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No 100. AUNTY MAY AND PETER THE ORPHAN BOY.No 100. AUNTY MAY AND PETER THE ORPHAN BOYThe hundredth story by Alibodge here on Hamster.Thinking about it, It all started when I was about 9,, my Aunt May would wash me in the bath but she would spend a lot of time cleaning my cock and that sort of area. That is my early recollection when it started. I had been orphaned the year before and Aunt May had taken me in. Then the next thing that happened just after I arrived was when I would be having a pee, my Aunt May would just walk in on me her not say a word and we never locked doors but she would just be looking at me having a pee I never thought much of it back then and over the years I got used to it as perfectly normal. As I was starting to get bigger and reach puberty she would just walk in to the bathroom even when I was in the bath and just pull her pants dawn and have a pee in front of me. Over time this happened a lot I would get the odd quick flash at her pussy, she was always nicely trimmed. She would just sit there with her legs open having a pee as if she wanted for me to see her. I would catch her looking at my cock some times when she was peeing this happened a lot after the first few times I started getting aroused and hard back then when I was only 14 and becoming aware of girls but until I realised I was getting aroused by my Aunt May pissing I never thought of her like that. There was one time that I desperately wanted to use the toilet to pee and walked in to find Aunt May was in the bath she said without a hesitation to “just to go ahead and carry on.” As I was having that piss, and I could see her in the mirror playing with her pussy while watching me stood pissing which in turn made me start to go hard. I felt so embarrassed at the thought of me getting aroused, especially when she said to me “you are growing up to be a big boy.” I didn’t know what to say, blushing red as a tomato. She said “come over here son” she always called me son, which I did, but with my hand over my cock as the site of her naked had made me even harder.She had big soft tits (I found out later they where 40f) and a gorgeous pussy. She said to me it was only natural to get a hard on and asked if I wanked? To which I answered a bit nervously that “I did sometimes!”She asked me to wank in front of her and I hesitated, not sure if I should or not, but she said it was OK and she would do the same as well for me. So I hesitantly started playing with my cock in front of my Aunt May. She in turn started playing with her pussy and as I had never seen a grown woman play with a pussy before that day it fascinated me.I stood closer so could get a good look. My Aunt was watching my cock at the same time as I was wanking she was only about 12 inches away from my cock and I was harder than I have ever been before. I felt a build up in my groin and said I was going to spit, my Aunt said “Ok, I want to see you spit for me son, cum all over me.” Until then I had never heard it called cum! At that point she increased the pace she was playing with herself and I unable to stop myself, spit cum all over her face and tits! With that she said I am cumming too son and she increased the pace she was playing with herself and came as well. That was the first time I had cum in front of Aunt May and it was not to be the last. After the bathroom incident I felt a bit weird being around her for a while, there was a tension in the air but over the coming months it got better again between us. One morning, I must have been about 15 then, I woke up with a hard on as you do sometimes I was having a wank looking at some of my porn mag`s and in my Aunt walks in not even knocking and caught me in full flow!Naturally I stopped as soon as she walked in, covering myself up but it was way too late she already seen me I felt so embarrassed. I said Aunt May “I thought you had gone shopping this morning,” She said that she had waited as she wanted me to come as well then added “but I think you where about to do that!” I not knowing what to say to that, as I was so embarrassed and somewhat red faced, I just silently nodded. What she did next shocked me she just walked over to me and threw the cover off of standing there looking at my cock, I tried covering myself up but Aunty just made a grab for my cock and started stroking it.Then she did something that shocked me even more, she started licking my cock with her tongue all over the tip I nearly shot of the bed ‘cos it was so sensitive. I said “what are you doing?” then she just looked up and smiled then started to suck it slowly, before taking it into her mouth. She started wanking at the base while sucking at the same time. I was in heaven but at the same time it felt so wrong to have my mum sucking my cock. I started imagining what she had looked like naked as she was playing with my cock I could feel that I was about to cum and said to her that I was.She just stopped and looked up at me and smiled and said “go ahead then!” then continued to suck me even harder and it happened and I shot my load into my Aunt May `s mouth and she just swallowed it all without a murmur.God I never thought my Aunt would swallow cum especially mine, never mind suck my cock. She said to me “you’re cum tastes so good,” and with that she stood up and said “I’m horny and my pussy is wet!” With that she started taking off her clothes so I said “Aunt what are you