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No Escape.The doorbell rang and R Tur opened the door. Before him stood the new mailman and he looked at him, puzzled: “Xcuse me sir, but i got a postcard for someone called ‘Mister Sexy’, addressed Wild Drive 69. Is that by any chance for you?”R tur scratched the back of his head: “Mister Sexy you say? Hmmm… And who the card is from you said?” The mailman looked at the card and saw a name scribbled below: “Rhudi? That sounds any familiar?” R Tur laughed. “Rhudi Rataxes from Rhino Island! Scuford’s old boyfriend! Yep, you got the right door, buddy. I’ll make sure he gets it”, R Tur chuckled while taking the card. Before R Tur and Scuford were a pair, the little beardog had a thing with Rhudi and it was only when Rhudi left Jinbé’s Police Force and moved to Rhino Island the two of them broke up. But whenever R Tur and Scuford were nearby they paid the little rhino a visit and it always ended in a threesome. “Scuffie, your old boyfriend is sending you a postcard!”, R Tur yelled from the doorway. “Aaaw, ain’t that sweet. My little rhino thought about me today. He’s complaining his job takes all of his time and he never has time for fun anymore”, Scuford told R Tur upon reading the postcard. “Well, that’s pretty much the story of Mohamed and the mountain, isn’t it? If Mohamed can’t come to the mountain, then the mountain has to come to Mohamed. What about paying our friend a visit?”, R Tur said winking an eye. “That’s a great idea, R Tur. But him putting his work before friends all the time calls for a little prank. And I know enough guys at Rhino Island to pull it off!”, Scutor said with a big grin on his face. Days later at Rhino Island, Rhudi was surveilling Buckthorne, a witness against Mad Hog McHam under giresun escort the Witness Protection Program. It was an assignment he had received directly from the highest officer in charge, Officer Sledgehammer, an old friend of Scooby. Rhudi was instructed not to lose sight of Buckthorne, not even for a second. All day and night he had to follow him from room to room, even into the bathroom. Now he sat in front of him, in the sofa, reading a magazine called “Studs and Buds”. He was bored. He didn’t like the assignment, but the officer believed Mad Hog might try to k**nap or kill the witness and that’s why they had taken all necessary precautions. The telephone was tapped and further down the road stood a police car parked with 4 detectives and a radio phone inside. Buckthorne sat up straight and scratched his dick in his undies. “Why the fuck are we here, don’t you guys have a luxury safe house or something?”, he said annoyed. Buckthorne had the luxurious body of a super chub and the promise of sex surrounding him. His whole body and the way he sat wearing only his undies and revealing his balls sack while scratching his dick, made Rhudi horny. But he waved it away, he was on duty after all. If anything he felt some guilt because of his feelings and he was glad that under any circumstance he was able to control himself. “I’m just following orders,” he said, “but if you want me to take you to the station, we go straight away”. “Why don’t you fuck off”, Buckthorne said still annoyed, “if it wasn’t written all over your face you’re a cop , you and me could at least spend some time in bed.” “Next thing you ask me is to pull a paper bag over my face”, Rhudi said. Buckthorne started to grin and escort giresun agreed: “Okay, let’s do that.” “What?! Hey, I was only joking”, he stuttered. “I throw away my undies and go to the bedroom. When you enter you make sure only your mouth and eyes are visible. You suck my dick and I fuck you big time”, Buckthorne said. Rhudi sniggered shyly: “You know I can’t do that”. “Why not?”, he asked, “I’m sure you never had a man like me, not in your life”. Rhudi’s face turned red as if it was on fire. He looked like a little k** that got caught doing something naughty. “I don’t think that’s …” But before he could finish his sentence, Buckthorne got rid of his undies and walked to the kitchen. Rhudi cursed, he had no option but to follow him, he could not lose sight of him, while all of his instinct said no. “He isn’t the only one who knows something about a good fuck”, he thought still angrily. Buckthorne was searching for something and did no longer pay any attention to him. He found what he was looking for: a big brown paper bag. Then he took a pair of scissors and started to cut holes for the eyes and mouth. He walked up to Rhudi provocatively, making sure his dick touched the rhino’s legs and teasingly squeezed the dick in his pants while passing, direction bedroom. Again Rhudi hesitated to follow him but decided to do so: “An order is an order. I gotta follow him”. “Now that’s enough. This little game has taken long enough”, Rhudi started. But Buckthorne pretended not to hear him and said: “My my, you have a big horn. Big horn big dick they say. I even might let you fuck me instead”. He walked towards the stereo against the wall and played a funky song by Parliament. For some moments he stood giresun escort bayan still. “That’s enough, Buckthorne, don’t force me to use v******e”, Rhudi said. But Buckthorne opened his arms wide and walked decisively towards Rhudi: “Bring it on, Officer, show me the v******e baby! And if you’re frightened go home.” The rhino swallowed. Above his loins he was blinded by anger, but beneath there he was on fire. It was a battle between his will and his lust and it felt like the fire was steaming now through all his pores. Centipedes trotted over his testicles and ants attacked his phallus. His pants became too tight, his jacket too small, his head too hot, his mouth too dry. He jumped towards him saying:“That’s it! Enough!” He tried to push Buckthorne away but Buckthorne grabbed him close and pushed his belly against his. The musky smell of horniness overwhelmed him and he tore his jacket off: “You fucker! I’ll show you what kinda man I am”, he yelled. He tore the zipper out of his pants when he tried to open it and the buttons flew from his shirt. When he was buck naked he tried to dive into him, like into the sea, but Buckthorne stopped him. “First the paper bag!”, he said and he pulled the bag over the rhino’s head, but backwards. The rhino was cursing and he didn’t notice how Buckthorne took the phone of the hook and whispered: “Now!”, before quickly putting the phone down again. Rhudi hadn’t noticed a thing. And things became worse because Buckthorne ran out of the room and opened the front door as if he had run away. It fooled Rhudi. When he got rid of the paper bag he saw Buckthorne nowhere around, door open. Panicking he ran down the hall, realizing halfway he had no clothes on. But it was too late because all of his colleagues, Officer Sledgehammer, R Tur and Scuford all stood in line waiting outside. Everybody cheered and Rhudi saw more red than ever. Then Scuford walked up to him and whispered in his ear: “Threesome tonight, Rhudi?”

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