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Ocean Park – Part 2A volley ball hit me. When I looked up, I was sitting on my beach chair and noticed that a really big guy was approaching me. It was the guy who, a while ago, was sitting nearby with his sexy girlfriend. I was scared for a moment; as I remember, I had stopped looking at them, but apparently I had done something or something had happened that he had to discuss with me. But As I recovered my bearings then I realized that I had just fallen asleep and he was just there to take the volley ball lying next to me. And without saying anything, not even offering an apology for hitting me with it, the jerk turned around, and walked away back to his hot girlfriend, who was apparently playing volleyball with him.It was not only embarrassing the fact that I was hit with a ball and that I had to suck up the saliva dripping from the corner of my mouth, but also that I still was on my beach chair, not on my knees savoring the succulent lunch I thought I was! I immediately felt the hollow sensation of the disappointment. On the other hand, a good thing was that my magazine had fallen on my lap and it was covering the massive hard on I had.Suddenly, I had a peculiar sensation that someone was watching me. When I turned my head, I noticed that sexy red was finally up, and he was actually looking at me. I looked around me to save myself from further embarrassment of thinking he was looking at me, but looking at someone else; but there was no one.Then, I looked back at him again. I frowned my face showing skepticism as I pointed at myself with my finger and formed the word “me” on my lips without canlı kaçak bahis making a sound. I could see his cute chuckle. Then, he mimicked my mute signal forming his lips with “yes, you” and his fingers pointed at me.I just laid there for another couple of seconds, assimilating the surprise. After I was able to react, I smiled and waved at him. He, then, chuckled again and waved and smiled back at me. I couldn’t help my urge of looking to down to the sandy ground in a mix of surprise and blush. But even more surprising was when I saw him standing up and walking my way. My heart was racing. And moments later, he was standing in front of me. I looked up to his face in amazement and was able to finally admire his handsome face and gorgeous smile. I also noticed he was holding a yellow, round plate in his hands.“Hello there. I’m Travis” He opened.I smiled at him, still dumbfounded about his interest, and greeted him back.“Nice to meet you” he replied, lifting the plastic dish on his hands. “Do you wanna play frees-bee with me?”“Sure, why not!” I replied with my widest and brightest smile. I have always thought of frees-bee of being a bit silly, but I sure was not going to reject this cutie just for that.We only played for about 5 or 10 minutes. He probably noticed I was far from having a blast running after the goddamned plastic saucer while he contorted and flexed his attractive, hairless body to show off his stylish frees-bee prowess on the other side. Aware of my growing poopy attitude, he walked to me and invited me to go with him to test the temperature of them mild bahis siteleri canlı waves. Now, that was really turning promising. I accepted and joined him in the warm water.We washed the sand and sweat off our bodies, and swam, splashed and goofed around for a while. We were finally relaxing in the water. We talked about my bureaucratic job, his business in Chicago and his longer-than-expected stay in the island due to a last-minute business deal opportunity that had come up the day before. So he decided to enjoy the beach that morning. Lucky me.Twenty minutes later, he was floating quite close to me. Our bodies were making too much contact for dismissing. Not that it bothered me though. We were bouncing around due to the insisting waves, and inevitably, our bodies began bumping dangerously. But of course, we were not trying too hard to avoid that either. With each passing minute, we felt more comfortable with each other. Our hands started getting aloof and furtive. They were erratically prowling around, seldom touching what otherwise would have been deemed… improper. An arm here… a shoulder there… torso… waist… thigh… And such contacts were increasing with steaming frequency.Our water dance developed and we were already embracing. We already knew how swollen our crotches were. My lips were an inch away from his when we noticed that the couple closer to us was watching. I didn’t want to get awkward, but I have always been self-conscious about showing affection in public. Before I gathered my thoughts in order to say what I was going to say, I whispered “Did you say your canlı bahis apartment is very close?”He gave me a devilish look, but still could not hide a hint of blush on his cheeks.As I realized what I had just asked, I felt my ears warming up quick; embarrassment covered my face. “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean… I…” I said totally embarrassed. My embrace automatically begun to loosen and I was ready to let him back off. But to my surprise, he held up his embraced tight. I looked up at him. He was radiantly smiling.“I’m just blushed, not offended” he replied giggling. “Please don’t be embarrassed. I was just thinking the same thing”.Instinctively, I tightened my embrace again and smiled back. We stared at each other for about two seconds. Then, our lips locked. It was slow. It was wet. Our slightly parted lips allowed our tongues to meet and softly caress each other. Our arms pressed our bodies together. The prominently raging bulges on our crotches urgently grinded each other.After what seemed a good minute, we detached. Now we were both giggling, and trying, but failing miserably to hide our blushing faces while attempting to regain our breaths.Travis was finally able to say “It is in the building behind that one” He pointing his finger to the building right across the sand in front of us. “Wanna join me there for a drink?”“Sounds great!” I said still recovering my breath. “Sure, let’s go! …eh, but let’s first wait a minute to… you know… calm down… you know, down there… my excitement is a little too obvious right now” Travis’ face got redder, as if it was even possible, and chuckled and nodded in agreement.“Yeah, I know. I noticed.”We both laughed nervously at it. We took a few minutes to separate and compose ourselves. We got out of the water to our respective beach bundles. We dried up and collected our things. Then, I followed him to his condo.

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