doing,” her answer bartın escort was that “she needed me to play with her pussy and make her cum!” I said that “I didn’t know how to do that properly” so she said that she would show me, by that time she was stood in front of me naked and I was starting to go hard again. Aunt May saw that as well and said “do I turn you on then son.”I replied “yes, I have always wanted to explore a lady like you and you are so beautiful. She, flattered said “thank you son, in that case how would it be then if I lay down and you can kneel and explore me” I did as I was told and quick smart, she sat up on the edge of the bed and I was soon looking at her gorgeous pussy. She said “give me your hand son, and I will show you how to play with it”With that she took one of my fingers and started to rub it around the outside of her pussy it was wet and glistened in the light, I didn’t know why, so I asked her why is it so wet?. She explained “it was like a lubricant, like oil, like you use on your bike to save it squeaking, only this a woman produces herself so that a man and woman can have sex, it`s like that stuff you have you have coming out of your cock” I looked down and the tip was wet again with precum. I looked back at her pussy where she was moving my finger nearer her lips, which were wet and warm.She moaned as my finger got the top and found a little button, this is my clit she said to me and if you rub that, it will make me cum. With that she moved my finger so it was between those lips, there was a deep hole, and she said that I could put my finger in there, I did and it was so warm and very wet.She laid back and said “son you play with my clit please with that little button on the top I showed you.”I took my finger out and started to rub the button and she started moaning and groaning, I was so hard by now, I never thought I would be playing with my Aunt `s pussy and I was in heaven.I snapped back to reality as my Aunt May said for me to put a finger in her pussy and us your thumb to play with my clit, I did just as I was told, and it was great, as I played with her I looked up and saw that as she was wriggling around on the bed, her tits where moving about and they looked gorgeous.Aunt May was still moaning and groaning she looked down at me and said that she was going to cum, and for me to rub harder, which I was doing exactly as I was told when all of a sudden her pussy clamped my fingers tight as she came. There was a sticky liquid running over my finger the smell sent me wild, till she gasped “stop now as my clit is going sensitive” I took my finger out and she looked at it then she grabbed it and started to lick her
cum of it saying “that was the best orgasm she had ever had.” I was so proud that I had made my stand in mum cum so hard. She sat up and said to me “what we did this morning will never leave this house it was our secret and not tell anyone of what happened as people would not understand what we did.” I promised her that I would not tell anyone because I loved her.She said that she loved me as well and if I was good she would show me more things and teach me so I said “I would like that a lot.” She got up and said to get dressed as we still had to go shopping now and with that she left me to it. I just sat there thinking what was she gonna teach me as I got dressed then went downstairs to go shopping.As we drove to the shops she said that she had really enjoyed this morning and if I wanted we will try some new things tonight as she wanted me to sleep with her from now on.As I didn’t understand really, I thought what did she mean, anyway I said “yes please Aunty” and we left it at that.Later on when we got home she said “we will have some tea then I want you to go for a shower later.” So we had tea then I went upstairs for a shower wondering what she had in mind for me, I was starting to get a hard on just thinking of her when I heard the bathroom door open, I looked out of the shower and there was my Aunt, she was naked. I just stared at her as she has a very sexy body. She said are you enjoying the view son, I quickly said I was and with that she said “good can I join you as I need to have a shower as well.I said “yes please” and by now my cock was hard as hell again so she said “I see I have turned you on again” as she was looking at my cock she got in the shower behind me.I just stood there feeling out of place but Aunt May put me at ease by starting to rub my back and clean every part of my body. I was as horny by now as she started to clean my cock and moved to the front of me taking my cock in her hand and starting to rub it with the sponge. She took great care in cleaning the tip of my cock then started to clean between my legs and around my balls, I was in heaven by now and I started to moan.Aunt May said to me are you enjoying that son, I don’t want you to cum to soon I need you to save yourself for later. She stopped what she was doing and said will you clean me as well Hun. She gave me the sponge and I started to clean her back and cleaned her sexy ass then she turned round and I just stood there looking at her tits they were gorgeous. I was a bit nervous as I looked at her and she just winked at me so I started to clean those massive 40f tits. They felt so soft and I just wanted to suck on them there and then but I was just too preoccupied in rubbing around the nipples. By now mum bartın escort bayan was moaning and she just said, “please don’t stop, this is turning me on so