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Nylon Lexi’s sissy training part 3We went for a drink at the bar, I could see people glancing at me and smiling, some rubbing their crotches so I could work out which cocks I’d sucked all the cum from. Sir was rubbing his hand up and down my stockings which was making my clit twitch in it’s cage and I opened my legs in response.”I see my little slut is getting excited and ready for more fun…?”I said I’d like to explore some more rooms so we got up and had a look round until we found a room with red lights and a black leather padded bench. I squeezed Sir’s arm and he laughed as he led me inside. I looked round and saw lots of toys on the wall, straps and restraints. Knowing Sir liked to discipline me when I’d been naughty I was looking forward to what could happen in here.He squeezed my bum and told me to go to the bench, lay across it and bend forwards with my arms out. I saw him walk to the table and pick up a blid fold and a ring gag. My clit was twitching as he came back over to me güvenilir bahis şirketleri and pulled the blindfold down over my eyes and tied it at the back. “Open your mouth Lexi…” and I obediently did and felt the leather ring push into my mouth and the straps pulled tight round the back of my head. I felt helpless and excited as I felt his hands wander over my lingerie, giving my ass a slap and squeeze. Time to put on a show for our friends my little slut.I felt Sir grab my wrists and pull them forward and into a wrist strap at each corner of the bench. I was tied down to it so I was bent over, my clit and pussy sticking out as my high heels pushed them up. He stroked my back then took my knickers and pulled them slowly down my legs. I stepped my heels out of them and spread my legs so he could get good access to my pussy. I felt him run a hand up the back of my leg and squeeze my balls and ull my cage down a bit, making me moan. My mouth was already watering through tipobet giriş the gag and I could hear some footsteps behind me.I could hear Sir talking to his friend and then felt a cold sensation on my boi pussy. I knew I was being lubed up and them tensed as I felt a very cold item pushing against me. With a pop it pushed into my ass and as Sir pushed it inside me, stretching me out, I could feel it wrapping up my back, it was an ass hook I was so excited!I was wriggling and writhing in excstasy, my clit straining against its cage and then felt a slap on my ass which made me tense. I let out a little moan as Sir continued to smack my bare bottom. “She needs something to keep her quiet, want to help?” I heard him say. As the smacks continued I felt a hand on my head lifting it up a bit and the tip of a cock rubbing against my lips. I tried to stick my tongue out as much as I could through the ring gag and moaned as the cock slid through the ring and into my willing tipobet güvenilir mi mouth. I was caged, plugged, being spanked and now had a cock in my mouth, airtight at both ends I was in heaven!I felt the strangers hands n the slide of my head as he started to pump his cock, fucking my mouth while Sir continued to smack me. I could feel his freind speeding up and flicked my tongue as best as I could until I felt it tense and shoot a hot sticky load of cum straight into my throat! I swalled as best as I could but the ring meant it dribbled out onto the bench.”Make her taste it all” I heard Sir say and his frind pushed my head into the pool of cum, I eagerly licked it up as best as I could until I felt there was none left. My senses were heightened wbeing blindflolded and I could feel sir tugging on the hook in my ass.”Yes I think you are nicely stretched out Lexi and ready for some more cocks, this time at both ends, does that sound nice?”I moaned and wriggled to show I wanted to carry on and was excited as I heard Sir say “She’s all yours my friends, I want to see her covered in cum in the next hour before we untie her, time for me to fuck her in the ass and give her my cum, the rest of can fuck her ass but then you have to bukkake her!”To be continued..

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