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Oh Daddy! your dick tastes so good”How many times have I told you, Dani, curfew is at midnight!” Terry yelled as he caught his daughter stealthily creeping through the back door at 3 am… again.”Jesus dad, I’m 18, I think I’m old enough to decide how late I can stay out!””Listen to that attitude. What’s been getting into you lately? First dressing in all those slutty clothes, then swearing at your mother, and now this! I would say you’re grounded, but that hasn’t been deterring you at all!”Dani rolled her eyes. “Look, dad, do whatever the fuck you want. I don’t give a shit anymore.””Jesus, listen to what’s coming out of your mouth! Am I going to have to do what I used to when you were little and wash it out with soap.””Good luck!” She scoffed as she marched down the hall, stilettos clacking on the hardwood. “There’s no way in hell I’m gonna let you do that!””Maybe I should!” He huffed, following her. He finally caught up with her in the kitchen and grabbed her arm. “Or maybe I should just give you a spanking. That always seemed to work when you were little!””Just try it, old man. I’ll call c***d services and get your ass arrested for c***d abuse. You need to wise up to the situation. I’m the boss of my own life now and there’s nuthin’ you can do about it!”Terry’s face went red with anger and he spun her around and bent her over the kitchen table. Her red miniskirt rose up giving him a perfect view of her firm ass. He held her down with one hand and gave her a good smack with the other.”What the fuck?” She hollered as his hand landed on her cheek.SMACK! SMACK!”Jesus, dad…” She said as he kept spanking her. She’d let her boyfriend slap her ass when they were having sex, but not this hard. As she felt the stinging on her skin, she began to feel a tingle in her pussy. She couldn’t believe it. She was actually getting turned on by her daddy spanking her.”Yeah, how do you like that!” he growled as he smacked her again and again until her cheeks turned as red as her skirt.She didn’t say anything as he kept on. The more she focused on the feeling of his hand hitting her ass, the wetter her pussy got. And the more she reminded herself that this was her dad and not her boyfriend, the more turned on she got. The thought of her daddy giving her a hard spanking was making her pussy ache for a hard cock.”I said how do you like that!” Terry hissed again. He gave her ass one final, hard slap before resting his hand on her swollen cheek. He ran it down her ass to the crotch of her thong and felt the wet spot. “That wasn’t here when I started.””I know,” Dani panted. “Do… do it again.””What?””Spank me, daddy.””What… you liked it?””Yeah… please, do it again,” she begged as she rubbed her ass against his crotch.He pushed her down harder against the table as he thought for a moment. He hadn’t had any pussy in months and he hadn’t had a young tight pussy in years. The feeling of his baby girl’s ass against his crotch was so good. God, he couldn’t imagine how good it would feel to fuck a tight 18 year old pussy. But she was his daughter. kastamonu escort He couldn’t, could he?”You want more, Dani?” He said finally.”Yes, daddy. Spank me, daddy.”He raised his hand and brought it down hard against her ass.”Oooh!” she gasped as she gripped the sides of the table, bracing for more. “Yeah, daddy.”SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!”Oooh, daddy!”SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!”Ohh, fuck yeah, Spank me more daddy!”SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!”Oooohh, yes! Oh that feels so good, daddy!” She moaned rubbing her ass against his crotch, feeling his throbbing dick beneath his pants. It was so big. She knew she had to have it in her pussy.SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!She couldn’t take it any more. “Oh, daddy… fuck me!””What did you say, little girl?””Fuck me daddy, I want your cock!””You dirty little slut! You really like getting your ass slapped, huh?””Yeah, daddy. It feels so good when you spank me.””You fuckin want it… then you’re gonna get it.” He growled as he unzipped his fly.He pulled aside her thong and slid his fingers into his daughter’s hot pussy. For being such a little slut, it was very tight — tighter than any pussy he’d ever had.”Mmmm… yeah fuck me daddy!” She begged.”Tell me how much you want my cock, you little slut.””Oh, daddy, I want your cock so bad. I need it! I need to be fucked hard. Please, daddy, give it to me!”He took out his cock and stroked it a couple times before he slid the head into her cunt.”Ohhh yeah,” he groaned as he slowly pushed his dick deep into his little girl. He knew it was wrong. He knew he was taking advantage of her. But he didn’t care. He was going to fuck her little cunt until it was sore.”Ohh, god, daddy, its so big! Yeah… yeah… oh, it’s stretching me out… ohhh daddy!” She had never had a cock this big, and it felt so good. And the image of her daddy mounting her like she was his bitch in heat made her even hotter. She wanted to be used by him. She wanted to be his little slut.He smacked her ass one more time before he grabbed her tiny waist and started slamming his cock in and out of her. It hurt her a little at first, but after a few strokes, her body got used to his enormous size.”Oh, you like that you little slut?””Yeah, daddy, oh god that feels so good. I’m your little slut, daddy.” She said as he pounded her, fucking her so hard the table refused to stay still.”Yeah, you like being called names?””Yeah, daddy, it gets me so hot.”SMACK!”I bet it does, you little bitch.”He kept smacking her ass as he pounded her little cunt. “God you’re so fucking tight.””Ooooh, yeah, you like tight young pussies, daddy? You like fucking your little girl?””Fuck yeah, you little slut!” He growled as he slapped her now bright red ass.The more he spanked her, the closer she came to cumming. The pain of him spanking her combined with the pleasure of him fucking her was just too much. She gripped the side of the table as the first orgasm of the night hit her.”Ohhhh, daddy… I’m cumming!!!!!”He reached up and grabbed her long blonde hair as he felt her muscles contract around his cock. It escort kastamonu was almost too much for him, but he managed to hold