much I am gonna cum, so I stopped rubbing her nipples and put them into my mouth and started to suck quiet hard, she was moaning very loud at this point and after five Minutes she said she was cumming . Her legs went week and she started shaking I had to prop her up a bit. I started again to clean her all over her body till I got to her pussy where I noticed that she had shaved all her hair off and was now completely bald. Her lips just stuck out and they just cried out to be played with, so I dropped to my knees and was washing her pussy slowly so I had a good look at it. I put the sponge down and was just about to touch her pussy when mum said “not yet son I want you to try something you have never done before.” I said “OK what do you want me to do Aunt.”Aunt May said we need to be on the bed so I said “OK.” We stepped out of the shower and she wrapped the towel around me to dry me off. She did the same and then took my hand and led me across to her bedroom where she sat on the edge of the bed. Aunt May said “get on your knees and kneel in between her legs which I did, just as I was told. She just looked into my eyes and said “babe I want you to lick me out.” I just looked at her and said “I don’t know how to.” Mum said “do you remember me telling you where the clit was and how to play with it?” I said “yes Aunt.”She said “if you do the same but with your tongue it will be easy.” I eased forward and as I got nearer I could see her pussy was glistening again in the light, it was so wet and the smell turned me on something rotten. I started to lick my Aunt’s pussy lip`s slowly around the outside of them I got to the top near the clit and she jerked back saying it was oh so sensitive, go slowly please.” I stuck my tongue in between her lips and flicked my tongue backwards and forwards. She was grinding on my tongue as I was doing that and I started to play with her clit. She began to writhe around on the bed and was moaning a lot, I just continued to do the best I could as not knowing if I was doing it right or not. She looked down at me and said “Son I’m gonna cum babe so don’t stop with that” So I started to suck on her clit and she just shouted “I’m cumming, oh yes I’m cumming,” with that she came all over my mouth and my chin, it tasted so sweet I just lapped it up, God I was loving this so much I didn`t want it to stop.Aunt May `s legs started to grip my head and she said “stop babe stop”. I did and she said her clit was now so sensitive she couldn`t stand it anymore. I climbed up beside her and my head was resting on her tits looking at her nipple I just had to have it in my mouth so I stuck my tongue out and started to suck on my Aunt`s nipple and she responded to me sucking . She started to moan and groan she started to wriggle around on the bed and had another orgasm before falling back on the pillow. She just looked at me and said babe I love you so much you are the best son and lover and I want you so much babe I want you to make love to me I want you to put your cock in my pussy. I was in shock this is what I have dreamed of for a long time I just looked up at her and said “I love you like a mum and I just want to make you happy, I will do whatever you want.”My cock was asking to just pound her pussy but I wanted to take it slowly and to savour the moment as this would be the first time for me and for her as she will be taking my cherry. As I got on top of her I was a bit apprehensive at first because I was not sure what to do, but she put me at ease by kissing me fully on the lips and said “it will be OK son. I will guide you in.” With that she grabbed hold of my cock and very gently guided me to her pussy, I felt the tip of my cock on the outside of her lips, they were so wet and warm as I eased myself forward and into her.The first thing I thought was how wet and warm mum`s pussy was as I began to pull out, them back in, I was making love to my Aunt, I was in heaven to be just doing what I had wanted to do for such a long time.As I was pumping my her, I looked at her and she had a expression of pure ecstatic pleasure on her face I could feel her soft pussy pulsing around my cock it felt so erotic then all of a sudden she clamped down and started to cum so hard I thought my cock was gonna drop off . I couldn’t move my cock at that very moment all I could feel it was getting wetter all around my cock. She finally released the grip on me and felt so relieved, I just started to pump her again and felt the welling up in my cock, my balls tighten up and I could feel I was about to cum so I said “Aunty I’m gonna cum!” She said ok babe cum in me just let it all cum in me, at which point I released the first shot into her then just kept on pumping my cum into my own Aunt`s pussy. It felt so good just knowing that I had made love to her the feeling was so very intense. I pulled out and just collapsed on top of her and we kissed for about ten long minutes, finally she said to me “I want you to stay in my room from now on so we can be close together every night”I said “I would like that but might need some time to myself now and then, to which she said “yes that was ok”I cuddled up to her and as we both drifted off to sleep she
