not at all since I started showing. He had no idea I was pregnant and I intended to call him. I slipped into a nice warm bath and relaxed for what seemed like hours, before falling into my clean bed and sleeping until I heard Shawn come into my room. He told me to get up to get ready to go to work, but I told him to leave my car and to go without me. He was pissed, but he left and I slept until late in the evening. I called Mikey and it was so nice to hear his voice. I told him to stop by perabet the next day and when he did, he noticed my baby bump. We talked about how I had no idea whom the father was and that it cou
ld even be him and then we went out to eat. Shawn was at the condo when we returned and I told him that Mikey and I were spending the night together. He left in a heated rush and Mikey and I made love twice that night, before I fell asleep in his arms. It was so nice to get back together and I hoped that my life would soon return to normal again. The next afternoon Mikey left and I was in the shower when Shawn arrived and he joined me. It had been a few weeks since we had been intimate and I found myself on my knees sucking his huge black cock as the water beat down on us. I was lying in bed with Shawn, a short time later, and taking a hit off of a bong. He was rubbing my stomach as I blew out a stream of smoke from my nose and mouth, daydreaming about the hard fucking he had just given me. Before long I was dressed and we were headed for his friends’ apartment, where their black cocks soon remade their acquaintance with my well used cunt and ass. Late that night or early morning, I found myself lying on my back again, with my legs spread wide open, while a fat, black man lay on me huffing and puffing as he ground his hard, fat cock into me. Shawn came in afterwards to give me another pipe to smoke and introduced another customer of his. This one wanted nothing to do with my cum filled pussy and spent the next 10 minutes fucking me in my ass before leaving me with his warm jizz deep in my rectum. When I woke up later on, I was in my condo with clean sheets around me and I hugged them close before I went off into another day long rest. The next two months I spent going back and forth between Mikey and Shawn. I was now 7 months pregnant, but that didn’t stop me from continuing to do d**gs and fuck strangers into the double digits on a daily basis. I was giving a lot of blow jobs too, but my pussy and ass were still open for business and were busier than normal when I wasn’t with Mikey. I never remembered much of the sex when I was high and that probably attributed to my ability to take on so many men on a consistent basis. I had become a well known whore in the ghetto and my nickname BP was bringing in more business for Shawn and more men who wanted to fuck the pregnant prostitute with the huge tits, big areolas and long thick nipples. My breasts had doubled in size, but I hadn’t put on more than 15 lbs and it was all in my baby bump. I was lactating when ever I became aroused and just like my first pregnancy, my sex drive was voracious. I found myself not smoking as much of the d**gs as usual and engaging with more of the men on my own accord. Nearing my 8th month of pregnancy I began calling some of my old customers from when I was an escort and began hooking up with them during noon time meetings, before I left for work with Shawn. I started bringing in some money on my own and I truly needed it, since my funds had been depleting over the last year. I still had a pretty good bank roll put away, but when I had the baby it was going to be costly. I stood looking out of my window as Mikey drove away, smoking my first cigarette of the day after a wonderful session of love making with my sweetie. We had spent the weekend together and I was actually feeling great, since I hadn’t done any d**gs or alcohol in three weeks and I had only smoked a few cigarettes and those were only after unbelievable bouts of sex. It was 2 weeks until I was due to have my baby and I still had a full schedule this week with a handful of my old clients. I would try to finish up in the afternoon and then Shawn would pick me up in the evening. I was still whoring for him in the hood, but I wasn’t there all night as before. Mikey kept telling me to dump him, but every time I tried, he would fuck me with that sexy, long black cock of his and I would melt. He was making more money a week pimping me out than from profits on his d**g dealing and I didn’t mind helping him out. He did have a nice side that only I seemed to recognize and fucking the number of men I did per day seemed to quell my hormone driven sexual urges. They were far from the type of men I had fucked in my past and I was practically giving my pussy away for what they paid Shawn, but after all of the years of being a hooker, I had grown accustomed to the lifestyle. A cock was a cock and if it was a paying cock it would typically end up in my pussy, ass or mouth. Two more weeks passed and I had fucked Mikey that night and morning before he left and when Shawn came by to pick me up, I didn’t take no for an answer, as I sucked his ebony pole to hardness and holding my belly with one arm and my swollen breasts with the other, I bounced on it like there was no tomorrow. I wouldn’t let him lose his erection and after pounding on my cervix with his long black cock, I felt my water break. Mikey and Shawn’s cum flowed out of me with a gush of fluid and I felt the contractions begin. Shawn panicked, but he finally settled down enough to drive me to the hospital. Mikey showed up a short while later and it was only a matter of an hour before I gave birth to a little baby boy. It was easier than I thought it would be and the doctor said that the sex I was engaging in probably induced my labor. My boy was very light skinned and it gave me hope that Mikey was potentially the father, since most of the men I had fucked before I became pregnant were nearly all black. Although I’m positive that there were many light skinned black men, Hispanics and other white men I had engaged in sex with during the time frame, I had my fingers crossed. I was a mom now and I was going to have to get back to work to take care of my baby. I couldn’t let Shawn pimp me out anymore to his cheap d**g addict friends and I had to get back to my escort business to avoid the d**gs and alcohol. I had already hired a nanny after the first week I was home and by the third week I was scheduling appointments with my clients. I had specifically arranged my sexual encounters to include only oral and anal sex for the next four weeks, until my gynecologist said that it was ok for me to have intercourse. I was actually back to full service within 3 weeks though, since I had felt fine and Shawn was back in my pussy pounding me hard, well within the time frame I was given. Many of my old clients were clamoring to get with me and I was ecstatic that Mikey and I were a hot commodity again. I couldn’t get back to college for a while, but in the future I would return. Shawn said that we needed to celebrate and I agreed. About two weeks later, I found myself once again lying on my back at Shawn’s friend’s house, stoned and being fucked by a line of d**g addicts that went out the door. One after another they waited for their turn in my pussy as each of them filled me with their seed. Shawn not only was pimping me out at the apartment, but he was now driving me around town to different dive bars that he knew and charging drunks to fuck me in the parking lots or for me to blow them in the restrooms. Another four months sped by and the folks in the hood all knew that BP was pregnant again and fucking every cock that came by. I took another hit off of the bowl that I was smoking and handed it over my shoulder to the guy who was fucking me from behind. The four guys waiting outside of the room were all bitching about having to wait, but I didn’t care, since they’d be in me soon enough. My math was a little lousy at the moment, since I was buzzing from the d**gs, but in the last year and a half after becoming Shawn’s whore, I must have fucked nearly the amount of men that I had in the five years that I was a busy stripper, an escort and a porn star. But now I had a c***d and was pregnant with my second. I kept thinking that same thought over and over as I spent the rest of the night being fucked by at least another 15 strangers. I walked back to my condo late the next morning, a severe case of deja vue occurring, while I smoked my cigarette with cum encrusted lips and my black fuck me dress once again hugging my new baby bump. The neighbors were just as put off as the first time. I entered my condo and Mikey was there again for me, this
time to intervene in my life and get me back on the right track.

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