back. He had many more nasty things planned for her tonight.”Yeah, cum on my dick you little bitch!”Finally, after her orgasm subsided he pulled his still hard dick out of her dripping pussy.He grinned devilishly. “I’ve got a really filthy idea for you.””Mmm… what is it, daddy.” She said as she turned around and rubbed her clit.”Not yet… first get on your fucking knees and suck me.”She immediately obeyed wondering what the filthy idea was. She dropped down and came eye to eye with his huge prick. She took as much of him into her mouth as she could, tasting her pussy juices that covered him.”Ohhh, yeah, you little cunt. C’mon take it.”He put his hand on the back of her head and started pushing her down on his cock. He’d always loved getting deep throated, something his wife would never do. He’d always hoped he’d find a young slut to do it. It was quite a surprise, though, to find out that little slut was his little girl.She slurped on his cock as he pushed her head farther down until the head of his dick was in her throat. She loved the feeling she got whenever she deepthroated a guy. The groans he made as she sucked him and let him use her mouth drove her wild. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as she finger fucked herself.He finally let her head go and her lips slid off his slick cock as she gasped for air.”Oh my god, daddy, your cock tastes so good. Mmmm…” she said as she sucked the head, strings of saliva dripping off of it every time she took her mouth off. “If I had known this, I might have had you spank me sooner.””Jesus christ, you are a little whore aren’t you?” he said stroking her blonde hair as she wrapped her bright red lips around his cock.”Oh, daddy, you have no idea how dirty I can be
.””We’re gonna see about that.” He smirked. “Let daddy fuck your little throat, baby girl.”She opened her mouth willingly as he gripped the back of her head once again and started sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. He loved the gagging sounds she made as he humped her little face. He saw her fingering herself into another orgasm as he used her mouth and groaned loudly, still not able to believe what a slut his daughter was.”Fuck, I’m almost there, bitch!” He groaned as he pulled his cock out of her mouth and aimed it at her face.”Oh, daddy…” She said as he shot his first stream of semen onto her pretty little face.She opened her mouth, desperate to taste some of her daddy’s cum. He shot some on her tongue, and the rest all over her face covering her with his hot sperm.”Yeah, you fucking cumslut. Oohh, you love it don’t you?” Terry groaned, still in disbelief that he was cumming on his daughter’s face.”Ohh yeah, daddy.” She said as she swallowed the cum that was on her tongue. The taste drove her wild; made her want more of her daddy’s sperm. She raised her hand to scoop the rest into her mouth, but Terry stopped her.”Uh-uh, baby girl, I’ve got other plans.””Oooh, kastamonu escort bayan what daddy?””Get on all fours, and put your face right here.” He said pointing to the puddle of her juices that was on the floor. “I want you to lick it up, slowly, while I fuck you.”Her eyes sparkled when he told her what to do. She immediately got on all fours and as soon as she looked down at the puddle, her daddy’s cum that covered her face began dripping to the floor below.Terry stroked his cock hard, and after only a minute of looking at his daughter on all fours eating her and his cum off the linoleum, he was rock hard again. He slid his cock inside her pussy only a few times. Just enough to get it nice and slick.”So tell me, Dani, how much of a slut are you?””Oh, I’m really dirty, daddy.” She said as she eagerly lapped up the cum like a kitten lapping up warm milk.”Are you this dirty?” He asked as he slid the head of his cock into her tight asshole.”Oh, daddy!” She gasped raising her head up. She pushed back on his cock and begged. “Yeah, daddy, I’m that dirty. I’m totally an anal slut. Fuck my ass daddy!”He mounted her and pushed her head back down into the puddle of cum. “Keep eating it. Clean it all up.”She lapped up another glob of hot cum as she felt him push the rest of his cock into her ass. She wasn’t an anal virgin so it slid in nice and easy.”Ohh yeah,” he groaned as he pushed his cock in all the way to the hilt. “I haven’t fucked an ass in so long.””Ohhh, daddy that feels so good. You can fuck my little ass any time.” She said as she licked up more of the cum. It tasted so good and felt so warm sliding down her throat and into her tummy. It made her feel like a dirty slut, and she fucking loved it!He drilled her ass as he held her head to the floor with one hand and spanked her with the other.SMACK! SMAKC! SMACK!”Yeah, you like taking it up your ass?””Yeah, daddy! I fucking love it up my ass!”He watched as she finished eating the rest of their cum off the floor, but kept licking it, desperate to have that bitter taste on her tongue as her daddy fucked her ass.”Ohh, spank me daddy! Spank me hard!”SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!”Oh, yeah you fucking bitch!” He growled, shouting every obscenity he could think of at her as he felt her cum again. This time he couldn’t hold back. The contractions of her muscles were just too much for him. He grabbed her hips and humped her ass hard.”You want me to cum in your ass?””Yeah, daddy, cum in my ass, please! I want to feel it!””Yeah, you little whore, here it is…” He stabbed his cock in one final time, as he pumped more hot cum into his daughter. He let out a devious chuckle as she milked each drop with her muscles. She quivered as her daddy’s cum splashed inside her ass. It was so warm and thick. God, it felt so dirty. She loved it.”Oh, daddy, your cum feels so good in my ass!” She cried as her orgasm subsided.He pumped the last two spurts into her before he pulled out. “Now come clean it off…”She quickly got onto her knees and took her daddy’s cock into her mouth. He pushed it down her throat as she cleaned it for him.”Do you like tasting your ass, baby girl?””Yeah, daddy,” she said as he let her up for air. She kept licking his cock until it was soft then she looked back up at him and said, “I’m gonna be such a good little slut for you, daddy.”

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