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Author’s note: It’s only taken a year, but with a little encouragement I managed another installment. Enjoy.


The sun was setting as Nurse Nancy and Nurse Ingrid pulled into the parking lot in front of the office of Dr. Rufus Firefly for his last appointment of the day. Nancy’s white-stockinged leg stepped out of the car and onto the pavement. She locked the doors with a chirp and started across the parking lot with Ingrid at her side.

Nancy was dressed in a white form-fitting two-piece nurse’s uniform, her long thick red hair flowing down from behind the little nurse’s cap perched above her brow. Her white translucent stockings clung tightly to her long toned legs, starting down at her white high heels and curving up over her smooth calves, then over her knees and up her thighs to where a tight band of thicker lacy material held them in place. She strode confidently through the door into the reception area, carrying a white leather kit bag with a red medical cross on it.

Nancy’s stockings didn’t quite reach up to the bottom of her short skirt, where the flawless tan skin of her bare upper thighs flashed as she moved. Her blouse gripped her narrow waist tightly, where more glimpses of taut, tan flesh could be caught between her skirt and blouse. From her waist the eye moved up along the tight cotton that clung to Nancy’s firm torso to where her bra pushed up the bare upper halves of her stunning breasts. Nancy enjoyed the way eyes locked on her cleavage when she wore this blouse, unable to tear away from the tantalizing sight. Even women stared, just as the pretty African-American receptionist did now as Nancy approached.

Nurse Ingrid entered close behind, also dressed in white heels, but she wore ankle-high socks with lace at the top that left all the smooth bronze curves of her legs exposed. Her uniform was a one-piece bright sky-blue dress and cap with white trim and a zipper down the front. The zipper was pulled down a couple of inches at the top to reveal the sun-kissed skin of the tops of her breasts. Her ice blue eyes sparkled and her glossed lips smiled slightly as she looked around the reception area. She had lightly oiled her entire body before getting dressed, causing the light to reflect enticingly from her naked legs, arms, and upper chest.

The receptionist’s large brown eyes darted back and forth between the two beautiful women as they entered. The name tag pinned to the thin sweater that conformed tightly to the receptionist’s ample chest read “Lakeesha.” Lakeesha had impish face that conveyed a penchant for mischief. The three women admired each other briefly before Nancy spoke.

“We have an appointment with Dr. Firefly,” Nancy declared.

“You must be Nurse Nancy,” Lakeesha responded. “From the penis therapy people.” The corners of Lakeesha’s full lips curved upwards slightly as she tried vainly to suppress a smile as she said ‘penis therapy.’

“Yes, I am Nurse Nancy, founder, president, and principal therapist of Nurse Nancy’s Penis Therapy, and this is Nurse Ingrid, who is a licensed penis therapist,” Nancy answered.

“What kind of test do you take to get that license?” Lakeesha asked facetiously.

Nancy ignored the question. “Is Dr. Firefly available?” she asked?

“Yes, he’s in his office. Be sure to knock,” Lakeesha instructed as she indicated the door behind her. The sign on the door said “Dr. Rufus Firefly, Insurance Adjuster.”

Nancy and Ingrid walked to the door and Nancy knocked. Lakeesha watched the two nurses intently as they passed, admiring the athletic bounce of their ass cheeks, hugged tightly by their short skirts.

“Enter!” came a sharp voice from behind it. The nurses complied, and Lakeesha was disappointed to see them close the door behind them.

Dr. Rufus Firefly barely glanced up from the papers on his desk and missed the sight of the two stunning nurses entering his office through the door across the room. Rufus had short dark curly hair and a dark bushy mustache. He was wearing a white coat and had a slightly manic and disheveled look about him. He focused intently through wire-rimmed glasses on the insurance form he was annotating as the women crossed the room and sat in the two guest chairs situated in front of his desk.

The nurses crossed their legs seductively and Nancy placed her kit bag on the floor beside her chair. “Doctor Firefly,” she began, “I am Nurse Nancy and this is Nurse Ingrid. We are here on behalf of our clients to discuss some insurance claims for our service that were denied.”

“You need to file a formal complaint in writing with the details,” Dr. Firefly replied as he finished writing. “My secretary has the forms. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m very busy.” As he said this he looked up from his work to focus on his visitors.

Nurse Nancy sat up straight in her chair and thrust out her chest, which had the usual and intended effect. Dr. Firefly’s eyes lit on her cleavage and he clearly had trouble looking away. canlı bahis Nancy allowed him to stare for a few moments before speaking again. “Yes doctor, we understand the procedure, but felt it was important to speak with you personally about our situation and our service.”

