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OHGIRL: How I Became a StripperWhen I graduated from High School, I decided to wait a couple of years and to bypass college. I wanted to get out into the work force, to own my own car and to see if I could find a great job that didn’t require a college education. I worked for two years in the retail sector and finally decided it was time to go back to school. I got all of the information, for enrollment, that I needed from the local college and then realized that I was going to have to come up with a lot of money to pay my tuition. I had a small grant and a small scholarship, but it wasn’t even close to enough money to fund my full education. Even if I worked full time, it would be impossible to live on my own and go to college. While driving home one day, from work, I was listening to the radio and the local DJ’s were interviewing a porn star / stripper, who was in town dancing at a local club. After she finished the interview, the owner of the club mentioned that they were hiring new girls and if any hot females were interested, they should stop by to apply. I didn’t really think of myself as being hot, but I knew that I had the kind of body that a lot of dancers had and that men seemed to like. I called and was asked to stop by the next day to apply.I was a bit nervous as I entered the club owner’s office. It was early in the morning and the only people in the club were him and a couple of bartenders prepping for the afternoon opening. The owner asked me how old I was and I told him that I would be 19 years old in a month. He seemed to like my look and he was very open, when he told me that very few women of color worked at the club or applied for any openings. He was glad that I had stopped by and wanted me to get dressed in one of the extra bikinis that they had in the girl‘s dressing room, to do a short audition. I had never danced or tried to be sexy in front of more than one person, so I was very nervous. He had the bartenders sit in and watch as I got on stage to dance. The bikini was extra small, so I could barely get it up over my hips and the top was like little eye patches over my nipples. I sauntered out onto the stage as the music started and then tried to act as sexy as I could. After the first song, he told me to take off my top and I danced topless for a couple of minutes and then he told me to come over to his table and give him a little lap dance performance. As I made my way off the stage, to where he was sitting, he explained how most of the money that the girls made was during the lap dances and private dances. I told him that I really didn’t know what to do, as I danced in front of him, and he kind of explained the details to me, telling me what men liked and what some of the really successful girls did. After two songs, I was a bit more comfortable being topless and I found myself grinding on the owner as I straddled his lap and squished my breasts into his face. He gave me a few more tips and then had me practice on the two bartenders. I felt a bit awkward when each of my practice partners got erections, but I just continued to grind my body and groin against theirs. Afterwards, they all gave me a positive evaluation and the owner told me that I could start as soon as I wanted. He said that I should come in that night and watch the other girls work, aliağa escort to see the entire process. He said that I could meet the house mother (the stripper’s attendant) that night also and figure out what I was going to need in the way of outfits and other information. I learned a lot that evening and picked up quite a few ideas and suggestions. The next day I practiced dancing at home and went out to buy a few really sexy outfits. I was feeling much more confident at that point and I called the owner to tell him I was ready to start. He told me to come in the next morning for another evaluation and if he thought that I was ready, that I could start that evening. The owner was the only person in the club when I arrived and he had me come back to his office. I had my bag of sexy outfits, so he told me to go get into one of them and that he would meet me at the stage. My music was playing when I came out on the stage and I started to dance and strip, as I had seen the other girls do the prior evening. I was topless as I made my way to the owner and I asked him if he would like a dance. He played along and said yes, so I began to give him a really sexy lap dance. I had watched the other strippers and it was amazing at everything I had learned. Halfway through my first dance, the owner had a raging hard on and he was grinding back into me as I was sitting on his lap. He then told me that I should always try to get the customer to do a private dance in the back room or in a private “champagne room”, since that is where I would make the most money. I reached down and pulled him out of the chair by the hand and led him to his office, telling him that he would have much more fun doing a private dance. He played along and I straddled him once again as he sat on the small couch in his office. We could still hear the music and I was grinding on him very sensually. He started to lick and kiss my breasts, all the while telling me that some of the men would expect to do that when they paid for a private dance. He said that the customers that paid the high price for a “champagne room” dance might also request me to be fully nude. He asked if I felt confident and comfortable enough to do something like that. I said yes and got up to slip out of my g-string. I got back on his lap and his hands started rubbing my ass and up my back. He was thrusting his hips upward and I could feel the outline of his hard cock rubbing against my pelvis. The owner’s hands were all over me and he told me that I could expect this type of behavior and that it was up to me how I dealt with it. I could tell the customers to chill out and possibly lose out on more money or let them get a few feels in and try to tease them for more dances. He let me know that the longer that they stayed in the room with me, the more they paid and the more I made for the evening.He told me to not be offended if they asked for more, such as any type of sexual favors. He said that it was i*****l and that if I got caught, that I would be fired. He seemed to stress the point that they let all of the girls handle their own private dance affairs and that they would only get in trouble if they were extremely obvious or if an undercover police officer caught them accepting payment for sex. He kept telling me all of the rules as he escort aliağa continued to kiss and nibble down my neck and breasts. It was pretty obvious at this