asked me to call her mum from now on. I said I would escort bartın “but would she keep on showing me things like this please” then I added I loved her.She said that she loved me as well and if I was good she would show me more things and teach me so I said “I would like that a lot.” I was woken up to a warm feeling below on my cock, as I looked down I could see my Aunt sucking me off. I loved the feeling of her mouth round my cock especially as not once did her teeth touch me as she took all 8″ of me in to her mouth. She sucked it good and proper I was in heaven.I said to her I was close to coming and I asked her to stop as I wanted to lick her out at the same time. She swivelled round I got on top of her and we got into what I now know as the 69 position she continued to suck me off and I parted her legs to revel her shaven pussy she was so very wet and turned on. I started to lick round her Pussy and made my way into her big lips I slowly licked the outside then parted them with my fingers and licked her clit at which she jumped, as it’s very sensitive. I slowly ran my Tongue up the middle of her lips, it was so wet she tasted so sweet and loved it. I stuck my tongue into her hole as far as I could and she started to grind her pussy onto my tongue releasing more cum and I just lapped it all up. I stuck a finger in her pussy and with her guidance found her `G’ spot it was ruff to the touch and as soon as I did she started to cum and man did her body ever cum, squirting all over me, I was soaked and for a moment she was not on this planet. Aunt May said “that was the first time she had ever managed that” and I loved it knowing that I had made her cum like that. She continued to suck me off and I returned to licking her out though I could feel I was about to cum I said “I was coming” and she said “lick my clit.” I want to cum again and at the same time so I sucked her clit again and she started to shake and moan a lot, I was in heaven I could feel myself coming as she said “please cum for me son I want all your cum in my mouth as I cum.” Aunt May began coming at the same time as I shouted “I’m cummmmmmming Aunty” and promptly blew my load into my her mouth, at the same time she came all over my face and I licked her juice up out of her pussy. I looked over to see her with a mouth full of my cum, swallowing the lot and licked any what was dribbling down my cock. She then sucked me dry. I rolled back on the bed exhausted but in heaven and loving every second of it. She got up to go and have a shower I could hear her showering but I needed to pee so I knocked on the door and she said come in darling you don’t ever have need to knock on my doors ever again. I walked in and she was in the shower I said I needed to pee she said go ahead son, as I was about to pee I could see her big tits and that she was watching me. I was desperate so began my stream and I said to her “do you still like seeing me pee?” She said “that she had always loved watching me have a pee.” So I asked “why?” She said that “it`s because it always turned her on the thought of me peeing on her.” I was shocked. I asked “would you want me to do that for you?” she said “yes she would love that.” So I said “next time I want to pee I’ll let you know” with that I walked out went down stairs to get some breakfast. She joined me and after we ate, we just chatted for half an hour before I had to go out to the shops to get some shopping. When I got back she was watching TV together we watched some more for a while, and then Aunty began doing some house work and I just sat alone watching TV? I soon needed to pee again, so calling her then went upstairs, at the bathroom she said “go in and get naked, but hold on” and I went in and stripped off, a min later she walked in naked as well, she said “I have always wanted you to pee on me son.” I was a bit apprehensive but said ok.We walked over to the bath and she got in and lay down. Once comfortable she told me to stand over her, and I did, facing her then I just let my stream flow. I was getting turned on just looking at my Aunt lying naked and it was stiffening and getting hard to pee but I managed and it sprayed some out and hit her on her stomach so I aimed it at her tits and it covered her. She was touching her pussy and she sat forward and opened her mouth taking a little in her mouth and squirting it out.By now I was getting hard and the flow stopped. She saw what was happening and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck me off. I leant over and started to play with her pussy so she would cum. She was sucking me really vigorously I just couldn’t stand it anymore so I said “mum I’m going to cum” She just continued to suck me and I shot the first of my load in her mouth. She pulled my cock out and sprayed the rest of my seed over her tits and before wanking me dry. She stuck a finger in the puddles, licked it off her fingers and just moaned. I just stood there knackered. Aunt May got up and went into the shower to clean off I cleaned up and went down stairs and sat back down. When she joined me she said “I really enjoyed that son thank you, but it still has to be our secret ok?”I learnt a lot from my Aunt, she had had a very sexually active fiancé but he had died in the last days of the war and until me she had not shared her home or her body with another person.For the price of calling her mum and emptying my bladder on her now and then, I had a sexual partner for the following few years, even after my marriage I still visited now and then and did so till she was well into the grip of alzimers. I was lucky enough to have an adventure with my gran too but that`s another story

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