Dr. Firefly looked up briefly at Nancy’s face, but his eyes involuntarily flitted down over her body. Then he noticed with a start the other sexy nurse in the other chair to the right. He looked back to Nancy on the left, slightly confused. “Service?” he asked. “What service?”

“Nurse Ingrid and I are highly trained therapists specializing in audio-visual penile gratification treatment,” Nancy explained.

“Penile gratific….oh, you’re the penis therapy people,” Dr. Firefly responded with a hint of sarcasm in his voice, regaining his composure. “I should have recognized the name.” He picked up a thick folder labeled “DENIED” in large red letters from his desk and opened it to read the top page. “Nurse Nancy’s Penis Therapy. Yes. And you must be the notorious Nurse Nancy.”

“I am the founder and president of Nurse Nancy’s Penis Therapy, if that’s what you mean.”

Dr. Firefly responded abruptly. “Surely you can’t be serious with these claims, Miss Nancy.”

“Nurse Nancy,” she interrupted.

“Whatever. I’ve had eight years of medical training, ten years as a practicing physician, and five years as an insurance adjustor, and never in all this time have I heard of a legitimate treatment called “penis therapy.”

“You have now.” Nancy replied. “Our clients uniformly report reduced stress levels, lowered blood pressure, increased energy, and generally improved satisfaction in their lives. All without any medication or invasive procedure.”

“Not usually invasive,” Nurse Ingrid clarified in a charming accent.

“Yes, well I’d like to see the proof of that,” Dr. Firefly responded acerbically.

“That is precisely why we are here,” said Nurse Nancy.

“Is that so?”

“Certainly,” Nancy began to explain. “In today’s modern society many if not most people experience high levels of anxiety associated with finances, hectic schedules, and job stress. This anxiety over a period of time can cause a number of negative health effects that are well documented, such as hypertension, insomnia, and depression.”

As Nancy spoke she gestured slightly to emphasize her points, but these gestures also subtly guided her listener’s eyes to obvious physical assets, like a model showcasing a work of art. Dr. Firefly began to be drawn into appraising the beauty that had unexpectedly entered his office. “As you know well doctor, hypertension, insomnia, and depression can lead to heart disease, neurological disorders, and in extreme cases heart attacks, suicides, and other causes of death.”

Then Nancy’s voice softened and took a seductive turn. “We offer proven relief to the stresses of modern existence to enable a healthier and happier life.” As she spoke she cupped her hands suggestively in front of her breasts as if to caress them but not touching them. Dr. Firefly watched with increasing interest. “Via techniques of alternating tension and relaxation, we concentrate the stress in the body to a single location.” Nancy’s hands moved down her torso along the curve of her waist and Doctor Firefly’s gaze followed. “Once concentrated, the stress can be therapeutically released to realize extensive health benefits.” Nancy’s hand moved down along her thighs and out toward Dr. Firefly in an expansive gesture denoting “release.”

Dr. Firefly’s thoughts drifted away from concerns about claims adjustment as he watched Nurse Nancy and listened to her describe her treatment. By now he was simply enjoying the opportunity to ogle a gorgeous nurse. He barely registered her words, but her sensuous tone worked on his subconscious. As far as he was concerned she could talk as long as she wanted.

“Nurse Ingrid is a consummate practitioner of this methodology,” Nancy continued, gesturing toward Ingrid. Dr. Firefly eagerly took the opportunity to check out the blonde hottie to the right. Ingrid sat erect with her chest out and looked at Dr. Firefly with her piercing blue eyes and smiled seductively. “Observe how the benefits of our regime are evident in Nurse Ingrid’s physique. The smooth glowing skin of her face. Her toned arms.” Ingrid held her arms out away from her body to model them. “Her athletic torso and narrow waist.” Ingrid swiveled her upper body side to side while remaining seated to display her flexibility.

“Look at her trim hips and firm thighs.” Ingrid stood up to provide Dr. Firefly a better look, who gawked appreciatively at the nurse’s gorgeous legs as she slowed pirouetted to afford a profile, and then rear view. “Look at the smooth curve of her healthy calves.” As she spoke, Nancy reached over and caressed Ingrid’s lower leg, and slowly worked her way upward. “Observe the perfect skin of her golden thighs.” Nancy lovingly stroked the back of Ingrid’s legs; first one and then bahis siteleri the other. “And her buttocks, Dr. Firefly, just look at Nurse Ingrid’s buttocks.”