point that the owner was very aroused and I have to admit that I was too. I had never been in this type of situation and the thought of dancing like this was a bit of a turn on. The owner asked me what my stage name would be and I told him that I kind of thought that the name Brandy was sexy. He said that one of his hottest dancers ever had used the same name and that he thought that it was a very fitting name for me. He reached down and started to unbuckle his belt and then unzip his pants. I asked him what he was doing and he said that his penis was just too uncomfortable being rubbed on through his pants and he was wondering if I was alright with him undoing his pants and letting his cock out. He told me that I’d most likely hear the same line while dancing and it would be up to me how to handle the situation. I told him that it was fine and he slid his pants down to his knees as he sat there. His cock flopped against his stomach as he released it. I had only been with three other guys in my life and all of them were black. His was the first white cock I had ever seen in person and it was huge. He told me that I could continue to rub my pussy on his dick and that it would be alright. Our groins pressed together again, as a new song started, and my wet lips began to slide up and down against his hard shaft. He put his lips on mine and we began to kiss. He told me that it was up to me if I wanted to kiss the clientele, but that ma
ny of them would enjoy it or try to kiss me. We were kissing for about 30 seconds and I felt his hands slide up under my butt and lift me up off of his lap. He began to move under me and that is when I felt the swollen head of his cock press against my vaginal opening. He then slid his hands up the small of my back and held onto me as I slid down onto his long cock. I groaned out as his thick tool slowly sunk into my wet pussy all the way to the hilt. He began to thrust upward and my breasts began to bounce as I rode his lap. “You’ll make a lot of money like this Brandy.” he said, as he rolled me over onto my back and began to pound his hard cock in and out of my tight cunt.His cock was so big and it really felt good as my legs wrapped around him, pulling him deeper inside of me. We had been fucking for about 15 minutes and I was grunting loudly when I look up to see one of the bartenders, whom I had auditioned for, staring down at us on the couch. He looked a little surprised, but he didn’t give any indication of being embarrassed as he told the owner that he had just came in and heard all of the moaning coming from the office, so he wanted to check on it. The owner kept pumping his cock in me as they both talked nonchalantly about the daily work needed to be done before opening that afternoon. I didn’t know what to say and just kept grunting with each thrust of his rigid tool. The bartender left and not more than 5 minutes later returned with more questions regarding a liquor delivery. At this point, I was bent over the back of the couch and the owner was fucking me from behind. My face was buried against the cushion and I turned my head to watch as they conversed about more work. The aliağa escort bayan owner didn’t miss a stroke while he gave his orders and he began to thrust even harder and faster, as I felt his cock seemingly getting bigger and harder inside of me. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head backwards and I looked out of the corner of my eye to watch the bartender’s reaction to our open fucking. My back arched to meet each one of the owner’s full length thrusts. I couldn’t believe that I was taking his huge cock like that and the fact that he was having a normal conversation with one of his employees, as he fucked my soaked pussy, was unbelievable. The bartender left again and the owner pulled his cock out of me, telling me to get on my knees in front of him. He had a grip of his wet pole and held it in front of my face. I took it between my lips and began to suck and stroke his long, hard shaft. I was giving him a blow job when the bartender came in one more time, this time with a delivery guy who wanted the owner to sign a form for some alcohol. Both of them watched me as I sucked the club owner’s large white cock, totally nude and on my knees for all to see. The owner took the clipboard from the delivery driver and began to sign his name. He stopped all of a sudden and then quickly handed the clipboard back to the driver. Then the owner began to moan out as he exploded in my mouth. The driver and the bartender both watched as the owner stroked his long rod with one hand and held my head with the other. His cock throbbed as he filled my mouth with his hot cum. I swallowed as much as possible, but each huge gush of warm spunk began to overfill my mouth and some of it ran down my chin, dripping onto my breasts. He kept stroking his cock and moaning out curses as his cock continued to spasm and more jizz covered my lips, poured down my breasts and dripped onto my thighs. All the while the other two men just watched intently. The owner let go of his cock, leaving it in my mouth, and then took the clipboard from the delivery man again. His hunk of meat was still semi-hard and I continued to lick the shaft and suck on his dick, cleaning up the cum, as the two men watched me. I kept looking up at them as I was sucking his cock, but they finished their business and left the owner and I alone once more. He pulled me up from my knees and looked me in the eye as I stood there with his cum on my lips, breasts and legs. He had just fucked me with the biggest cock I’d ever had and cum in my mouth as two other strangers had watched and I was so surprised that I had just gone along with it. Never in my life had I imagined that anything like this would have happened or that I would have allowed it to. “You are going to be one hell of a stripper Brandy “ he stated as he kissed me on the forehead and hugged me. All he had on was an unbuttoned white shirt as he held me and I felt his cock begin to twitch against my stomach. He walked over and this time shut the door to his office and locked it. As he walked back toward me, I saw that his huge white cock was once again swollen. He drove his big cock into me as hard as he could, as I laid on my back with my legs in the air, for the next hour. All the while he was fucking me, he told me about all of the money that I would make with my wonderful talent. I started dancing that night, but it would be a couple of days before my sore pussy was able to fuck again. Luckily I was still able to suck a cock and I soon learned how I was going to make enough money to pay for my education.

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