Ingrid bent over slightly and flexed and rotated her ass lewdly for Dr. Firefly’s benefit, who was now mesmerized. Ingrid’s dress worked its way up her ass to reveal a glimpse of the electric blue panties that tightly and barely covered her pubic mound. The narrow band of fabric ran up between Ingrid’s round ass cheeks, leaving them almost fully exposed. Nancy reached up and caressed each cheek in turn with a circular motion, then squeezed one firmly, slightly parting it from the other, and then released it quickly to allow it to bounce back into place. She repeated this with the other perfect ass cheek. Ingrid flushed with excitement as she gyrated with increasing enthusiasm under Nancy’s attentions, and a barely audible moan escaped her lips. Dr. Firefly watched slack-jawed as his breathing accelerated.

After a full minute or two of this, Ingrid slowly stood up straight, turned back around, and stepped up next to Dr. Firefly’s desk. “Finally Dr. Firefly, observe the positive influence of the regimen on Ingrid’s breasts.” Ingrid bent over the desk toward Dr. Firefly and raised her hands to cup her own breasts, accentuating the cleavage she had thrust toward his face. She massaged and squeezed her firm tits through the fabric of her dress, then pulled her hands back quickly to allow them to bounce freely downward, only to grip them again and slide them against each other: smooth lightly-oiled skin against skin. “Study them carefully,” Nancy urged from seat behind Ingrid. “Aren’t they exquisite?”

Ingrid continued to massage her chest seductively, squeezing and rubbing it while bent over Dr. Firefly’s desk and looking deeply into his eyes. The zipper of Ingrid’s dress worked itself further downward and Ingrid slightly parted the fabric to display more of the generous tit flesh and the top edges of her lacy bra. At some level Dr. Firefly knew that the perfection of the breasts before him had nothing to do with the purported therapy, but the logical part of his brain was not in control now; it was drowned beneath a rising tide of lust that gratefully acquiesced to Nancy’s urging. His heart thumped in his chest and hands and arms trembled almost imperceptively. He was aware of a slight tightening in his crotch. “Mmmmmmm,” Ingrid purred, and a shiver shot up his spine.

Ingrid sat back down, releasing the spell temporarily. She didn’t bother to readjust her dress zipper, and Dr. Firefly’s eyes helplessly flickered back to Ingrid’s half-naked breasts. Nancy re-crossed her legs and spoke. “Dr. Firefly, these are health benefits we all can enjoy. People in high-stress situations are most likely to be in need of therapy and can achieve the greatest improvement in their lives. Take yourself, for example. I would imagine that someone in your position may experience particularly high levels of stress, given the long grueling hours of denying so many insurance claims.”

“Deny, deny, deny!” Nurse Ingrid chanted, pantomiming a stamping motion of her fist into her open hand with every repetition. The motion caused her breasts to jiggle enticingly with each emphatic denial.

“Surely the tension of your job becomes almost unbearable at times,” Nancy said.

“Well…” Dr. Firefly started to concede.

“This tension can be relieved with the proper guidance,” Nancy explained. “Nurse Ingrid here is a master of tension relief and can demonstrate the methodology.”

Nancy and Ingrid stood up and moved Ingrid’s chair forward to place it directly opposite Dr. Firefly across the desk. Ingrid sat back down in it and then Nancy walked slowly around the desk towards Dr. Firefly, who tried weakly to protest.

“Now just a… um… I don’t think…” Nancy continued around to stand behind him. “Really, I mean… This is very irregular…” He turned his head and started to swivel around in his chair, but Nancy caught him by the shoulders and faced him back towards Ingrid. Nancy kept her hands on the tops of Firefly’s shoulders.

“Now Dr. Firefly, we are professionals,” Nancy assured him. “Simply observe Nurse Ingrid and listen to me and we will take care of that tension of yours.”

Dr. Firefly nervously looked across his desk to Ingrid, who sat up ramrod straight, with her platinum blonde hair spilling from her cap down over her shoulders, her upper chest exposed by the partially undone dress. Ingrid closed her eyes and began to languidly roll her head to stretch her neck, first in one direction as far as it would go, and then slowly back in the other direction. Nancy gently massaged Firefly’s neck and shoulders and bent to speak slowly and hypnotically into his ear.

“Watch how Ingrid relaxes.” Nancy urged. “Stretches the tension from her neck. Relax and watch Dr. Firefly. Feel the tension leave your body, out through my hands. Drink in the supple beauty of Ingrid’s muscles, her skin.” Ingrid began to roll her bahis şirketleri shoulders slowly as well. When she pushed them forward, the effect on her cleavage was amazing, the light playing off of her oiled skin. Nancy continued to massage Firefly’s shoulders as he gazed longingly at Ingrid’s chest. Ingrid reached up and began to massage her own neck as she gently rolled her head, first with one hand, and then the other.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Nancy whispered.

“Yes indeed,” Firefly whispered back.

Ingrid smiled slightly when she heard this but kept her eyes closed. She crossed her arms in front of her so that each hand was on the opposite shoulder and massaged her own shoulders, her breasts pushed together and undulating beneath her arms. Her lips parted slightly and she breathed heavily as her sinuous motion spread to her entire upper body.

“That’s right,” Nancy urged, “admire how firm yet flexible her lovely young body is. Her smooth skin. Her long supple neck. Her firm, flat, stomach. Her full, heaving breasts.”

With that, Ingrid took her hands down from her shoulders and clasped them behind her lower back. Straightening her arms and thrusting out her chest, she stretched the long muscles in her upper arms and shoulders. She held this position for several seconds, first with her head downward to stretch the back of her neck, and then throwing her head back to stretch the front. As she held this position, the strain of her breasts against the zipper caused it to inch further downward: one notch …two …three … four …five notches. Dr. Firefly stared, fixated on the spontaneously dropping zipper, while Nancy massaged his neck and shoulders with surprisingly strong hands. By the time Ingrid relaxed her stretch, the zipper had dropped below her bra to expose the clasp between her breasts.

Ingrid sat back in her chair and opened her eyes slightly to look at Firefly under heavy eyelids, arms dangling at her sides. “See how relaxed she is now?” Nancy asked rhetorically. She bent low to speak into his ear. He could feel her warm breath on the side of his face. “I can feel that you are beginning to relax as well,” she said. “Time to move on to the next phase.” Firefly’s eyes grew when he heard ‘next phase.’

Ingrid leaned back, scooting her bottom forward in the chair, which caused her dress to ride up her hips to expose her panties, the cleft of her pubic mound clearly evident through the thin fabric. She looked into Firefly’s eyes and with a small coquettish smile raised her hands to her breasts. She gently squeezed them together and began to grind her hips ever so slightly as she slowly ran her hands down her body, along the curve of her torso, over her flat stomach, down her hips, and over her exposed thighs.

“Oh my,” Firefly breathed.

“Fantastic, isn’t she?” Nancy whispered into Firefly’s ear. Ingrid continued to caress her entire body seductively and grind her hips while keeping her eyes slightly open to watch Firefly’s reaction. Nancy narrated the scene before him. “Look at her long, sexy legs, so strong and smooth, her flawless golden skin. Her body is incredible. Watch how she strokes it for you, arousing herself, exciting herself. She’s squeezing her tits for you now Dr. Firefly, inviting you to watch as she pinches her nipples through her dress.” Ingrid pinched as directed, licking her lips and pushing her tits together as she did.

“Oh my,” Firefly repeated. His hand gripped the arms of his chair tightly.

“Yes. You like watching Nurse Ingrid pinch her nipples for you, don’t you?”

Firefly gulped and Nancy smiled. Not waiting for an answer, she continued.

“I think Ingrid is turned on to the point that her uniform is starting to feel constricting. As you may know doctor, it can be liberating to be unconstrained by tight clothing. Ingrid, will you demonstrate this for the good doctor?”

Ingrid smiled. “With pleasure Nurse Nancy,” she replied as she stood up to display her curvaceous figure. She smoothed the fabric of her dress against her body and then grasped the tab of her dress zipper. Slowly, she inched the zipper downward below the bra that supported her heavy breasts to reveal the luminous golden skin of her stomach, then the taut triangle of her blue lace panties, and finally her smooth inner thighs. Once the zipper was completely undone, she stood erect and allowed her dress to fall open to reveal her stunning near-naked body. She shrugged off the dress, tossed it aside, and stood proudly before Firefly.

Nancy leaned in to Firefly’s ear from behind and s massaged his neck as she breathed into his ear. “Look at that gorgeous body. Her firm, full breasts, her taut, flat stomach, her smooth graceful thighs. Her skin is radiant. And her obvious arousal makes her all the more pleasurable to look at. Breathe her in Dr. Firefly.”

Firefly clutched the arms of his chair and stared intently and the beautiful young nurse, standing before him in her blue lace bra and panties, topped by her nurse’s cap and punctuated at the bottom by the white heels and lacy ankle socks. She stood still for a moment, commanding his entire attention, and then slowly began to rotate her hips in a sensual dance to the music in her head.

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